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Accidentally on Purpose by Gryffiegirl
Chapter 1 : Accidentally Stumbling.
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AN- this is my first chapter, so bear with me, and please, Enjoy!

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Chapter 1


.  eugh! curse you stupid suitcase! zip up! giving the zip one last tug, and landing with a thump on the ground it was done up.

"ha, take that suitcase, I closed you"

 i said whilst picking myself off the ground and dusting myself off. I should probably let you know who I am; Alannah Woodley, clumsy, unlucky and leaving for my last year at old hogwarts.


"  my mum yelled, jeesh someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Grabbing my firebolt 360 by the handle i dragged my case down the stairs, thumping each of the stairs as it went. "about time" i heard my brother brandon mutter. I say brother but i really mean twin, he's the complete opposite of me, he likes reading, libraries and wierd things like classical music (i dont even know) whereas me, i like playing quidditch (I play keeper) and am a indie rock type of person along with the rest of my friends.

 I shoved Brandon as i walked past him and then finaly realised that i could have levitated my trunk all the way here. eugh. I really am thick. I shoved my trunk into the trunk of the car and threw myself into the passenger seat and waited in the front seat for my mu after brandon clambered in the back seat. As my mum climbed in the front seat of the black jeep she took one look at me and made a tutting sound.

 "really Alannah? did you have to wear that?" i looked down at my outfit, it consisted of A losse white tee, with some weird triangular designs on it, an undone red and black plaid shirt over it, some patterned tights, some magenta Dr Martens and a gray head wrap thing.Oh, also a funky necklace with an octopus on it

“what’s wrong with it?”

“well, its just, you know”  she said with some hand gestures  

“its justttt?”

“well couldn’t you wear something a little more girly? Like a dress!”

“you know I only wear dresses on occasions mum, now drop it and lets gooooo” she sighed.  She really doesn’t understand how awesome of a daughter I am.

15 minutes later (we live in central London) after many whines, squabbles and arguments with both Brandon and my mum we arrived at Kings Cross station.

“FINALYY” Brandon exclaimed as he threw himself out onto the ground and started, wait, kissing it?

“Brandon, why are you kissing the ground?”

“I am scared of cars, how can you not know that?” shows how much I pay attention to him doesn’t it.

After getting my luggage out of the car and putting it on a trolley I realised I forgot Bertha- my owl, awww, crap. Mums gonna kill me. “Muuuuuuum, I kinda, like, forgot bertha?”

She gave me a pointed look at me and my trolley.  “OH! Shes on the trolley, didn’t really see her there, ya know, the um, wings and stuff camouflage really well with her um, cage”

“lets just go” Brandon said, pulling me into platform 9 ¾ . It was filled with excited first years, weepy parents and bored older kids, including me. Seeing as mum didn’t exactly say goodbye, she more or less drove off without a word and Brandon had met up with his creepy nerd friends, I took off in search of my friends, searching the crowd for a tall, Black haired, Green eyed male. In doing so, I didn’t look where I was going and- “OWW!” –ran over a little, around 5 year old girls foot. “I’m so sorry! Where are your parents, maybe you should put a bandage or something in that you don’t want it to go all-“

“ GRANDMAAA!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, and an old woman came hobbling along the platform. “this bitch, over here (how did she even know that type of language!?) ran over my foot, on PURPOSE” she said, and promptly burst into tears. “WHY HOW DARE YOU! HAVE YOU KNOW HEART?” the old woman yelled and tackled me down, whilst beating me with her rather heavy handbag. “I- OW- didn’t do it on- OWW!! JEEZ WOMAN! CHILL YOUR TITS WOULD YOU?!”

“ Well then, that’s no way to talk to an old woman is it now?” said a voice from above me, I looked up, through the beating and saw James Potter standing, there, all handsome and- WAIT! Handsome? Ptshh, nooo, he aint handsome! He’s your best friend Alannah!

He was also surrounded, to my dismay, the whole Potter/Weasley clan. All staring sympathetically at the sight of mw being beaten up by an 80 year old woman. After the mean lady finished whacking me I took James’ hand and pulled myself up. After dusting my self off I turned around and smiled sheepishly at all the Potter/Weasley’s “erm, sorry ‘bout that, some old woman started, you know, hitting me with her bag”

“yeah, we all saw” James said, smirking at me. Annoying git.  

