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Olive Wood: A Guide to Falling in Love by FWHPObsessed
Chapter 10 : On Unsuspecting Apparation, Old Relationship's and Accidents
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 Disclaimer: I own it all! Jokes. I'm lying. I can only take credit for the personalities of my OC's and bits of the plot.


On Unsuspecting Apparation, Old Relationship's and Accidents:

The next few days fly by. Al never seems to be in the house and I spend half of my time walking around Muggle London, admiring the Thames and jokingly flirting with the waiter at a café around the corner from our apartment. The other half of it is spent looking for a part time job to pay the rent and lounging in Spencer's place watching Muggle movies while she's at her day job.

It's not long and Monday arrives with a bang. Literally. I'm lying on my bed, basking in the light flitting through my thin curtains and in that halfway stage between sleeping and waking when suddenly my door flips open and in comes Al, flicking my curtains open with his wand.

“Morning, Sunshine!” he exclaims, happily yet sarcastically.

“What the hell?” Is all I can say as he rips my thin duvet from my grasp and begins pulling open my drawers and going through my clothes. This boy has no respect for anyone's privacy. Dom told me he once searched her entire room to find her hidden box of body spray and light them on fire. Lets just say Al's a little bit of a pyromaniac. “What are you doing, Al?” I almost yell when he throws a singlet at me.

“I'm taking you out,” he replies simply, throwing a pair of black shorts onto the pile and then proceeding into my wardrobe. Seriously?

“And you couldn't have told me this earlier, because –?” I say, throwing my legs over the edge, yawning and letting my eyes adjust to the brightness of the clear sky outside.

“Do you have any sneakers?” asks Al, casually ignoring my question, but finally turning to look at me.

“No, I –”

“I'll have to shrink some of mine,” he mutters to himself. “Anyway, put on these clothes and meet me in the kitchen in five.”

“Wait, Albus!” I say, managing to stop him just as he's about to turn the door handle and leave. “What's going on? Where are we… going?”

It's his smile that knocks me breathless. The smile I did not expect. The smile he's never aimed at me. The smile that makes most girls fall head over heels. His face lights up and his eyes twinkle and his lips go into a half smirk-half grin and I swear you forget to breathe for several moments.

“I'll explain it all in five,” he says, his twinkling emerald eyes locked on my deep brown ones.

I just nod and he leaves. Throwing on the black shorts and the grey singlet as fast as I can, I’m out and in the kitchen in under a minute, not bothering with make-up as most of it from yesterday remains on my face. (I forgot to wash if off, OK!) Al just laughs when I skip in, pulling some toast out of our wand-powered toaster and piling a plastic knife with butter.

“Are you going to explain?” I ask, my voice mockingly sweet so he knows that if he leaves me in the dark for one more second I will hit him where the sun don't shine.

“Put on the shoes,” he says slowly, his voice is strong like he's telling a raging mass-murderer to lower the wand. I look to where he's pointing and see a pair of black sneakers shrunk to my size. I glare at him and his jam-coated pieces of toast and put on the sneakers slowly, flicking my wand to tie up the laces.

“OK, then where are we going?” I ask, also slowly, with a suspicious tone hanging in my voice. It's times like these where I wish I can raise one eyebrow.

“You'll see!” he says cheekily, chucking me a piece of toast (which I manage to catch without covering myself in jam – Chaser skills) and taking my arm before pulling me into that familiar sensation of fear that comes with Apparating.




It's safe to say that when we arrive at this mysterious place I’m ghastly white and hyperventilating. It only takes the soft pat of toast landing on gravel for Al to realise that something is wrong. I gasp for air, feeling the soothing feeling of oxygen reaching my lungs a little too late. The world spins around me and I barely notice my surroundings until I feel the space around me. Al's worried face swims into view.

“Olive, what's wrong?” he asks, his face twisted like he's in pain and his voice dripping with worry.

“Nothing!” I retort quickly, my voice unnaturally high. “I'm fine!”

“Olive,” he breathes, pulling me into a hug that does nothing to ease the feeling of my chest tightening… being unable to breathe… unable to remember how…

“I'm fine! I’m fine!” I repeat, feeling my fear being replaced by embarrassment. “I just didn't expect to Apparate.”

