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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 2 : Pranking Sessions and Dueling HER
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2) Pranking Sessions and Dueling HER


A/N: Second chappy peepos! This was being written even before the first got validated. You must be proud. By the way, I know Highcross (in Leicester) and Apple weren’t invented yet in their time, but some things might be a bit out of time because it works better(:


I. Am. So. Tired.


If Godric Gryffindor was so friggin’ brave, why didn’t he simply argue with Helga Hufflepuff and get us the room on the ground floor beside the kitchens! I don’t care how goddamn sexy that woman was. We got our common room on the seventh floor! Do you know how much walking that requires? More than I ever intended to do in my whole life. I guess the only good thing from that walking is my surfer abs. That doesn’t explain Peter though…


The staircases in the glorious place called Hogwarts aren’t incredibly helpful either. It is as if they want my life to be filled with pathetic fallacy! See, at this current moment, I was quite angry to say the least with the stairs for being so strenuous and so they decided to get furious with me and begin spinning from side to side uncontrollably. Prongs and Remus were off at a Prefect’s meeting before lessons and Peter said he wished to grab something from the kitchens, which was not all that surprising, and told me to go ahead. He was taking so long. Even if he was here though, it wouldn’t exactly be helpful. He would probably tumble down and take me with him- we couldn’t have that, could we now? That could ruin my ultimate cool reputation!


If only Hogwarts used those Muggle ‘Esquilators’ instead of these irritating magical staircases. I had some fond memories with those contraptions- Moony took Prongs, Wormtail and I to a shopping centre! I think it was called ‘Highcross’ in Leicester. It was nothing like Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley! Everything was ‘techbical’. We went into a store called Apple- they were plenty of those odd devices. I started prodding on those things called a ‘combuter’ until I got kicked out. I even wanted to take up Muggle Studies, but Moony kindly put me down and suggested I just stick with the subjects I’m actually good at. I still don’t fully understand what he meant by that.


Back to esquilators, they are so amazing things that Prongs and I thought it was appropriate to write a song about them. On that very day (it was a very Muggle-esque day), Moony’s Muggle mum had left on the song ‘You Raise Me Up’. We decided it would be a splendid idea to make a parody of it purely devoted to those esquilators.


You raise me up, so I can go to the second floor,

You pull me down, so I can go to the first,

I love you, because now I don’t need to walk steps,

You raise me up, to floors beyond the stairs.


Of course we sang this beautifully as well- we should make a duo! It would be called Sexy Singing Sirius and the Other One, Moony could be our manager and Wormtail our groupie- we’d be the latest hit; stuff you Celestina Warbeck! We’ll make a new genre- Muggle Wrock. Wicked.


Unfortunately, Prongs refused to participate unless I changed the name to ‘The Wonderful Prongs and his smelly dog’ and Moony looked like he would rather die. I don’t see why- he could get 20% of the galleons we’ll be rolling in! I think Wormtail was pissing himself with excitement at the thought of being a band’s groupie though…


Back to my horrid current reality, I was about to plummet to my inevitable doom after slipping on a step when I banged into something soft, but strong. This help meant I was able to grab onto the banister, and somehow stabilize myself onto a step. I turned around to see what sort of cushion wall had prevented me from my death, and was about to thank it- yes, thank a cushion wall- but when I spun around I banged foreheads with someone.


“Of for shit’s sake Black, stop bashing into me otherwise you’re getting a broken nose,” muttered the face that I was just making out. It was Mayfield! Except she was wearing… a skirt? Her uniform skirt, but a skirt nonetheless. Her sometimes-silky/sometimes-bushy hair was up in a tight ponytail, with little bits sticking out where they were too short or frizzing. Her skirt looked slightly dorky as it was rounding her knees, and her tie was perfectly done up at the correct length. She was bending down and I realised she was collecting her papers and books that dropped around her, most likely when I banged into her. Twice. I stood there dumbstruck, discovering she was the cushion wall, before realising it would probably be polite to at least help her if she saved me from destruction. I looked down and was shocked.


Practice tests and tests scattered the floor, each at least above 98%, yet still with unhappy comments and angry notes from god knows whom! Some incredibly harsh words were on a Charms extra-credit assignment that she had done (that had got 100%!) which were most definitely not written by Professor Flitwick! Who had written those horrible things? And why- they were perfectly fine?