“nice to see you too!” said Fred in his irish accent (his parents moved there, I don’t know why) “oh, heyy Freddieee” I said, pulling him in for a hug. “oh, so I don’t get a hug?” said James, “I’m so hurt” he said dramatically, hand on his heart. “Yeahh, I guess you do” I said and pulled him in for a hug. I smelt that familiar smell of woodsy pine trees and a musty smell of some sort of good cologne. “It’s good to see you again Lannah”

“You too James” I said grinning up at him. “Hey Mr and Mrs Potter and Mr and the many Mrs Weasleys”

“Hey Alannah” they pretty much all said. Ginny walked over to me and pulled me into a hug and said quietly, so no one else could hear “just remember, we’re all hoping for you and James to come back together after this year” Well, that’s erm. Suggestive. “wha- what do you mean”

“We all know you guys like each other, it may as well happen”

“erm, yeah, we’ll see Mrs Potter”

“please, call me Ginny”

“righty ho, will do” The whistle of the train sounded. “c’mon Alanah, lets goo, we’re gonna miss it otherwise said James, putting his arm round me and dragging me and my trolley along. After boarding the train, we left off in search of a carriage.

 “WHAT IN THE NAME OF MERLINS BEARD IS GOING ON HERE?” yelled James, geez, something got to him, “James, what are you-“ I was cut off when he pointed to a compartment behind me. “OHH! MY GOD! About time! Ya know, I was thinking we’d have to lock them in the room of requirement and let things get all funky, but ya know, I guess they-“

“shut up Lannah”

“righty ho” See, what we were all looking at, was Rose and Scorpius Malfoy snogging the world out of eachother, they still hadn’t noticed us. So James, being the whole ‘protective cousin’ pulled open the door and yelled “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? GET YOUR FACE OF HER, YOU LITTLE FERRET!”

“James! Hi, erm, its nice weather out eh?” said Rose, readjusting herself. “Explain yourself, now”

“well, we were, ya know, yeah”


“because we are together?”


“Christmas last year? Do you pay no attention to me?”

“well, just eum, stay safe yeah?” Scorpius scoffed “bit too late for that mate”


“god james, chill, its not like you haven’t slept with anyone before” I, however, knew that wasn’t true. James said he’s saving his virginity for someone special, like me. Sad eh?

“lets just go” James huffed, pulling me away and into a compartment with Fred and Delilah. “hey guys”

“hey” said Delilah. Delilahs one of my friends, a close one, but not my best. And Brandon by the way, has a MASSIVE crush on her, and I can see why, she has long blonde flowing hair, blue eyes and perfect skin. Compared to me and my dull ginger hair and crappy eyes. Though the one thing I like about myself is my figure, It’s a perfect hourglass, but I tend to cover it up, its just my fashion style. All me and my friends are indie rock people, for instance, as of now, James is wearing black jeans (skinny, but not thattt skinny) a shirt (obviously) that says tourist history on it, loose braces, that aren’t done up, and a loose cardie. As we threw our luggage up to the railing thinymibobs along the compartment we all sat down, everyone talking about music (I don’t know) whilst I messed around on twitter from my iphone 4. I know I know, twitter? Iphone? Well, my dad  was a muggle before he died, and loved technology, so me and Brandon do too. But I am extremely depressed at the fact that once we get to Hogwarts, my iphone won’t work. No twitter! Its uncalled for. I mean seriously. You’d think they’d figure out a way to make electrical devices work around here already, but no. “anything from the trolley my dears?” said the old woman. “no thanks, we’re all good” “wait, aren’t you too head boy and head girl? Shouldn’t you be down in the prefects carriage?”

“OH CRAP!” me and James exclaimed and bolted it to the prefects carriage. 45 minutes late, we stepped through the door too see a lot of bored and angry prefects. “hey guys, sorry we’re late and all, we um, got stuck when we er-“

“Anywayyyy, so, hey new prefects, and old ones, basically,  here’s the patrol timetable thanng, and we’ll have some meetings and stuff to discuss ideas, dances and shizz, you’re free to go, just patrol the train for a little while though”

“really?” said a bored prefect “we waited 45 minutes to hear that?”