“Can't you Apparate?” he asks, pulling away from me and holding me at arms length so he can examine my face.

“No, I can. It's just … I have a bad experience with it.” I say, trying to say my words so as not to reveal too much.

“Splinch yourself?” he asks, a distasteful sound is in his voice, but his face is visibly relieved that I seem to have recovered.

I don't answer, not wanting to lie, but knowing if I say no he'll press further.

I use the silence as a chance to look at my surroundings. It seems we're on a gravel path in some sort of forest. The heavy sun streams down through the gaps in the green roof above us. The mix of gold and emerald creates a serenity I've never experienced before, but the absence of sky only makes the feeling of claustrophobia stronger. Ahead of us the path disappears to the left and behind us it veers off to the right, making two walls of brown and green. I shudder.

“Where are we?” I ask as Al drops his hands from my arms and looks to where I’m looking.

“Southern France,” he says, not bothering with the mysterious façade now that I had freaked him out. “I thought we'd go for a tramp, but we can go back if you want to.”

“No.” I say quickly, then realising my mistake. “I mean, I could do with a good walk.” The thought of Apparating so soon makes me want to be sick.

“Sweet,” he says, breaking into that grin again. Though this time it seems forced. We start walking towards the path that goes left and Albus searches through his pockets. “Here,” he pulls out a wrapped sandwich, “you dropped your toast,”

“Thanks,” I say, taking the sandwich then raising my eyebrows as I wonder how he ever fit it in his pocket.

He notices my look. “Undetectable Extension Charm, or something like that. Rose was bored one day and did it to all my trousers.” His face pales when he realises he's mentioned Rose and I feel ashamed that he thinks he has to avoid talking about his own cousin.

“I went round to her house the other day,” I say timidly, guessing that he'll know who I’m talking about.

“Oh yeah,” he says awkwardly.

“I apologised, but I know she hasn't forgiven me.” He nods and for a while the only sound is our feet trudging along the path and the array of musical bird's chirping away. “Which reminds me. Hugo may have mentioned something about you.”

“He did?” Al asks, sounding a little surprised.

“Yeah. I said, something like 'you don't want to become another Al,' 'cause y'know – Rose is not talking to you and all.” I glance up at him and he just nods hurriedly. “And he said something like 'Al's had it coming for a long time,' but wouldn't elaborate. What did he mean?”

Al sighs. “I'm not entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with Lorcan.”


“Yeah, Lorcan Scamander.” he presses. “Pretty girl in Ravenclaw: tall; light blonde hair; always surrounded by giggling girls; sometimes sat with Rose at their table?”

“The one with the twin?” I ask, almost one hundred percent sure it's her.

“Yeah!” he seems glad I’ve figured it out. “Well, you see she's always sort of pined after me. I’m not really sure why… but a couple of weeks ago I went to Rose's with Scorpius and she was there. I tried to ignore her the whole time, but she did the whole giggling at everything I say, trying to have eye-sex with me and sitting as close as she could the whole time, so I literally wanted to wring her throat! Eventually she ended up shoving me into a linen cupboard and I lost it. I yelled until she cried and then I yelled some more and I told her exactly how I felt about all that annoying fan-girl crap. But Rose seemed to think it was unreasonable and she hasn't spoken to me since.”

I don't speak for a second, taking it all in slowly. “Did you apologise?”

“Of course,” he sighs, disappointed I have to ask. “Almost straight away. First to Rose and then to Lorcan, but she never accepted it. Almost cried when she saw it was me at the door. Lysander told me to fuck off, so I had to yell over his shoulder.”

There's a moment of silence as we pass a couple walking in the opposite direction. Muggles, by the look of the weird rectangular object one of them is holding. They smile at us pleasantly and I force one back. When the sound of their voices is gone I turn to Albus.

“I don't understand, Albus.” I say, watching a seagull flit by as the trees get thinner. “You and Rose are cousins, how can she just choose Lorcan over you?”

He sighs, and runs both his hands through his hair. “Everyone thinks that because we have such a huge family we must all get along so well.”

“Don't you?” I ask, unwrapping the sandwich I have completely forgotten about until this point.

He laughs bitterly. It contains no trace of humour. “You know Molly? Six years ahead of us at school? Minister's daughter?” I nod. “She hasn't spoken to Victoire since Teddy and her got together. And Roxanne has slept with all of Freddie's friends just to prove that he has no control over who she can be with.”