She looked up at me, then down at the papers before hurriedly grabbing them up and giving a quick nod in my direction. Her eyes were purposely avoiding my glance.


“See you at Quidditch Practice, Black,” she muttered, not looking at me, and scampered before I could ask her why I wouldn’t see her in Defense Against the Dark Arts next. She seemed to be going somewhere else. Where would she go in the South-East of Hogwarts, hardly anything is there? Maybe I’ll check the Marauders Map now I’ve finally arrived at the common room!


I ran up the stairs, luckily not tripping with the speed I was going at, and swung open the door to find Peter on his bed looking at his arms. That’s odd.


“Oi, Peter!” He snappishly looked up at me and pulled his sleeves down- what was up with him? I was too engrossed with looking for the Map to think about Peter’s odd behaviour.


“What?” he squeaked.


“Where’s the Map?” We kept it a locked box beneath Prongs’ bed that had many charms on it preventing anyone from entering it. It contained things such as the Marauder’s Map, Prongs’ Invisibility Clock and the Marauders’ Guide to Being a Marauder (which I will elaborate on when the need comes). I could see everything apart from our wondrous Map.


“Oh,” he replied, grabbing the Map out his pocket, “I have it!” He hurriedly gave it to me and I cocked an eyebrow at him. Why did he have the Map? We’ve been to the kitchens so many times- Peter has gone loads of times this week, why did he need the Map? But I was distracted when I spotted Mayfield’s name in Dumbledore’s Office. Was she in trouble? Maybe she wasn’t as good as I thought…


I hate thinking this much. Even with your forgetfulness, try to remember to look for in Defense. Oh, who am I kidding. My memory’s terrible- I’ll forget once someone comes and talks to me.




Of course I was right. I had a gut feeling I had forgotten something but I didn’t know what I had forgotten, like usual. This is why Rememberalls were no help to me either. They should invent something that actual tells you what you’ve forgotten, instead of just that you’ve forgotten something. Silly thought-to-be-innovative inventors. Poop them.


I was currently talking to Emma and Iris before DADA. See there were three types of girls: The Bimbos, The Funny and Cool Ones and the The Nobody Girls. Emma and Iris were the funny and cool ones from Gryffindor. They weren’t really the type to have a fling with, but maybe a proper relationship. What I loved about them was that they weren’t bitches like the Bimbos and weren’t social rejects. Yes, they plastered themselves in makeup still, but what else could you expect from seventh year girls in a dual-sex school… They weren’t particularly smart but none of us really cared. It made them all the more funnier.


Emma had medium length, layered, brown hair that just went past her shoulders and Iris had a short bob-cut of blonde hair with bright blue eyes that were usually covered by the long fake eyelashes she wore.


Professor Jenkins walked into the room, and the last bits of chatter faded out. I jumped off the table and slid into my seat near the back of the room with the Marauders and next to Emma and Iris. Professor Jenkins was probably one of the best teachers we have, and it was needed, especially for our seventh year. I was easily the best in the class (not to brag), with Prongs close behind, but we did a lot of practical work so it hardly got boring.


“Okay, today class, we’re going to partner up with people of our standard. Otherwise, if someone fights someone with much less skill than him or her, he or she will not learn as well, and if someone duals with someone with much more skill than him or her, he or she will be de-motivated. But remember, just because you are not at the top, does not mean you are rubbish. It means you have room for improvement like everybody. ” I love Professor Jenkins for the reason that she always explains why she does stuff, so we have no reason to complain. She’s also really hard to mess around with for that reason.


I automatically knew I was going to be partnered with Prongs- us two were at the top of the class- so I didn’t bother listening to her going through the list of partners, bottom to top. Once she had done, I turned to face Prongs but he had already paired up with Lily who looked unhappy at that. I looked at him curiously and he shrugged.


“Guess, someone overtook your and mine’s spot at the top of the class. I kind of stopped listening after she said my pairing,” he grinned sheepishly and I rolled my eyes. Haha Evans! She looked quite disgruntled at her partner. Stuff her.


“Alright, who’s my partner then?” I shouted, loud enough for the class to her and Prof. Jenkins shot a glare at me.


