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The Basic Guide on Falling in Love by inkbutterfly
Chapter 1 : Cliché Beginnings
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*edited and fixed up 18/3/12*

Lily Evans sat up suddenly, the warm morning light shining through her window and onto her bed.

Shit!” She exclaimed and glanced at the clock next to her bed.


More swearing was elected and Lily jumped out of bed and looked around in a state of panic. Her suitcase was packed (thank goodness!) and all she had to do was get ready. Fast.

She sprinted down the hall to the bathroom door, which, of course, was locked.

“Tunia! I need to get in…NOW!” She screamed banging on the door. There was no reply. Lily sighed and sprinted back into her room, pulling on a pair of jeans and grabbing her wand from the bed side table. When she got back to the bathroom, the door was still firmly closed. “What are you doing? I need to get in! TUNIA!” She could hear her sister sigh and put down something on the bench.

“Not now, Lily, I’m doing my makeup.” Her sisters’ voice said from in the room, obviously uninterested in Lily’s current state of panic. Lily sighed insufferably and pulled out her wand.

“Alohamora” She said under her breath, pointing her wand at the lock. Lily opened the door and walked over to the mirror. Petunia was standing there, holding a mascara brush in her hand and staring at Lily, with her mouth open. Lily raised an eyebrow at her. “I’m in a hurry Tunia.” She said and pushed past her. Her sister simply stood looking at the door.

“How..?!” She began, flustered “I mean, I-it was locked!” Lily smiled at her sweetly and tapped her wand to her head. Petunia flushed. “Oh.” She said, her face a deep red. “I was finished anyway.” She lied and ran out of the room.

Lily washed her face and cast a few straightening charms on hair.

She was pretty, with almond shaped, bright green eyes and long, deep red hair that she kept over one shoulder. In a way, you could say she had everything; the looks, the brains, lots of friends and even lots of admirers. She was charismatic and sweet and also happened to be Head Girl. Yes, you could say that Lily Evans was a very lucky witch.

That is, from the outside.

After fixing up her face, Lily rushed back to her room and pulled a black shirt over her head, then gathered her things and glanced at the clock.


Just enough time… She thought, searching under her bed for her shoes. She pulled one out, and laced up the boot, then spied the other one next to her closet and ran over to get it. As she reached for it, a piece of parchment brushed her hand and she picked it up.

It was a letter, from Sirius. Lily smiled as she picked it up. Sirius Black was one of her closest friends, and although he was one of the biggest pranksters, along with his best friend, James Potter, and to some extent Remus Lupin, he was actually quite nice and she always had fun with them. Lily needed someone to talk to, and Sirius, Lupin and James were always eager to take the post. She never used to talk to them that much, in fact, she thought that James was arrogant and Sirius was immature, but during the 5th year they had become friends, and in the 6th year they were fairly close. Now they only seemed to get closer.  Especially after what happened with Severus.

Lily frowned; she didn’t want to think about Severus at the moment. It had been more than a year since it happened and really, she shouldn’t bother about it. She shoved her foot in her boot and quickly took hold of her luggage, draping her Hogwarts cloak over her shoulder and promptly Apperating to Platform 9 ¾ just in time to board the Hogwarts Express.



Lily rushed into the Prefects carriage without even saying hello to any of her friends. The Head Boy, a Ravenclaw, was waiting for her.

“Took your time, Evans.” He snapped. Lily rolled her eyes at him.

“Can’t always be perfect, it gets tiring.” She retorted and strode into the carriage, where a group of prefects were crowded, chatting away. “Right!” She announced “Let’s get going.” She glanced at the Head Boy and tried to remember his name. “Uh, I’m your Head Girl, most of you probably know me already… I’m Lily Evans, and this is your Head Boy…ummm, who can introduce himself and brief you on your task.” She smiled convincingly. “Hopefully we will have a really good year; I’m looking forward to it.”