He sighs and my mouth pops open at this information. “And Rose and I stopped being close when we were sorted into different houses. We barely had any classes together and she hated Scorpius so much in the beginning so we'd barely talk. Eventually she became my best friends girlfriend, who just happened to be related to me and that was it.

“She's still family and I’d never wish her harm, just like Molly would never wish Victoire harm because she got the guy. I hate it when she's hurt, just like I hate it when you or Spencer are hurt.”

“But I hurt her Al!” I burst, causing him to jump. “I ruined her life and you hate that she's hurt when really you should hate that I was the one who hurt her!”

“Believe me, when Scorpius told me, I hated you with every fibre in my body, but then he explained it and it made sense.”

“Made sense? Are you crazy!” I yelp, my voice unnaturally loud and high-pitched. “There's nothing about what I did that makes sense! I’m a bitch. Who does that?”

“Olive!” says Al, grabbing my wrists which I’m unconsciously flailing about and pulling me to a stop. “It takes two to cheat, you're not the only one to blame. You keep saying 'I'. 'I hurt her' – 'I ruined her life.' It doesn't all rest on your shoulders; not everything that happens is because of you.”

“But I was her best friend,” I sob dryly, the tears not allowing themselves to come.

“And he was her boyfriend,” he says calmly, letting go of my fists and watching my half-eaten, squished sandwich fall to the ground. What a waste of food. “Olive, can I tell you something?” he asks, as we start walking again.

“Go ahead,” I say blankly.

“I know what you've been through. I know why you did it. I’ve done it too.” At this I look up. “I slept with someone I shouldn't have while I wasn't single. I was a virgin; she wasn't and… she offered. The only difference is that my girlfriend never found out.” I ponder who it could have been, but Albus was rarely single at Hogwarts. Only for a couple of weeks between his long and often reoccurring relationships. “I wanted to see what it was like and it was an offer too good to refuse. We weren't as close as Rose and Scorp, but I get how it happened without it even being intimate or anything special. I get it.” he finishes simply.

“That's good, because – I mean – it wasn't. We just wanted to see what it was like. It was our first time and we'd been drinking enough to not think of the consequences it would have.”

“That's exactly it! I mean; I never thought I’d regret it until I realised that I’d lost my virginity to a girl I wasn't even in love with!” Al exclaims, looking pained.

“Were you in love with the girl you were going out with at the time?” I ask nervously, not sure if I’m delving too deep.

“No, it wouldn't have happened if I was,” says Al sadly. “I don't think I’ve ever been in love.”

This is the part where I faint.

“What?” I say, unsuspecting of his answer. “The great Albus Potter, with the countless girlfriend's, has never been in love?”

He gives a forced laugh. “No, I haven't. What about you?”


I pause, thinking about what I use to have with Jake. During our whole relationship I was convinced it was love, but it was never truly there. I didn't love his whole person, I loved parts of him. And he didn't love me, he loved the person he thought I was. It was merely a strong like. “No.”

It's his turn to look surprised. “What about Jake or … Louis?”

“Louis?!” I scoff at him. “I'm not deluded enough to think I am. You have to have something given back to you from the other side to fall in love. It wouldn't be love, it'd be… infatuation.”

“And Jake?” he presses sounding intrigued.

“Well, he was just another lesson I had to learn, right?”

“What do you mean 'a lesson'?” he asks, sounding almost offended that I consider my whole relationship with Jake a lesson I had to learn.

“Well … everything happens for a reason, right?” Al nods slowly, like he doesn't agree. “I believe” (it sounds so unbelievably weird to start a sentence with those words) “that Jake and I dated for a reason, so that we could each learn a lesson. I learnt that everyone has a mask they put on and what's underneath is never what you expect. And Jake learnt… well, whatever he learnt – it was his lesson not mine.”

Al's face just looks completely blank, so I throw from a different angle. “Think about Belle.” I say, choosing his most reoccurring girlfriend. His face burns scarlet. “You dated her – what, seven times –?”

“Eight.” he corrects.

“– eight times. You must have learnt something from her. You must have realised something about yourself or the way you see things.” A splash of realisation washes over Al's eyes and something in his brain clicks. He looks at me, suddenly coming back to reality and ridding himself of the faraway look.