“If you were listening Mr. Black, you would know. If you also were paying more attention you would still be at the top of my class,” she muttered accusingly. I gasped in mock-offense.


“Well, I am trying my hardest! You can’t accuse me of not paying attention- I pay the most attention in the class!” I exclaimed, putting my hand to my chest. I heard about 15 snorts; those people are ruining my show. Prof. Jenkins rolled her eyes.


“Miss. Mayfield will be partnering with you Mr. Black,” she stated.


“Who?” I asked. Who was Mayfield?


“Yeah Professor, who?” mocked some girl. Oh wait- that was Mayfield! My fellow beater!


“Mr. Black, please refrain from being so rude to someone who is on your team in Quidditch and the other beater,” reprimanded Prof. Jenkins and I rolled my eyes.


“Well, come on then,” I muttered. She was just sitting by her table!


“I’m not moving,” she replied stubbornly. “You can come here.” I could hear someone whisper that she was pushing her luck, and should be thanking the Lord that she gets to go with Sirius Black. I like that person.


“Don’t be jel of him,” drawled Iris. I laughed. “Don’t be jel, be reem, gawd!”


“I’m not jel of him,” mocked Mayfield, “and never will be.”


“Then you’re just lazy,” she drawled again, making emphasis on the ‘y’. Iris was hilarious- Mayfield looked like she was trying to hide her irritation.


“I’m on the Quidditch team, unlike you,” retorted Mayfield. True, I guess.


“Yes, Alex,” said Emma, nodding. Mayfield looked infuriated by now, but was trying to play it off.


“Thanks, Emma,” she nodded and Emma looked at her weirdly. I burst out laughing along with Iris. Mayfield shot around and glared at me, but she could not stop me laughing. Why had I never noticed these interactions before? Actually, I did, but I never bothered to find out who the other person was.


“Let’s dual,” she snapped.


“Oo, touchy,” I laughed before I got hit with the most powerful disarming spell I had ever encountered. It felt as if I had been punched in the stomach by a sumo wrestler! If you don’t know, that’s painful.


“What, Black? Wanna go cry to your mummy? Oh wait- you don’t have one anymore!” she snarled. Yeouch- close to home much. I shot a non-verbal tap dancing hex but she blocked it with such a powerful shield charm that I got blown back by the sheer force of it. Fine, wanna play dirty?


In the span of a few seconds, vicious charms and hexes were being thrown back and forth. At a point, we were simply abandoning shield charms and dodging them. Neither of us were taking any notice of the fact the class had stopped to watch us- in awe or fright I did not know.


There was no mercy. It seemed we were both letting out any pent up anger we had in this dual- I could never bring myself to do that to Prongs. I was releasing all my frustration- about my family, Voldemort and Mayfield. Why was I angry with her? Because she didn’t make herself known? Because she seemed to hate me? Because she was so mysterious? Because now I had a feeling she had made herself a permanent space in my memory? These questions were soaring through my head while I was dueling to my self-capability- I had never had to do this.


A few minutes later, we still had not finished. Sweat was pouring down my face, and her cheeks were flushed, as we both never stopped shooting various spells. I think people were afraid of being hit if they stepped in between- our spells were a blur. Multi-coloured jets of light shot across the room, various spells causing objects to explode or be smashed into the wall. I think Professor Jenkins had fainted. A few spells had reached their target and objects hurled into the opponent meaning we had bloody noses and I think I had a broken rib as well as the odd bat bogey flying out my nose. There was no time to stop and heal our injuries- if one person stopped they would get hit with some extremely powerful spells. It was getting tougher and tougher.


I was about to try ‘Levicorpius’ when her eyes met mine. It was the first time we had truly looked at each other. The spells ceased as we stared at our partner. Her hair had come out of its tie and had slightly frizzed up with the sweat and effort gone on, but it was still straight and shiny. I was tempted to run over there and just slide my fingers through it, but of course, I could not. I mean, I’m Sirius Black. In addition, there is the fact we are dueling so I would probably be hit with a nasty hex or two.


Her chocolate eyes were wide and filled with determination but also something else. Wistfulness? Why would she look wistfully at me? Her uniform was disheveled but I quite liked it that way- less neat freak. Her skirt had ridden up a bit, her tie loose. Her cheeks were red and with the sweat her skin was glistening. Little drops dripped from her incredibly long eyelashes (that had no hint of mascara on them). I was truly amazed.


