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A Clean Slate by patronus_seeker64
Chapter 3 : The One with All the Details
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panacea @tda


 September 4

Scorpius Malfoy had grown a lot during his five years at Hogwarts. He was seeker on the Ravenclaw quidditch team, prefect, and generally well liked. He tried to be kind to everyone, but he still used his Malfoy smirk on some. He had dated only two girls, and it was never anything serious. Draco Malfoy was upset when his son was first sorted but quickly recovered and enjoyed bragging over his genius Ravenclaw son’s grades. Scorpius had managed to remove most of the bad stigma that came with the Malfoy name but it was still there, normally with those heavily affected by the war. It was a very touchy subject for Scorpius whenever someone claimed he was evil or another death eater. Scorpius would try to brush off the hatred he would get, but it was still irritating. Luckily he had Rupert to back him up against anyone who would not leave Scorpius alone. Scorpius gave the Potters and the Weasleys space. He tried to remain distant but kind with them all. He felt he had come to a mutual respect with them.

“Good morning class, today I want to talk about something very exciting!” Professor Jordan was one of the best teachers at Hogwarts. Everyone chose either him of Professor Longbottom as their favorite. Being the DADA teacher though made Scorpius favor him.

“I’ve been thinking, and I came up with a grand idea for my favorite sixth year students.” He looked like he was ready to bust from excitement.

“Professor, firstly, we are your only sixth years. Secondly, just spit it out!” Oh Rupert. He was a great friend but he hated when people rattled on. He was a true Ravenclaw always wanting to just gain the knowledge and begin to dissect it immediately.

“Ah yes, Mr. Dodgins just because you’re raising your hand does not mean you can talk. I would expect you to be aware of that by now, yes?”

He smiled as he said this of course. Professor Jordan was to easy going sometimes. “Anyway before that rude interruption I was going to begin to explain my idea. You see as sixth years you have no OWLS or NEWTS, it’s almost a gap year if you ask me. Now I don’t enjoy those exams either, so that’s not what I am suggesting for the year. I have talked to Headmaster Taping and we have decided that you all will compete in a tournament this year. It will test your defense ability and aptitude to work with others. It will go through the entire year and have two challenges each semester. Potter and Weasley don’t look at me like that, it is nothing like the Triwizard tournament, it is more of a treasure hunt as the muggles say. Any questions?”

Almost every hand shot in the air, Scorpius thought this idea would either be fantastic or a waste of time.

“Yes, Mr. Flint” Said the Professor.

“What do you mean we will be in teams?”

Of course Gregory Flint would be the one to ask such a obvious question. Professor Jordan was going to explain that eventually. Scorpius had to refrain from rolling his eyes, how Flint had the cunning and ambition of a Slytherin was beyond him. He was probably just sorted because he was a pureblood.

“Well Mr. Flint you will all be paired off in teams of four, each from a different house. It will give insight into how the founders worked together because the tournaments purpose is to find out more about Hogwarts. And of course get a good grade”

Scorpius was very interested now. Learning more about Hogwarts was always a great experience, there was so much history and incredibly advanced magic within the walls.

“Anyway class, more information will be given out as we move through the year seeing as this is your first day back I only have given you the basis. Teams will be assigned by me. I will let you all know on Friday who your team is. That will give you the weekend to get to know each other. On Monday you will have the class to research basic facts or anything you deem useful on the founders and on our great school. Each team will be named after a founder and will focus on them the most.”

As the class continued on Scorpius began to think back on any interesting fact he knew about the founders and realized he did not know much more than what was on the back of their chocolate frog cards. At least he was well rehearsed in Hogwarts A History. Class ended and he went up to the dormitory with Rupert and Lysander.

“So what do you think? This idea sounds amazing! It’s a shame we will all be separated though, a bunch of Ravenclaw’s all working together on research would be a beautiful thing. We would figure it all out in a night! Gryffindor would be too busy thinking of good spells, Slytherin would probably just try to break into old Jordan’s office and find everything, and then Hufflepuff would just wait patiently for the instructions!” Rupert was practically giddy with his excitement.

“Ya know mate sometimes I wonder if you think a bit too highly of that Ravenclaw mind of yours. Because it’s rather rattled if you ask me” That got Scorpius a blue and silver pillow to the face.

“Well I think this tournament is a good idea. It will unite different houses. That’s how the Fleewillows would want it” Lysander was always a strange bloke, fantastic but odd.

“What the bloody hell is a Fleewillow?” Oh Rupert, never one to beat around the bush.

“Surely you know? No? They are a bit like dust, only they generate feelings of calm and peace. I bet Professor Jordan’s office is filled with them at the moment.”

Scorpius decided to end the conversation before Rupert’s Ravenclaw mind decided on a logical and rude statement.

“I’m starving are you both ready for dinner?”

And with that the three Ravenclaw boys made their way down to the great hall. After a wonderful dinner and a night of wizards chess Scorpius slept peacefully that night with dreams about the tournament. Every sixth year student is DADA was eager for Friday to arrive. When the day finally came everyone was early to class.

“Good afternoon class, I guess some of you are rather interested in learning your teams?” Well then I will do just that and reveal them! Accio Team Board!”