“Karma,” he breathes.

“What?” My blood runs cold, I had learnt that lesson and it was never nice.

“Do you ever wonder why we stopped talking? She cheated on me. I found her in a broomstick cupboard snogging the face off some Ravenclaw.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Al!” I say sympathetically, although in the back of my mind I register that he actually did the same to her…

“No, don't worry about it.” he says comfortingly. “Belle and I were never anything serious. She was more interested in being the it-couple of Hogwarts and I didn't mind a pretty girl hanging off my arm. She had a good personality; she was nice. I just never imagined she would be one of those girls.”

“The ones that cheat?” I ask.

“No, one of those girls who snog random blokes in broom cupboards.” he says sourly. “It just seems a little cliché, don't you think?”

I cringe and a nervous bubble of laughter escapes from my throat. “Can you believe I was one of those girls?”

“What?!” exclaims Al, pulling us to a stop in the middle of the path. He laughs when he sees the worry on my face. “You're kidding.”

“No, I’m not,” I say, starting to walk again, but blushing at the amused smile on his lips. “And it was not random guys, Al. Not even the slaggiest girls did that, you might end up with a tall third-year!”

He laughs. “Who was it with then?” he raises a curious brow.

I blush even deeper. “That Gryffindor,” I mutter.

“I think you'll find there were a lot of Gryffindor's at Hogwarts,” he smiles.

“James' friend,” I say. “Y'know… James' friend…”

“Fred?!” Al exclaims, looking thoroughly shocked.

“No!” I say. “Don't be stupid! It was Longbottom.”

Al looks at me like Christmas has come early, before cracking up laughing. “You're kidding, right!?”

“Shut up.” I say grumpily. “He was hot!”

“He had a mole the tip of his nose!”

“So what!” I say defensively. “And for your information it was after your brother jinxed it and it grew so large it had to be removed!”

“Come on! He is so not your type. All gangly and tall, with freckles on his back.”

“He didn't have freckles on his back and he was not gangly. He went for runs round the castle every morning and was… nicely toned.”

Nicely toned,” Al scoffs, still amused even though I certainly am not! “Who likes nicely toned?”

I do!”

“Whatever, he's still not your type. A Professor's son… bloody hell, Olive…” he mutters.

“Well, since you seem to know me so well, what is my type?” I ask, my annoyance dying down and being replaced with curiosity.

“Weasley's and Potter's.” he states simply, shrugging. “They're everyone's type.”

I roll my eyes. “Someone has a case of ego-inflation. Would you like me to attempt at squeezing it out of you?” I ask sarcastically.

Al grins. “Don't waste your time love. Many have tried; none have succeeded.”

I laugh and turn back to the path ahead, the canopy of trees above seem to be getting thinner

“Al, I’ve been meaning to ask: why exactly are we walking through a forest in Southern France?” I say, wondering how the idea came into his head.

He laughs, flicking his head to knock his hair out of his eyes. “If you must know, there's a cliff ahead and a clear jump into the sea and I was planning on throwing you into the water, where we'd snog and you'd rip your clothes off like in the movies. And then we'd swim to the beach and have sex on the sand until an old, middle-aged, French couple catches us starkers and we have to run through the forest and Apparate back home where James catches us entering our house as he leaves Spencer's and yells at me until Spencer comes and catches us too!” He breathes a sigh of relief and beams at me.

I laugh. “You have this well thought out don't you?”

“Of course!” he replies, eyes glittering as the sun rolls down to catch our skin through the gaps. “The only problem is… you think I’m joking.” And all of a sudden he flings me over his shoulder and begins running along the path. It's ideally ironic how I can't help but let out a girly scream as he jolts me around, not running particularly fast under my weight. “I'm kidding… I’m kidding!” he says loudly, dropping me on my feet in a clearing where there is in fact a huge drop into the sea.

“No, you're not.” I say, stepping to the edge and looking down at the twenty-five meter jump into the clear blue sea. The cliff seems to pull itself into the earth as though there's a cave underneath us. I turn and give Albus a mischievous grin. He merely raises an infuriating eyebrow at me, his green eyes twinkling with the reflection off the smooth water. “Five Galleon's you can't jump into the water without a Cushioning Charm.”