Wait. What am I doing? Letting myself get distracted in a duel! This was ridiculous- she wasn’t that stunning… Okay, so she was, but I’ve seen many better… But not naturally- only painted with make up…


Oh, stop talking to yourself Black! Did I just imagine that in Mayfield’s voice? This girl is messing with my head- it’s time to duel.


I muttered ‘Levicorpius’ just before getting hoisted up in the air myself. Luckily, because I had a firm grip on my wand (not that one those sick minded people!) to do the spell it didn’t slip from my hold like they usually do. I looked across the room- upside down- and found that Mayfield was in the same position as I was in. Oh, fabulous.


I saw a jet of light come my way, and somehow swung myself to the side, my foot held in place.


“Dueling in the air now Mayfield, ey?” I taunted while shooting a tap dancing spell. I loved that spell- it was humiliation and annoyance for the victim, and amusement for the caster. Mayfield snorted.


“I don’t know if you realised Black, but a tap dancing hex will make no difference while the Levicorpius in effect,” she stated, rolling her eyes. How did she do that while upside down?


“How did you know that I used ‘Tarantallegra’?” I gaped- I did it non-verbally.


“You can judge by the width of the jet of light and the colour, along with the size of the glow it emits,” she muttered as if it was obvious. I now probably looked ridiculous right now, hanging in the air upside down from my foot, holding my wand out and my mouth wide open but you couldn’t blame me.


“Those jets take less than a second to reach their destination- how do you have time to judge all that and interpret as one of the thousands of spells? How do you remember that many?” I exclaimed, shocked. She shrugged in mid-air.


“I don’t know- practice, just loads of practice and memorizing,” she grumbled.


“How can you be bothered?” It was true. I wouldn’t bother remembering all those spells, probably just training my reflex.


“Eh. Anyways, remember your vow,” she muttered darkly. Huh?


“What vow?” I questioned.


“Oh wait, I forgot you had the memory of a sieve. The unbreakable vow about the practices,” she finished with a whisper. My eyes widened in realization.


“Oh… Hmm… Y… Yeah!” I spluttered. I had completely forgot about that. And Prongs wanted to schedule a practice in History of Magic tomorrow! Oh no.


The blood was rushing to my head by now as I was not used to being upside down for this long. Spins and twists on the broom only left you upside momentarily- I didn’t usually hang off my broom.


“Can you please put me down now? I don’t like it much up here,” I whined. She smirked.


“Ladies first,” she smiled, in mock innocence. Wait, what? Oh! She was calling me a lady! Well, damn her. I’ll do my pout- it’s irresistible. “What the fuck are you doing Black?” I pouted further. “Pouting? Are you serious?”


“Well, duh. That’s my name, don’t wear it out,” I grinned. She glared. Yeouch.


“Just bloody put me down,” she murmured.


“I never knew your language was so foul, ‘Lexander,” I gasped in mock horror. Lexander- cool nickname, no? It just came to me! It suits her- cause Alexander is a guys name and she acts like a guy, and Lexander cause it’s a less ‘knight-in-shining-armour’ name.


“Don’t call me that,” she growled, in such a low voice that I could only just make it out. And it was so damn scary I couldn’t even reply to it. There was also the fact that I was dropped roughly to the ground at that moment. Ow. That’s incredibly painful. She simply came down slowly, not harming a bone in her body.


“How did you do that?” I gaped. I gaped too often because of Mayfield. I guess she just put me in some affirm of shock, sometimes awe.


“Once the perpetrator has fallen, many spells stop having an effect. Do you not know anything Black? Everyone makes you out to be one of the top in the class, but you really don’t do any work. You don’t try; you don’t have to make any effort whatsoever! Yet you still can do things which others have to practice and practice for! You don’t even care you have that much brain, and you just waste it.” I was speechless. What was Mayfield going on about? She sighed deeply. “Just forget it.”