“yep, now off you go, little people, pip pip” I said and ushered them all out of the compartment. “that was fairly easy” James said. Yes. Yes it was. In truth, we just wanted the cool compartment to ourselves, its like, twice the size of a normal compartment, at the back of the train, and is super luxurious, with brown leathers sofas and free food on tables in the middle and loads of free magazines. It’s like HEAVEN compared to other compartments. And were we gonna invite others to join us? Heellll no! we did that last year and they pretty much demolished the compartment and ate all of MY free food. Since then we told them that we weren’t allowed in there anymore and they, for some reason, believed us. “ahhh, this is niceee” said James, collapsing on one of the sofas and pulling me down with him, arm around me. This IS nice.  “mmmmhmmm” I mumbled. “WELL thenn” I said, bounding up and collapsing on another sofa, that heated up! Yeah I know. THAT is what I call awesome. Then James had to open his damn mouth and know me out of my trance. “sooo, head boy, head girl, pretty cool huh?”

“yeahh, we have loads of privileges you know! Our own common room and dorms, a from what I hear, AMAZING bathroom, better than the prefects one, our curfew is an hour later than others, and well, the list goes on!”

“ yeah, pretty cool, though, I don’t even know why they chose us, we were fairly crap prefects if you think about it”

“well, professor Shacklebolt obviously didn’t think so, he was the one who chose us after all”

“yeah… not like I’m complaining”

“yeah, neither me” And we pretty much continued to ramble on, and on, and on, basically about how excited we were to use the cool bathroom till we realised we were nearly there, and needed to change our robes. “soooo, you wanna go into the bathroom, and I’ll stay here?”


“yeah” and after many stumbles over my tights and pathetic attempts to put on my tie (I eventually gave up anyway) we arrived at hogsmead station. “lets goo, fellow head”

“okey dokey” James replied. And linked his arm with mine and we bounded off in search of our friends.

“hey guys! We thought you forgot about us, but then I realised, I do leave quite the impression and  I am rather, unforgettable, what with a beautiful face like mine” said Fred, rather vainly. “yes yes, how would I forget a face like that?”

“SEE! I told you Delilah! I TOLD you she’d agree with me!” which was followed by a rather obvious eye roll from Delilah.

“anyway, you guys wanna get a carriage then?”

“yeah, that makes sense” replied James, putting his arm around me and walking us both over to the carriages. I smiled sadly at the thestrals, and patted one of them on the head before I got in the carriage. It must be weird for James to watch me stroke something invisible for him. But he’s lucky he’s never seen anyone die. And I hope that he never has to.

“Sooo, Lannah, I hear that you got pretty cosy with that son of your mums best friend over the summer, what was he called?” Fred joked.

“Alex, and no, I did not ‘get cozy’ with him” I replied, with a roll of my eyes. “I just kissed him a few times, and then like, ignored him, he wasn’t worth it”

“wait, so you did kiss him?”


“well then that’s getting cosy isn’t it?!”

“well, not really, I mean the term ‘getting cosy’ implies 2 or more people-

“SHUT UP!” yelled Delilah, interrupting mine and Freds debate.

“hey! That was a good point I was tryna make there!”  Fred argued with her. “no it wasn’t, it was you tryna prove that she was in fact getting cosy with Alex”

“well she was! What else would you define kissing as?”

“I dunno, but im sure you have to kiss female members of the family on the cheek and don’t define that as getting cosy”

“well that’s different isn’t it!”

“how so?”

“well, you don’t wanna kiss them do you?”

 “anywayyyy” James said, finally talking as we let Fred and Delilah argue. “So, you kissed Alex?”

“yeah, well, its not like I wanted to or anything”

“whadya mean?”

“well, we were playing spin the bottle and it landed on him a few times, so ya know”

“wait, you kissed more than just him?”

“um, yeah”

“like who?”

“just some old friends, why?”

“just curious”

“okay then, well, it looks like we’re here guys”

We turned to Fred and Delilah who were still arguing. “WELL YES THEN! BEING GAY IS THE SAME AS GETTING COSY WITH SOMEONE!”



“GUYS!” I interrupted “we’re here, you know, Hogwarts?” and I stared up at the amazing castle. It never stops amazing me. “’it never stops to amaze me” Delilah said straight after I thought it.

“do you girls wanna go inside then, instead of gazing up at it?” James said, interrupting my thoughts

“um, yeah, that makes sense” I replied. “what she said” seconded  Delilah.

