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The Truth by Phelia Fraz
Chapter 11 : The next Day
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*A/N- This chapter contains a sensitive topic. Also I do not own Harry Potter.






Draco woke up the next morning to find they were not alone. His father was sitting on the couch across his bedroom. Draco, as quickly as he could without waking up Hermione, untangled himself from the sheet.









            “I was wondering when you were going to wake up, Draco.” His father didn’t move as he spoke.






            “Why hasn’t Hermione woke up yet father?” Draco asked not bothering with his voice since his father didn’t.









            “Sarah is just sleeping very deeply right now. She can’t hear us. So you needn’t call her by that dreadful name.”






            “I don’t find it dreadful, father. It’s not a name give by muggles.”






            “No, but Minnie did choose it because no witch would ever be caught with that name. Just another reason why no one would ever see Sarah as a pureblood.” Draco stayed quiet wondering what his father wanted. “Draco,” here Lucius sighs, “Draco. Tom wants Sarah to take her place beside him. He understands that this will take time. Sarah has become close to Albus, and wishes to fight with the Order. We can not allow this.”









            “But Father what would you have me do? The boys will never let me near her.”









            “Stay with your godfather this semester. AS her guardian Severus will inform her that she as well will stay down there, at least part of the time. Don’t worry Draco. Tom is not wanting you to form a relationship with her, but he does want you to become friends with her.”









            “What am I to do Father?”










            Severus was taking a walk in the garden, he knew that he would find Cissa near the roses. Just around the corner he could hear her crying . He stepped on a twig so she would know he was coming. When she heard this she stopped. She knew that it would be him to find her and not Lucius. He would have to talk to Draco this morning. Still she felt like a fool crying in front of Severus.






            “Cissa please, don’t stop on my account.”









            “It was time I finished anyway. Sev I knew that Tom would have to dispose of her one day. I just never thought that I would have a part in her death.”









            “Funny. I had always hoped that I would have the delight to be the one that killed her.”









            “But Severus, you did love her.”









            Severus just looked at Cissa for the longest measurement of time remembering when he did love Bella. When he had wanted to marry her. “Once upon a time I did, but that was before.” He couldn’t go on.









            “Before she killed your unborn son. I know Severus. She told me. She came here right after she talked to you.”






            “Did she laugh to you?” Severus couldn’t help but show his anger to Cissa. “She laughed at me Cissa. She told me that killing my unborn son was the easiest thing that she had ever done.”









            “She lied to you Sev.” By now Narcissa was standing in front Severus with her right hand on his left shoulder. “She did it because she was scared. Our father would never had let her marry you. She was to marry Lestrange. She had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy. And yes she wanted you to hate her. Sev she wanted you to hate her like she hated herself.”









            “Cissa it doesn’t matter anymore. She’s dead now.” Severus turned away from her. She pulled him back around and put both of her hands on his shoulders forcing him to look at her.









            “The hell it doesn’t Severus Snape. It matters now more than ever. She’s dead. You aren’t. Your son is dead. You aren’t. But you are letting this get in our way of seeing where you are really needed right now. If you can’t come to terms with what she did then you will never be able to trust fully again. You need to be able to let someone in. To let Sarah in. She needs a dad. You need a child. Sev you need each other. Why can’t you see it?”









            “Tom is her father.”









            “He won’t become her dad overnight Sev. Even once she knows who she is. I know that. You know that. Hell even Tom and Minnie know that. She is going to need a father right now. She chose you Sev. She chose you over Minerva. She chose you because you can be a father like she needs. She knows that Minnie, or rather Jane, can be like a mother. Severus, Sarah is going to be needing a dad right now. She needs help. In a week she has gone from having two loving parents alive and well, to them being dead. Then she finds out that they were never really hers. She has no idea of her status, who didn’t love her enough to keep her. To add all of that to being a teen in school. Her friends won’t understand why she kept you. Trust me she is going to need all of the love that we can give her. And you are going to have to open up enough to love her. With all that you have Sev. Like a real dad.”









            Severus took a step back once he began talking, needing some room to think. “Do you think that she’ll even be able to handle what is to come? No matter how much love we give her do you think for one second that that girl in there will be able to fight against her friends? Or even sit by, and do nothing, while we kill everyone of them that won’t change? To walk away from her friends?”









            “She won’t have to. Once the world knows who she is they won’t be her friends anymore. The real question is ‘Will she make it through their betrayal?’”










            Ginny was excited that her friend was coming back today. Harry and Ron had both been off since they heard that Hermione had chosen Snape as her guardian. She probably did it for attention. Not that Hermione didn’t get enough as is. She was the top of her class. She was a member of the Golden Trio. Victor bloody Krum took her to the Yule Ball when she was in fourth year. In her second year Ron had hurt himself while trying to defend her. Though Ginny was supposed to be her friend she never really trusted her. There was something about her that never really felt right about her. No muggleborn could catch on as easily as she did.









            Not that a muggleborn couldn’t do, or shouldn’t do, magic she was just to damn good at it.


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