I shrugged. “Okay.” She rolled her eyes and suddenly her mouth dropped open, her eyes widened and she looked like the scared victims in those Muggle comic strips. I noticed she was facing Professor Jenkins who had her shocked facial expression with a slight smile. But, Mayfield was now pulling down her skirt, sorting out her blouse, tightening her tie and tying up her hair (unfortunately) and began immediately apologizing to the Professor who seemed to be taking it in with a smile. I’m surprised she wasn’t shocked at it- I most definitely was. What was she apologizing for?


“I’m so sorry Professor Jenkins! That was so un-like me, using that language and acting like that. So unprofessional, especially as a Prefect! It’s not a problem is it? I won’t lose any house points will I? O… or a detention? I can’t afford anything like that in 7th year!” she shuddered, as if a detention was the most horrendous thing in the world.


She placed her hands caringly on the shivering girl, after regaining her composure. “Don’t worry. That was probably the highest standard of dueling I have ever seen from anybody at Hogwarts. It was just blurs of light- and I am very impressed with your ability to detect the spells. You have a natural talent at DADA- why did it not come out, in the practical parts, before?”


“It’s not natural, Professor, if you forgive me for correcting you. It’s practice that does the trick, then only after much practice does it become natural,” she whispered, smiling weakly.


“Well, whatever it is, it worked. I believe 50 points each to the both of you is well-deserved for that standard of Dueling,” Professor Jenkins decided, and Mayfield looked ecstatic. I was too- I mean more points for Gryffindor means better chance of winning the House Cup!


“Thank you Professor!”


“And, specifically for Miss. Mayfield, I think I will get a letter sent home saying about your immense skills in Defense and how well you are doing. I mean the Dueling practice you have obviously done should be known by your parents. Maybe, I’ll even send one to the Potters about Mr. Black if I’m in a good mood.” She grinned slyly at me and I grinned back- how we all love Professor Jenkins! It seemed Mayfield more than the rest. She looked like she was restraining from hugging Jenkins.


“Well, with that excellent display, that I hope you have learned something from, I think we’ll let out class. If anybody asks you why you’re out early, tell them that Professor Jenkins sent you out.” I grinned widely. Out of class early! Oh, today was turning out to be an amazing day!


“Oh, and Miss. Mayfield and Mr. Black can you please go to the Hospital Wing,” ordered Jenkins. I groaned. There goes the amazing day. “And I will know if you don’t go, Mr. Black.” I gasped in mock offense.


“How could you think I would do such a thing?” I gasped. She glared at me. Sometimes that women was almost too much like McGonagall that one would be scared. I mean if she had glasses and wasn’t blonde.


“Just go,” she said, shaking her head.


“Of course, Professor,” smiled Mayfield. What a nerd, with such a stunning smile… Enchanting… Wait. I didn’t think that. Course I didn’t! Going delusional now… “Come on, Black,” she muttered, before smiling at the Professor once more and then she left the room, me following behind.




We walked through the halls in an awkward silence. How annoying. I hated silence and it seemed Mayfield wasn’t too fond of it either as she kept on fidgeting.


“Erm, good duel Black,” she muttered and I turned to her shocked. She spoke?


“Yeah. What’s up with the nerdiness?” I asked. It was true- out of class she wasn’t like anything she was in class.


“Doesn’t matter,” she sighed. I hate when people say that. If it really didn’t matter they wouldn’t deeply sigh or anything. They’d be happy. Sad people aren’t fun to be around.


I shrugged anyway- I guess she didn’t want me to know. If it was something personal I wouldn’t be surprised, we hadn’t really known each for long.


We reached the Hospital Wing, and Madame Pomfrey began fussing over us as soon as we entered the room. Once she had got us each in a bed and felt that she had given enough potions to keep herself content, she went over to a bed where the curtains were closed and snuck inside.


“Who’s inside there? She doesn’t usually close the curtains…” Oh god! I forgot! Remus had his transformation last night, with Prongs, Wormtail and I there as well of course, so he would still be in the Hospital Wing healing. What do I say?


“Well, you obviously aren’t here a lot,” I said, rolling my eyes. Good improvisation, Padfoot.


“Yeah. Most people try and avoid it…” she grinned, cocking an eyebrow. Oh yeah. I probably sounded as if being here was an achievement. Her teeth were so white and her whole face lit up… Snap out of it Black- you’ve seen beauty before. Yeah, but not like that… OH SHUT IT. ARE YOU REALLY TALKING TO YOURSELF? Yes. This girl is making me mental.