“c’mon Lannah, lets go and be heads” James said to me,

“lets” I replied. And we skipped (yes, skipped, don’t judge us, we are amazing unique individuals who skip) hand in hand to the castle, and into the great hall. “lets goo sit down, sortings starting” I said to James, “yeah, one sec, I just gotta go say hi to Amelia”

“um, yeah, okay, I’ll save you a seat” but he was already gone to hear my response. Ah well. “Alanah! Hey, Alanah! Over here!” I heard someone yell from the end of the Gryffindor table, I turned to see who it was, and then I realised it was Spencer. Oh mygod. Spencer Lanthorpe is speaking to ME! He’s like, the hottest guy in school. And he’s talking to me! Act cool Lannah, act cool! “oh, hey Spencer!” I said as I walked over to him, “how was your holiday?” I asked him. “yeah, alright, fells good to be back though, yours?”

“nyehhh, average, but same as you, glad to be back”

“good, well, I’ll speak to you soon right?”

“yeah, we’re probably gonna have most lessons together anyway, so yeah”

“cool, cant wait” he said with a final wink before I walked over to where Fred and Delilah were now sitting. “oh my god, were you just talking to Spencer Lanthorpe?” Delilah asked me, “yes, yes I was”


“I know!! And he initiated it!”

“no way!”

“yeahh! But anyway, I still cant believe that- wait, is that james and Amelia, hugging?”

“oh, I guess it is, besides, he is gonna ask her out eventually, he’s got this whole plan he made up” said Fred suddenly. “wait, he’s gonna ask her out?”

“who’s asking who out?” James questioned, sitting down beside me. “you! You’ve made a plan of wooing Amelia?” I asked him.

“wooing, that’s a good word that, and yes, yes I have”

“and you just failed to tell this to your best friend?”

“ah, well, yes” I rolled my eyes at him when Professor Longbottom walked in the hall followed by a lot of nervous looking first years, I recognised none. I have no relatives. I know, be jealous. After professor Longbottom placed the sorting hat on the three legged stool, the hat opened its rim and sung its usual song, about all the different houses, him being a hat etc etc. When Professor called the first name “Ben Abolt” and a trembling boy sat on the stool, and almost immediately after the hat was placed on its head, it yelled “GRYFFINDOR!” and the whole Gryffindor table erupted into applause, me included as the 1st year came and joined the table. And so the sorting went on, until finaly, the last kid was sorted (into hufflepuff) and professor Shacklebolt said some stuff and BAM there was good food on our plates. “oh sweet food, I’ve missed you” I said as I reached for more mashed potato. “geez woman, slow down” James said.

“Jays, you dou eaise, dat das neer gnna appn ight?” I replied, food in my mouth

“yep, you’d rather eat food than make out with Spencer” Delilah suggested, wiggling her eyebrows, I quickly spat out my food, “noo! I’d much rather be making out with him!” I protested. “wait, wait, wait, since when did you wanna be making out with Spencer Lanthorpe?” James asked me, “well, since like, FOREVER, and now, he’s actually talking to me!”

“I don’t know Lannah, he’s the user type”

“what, are you saying?”

“that you shouldn’t start anything with him”

“you cant tell me what to do”

“oh yeah? I just did”

“well fine, then you  cant date Amelia”

“what! That’s different”

“how so?”

“it’s just, she’s nice! He’s, bleuugh”

“nooo, shes a slut, a nice one but still, a slut! He’s the nice one”

“look, can we just drop it? We’ll talk about it another time”







“GUYS SHUT UP!” Fred yelled at the both of us, “don’t start an argument on the first day back, enjoy it. I mean, it’s the first day back! Chill out”

“fineee” me and james said at the same time.

“now hug” said Fred. “okay” me and James said at the same time again. He pulled me into a hug, his arms wrapped around me, mine around him, his chin resting on the top of my head, and once again I smelt that familiar musky/woodsy smell. After about 30 seconds we let go and I was free to stuff my face again. Mmm, the sweet sweet taste of treacle tart, profiteroles, éclairs, cakes and cookies. I’m home. Sweet baby Merlin this tastes good.

Once all the food was cleared of our plates, Professor Shacklebolt stood up at the podium, thingymibob, “Good Evening students of Hogwarts, I hope you are all satisfied with your meals, you have warm beds waiting for you. Just to remind you, the forbidden forest is out of bounds, its forbidden for a reason. Filch reminds me that all products from Weasleys wizarding wheezes are banned, the full list is in his office if you would like to see it. If you would like to become a member of your houses quidditch team, see your teams captain. Enjoy your stay at Hogwarts, now, off you go, and make the most of it.” There was a screeching of benches moving along the floor, whilst all the students got up and walked out of the great hall.