He knits his eyebrows together and steps closer to the edge so he can peer at the height. “You're on!” he says, taking my hand and shaking on it. He rips off his top revealing dazzling abs and begins to empty his pockets. I gulp, ripping my eyes away. They sure aren't as huge as his brothers, but in a way they're better because I actually like Al. “But you have to do it too!” he adds, pointing at me accusingly and smirking.

“How will we get back up here?” I ask innocently.

“Take your wand down and we'll Apparate,” he says simply, before running up and off the cliff. I watch open-mouthed as he falls, keeping his body straight so as not to smack the water on his back or side and accidentally kill himself. When he hits the liquid he plummets down, creating a huge splash. It's a few seconds later when he comes back up.

“That was great!” he yells, sticking his arm up in victory, showing his wand held tightly in his fist. “Your turn!”

I smile, before turning around and emptying my own pockets. I pull off Al's sneakers and my socks, then hesitantly wonder if I should take off anything else, before shrugging and leaving them on. Holding my wand tightly, I look over the edge at Albus. “Ready?” I call.

“Of course!” he replies, shaking up his hair with one hand and wading with the other.

“OK,” I call, back nervously. I take three long strides backwards before holding my breath and letting go. I only take three fast steps forward before I’m flying off the cliff and cascading through the air. The speed whips my hair around my face and adrenaline pumps through my blood. It lasts all of a second, but it feels like I’ve been falling for minutes when I hit the water. I realise as I’m enveloped in the clear substance that I was screaming as I fell, but I think nothing of it, Al's the only one here and he's not judging.

“That was brilliant!” I scream, after I’ve kicked myself out of the water. “That was so amazing!”

“It was, wasn't it?” says Al, a smile almost on his lips, his green eyes still twinkling.

I beam at Al who beams back and we laugh because we can. It's such a perfect moment… until I realise my hands are empty.

“Oh Merlin, I’ve dropped my wand!” I say, holding up my hands to examine them just in case it's still there.

“Don't worry,” says Al, gripping his own wand. “Accio Olive's Wand!” My wand zooms out of the water and into his hand.

“Thanks Al,” I say, swimming forward to take it back, but he holds it out of my reach and we end up with our chests almost touching. Me wondering what his motive is.

Smirking he hands it to me and I peer at him curiously; not moving. This close to him I notice things I’ve never noticed before. The curious yellow-green around his pupils, stretching out like green petals on a sunflower and then the dark grey green around the outside, with tiny specks of brown and blue. His lips, perfectly shaped, not too plump, but just enough to be bigger than usual. His bottom lip was perhaps not as big as mine is compared to my top and they're clearly chapped and raw, like he's spent too much time in the sun and they've dried out. He also has freckles I've never noticed before. Just tiny ones, barely bigger than a full stop and only a shade darker than his skin. They brush over the bridge of his nose and stop under his eyes and on his cheeks.

Up close he seems more beautiful than he is from further away.

I notice he has a strange look on his face. Like he's examining me as I’m doing to him, but his is different. His gaze seems to pierce through my skin, like he's not looking at the outside of me, like he's looking inside of me. Surprisingly I don't pull myself out of it. It feels sort of exciting, exhilarating. Feeling like someone's seeing inside of you, all your thoughts, your memories, your personality. It's like all of a sudden you don't belong to yourself any more, you belong to someone else. And it's nice almost, feeling like if something happens to you it's happening to someone who you belong to too.

But really in the end it just feels uncomfortable. Because I don't belong to Albus and he's not actually seeing straight into me. He's just an confused as I am. Probably wondering how we got so close in the first place. Probably internally laughing at any make up smudged around my face.

It's an unreasonable thing to do, but all of a sudden I imagine kissing Al. It would be so simple, such an easy thing to imagine. We're in the perfect position, our faces just close enough so we wouldn't have to move our bodies. All I would have to do is inch forward and press my lips on his. I can imagine those chapped lips, scratching against my skin, the moisture and the movement smoothing them out until they glide over mine. His hands would wrap themselves around my waist and I would cling to his neck… and another perfectly good relationship would be ruined because of me.

Wading in the water my leg knocks into his and I remember that though it may seem like it, time has not actually paused. So I hurriedly put a mischievous smirk on my face and crinkle my eyes.