 She sat down and sighed, rubbing her forehead. The Ravenclaw bloke started to speak and Lily immediately zoned out, thinking about her friends, Alice and Clare and the letters she received from them that summer and how much she wanted to tell them. She knew Clare especially would be excited to hear that she had also be sending letters to Sirius Black, as most of the girls were pretty crazy about him. Even Remus Lupin would make her happy, as he is part of James and Sirius’ closest group of friends. Lily smiled, Remus was so nice and quiet, and he really didn’t seem to fit in with the noisy pranksters. But then again, Lily thought, neither does Pettigrew.

Lily was a nice girl, and liked to think the best of people. Pettigrew never did anything to her, and she couldn’t dislike without a reason. Yet, everytime she was near him she felt uncomfortable and repulsed. Maybe it was the way that he followed Black and Potter around, always trying to please them.

“Uh…Lily?” She looked up, and all the prefects where filing out of the carriage, ready to patrol the train. It was the Head Boy, looking at her and grinning smugly. “Did I miss anything?”

“Um.” She said and he sighed, rolled his eyes and strode out.

“I’ve changed into my robes, and I suggest you do the same.” He called to her on his way out. Lily quickly pulled on her school robes and walked down the corridor.

Not in the mood to search through the whole train, she was contemplating just sitting alone and reading, when she saw James walking down the corridor.

“James!” Lily called after him, hurrying to catch up. He either didn’t notice or he was ignoring her. “James…Wait up!” She took a deep breath “JAMES POTTER!” That got him.

He turned around and grinned at her. “Never knew you could shout so loud, Evans.”

“Never knew you were so deaf, Potter

“We learn new things every day.” He said. “But come on, Head Girl and supervise us troublemakers.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her along the corridor and into a compartment. She was greeted by Remus and Sirius.

“Lily!” Sirius cried and jumped up, pulling her into a tight bear hug, squeezing all the air out of her. James joined in from behind and together they left her panting, laughing harder than she had all summer.

“I am a human, not the jam for your human sandwiches!” She exclaimed when she had enough breath left. “Hey, Remus.” She added, smiling at him. He returned the smile and nodded, cheeks growing slightly pink.

“Oooohhh!” Sirius crooned “Got something going on their? Hey Lupin, moving in on Ja-“

“Leave him!” Lily snapped indignantly. Sirius grinned at her.

“Come on, I’m mucking around with you.” He laughed “I mean it’s not like Lupin would ever try with you considering that J-“

“Padfoot!” James interrupted, face flushed. Sirius put his hands in the air.

“What?” He said innocently “I was saying that Lupin doesn’t like jam, especially on human sandwiches!”

There was a long pause before every one burst out laughing at how ridiculous that sounded.

“Isn’t Pettigrew here?” Lily asked, wiping away her tears.

“Why?” James said instantly, maybe a little bit defensively. Lily looked confused.

“Well… He’s always with you guys? I didn’t think he had other friends…”

Remus nodded. “He is on holiday with his parents and will come late this year.”

“Oh. Good!” Lily said. Her eyes widened as she realised how that must have sounded. “I mean, uh- nice, for him…” She continued lamely. Apparently nobody was fooled.

“Don’t like our little friend?” Sirius asked sternly.

Lily looked flustered. “No! Not that- I mean I don’t dislike him or anything…”

“So you like him!” Sirius pounced. Lily burst out laughing and James frowned.

“No! Not in that way, or any way!” She exclaimed, greatly amused at the prospect.

“Who then?” Sirius prompted. Lily rolled her eyes and shook her head. Remus raised an eyebrow and James looked at her disbelievingly.

Boy, these guys are hard to get past!

“Seriously, NOBODY!” Lily exclaimed. She raised her hands in the air. “I swear on it.”

Sirius and James looked at each other.

“Okay,” Said James “Let’s go through your options… and see if anyone will do.” Sirius nodded solemnly and pretended to look her over.

“So you’re alright looking.” He said dismissively “Smart, lots of friends… you need someone who will loosen you up, you study far too much for someone our age.” Sirius paused and looked at Lupin.

“Gryffindor, of course.” Lupin supplied. “And taller than her.” A general nod went around the group.

“Yes,” said James, then he grinned wickedly “Someone who could keep you under control…” Lily raised an eyebrow at him. “And, someone to suit your level of intelligence and uh…wit?”

