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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 8 : chapter eight: forgiveness
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I would like to thank ms4asia and Malfoy goddess for their awesome reviews. I just love reviews sadly I haven’t gotten very many which I hope you can change! Reviews like the ones from ms4asia and Malfoy goddess inspire me and tell me to keep going. I dedicate this chapter to ms4asia and Malfoy goddess :)


I re-read the letter a thousand times I could not grasp the fact that not once did my mother mention the paper:


Dearest Elisabeth
Your father and I will be attending a gathering in France, your father has a meeting and afterwards there is a formal ball. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny will be going with us we will all be back in time to pick you up at the platform for Christmas holiday. I hope you enjoy the remembrance ball we cannot make it since we are due to leave the next day but harry and Ginny are expected to make a short visit. I miss you and Mandy so much its empty here without you guys around your dad is always at work, I’m almost always at Fleurs. I can’t wait until I can hold you both in my arms and know you are safe. I must go now it’s late and I’m quite tired your father says hi.
Love you, mom


I frowned at the letter I was more than confused “Your father says hi?” the only thing she mentioned. The door opened and I looked up Albus stood there his broom in hand, he was drenched from head to toe.




“I was practising with James it’s raining” he explained he walked forwards and looked over my shoulder “Don’t worry about your dad if he saw the paper he would have said so besides you have more important things to worry about” I looked at him


“Like what?” I asked


“Leah” I sighed, Al, Fred, rose and James wanted me to make up with Leah by the ball but I told them not to hold their breath. The ball was two days away and I haven’t talked to Leah in a week. I wasn’t about to give in, Leah hurt and embarrassed me. “Come on Liz! Be happy!” he said I scowled at him. He smiled “Can I have a hug?” he asked holding his drench arms outstretched


“No  Al  I swear!” I Said jumping off the couch and backing into a corner. Albus advanced on me and wrapped his arms around me I squealed and kicked trying to get free “Albus let go!” I yelled he started to tickle my sides I laughed and kicked trying desperately to get free but albus was strong and my attempts went unnoticed. “Albus Potter! Let go!’ I screamed he let go both of us fell to the ground panting and laughing


“There’s that smile” he said after we caught our breath I playfully punched him in the arm


“Al?” I asked



“You should really go take a shower you stink” he laughed I know he said looking at me with a huge smile on his face




“If I smell you smell too” I smelt the arm of my sweater and almost gaged


“What were you two doing?” I asked I was a bit afraid of his answer. He laughed shook his head and walked up the stairs.





The crowd was standing around a casket I wouldn’t see who was in it all I could see was brown hair sticking up from a pale face some one grabbed my arm “Miss Finnigan” someone called “Miss Finnigan!” I looked around for the face that matched the voice but I couldn’t find it fear coursed through me as the setting changed to a dark forest. A centaur with blood red eyes stood in front of me “Miss Finnigan!’ it called I started to run as “Miss Finnigan” was called behind me…..


“Miss Finnigan!” my head snapped up I saw professor Slughorn standing in front of my desk “I will see you tonight at eight Miss Finnigan” he said I groaned I could hear albus laughing beside me “This is your fault!” I whispered angrily he laughed and shook his head.


I lugged my body up the stairs I could barely keep my eyes open I still needed to finish a transfiguration essay that was due tomorrow. I walked slowly towards the room of requirement were I had been sleeping to avoid Leah. Once inside I dropped my pack on the small coffee table and fell into the couch. I rubbed my eyes before ripping open my pack and pulling out my quill and transfiguration essay. “The polyjuice potion will change you into another person completely but there are spells you can use to alter your looks…” I put down the quill and leaned back further into the couch. I had only planned to close my eyes for a minute but I soon found myself being shaken awake.


“Hey Liz?” I opened my eyes and sat up my forehead collided with James’


“Ow” I said sleepily rubbing my forehead James was laughing.


“Come on” he said picking me up and carrying me to the bed. I cuddled up in the covers.


“I need to finish my essay” I said


“Don’t worry just sleep” James replied as he leant down and kissed my head. I smiled I could have argued with him about my essay but I was just too tired.




I sat in transfiguration with no essay I could hear Albus cracking up behind me and I kept glaring at him. He knew something and so did Leah she had a huge smile on her face. I looked towards the door and watched as students rushed in before the bell. I had my fingers crossed under the table hoping that James would walk in last minuet with my essay on hand. I groaned as professor McGonagall closed the door.


“Essays please” she said students started looking through their packs and getting out their work. I ran over in my head what I was going to say to McGonagall I would probably get detention. Great it was the night before the ball and I was going to be stuck doing an unfinished essay instead of being with James. The thought of James made me angry as I remembered last night. He had told me he would take care of my essay well where was he now?


“Oi! Elisabeth!” someone whispered I turned to see Leah holding out a few pieces of parchment. I grabbed it and noticed it was an essay I gave her a questioning look she smiled widely “James didn’t have time so I did it this morning” she said her eyes full of hope. I felt like crying.


“Thanks..” I mumbled before turning in the essay to McGonagall. For the rest of class I felt depressed, it was hard to pay attention; I could feel albus and Leah staring at me. As soon as class was over I rushed out and ran through the crowded halls I had magical creatures with Hagrid next but I needed to talk to him. Fred was laughing in the hall as a couple of first years had forgotten to jump the vanishing step on the grand staircase. Fred was holding his hand out to help them then he would pull away when they would reach for it.


