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Harry Potter and the Time After The War by rebeccanna
Chapter 4 : Conversations
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When they entered the common room, Ginny walked to the girl’s dormitory. Ron grabbed Harry’s shirt and pulled him back outside.


“What did you do to my baby sister? Why is she crying?” Ron asked furiously.


“Calm down, Ron. We ate and talked.” Harry said.


“Well, are you back together?”


“Not yet, she said she needs time.”




“Yeah. But I’ll wait for her.”


“Yeah, that would only be fair. After all, she waited for you.”


No, Ron, I’ll wait because I love her.”


“What?! You love my baby sister?”


“Well, yeah. Yes. I love her and I don’t care what you say, I want to be with her.”


Ron was silent for a few moments, considering this. “Just don’t break her heart, again.”


“I won’t, if I can help it.” Harry said seriously.


“Okay then. Let’s go back in.”


When they went back into the common room, Ginny was sitting quietly. Ginny glanced anxiously at Harry, to make sure Ron hadn’t hurt him. Realising he hadn’t been looked at since the Final Battle, she got up and walked to Ron.


Noticing her glance, and the fact that she was walking to him (he assumed to scold him),Ron muttered “my own sister doesn’t trust me with my best friend.”


When Ginny reached Ron, she said “Ron, get him to Madam Pomfrey. He won’t go on his own accord, so be ready to drag him.”


“Ginny, I don’t need to go to her. There are others more hurt than me. I’ll be fine.” Harry said, shooting her a dirty look for dobbing him in.


“Harry, you may be fine, but I won’t be if you die from those injuries. Now go.” She said firmly.


Ron stood back, laughing while watching the exchange. “Come on mate, before she tells Mum.”


Still laughing, he dragged him by the shirt from the room.


Satisfied, Ginny turned and headed to where Hermione was sitting, beaconing.


“What was that all about?” Hermione asked.


“Harry, being too stubborn to go to Madam Pomfrey. He’s hurting and he won’t admit it.” Ginny said irritably.


“When has he ever?” Hermione asked. “But I meant earlier. When you left. You told me last night that you needed time, but you came back in and you looked, I don’t know, happy?”


“He said he loves me. He said he’ll wait until I’m ready.” Ginny said with a smile.


“Do you love him?” Hermione asked.


“Yeah. Yes, I do.”


“Good. You both deserve happiness.”


“Hermione, we’re not together yet.”




Ginny smiled. “Yet,” she agreed.


Molly, who was sitting nearby, overheard the conversation and smiled. Yes, Hermione was right. They both deserve happiness. And they were well on their way. There was no prophecy hanging over his head, nothing to keep them apart. Well, apart from the time they both needed to adjust.


Ginny asked Hermione a question, startling Molly from her thoughts. “So, you and Ron? What’s happening between you two?”


Hermione gave her a smile and said “he kissed me. Maybe the timing wasn’t the best, but he kissed me.”


Ginny laughed. “Well it’s about time!”


Hermione poked her tongue at Ginny.


Molly smiled. It was a new day, and it was time to move on. Fred was gone, but he would want them to live.

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