You wait- soon you’ll be seeing the posters.


Have you seen this lunatic? And it’ll be a huge photo of me laughing madly. Oh god- I DON’T WANT TO GO TO REHAB!


“Um, Black? If you shout stuff like that, you might end up having to go to Rehab…” Did I say that out loud? Oh well.


“Anyways, go to bed now. I need to plan a prank, and I don’t want you snitching,” I demanded. She looked offended.


“As if I’d snitch!”


“You seem like the type.” She simply glared in my direction.


“Anyways, what’s the prank?” she questioned, and I looked suspiciously at her.


“Pinky promise you won’t snitch?” She rolled her eyes and nodded, leaning over and linking her pinky finger with my own. “The morning after tomorrows, we’re going to use these charms we’ve discovered to change everyone’s hair and skin colour into their house colours. Including our own.” She looked as if she was thinking this over.


“Make the teachers go into their corresponding houses as well. And make the Slytherins keep their green skin, but make them have red hair. Just to irk them,” she smirked. I was gob-smacked. Who knew she was a little pranking genius?


“Why don’t you prank more often?” I asked inquiringly. She grimaced.


“I’d rather not go into that, thank you very much.” I shrugged and decided it didn’t matter that much. The Marauders kept the school busy.




Around 7 o’clock, Madame Pomfrey came bustling in. “Alright, you’ve been her long enough and those Potions with the spells should’ve done the trick.”


“But I thought it took overnight to mend broken bones, though I’m not complaining,” I said. The quicker I was out of here, the better.


“Ah, yes, but you had no bones broken. Just muscles sprained. How did you do that much damage dueling in class?”


“It didn’t feel like we were in class- it felt like a real life duel,” I explained. It was true- because Professor Jenkins wasn’t saying anything and nobody was interfering it felt like it was just the two of us and our magic.


She shook her head. “Anyways, you can go.” I jumped up, did a little happy dance and was about to turn to Mayfield when I realised she was already gone. Oh. Okay.


I decided I would check on Remus, hopefully Pomfrey would let him go soon.




The prank was going absolutely swimmingly. I had heard shrieks and shocked screams at a pitch I never thought possible- it was utterly splendid. The room was filled with colour; some were embracing their house colours, others despising the loss of pink (e.g. Bimbos). The idea for the Slytherins that Mayfield had given working wonderfully- the Slytherins were furious, adding even more red to their attire!


Suddenly the Slytherins who were glaring at me, started laughing and smirking.


“P… P… Pad… foot,” stuttered Prongs. Stuttered? That was unlike him.




“Y… your hair!” he shrieked and pointed to it as if it was Voldemort himself. Or even worse, my mother.


“I know you’re jealous of it, but that’s no reason to hate it,” I laughed, but he was paralyzed. Moony was stifling laughter, and Wormtail just looked confused like usual.


Moony chucked a mirror at me, and I smirked smugly. I knew my hair was gold and my skin red, yet I still looked hot. I mean, I always look smokin’. I decided just to make me even more proud of Gryffindor I would check myself out again. I brought up the mirror and screamed. Like a banshee. Worse than that, because my reflection was probably the most horrific sight I’d ever seen. Worse than a bloody troll!


My skin was still red, but my hair was green! SLYTHERIN GREEN I TELL YOU!


I curled up in the fetal position and began rocking slowly. This cannot be happening! All my Gryffindor pride! The taunting Slytherins! OH THE WOE. I think I’m about to cry. I opened my eyes slowly, and blinked a few times to focus my sight. Passing in front of me was Mayfield. She tilted her head towards me and winked. She winked. And twirled her wand in her hands discreetly.


Meaning she was responsible for this! Boy, was I slow.


I tried to feel angry and wanting for revenge- I honestly did, but all I could feel was admiration. She pranked the prank king, and for that, had to be appreciated.


“Aren’t ya gonna prank her back? Or at least have a go at her?” asked Prongs, shocked. I smiled and shook my head.


Wait. What was happening? Of course, I should have a go at her! But, then she grinned back at me and suddenly I forgot what I was thinking and could only smile widely back.


A/N: Sorry it took so long- with the Christmas staff holidays and stuff, what did you think?


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