“C’mon James, lets go find pro longbottom so he can show us to our common room”

“alrighty” And we left the others in search of professor longbottom, “ah! There you are!” we heard someone behind us say, we turned around to see Professor Longbottom standing there, holding some sort of papers in his hands “right, do you two want to see your new common room?” we both nodded eagerly, “right this way then” he said, gesturing for us to follow him. He took us past the moving staircase`es, and up to the 6th floor, and stopped in front of a boring looking tapestry of some soldiers sitting round a table. “right, this is the entrance to your common room, you get in by tapping this here soldiers foot” he tapped a drunken looking soldiers foot and suddenly a door appeared in place of the soldier, he pushed it open to reveal an amazing common room, smaller than the Gryffindor one, but only by a little, I mean, its only for two people. It wasn’t all red like the Gryffindor one, but had neutral colours, a hardwood floor, cream squishy couches and armchairs positioned in front of a fire place, there was creepily enough talking portraits of ourselves  along the walls, gosh, that was creepy. The walls were painted a magnolia colour, and along the back wall there was a bookshelf that ran half along, a kitchen round a little corner, and on the side of the bookshelf, a long, wide, floor length window that opened out onto a little terrace/balcony thing. “Wooooow” me and James said at the same time. “yeah, I’ll leave you both to get acquainted with the place, remember, lessons tomorrow, early rise”

“no problem uncle Nev” James said as Neville walked out of the door. “this is something eh? A lot more modern and well, better then the gryffie common room, isn’t it?”

“yeah” its just, wow”

“you wanna see the bathroom right?” James asked me with a grin,

“yeah, totally, do you?” I asked grinning back.

“hell yeah, lets find it, I’ll try these doors, you try those” he said. I ran over to some doors near the floor length windows. I opened the one nearest it to find a bedroom, with my name on the door. It was just, wow. It had a king sized four poster bed, with curtains hanging round it in the middle of the room against the wall, it had a walk in wardrobe, with all my clothes already hanging. A separate closet containing all my quidditch robes, shoes and broom. There were 2 bedside tables; one on each side of the bed, and little lamps and candles all around the room. There was another door that opened to a toilet, it wasn’t the bathroom as it only contained a toilet, sink and mirror, it was still nice though, the tiles were all stone. Though the best part of the room was probably the fact that, like the main room, it had floor length windows on one side, with some translucent drapes hanging over them, they also opened out onto a balcony. I stepped outside onto the balcony, to see an amazing view of the lake, I could see the giant squid splashing around in the distance. I looked above me to see the Gryffindor common room windows

 “DELILAH! FRED!” I yelled, hoping to get one of there attention. No such luck. I turned to my right to see 2 more balconies. The one next to mine I’m guessing was the common rooms and the one far across was I’m guessing James. Speak of the devil, he stepped out on to the balcony, I watched him as he looked out onto the lake. He looked good  in the moonlight. Before yelling “JAMES!” he turned to see me standing there, “HEY LANNAH!”




“OKAY, UNO SECONDE” I don’t know why I was climbing across the balconies, considering he has a door, but still, this was more adventurous. As I finally got my leg over his balcony, he helped me over and pulled me into his room. It was about the same as mine, except the bed wasn’t four postered and was less girly.

“find the bathroom?” he asked “no, but I think I know where it is” I replied, pulling him out of his room and over to the door next to mine, I pushed it open and I revealed a hugeee room, with a bath the size of a small swimming pool in the middle, complete with millions of taps round the edges. It was all stone walls and floors, with stained glass windows of me and James. It was definitely better then the prefects bathroom, and that’s saying something. “wow” he said “yeah, wow”

“wait, what if we just wanna take a shower?” he questioned at the same time as I pulled open another door in the room, revealing two shower cubicles, again, the wall and floor stone tiles. “Aaaah, that’s cool” James said.

“yes, yes it is, but I’m gonna go bed, its been a long day, and we’ve got an early start tomorrow, night James” I said, walking out of the bathroom, but not before I pecked his cheek and opened my door, walked in, shutting it behind me.

I pulled off my school robes, and put my wand on one on the bedside tables before slipping into some pyjamas I got from some British store I heard some muggles talking about. Jack Wills I think it’s called? And I got into the bed, pulling the duck feather quilt over me, turning off the lights and falling asleep.


An- Heyy people, soo, that kina gives you a feel for the story, I have BIG plans for this story, so keep reading! And please Review, it makes an author happy.

I’ll try and get chapter images of all the characters up, I’ve already made them all, but the uploader isn’t working…

But Enjoy!!

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