“Someone good at defence, so she can’t hex the shit out of them.” Sirius added.

“A really tolerative type, otherwise they won’t last a day…”




“Good at Quidditch…”

They just kept going, on and on, until Lily had enough. “Alright!” She said, smiling “Do you know any guy at Hogwarts, my age, who is all round perfect? Because I haven’t seen any around?”

Sirius looked genuinely insulted. “Really?” He asked, in a wounded voice. “You’re sitting in a carriage with the only three there are!” Lily smiled at him.

“You suggest I go out with one of you?” She asked slyly, glancing at them, Lupin looked down at his feet, Sirius nodded enthusiastically and James- was James blushing? He suddenly noticed her stare, recollected himself from his thoughts and grinned mischievously.

“Sure…” He replied easily “Sirius here has been positively pining away for you all summer!”
“Oh?” Sirius said, apparently alarmed, slipping into the little act easily. “Yes, of course, but she won’t have me!" Lily grinned at him "She thinks I am a bad influence on her, the little suck up. So uptight, this one- wouldn’t even dare to-” Lily interupted him, scowling angrily.

Uptight?” She asked in disbelief and all the boys nodded, Lily sighed and narrowed her eyes. “I’ll show you Sirius Black! Dare away, I’ll do anything. ”She proclaimed.

 Instantly she regretted those words. Sirius smiled smugly at her, and a shiver went down her spine. Remus looked at her as if she was insane, but then again, she probably was.

He stood up and pushed back his hair from his eyes, staring at her.

“Are you sure, Evans?” He asked her, and she nodded tightly, thinking that it was far too late to back out now. Sirius grinned and sat back down, eyes twinkling at her.

“Okay then, kiss one of us!” He challenged. Lily laughed. Too easy! She thought, thoroughly relieved.

“Which one?” Remus piped up from in the corner.

Sirius looked as if he was thinking hard before standing up and declaring, “James.”

Lily groaned inwardly. Oh, Sirius of course you would. You love egging him on in that stupid 'I-am-in-love-with-Lily-Evans' act he does. Bloody attention seeker. I thought he was over that though, so maybe if I dont react he won't start it again.

Besides, its just one kiss and Potter has snogged almost all the girls in Hogwarts.

She shrugged and looked at James, who was staring at Sirius in shock. “What?” He gasped “Me, kiss Evans?”

Sirius grinned, at them. “Go on, Lily, I thought you were game enough, but…” He shrugged carelessly. “Oh well, maybe I will have to kiss James for you.”

Lily snorted with laughter and looked at James again. He looked indifferent, and he simply raised his eyebrows at her and smiled in a bored way. That infuriated her, acting as if he was better than her. So damn sure of himself!

“Give me the details, Sir, so I don’t have to do this a second time.” She said with a heavy hint of sarcasm. Sirius laughed.

“Let’s see…” He said sitting down and stretching out. “So, you and James sit on that seat, and me and Lupin watch from here-opposite to you. On the lips, of course. Um…” He thought for a while then grinned wickedly at them. “Tongue for 3 minutes!

Their jaws dropped and they gaped at him. He laughed at their looks of shock.

“Wait” James said, his voice tight and panicky “What if I don’t agree to this?” Sirius looked at him, and shook his head.

“Don’t spoil the fun!” He said “Now, get in position you two- Lupin, do you have a watch- good, we’ll be timing you!”

James moved over and sat on the seat next to Lily, and Remus moved next to Sirius. They all sat there awkwardly for a minute. Lily flushed and looked over at Sirius, her looks screaming murder. He grinned at her and motioned his head towards James, who was sitting there, looking mortified.

“Oh, I’m not that bad!” Lily exclaimed, hitting him on the back of the head. He grinned.

“It’s not that.” He confessed.

“Well,” Lily said “Let’s get this damn thing over with.” James nodded and looked right in to her eyes. She leant in slowly and closed her eyes, gently pressing her lips against his. It was strange; how people deemed it normal, expected even, to do things they normally wouldn’t dream of doing, if it is given as a dare. James applied some more pressure and depth to the kiss and gently slid his tongue in and they began kissing.

Really kissing.