“Is this the part where we kiss?” I grin teasingly at his confused expression.

His surprised look transforms into an equally teasing one. “Or we could just skip that part and you could take your clothes off?” he suggests.

I laugh and propel myself away. “In your dreams,” I say, splashing him and diving under the water. Opening my eyes reveal that the water is amazingly clear. So crystal-like my vision almost seems better under here. I pull myself down, longing to reach the bottom and plant a hand on the soft-looking sand. There's nothing down here, but the music of the ocean and the gold ground. There's not a rock in sight until your eyes travel to the cliff and into the darkness of the underwater cave. My lungs ache slightly and as I swim lower and lower my ears begin to ring with pain.

When I let out my last bubble of air I swim up again. Kicking my legs furiously and gasping for breath when I break the surface. Al gives me an odd look.

“You OK?”

“I'm fine,” I say, albeit breathlessly. “We should Apparate back now,” I add, as he continues looking at me like I’ve gone mad.

(I’m not sure why; I’m completely stable!)

“Yeah, I guess so …” he says solemnly. “Will you be OK with that?”

I try not to roll my eyes. He's only being a good friend, that's all; no need to snap at him Olive. “Can you Apparate in water?” I decide on answering his question with a question of my own.

“We'll have to see,” he says, wiping that strange look off his face and smiling again. He does a weird twisty-thing in the water and vanishes with a pop!

I mentally prepare myself; giving myself a prep-talk in my head (it goes something like: “Do this and you can go down to that Muggle shop and buy yourself a packet of chocolate-filled liquorice!”) Then without thinking about how uncomfortable it may be, I Apparate back onto the cliff.

It's only a small distance so it only takes half a second to reach my destination and that's barely enough time to imagine myself suffocating. But, being the clumsy girl I sometimes find I am, I manage to land awkwardly on my foot and fall flat on my face.

“Ugh,” I groan, rolling onto my back and clutching my relentlessly bleeding nose. Al turns around to investigate why I’m moaning. His eyes grow wide in alarm.

“Bloody hell, Olive!” he says, rushing to me and pulling me into a sitting position. This only causes the blood to flow more freely. I struggle to stop it running, but it trickles down my arms and drips onto my wet singlet. “What is it with you and Apparating?” he asks, pulling me to my feet.

“My ankle!” I exclaim, holding it up and recognising the signs that it's sprained. I fall into Al and end up leaning heavily on him. “Oh fuck. Sorry Al.” I say, realising I’m smudging blood all over him. I try and pull myself away, but he holds on.

“Don't worry about it,” he soothes, pointing at the clothes and items scattered around the clearing. They disappear. “I'm taking you to my mum, she knows all about healing and that sort of stuff.”

“No Al, that's completely unnecessary!” I say, still holding on to my dignity. Well, as much as you can when you have blood pouring down your face and can't stand on your own two feet. In reality, I'm holding on to my imaginary dignity.

“Don't be stupid Liv,” he says, smiling down at me, “we can't have you limping around with a broken nose, can we? Now, will you be OK to Apparate?”

I lock my eyes onto his; feeling fear wash through the brown. Gritting my teeth and still holding a hand to my nose, I nod. Looking determined as Al spins on his heel.




We arrive with a pop in what must be one of the many living rooms in the Potter's house. I barely have time to look around before a shout reaches us.

“Harry is that you?!” calls Ginny, from somewhere to the right. Al pulls my arm over his shoulder and begins to walk with me gracing him with my extra weight.

“No, it's Al and I’m in need of your medical magic.” he calls back, as we hobble to wherever Ginny is.

“Merlin, what have you done now?” replies her voice, then suddenly the light coming from the open door ahead is blocked by a fiery-headed shadow. “Oh Olive, what happened?!” asks Ginny, taking my other arm and slinging it over her shoulder, helping me into the next room.

“She fell over,” says Al slightly amused, helping me onto a stool.

“I Apparated onto a stone,” I correct, not entirely sure if I did or not.

Al laughs. “It was flat ground, Liv.”

Somehow he's immune to my deadly glare. I open my mouth to retort, but the blood dripping onto my lips and to my teeth stops me.

“Albus, if you've got nothing better to do than stand here and argue, then why don't you do something helpful, like get the cookie's out of the oven.” suggests Ginny.