A wooden board came forward with each of their names etched in the colors of their own house. Scorpius spotted his name in blue. After another spell was muttered by Professor Jordan all the names began to shift to a different corner of the board.

“These, everyone, are your teams.
On Godric Gryffindor are Slytherin Albus Potter, Ravenclaw Lysander Scamander, Hufflepuff Allison Smith, and Gryffindor Taylor Longbottom.
On Helga Hufflepuff are Slytherin Acacia Zabini, Ravenclaw Rupert Dodgins, Hufflepuff Christy Abbot, and Gryffindor Lorilee Thomas.
On Salazar Slytherin are Slytherin Rose Weasley, Ravenclaw Scorpius Malfoy, Hufflepuff Grace Beckerit, and Gryffindor Roger Finnegan.
Lastly on Rowena Ravenclaw are Slytherin Gregory Flint, Ravenclaw Aphrodite Twycross, Hufflepuff Tate Lanning, and Gryffindor Colleen Creevey.
Please group up with your team and try and figure out each other’s strengths, I will be here if you have any quick questions”

And with that everyone immediately found a corner in the room and began to strategize.

Scorpius quickly found Rose, Grace, and Roger. He felt he had a strong team. Rose Weasley was really just plain brilliant. She was extremely smart and a gifted duelist. Not to mention she was very well liked and easily one of the most beautiful girls in the school. She would no doubt be a great attribute to the team. Grace may have been a Hufflepuff but she was also very perceptive and would be good team member. Scorpius knew for a fact Grace would never give up on the task either. Scorpius was a tad worried about Roger but felt he would be okay. Roger often cut class and enjoyed having a good laugh rather than good grades, when he wanted to try though he was a good wizard and acceptable student.

“So everyone why don’t we say what we are good at and if anyone has any idea of how this will work.” Scorpius said this rather aptly and hoped he didn’t come off as bossy.

“That’s a good idea, anyway I am rather gifted at ancient runes and potions. I also am very familiar with Hogwarts A History so that should be somewhat beneficial” Rose said. She was very straight to the point and Scorpius could tell she wanted to win.

“Um, I’m good at Herbology and Transfiguration. I only know useful things on Helga Hufflepuff really” Grace looked unsure of herself but Scorpius was sure she would be a good member.

“Well I think this thing will be fun and we’re going to win! Even if we are team Slytherin! I’m alright at DADA and quidditch which is always helpful” Rose merely just looked at Roger with an annoyed glance.

“Okay Roger. Um anyway, I’m good at DADA and Charms. Learning about Hogwarts fascinates me so I’ve read quite a bit on the school. I for one do not mind being on team Slytherin unlike Roger here.” This earned Scorpius a small smile from Rose which he thoroughly enjoyed.

“Well yea you’re the son of a Death Eater, you probably have a shrine of Slytherin at home” Roger said rather sharply. And with that Scorpius merely left the room as he heard Rose send a spell at Roger.

Scorpius leaned against the large tree facing the Black Lake. He had done nothing but be kind to others since his time at Hogwarts. Even those that were muggleborn he went out of his way to be kind to. He never dueled or got into fights. There were just some people whose opinions seemed would never change. He sighed.

“Scor are you okay? Roger is an idiot, literally he has no more brain then the quaffle he is so obsessed with.”

Oh Rose. Where did she come from? Did she follow his down here? And why did she call him ‘Scor’?

“I know he Is Rose, really I do. I’m just frustrated. Every other day someone makes some sort of Death Eater joke and I have done nothing to give them that idea. My parents have just wanted a quiet life away from all of that. And since when am I known as Scor?” He smiled at the nickname.

“Oh well I don’t really know” she had a small blush to her, “Hah I guess just in the moment. Anyway, ScorPIUS anyone who knows you is aware you’re nothing like that. Even my family is civil with yours and that says a lot considering the temper and grudge holding tendencies of Ronald Weasley” She said with a bit of sarcasm.

Scorpius looked at Rose, she was a very genuine person. Who honestly came running after an upset guy that she only knew from class? One of a kind for sure. “You’re right Rose, I shouldn’t care so much about what they think. Thank you for that. You know, you’re going to make a good partner during this tournament.”

They began to head back to the school. “Well Scor, I can only hope I’m as good as Roger” He laughed and decided he needed to get to know her much better.

A/N So now I have finally better introduced Rose to you. I picture her as kind but a bit sarcastic. I see her as more Hermione than Ron though. I’ll be sure to occasionally post the teams for you. Here is the full list for you now though. Oh and in case you did not catch it, Colleen Creevey is Dennis’ daughter in memory of Collin ):


Godric Grffindor: (S)Albus Potter (R)Lysander Scamander (H)Allison Smith (G)Taylor Longbottom

Helga Hufflepuff: (S)Acacia Zabini (R)Rupert Dodgins (H)Christy Abbott (G)Lorilee Thomas

Salazar Slytherin: (S)Rose Weasley (R)Scorpius Malfoy (H)Grace Beckerit (G)Roger Finnegan

Rowena Ravenclaw: (S)Gregory Flint (R)Aphrodite Twycross (H)Tate Lanning (G)Colleen Creevey

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A Clean Slate: The One with All the Details


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