Wow. He’s good. Really, really good. Oh Lord.

Wait this is James Potter! Stop thinking like that.

God, this is amazing…


But really, WOAH! This is like, oh Merlin what am I doing…

 “It’s been 3 minutes!” Sirius practically screamed. Lily and James broke off and quickly slid away from each other. Lily blushed bright red and looked away from James.

“Uh.” James said, rubbing the back off his neck. “That was…I just, uh. Okay…Can we like forget about this?” Lily looked up and nodded at him, then shifted her gaze to Sirius who was smirking at James. She didn’t like that look, and she definitely didn’t like it straight after she snogged James Potter.

The rest of the train ride was uneventful, but Lily was still releaved when she could get off the train and find her friends. During the Sorting she gossiped and chatted, and didnt mention the Maruaders once.


A group of 2nd years scattered from the chairs by the fireplace as James, Sirius and Remus strode over towards them. James plonked himself in a chair and Remus threw himself in front of Sirius, claiming the second one. Sirius shrugged and sat on the floor. They waited until the Gryffindor Common Room was almost empty before starting to talk.

 “So?” Sirius demanded, looking intently at James, grin still stuck on his face. James looked at him blankly.

“What?” James frowned, obviously confused. Sirius laughed at him then sighed.

Lily Evans you douche!” James face cleared, and then promptly flushed a deep red. He shifted awkwardly in the chair and nodded.

“Yeah.” He said. “About that, uh, well…” He trailed off slowly, muttering incoherently. Remus sighed and rolled his eyes and Sirius who nodded in agreement and faced James again.

“Mate-” He demanded. “You gonna say anything?” James shrugged.

“Well, what is there to say. You made her kiss me. It was a dare. Now it’s over and that is that.”

Sirius groaned loudly. “Come on! You snogged her for 3 minutes straight and she was obviously enjoying it, at least as much as you.”

James face lit up “You think?” He looked hopeful. Remus nodded encouragingly.

“Yeah, Prongs, but you gotta tell us as well. What you think, I mean.”

James rubbed his forehead and tried to avoid Sirius’ gaze. “It was… good.” He muttered softly, blushing furiously. Remus snorted and Sirius laughed.

“That’s it?” He asked incredulously, sitting up. “You snog Evans for 3 minutes and its good! Prongs, we could have told you that beforehand!” Sirius snorted at him and Remus nodded in agreement. James frowned and opened his mouth but Sirius kept talking. “You’ve been drooling over her for years and now you finally get what you want! So, how was it?”

James scowled at him. “Well, I couldn’t well enjoy it knowing that she wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t dared her too.” Sirius gaped at him. “And it didn’t help that you were watching me the whole time, it was awkward for me and I could tell she hated every second of it-“

“Prongs you know that I didn’t mean-“

“And how do you expect her to ever think of going out with me now that that happened-“

“Can’t you just-“

“Because sure it felt great, and she was amazing but now I’ll never get that out of my head, so I will be dreaming of kissing her from now on, because that’s all I really want to do right now and I can’t get the dammed feel of it out of my head!”

“But what-“ Sirius froze realising what James had just said.

“And I know that I have dated other girls but I can’t even do that now because I know what I’m missing out on. But she hates me! I could feel it when she touched me, it was like I revolted her. Won’t she ever like me?” James paused and took a breath. “So even though, yes, I got what I wanted and kissed her, which was like heaven really- but now I know how much I really want her and I know no matter how much I enjoyed the kiss it didn’t really mean anything but proving Sirius wrong…” He trailed off and glanced at his friends who were staring at him with looks of shock.

“Sorry mate, I didn’t realise.” Sirius said awkwardly. “I mean, I thought that you would like it.”

James nodded, still blushing. “Uh, yeah I did.”

“But you know Prongs-“ Remus said, thinking “I reckon Evans was enjoying it, I mean she didn’t look as if she hated it and maybe it just improved your chances with her.” Sirius nodded, eager to make James feel better.

“Yeah, that’s right- like you said for yourself- now you know what each other is like and maybe she is missing it as well.”

James thought for a bit and shook his head. “I don’t know, she’s just too god dammed perfect!”


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