“Fred!” I called his head snapped up the smile on his face vanished when he saw me standing there. I crossed my arms across my chest, Fred mumbled something before helping the first years out they both smiled at me before scurrying off to their class. Fred looked at me with a scowl


“What happened to the fun Liz?” he asked with a smirk I glared


“I am still fun but I hardly think torturing first years is fun” I said a bit annoyed


“We used to play pranks all the time it was Collins favorite past time…” Fred stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at his feet “Liz I’m sorry” he said quietly


“Where’s James?” I asked ignoring the comment and his apology Fred sighed


“Turn around” I turned to see James making his way towards us with his fan club gawking at him. I couldn’t help but smile,


“Hey Liz!” he said grabbing me around the waist and leaning down to steal a kiss, I didn’t let him I shoved his chest and gave him the best fake glare I could manage, he raised his arms like I was pointing a wand at him. Fred was laughing


“Rejected” he said I glared at him, “I think I’ll go find Amy” he mumbled before leaving. I turned back to James


“what are you playing at?” I said tapping my foot. He put his arms down,


“What I didn’t have time and Leah offered” he said casually like it was the most obvious thing.


“I know what you’re trying to do James Potter! It’s not working” I turned to leave he caught my arm


“Hey Liz I didn’t have time and she was the only one who offered there is no plan it was just convenient honest” he said my anger melted under his brown eyes I studied him for a few seconds before giving in


“Ok” I said he smiled


“Great” he said before kissing me lightly on the lips and pulling me into his chest. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him he was so warm.“But if you guys end up being friends after this that’s just a plus” he said


“James!” I hissed pulling Away he started to laugh, I hit his chest playfully “Go to class James” I said shaking my head and leaving him standing there as I made my way to Hagrid’s hut.


i was happy when i got to Hagrids, this was the only class I had without Leah, and albus or any of my friends to be honest. I was the only one interested in the creatures, there were a total of eleven students I this class I only knew the name of one, the only other person from slytherin her name was Tamika. She was my height and had black hair and eyes. Her skin was dark; she was very nice for a slytherin. Even albus, Leah and even I had our slytherin moments but I had never seen Tamika have one. I knew deep down Tamika was tough and she wouldn’t take any bull shit. The rest of the class consisted of Gryffindor’s who I had not taken the time to get to know. I felt so at peace working with the creatures. Hagrid came bounding out of his hut holding what looked like a cage covered by a blanket. “Now” he said putting the cage on the table in front of us. The area around Hagrid’s hut was charmed to stay warm so we could continue with this class throughout the winter.


“Yer all very lucky, some of the seven’ years in the past wer' not as lucky to get to see a creature like yer gunna see today” he said I was excited to know what kind of creature it was. “Our old headmaster albus Dumbledore had one o’ these here creatures” as soon as he said that I knew exactly what was in that cage. I was practically jumping with excitement, I was so happy; I wasn’t paying attention to what Hagrid was saying I was just staring at the cage. “Any guess at what it is?” Hagrid asked my hand went into the air faster that it had ever gone before. “Er-Elisabeth” Hagrid said I took a deep breath


“It’s a phoenix” I breathed Hagrid smile widely


“That it is” he said pulling off the blanket. I was a bit surprised at what I saw, there was no beautiful bird with gorgeous red orange and yellow feathers, instead there was a sick looking bird with feathers falling off of it. I understood, the other students looked confused Hagrid was just smiling.


“He’s about to be reborn” I said Hagrid looked at me


“Ye’ any day now I ‘spose” he said I looked at the bird. I couldn’t wait to see it change, I smiled.




I walked into the dorm; Leah sat there on the bed looking sad. A letter sat in her lap I couldn’t help myself


“Leah?” I asked she looked at me I saw tears in her eyes “Are you ok?” I asked she gave me a sad smile


“I will be ok, mom told me Curley is ill” she said Curley was the family’s cat. I had met Curley in our first year Leah had decided to bring him to school. Curly was huge and white, he had a huge tail that was curled up like the shell of a snail. It was the weirdest cat I had ever seen but then again Luna and Leah were the weirdest people I know, thank merlin they had Neville to keep them in check. I sat beside her on the bed I was a bit uncomfortable with the situation but Leah was hurting and I could not ignore it I had been her best friend since before we came to Hogwarts. I rubbed her back lightly


“Am I forgiven?” she asked I sighed


“Maybe” I replied she looked at me with her puppy dog eyes. She knew I always fall for them. I stood and opened my trunk in search for my dress; I had a few alterations to do on it to make it my own.


“Can I help?” Leah asked I looked over towards her bed. Her hair was messy and she was in her pyjamas.


“Ok” I said I couldn’t deny Leah had a knack for clothes she could do whatever I wanted to my dress no matter how hard it would be. She jumped out of the bed walked over to me and gave me a huge hug. I guess I had just forgiven her.


Disclaimer: everything recognizable belongs to the extremely talented J.K. Rowling


Ok so this was a filler chapter? Love it? Hate it? Let me know what you think. How do you feel about Liz forgiving Leah? Please let me know! The next chapter will be part one of the ball. Yes the ball will be two parts lucky you! The first part will be in James’ prospective and the second part will be in Elisabeth’s. Here is your sneak peek!


I glanced at Liz; she sat there emotionless not eating. “Foods getting cold” I said she just sat there “Liz?” I asked concerned she looked at me then down at her plate


“lost my appetite” she said looking back up I followed her gaze to see Collins picture hanging on the wall. I was quite surprised had it always been there? Was I too stupid to notice? I stood up and grabbed Liz lightly by the arm


“come on a walk?” I asked she stood and followed me out. We walked in silence eventually we found ourselves out side it was quite cold we sat on one of the stone ledges and I pulled her to my chest. She buried her face, “Liz he wouldn’t want you to be like this” I said


“I know” she whispered “I can’t help it sometimes” I nodded in agreement I knew what she meant. There was silence, my mind was shouting at me to tell her just say that I love her. I was fighting a losing battle


“Elisabeth” I said, she looked up at me I took a deep breath. “I…”


Hope that’s not giving away too much! Review :D


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