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The World According to Perfection by writergirl8
Chapter 4 : Give It All Up
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 “I am so sick of puking all over the place.” Hermione said blandly, staring at Ron's breakfast with a repulsed look on her face. Her husband set down his fork and gave her an annoyed look.


“Mione, I've given up eggs for you, and I've given up bacon for you, but there is no way in hell I'm going to stop eating sausage.”


Hermione stood up and sighed.


“It was worth a try.”


“If you say so.” Ron said. Hermione loosened her shoulders and went over to kiss Ron. “What was that for?” he asked. “I thought we were going to fight!”


He actually seemed a bit disappointed. Hermione slapped his arm.

“I hate going to work angry at you. That's my favorite solution.”

Ron smiled peacefully.

“Mine too, come to think of it.”

“Great minds think alike, then.” Hermione told him, laughing.

“Guess what I'm thinking right now?” Ron asked, wiggling his eyebrows.


“Hmmmm...” Hermione said, twisting his hair around her fingers and kissing him.


“Damn, you're good at this.” Ron murmured, pulling back.

“I have my moments.” Hermione smirked. “What am I thinking?”

“'I want to stay home all day with my husband and break in our new bed?'”

“I'm pretty sure it's pretty much broken in. So, no.”

“Then probably, 'if we don't stop snogging we're going to be late for work, so we'd better get going.'”


Hermione closed her eyes and smiled.


“I just remembered why I married you.”

“Oh, I'm so glad.”

Hermione laughed and leaned down to get her purse, teetering in her stilettos.


“Whoa!” Ron said, catching her.


“Sorry. As my stomach gets bigger, it's harder to see my feet and balance and all that.”


“I understand that you want to be professional, Hermione, but I find it pretty ridiculous that you wear those torture contraptions when you're with child.”

“I can't stop everything just for the baby, Ron. I have to go about work as I've always had. That means heels.”

“Yeah, but I don't think it's safe. I may not be very smart, but I'm not stupid.”


Hermione shook her head.

“These heels made me successful. I'm not going to stop wearing them.”


She started to walk towards to door, but Ron grabbed her waist.


“Okay, I'll make you a deal.” He said, his breath tickling her ear. Hermione shivered a bit, it tickled, and she loved how Ron's voice sounded so close to her ear. “We'll ask mum and Ginny about it, and you have to listen to whatever they say. Deal?”

“Deal.” Hermione agreed. “But, um, first we have to tell them that I'm pregnant...”

Ron slapped his forehead.


“I completely forgot we haven't done that! Why haven't we done that?”


Hermione turned around to face him, winding her arms around his neck.

“Because we've been having random snogging sessions whenever we were both at home and didn't want to risk getting the urge for another one while near family,” Hermione said in a tone of voice that would suggest she was answering a question in Charm's class.


“Right.” Ron said, smiling fondly.


“But maybe we should tell Ginny first? I mean, remember what happened when we wanted to tell her we were back together at the same time as the family?”


“Vaguely.” Ron said, wrinkling his nose. “But I think this is different. We haven't kept this secret since the Hogwarts Reunion.”

Hermione grinned.


“We were so good at that.”

“Yeah.” Ron said, kissing her nose. “We were excellent.”

“Wouldn't it have been fun if we'd eloped, kept the secret we were married until we got pregnant, and then just sprung it all together on them?”

“If you'd suggested that, I would have asked if you were trying to kill my mother and Ginny in one go.”

“Haha. You're so funny, Ronald.”


He raised his eyebrows at her. Hermione blushed and shrugged.

“What? What? Can't a wife call her husband by his full name occasionally?”

“Because it's just so sexy?”

“Oh, and Ron is?” Hermione snorted. Ron narrowed his eyes at her, and Hermione swallowed and looked guiltily up at him. “I love you?”

Ron considered this for a few seconds. Then he shrugged and leaned down to catch her bottom lip in both of his.


“Okay.” He glanced at his watch and groaned. “We really do need to be going, now.”




“So responsible.” Hermione said, patting his arm lovingly. She took his hand and they apparated together. Once at the ministry, they headed to the lifts and stood with Ron's arms around Hermione until they came to his floor.


“Be careful.” Ron muttered into her ear. A final kiss to the top of Hermione's head and Ron left, whistling as he went. Smiling softly to herself, Hermione waited five more floors until she finally reached her own. Then, she walked over to her office, opened the door, and threw her purse onto her couch, feeling fuller then she had in quite a while. She immediately sat down to her work until about a half an hour later when she heard the buzzer.


“Mrs. Weasley?”


“Yes?” Hermione said, frowning. She was on a roll with her case research, and she didn't want to be interrupted without an appointment.


“Mr. Kennington is here to see you.”

Hermione's eyes widened. Her boss rarely came to see her anymore. He spoke to her through owls and secretaries, because he trusted her enough not to have to waste his time actually talking to her all day. It was a system that worked well for both of them, because then Hermione got raw facts on paper, anyways. But she knew that if the man actually came to speak to her, it was big.


“Send him in.”

She stood up, finger-combed through her hair, and straightened her skirt. As Mr. Kennington walked into her office, Hermione went to shake his hand, smiling brightly at him.


“How are you, Mr. Kennington?”

This was exactly why he didn't like communicating with her, Hermione knew. She always had to make pleasantries. It was just the way she'd been raised.