Al's eyes light up. “Are they chocolate chip?” he asks excitedly.

“Yes, now go!” I watch him slide around the counter and open the oven. “Now, if you'll just look here and stay still.” says Ginny, pulling my attention away from the exuberant Albus. She has her wand out and pointed at my face. I scrunch up my eyes and freeze… “Episkey.

There's a twinge in my nose and a click. “Ow.” I say simply.

Tergeo.” she says, siphoning off the dried and still wet blood. “Now, lets have a look at that ankle…”

While Ginny gingerly examines my ankle, I look up at Al. He gives me a chocolate-y smile and slides a crumbling cookie to me. I break it in half and take a bite. I swear my heart melts, it's just so delicious. Ginny mutters something and a warmth spreads through my ankle.

“There you go, Olive,” says Ginny warmly, standing up.

I slide off the stool and put some pressure on it. It's fine.

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry for the bother – and the mess.” I say, looking at the trail of dirt, blood and water on the cream linoleum.

“Nonsense, don't worry.” Ginny dismisses with a wave of her hand. “It's no trouble. James tells me you're playing for Puddlemere now so if you get any injuries training come straight here. I’d be happy to help.”


“You're in the same team as James!” exclaims Al gleefully. “Oh Merlin, I can feel World War Three coming along soon. Send my luck to the rest of your team.”

I glare at him playfully and he beams back, his lips now clean. It doesn't take me long to notice his t-shirt is clinging to his chest and stomach and I remember that I’m still soaking wet.

“Crap! Now I’m dripping all over your kitchen!” I say, searching for my wand so I can dry myself and coming up empty handed. Realisation dawns on me and I look up at Al expectantly, waiting for him to read my mind.

He looks thoroughly confused for a moment before he recognises my look. “Merlin, Olive, you're helpless!”

Ginny, who's watching us silently, looks confused. “What's this?” she asks, pulling out her wand and moving the biscuit tray out of Al's range.

“Olive left her wand in France.”

Merlin, when he puts it like that it sound far worse than it actually is.

Ginny gives a gentle chuckle. It seems like she's finally learning how ridiculous my life is.

I look at him pleadingly. “Do you think I could borrow –?”

“Don't be stupid,” he interrupts. “You've been through enough today, I’ll get it.” With a loud crack Albus disappears.

“Would you like to take a plate back?” asks Ginny happily, already getting out a plate and placing the cookies on them.

“No, no, it's fine –”

“Take them,” says Ginny, putting the plate on the bench in front of me. “I've got so much food it's not funny. I’ve been cooking far too much and without my boys here to eat them they're just going to waste.”

I smile. “OK,” (I hadn't really planned on saying no anyway – they're far too delicious – I was just being polite) “um… are you not working for the Daily Prophet any more?”

“Oh, yes I am,” she says, flicking her hair off her face and revealing her dazzling brown eyes. “I've just been working from home a lot lately. With the Quidditch World Cup coming up it's just so hectic there and I find it easier to work in peace. Though…” she says, giving a guilty smile, “it's easy to get distracted.” She gives her biscuits a playful glare as another crack echoes throughout the room.

I turn and Al gives me back my wand. I dry myself and Scourgify the floor. Ginny smiles appreciatively.

“We should probably get going,” says Al, looking at his mum and poking his tongue out at her teasingly.

I nod and Ginny gives Al a hug and – to my surprise – graces me with one too.

“See you!”

“Bye Mum.”

“Thanks for the cookies!”

Al takes my hand and we Apparate away.


Author's Note: As I write this, I'm experiencing an earthquake. Just thought I should tell you 'cause it's kind of creepy :/ Any question's: go ahead and ask, I'll reply. Questions from me? Um? Do you like this little snippet of Al? Do you like their relationship? And would you like me to elaborate on anything? Why she has a fear of Apparating? The thing with Spencer? Shout out if there's anything playing on your mind and I'll make sure to put it up soon.

Anyways: I'm sorry for the wait. I'm not a Trusted Author and now it's the holidays I've been extremely busy... I hope everyone had a great Christmas and an even better New Year's because if I did it seems unfair that others didn't!

Up Next: A date with Louis ;DD

P.S: Thank you for sticking with my story, it means so much to me that you're all still reading :D

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