“I'm doing very well, thank you, Mrs. Weasley,” he said. “But as you know, Kathrine, who's the Head-of-Department, is going to be retiring soon. I don't know what I'll do without her.”

Kathrine Adleson held the second highest position in the department, right under Mr. Kennington. Hope started to curl in Hermione's stomach. Was this going where she thought it was?

“Hopefully you'll find a suitable replacement, sir.”

“I already have.” Mr. Kennington. Hermione's heart sunk. She hadn't even thought to put herself out there for the job, and now it was gone. But Mr. Kennington smiled at her and raised his eyebrows, and suddenly Hermione understood. “Would you like the job, Mrs. Weasley?”

“I... yes! I'd love it!”


This would be huge, absolutely huge for her. She laughed gleefully and shook Mr. Kennington's hand when he offered it.


“Great. So, you'll get a pay raise, and you'll get to expand your office, and... what?”

He'd just noticed that her face had fallen.


“I... I'm going on maternity leave in a few months. You might need someone else to take the job.”


Mr. Kennington considered this for a few seconds. Then he said,


“It's fine. You're worth it. Katherine will stay until you're ready to come back.”

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Hermione said, and the man nodded at her before turning away to leave the office. As soon as he was gone, Hermione rushed out of her office and to the elevator so that she could get to Ron's office. He wasn't there, so she headed to the auror conference room. Three men were in there, arguing over something heatedly and facing a map.


“For the love of god! We've checked there about eight times!” Ron said, banging his fist on the table in exasperation.


“To do it again would be a waste of funds.” Harry agreed. “Cross it off.”

The man crossed something off of the map, then threw his pen down and stormed out of the room.


“Merlin, does he have a temper.” Harry sighed.


“Mmmm. Glad we're above him. It'd be awful to have to work for that jerk.” Ron added, while Harry nodded. Hermione crept up behind Ron and placed her hands on his shoulders, beginning to massage him. Ron closed his eyes and muttered a little “Thanks.” Then, suddenly, his eyes popped open. “Er- you'd better be my wife. And if you're not, please go away, because... as I just said, I have a wife.”

Harry opened his mouth to tell Ron, but Hermione made a little shushing noise at him. She opened her mouth to speak in a thick Russian accent.


“But in a few months, your wife will be a fat pig, and you will not want her anymore!”


“Now, see here-” Ron said, turning around. He saw Hermione, laughed, and hugged her.


“That was a test.” She whispered in his ear.


“Did I pass?” Ron wanted to know.

“With flying colors. But I knew you would.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“So, do what to we owe this pleasure?” Harry asked.


Hermione pulled away from Ron.


“Can't I just come downstairs to visit my husband and best friend every once in a while?”


“You never do.” Ron pointed out.

“Ah, well.”

“So what is it?” Ron pressed. “Good news or bad news?”

“Sit down, boys.” Hermione instructed, rubbing her hands together. They sat. “I'm being promoted.”


There was an explosion of sound as the two men started congratulating Hermione. Both got up to hug her, and there was an awkward beat as Ron and Harry went to do so at the same time. Harry laughed and stepped back.


“You go, she's your wife.”


It was just one of the examples of how their friendship had changed since they were at Hogwarts. They'd known each other double that amount of time, but old habits had died hard. Whenever Harry was around now, he was shunted aside by Ron for Hermione, and Hermione for Ron. None of them had ever wanted it to be that way, but that was how it turned out. And, anyway, with Harry and Ginny Ron became least important. So Hermione was really the person whose dynamic was least effected by marriage.

“Nah, mine'll take longer.” Ron said, his eyes twinkling. Harry chuckled and hugged Hermione, then stepped back as Ron engulfed Hermione in his arms and snogged her good and well. “I'm so proud of you.” he whispered in her ear, causing her to start kissing him again.


“Thanks.” she said. Then, aware that they had just snogged in their workplace, Hermione cleared her throat and stepped back. “I get a bigger office and a pay raise! I can't wait to tell everyone.”

“Just don't make it all about work tonight.” Ron warned. “Tonight's about the baby.”


Hermione widened her eyes and placed her hand delicately on her heart.


“Would I?”

“Yes!” both Harry and Ron said simultaneously.


“Fine.” Hermione grumbled.

A/N: So, I must say, lately I have been loosing my faith in my ability as a fanfic author. I just haven't been feel as good about my writing. However, two things have happened to completely turn that around. First, I went back into World According To and read some of the reviews. You guys were absolutely amazing and kind and unbelivable. It almost made me cry again, especially seeing your reactions to certain things. You had no faith in my love for our ship, haha. So, anyways, thanks for that. Looking back on those helped so much. I pounded out another one-shot that night. 

Also, my cousin made me the most wonderful stocking present ever. She made this book called "The Illustrated Works of Writergirl8" in which she found pieces of fanart and lined them up with pieces of my writing. So there's a beautifully illustrated piece of fanart and then a quote from any one of my novel-lengths and one-shots right next to it. It's just... breathtaking. I wish you guys could see it! 

Just want to let you know that I have a new one-shot up. It's a crack!fic called Harry Potter and the Lord Who Shipped. It's about Voldemort shipping Romione. I find it to be absolutely brilliant, but that's just me. Maybe. 

Anyways, I love you guys. Thanks for sticking with me. Happy New Year and a great 2012 and the next chapter will be up soon. ~writergirl8

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