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Fire by GinnyWeasley76
Chapter 8 : Forest Fire
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Forest Fire



        My dreams were full of cocoa and cheers, but instead the cheers were for me. I was flying faster than lightning through the sky and there were thousands of people watching as I tossed the quaffles into the goal post. I looked in the crowd and spotted my family and Hermione all smiling and screaming. Fred and George whizzed past me in flurry of colors and wacked a bludger out of my way as I flew back down the pitch. I looked down and saw a golden ball and then looked around franticly for the seeker. And there was Harry, in all out Gryffindor colors. I smiled at him, a dazzlingly look, and pointed down at the snitch, but then he was shouting. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but then it seemed as if the whole crowd was mouthing the same words. “Ginny! Hermione! Get up now!”



“What,” I slurred as I jumped upward, cracking my head on the roof of the bunk.



“We need to go; Now!”



        Hermione had hopped down from her upper bunk and was holding her wand and two coats one of which belonged to me. I jumped out of the bed, rubbing my head. I slipped on the coat and was about to grab my wand when Dad grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the tent. I was about to tell him to let me go back; that I needed my wand even if I couldn’t use any magic, but then I saw the horrid scene outside. There were people running every which way and painful screams. A large group with masks and dark cloaks were walking towards us, chanting something and there were people, muggles, spinning around above them. I saw Hermione stiffen, but I quickly squeezed her hand and she nodded at me, a silent agreement and assurance. 



        Dad pushed us towards Harry, Ron, Fred and George and then ran off with Charlie, Percy and Bill to try and stop the movement. Fred grabbed my hand and I felt something hard fall into my palm, but didn’t stop to look. We ran quickly into the forest and the whole time my hand stayed attached the Fred’s. George and Fred didn’t even communicate they just ran and didn’t look back. Somewhere in the panic we lost Ron, Harry and Hermione. I looked back, but all I could see was a rush of hair, wands and clothing. Then screams and shouts were terrifying and made it difficult to focus.



“We have to go back,” I shouted as loudly as I could.



“Our job is to get you to safety, they can manage,” Fred declared.



“So can I! Let me go,” I screamed, and tried to get away from his grip, but the thing in his hand held tight to my palm.



“Ginny, it’s not because we don’t believe you, it’s bigger than that,” George said from behind me and I looked at him and saw how much he cared. I stopped struggling and allowed the twins to maneuver us through the forest.



        We were relatively deep in the forest when the screams were beginning to thin out. It was dark and as far as I could tell we were alone. Fred and George stopped walking and Fred finally let go of my hand. I peered at the object in my hand, but as far as I could it was just a small stone with a white stripe through it. I was about to asked the twins about what it was when I heard a familiar cackle of laughter and I began walking towards it with Fred and George right on my tail.



        We walked in a wide arc only to find ourselves at the edge of the forest again near a young muggle girl spinning horridly in the air. I stared up at her, longing to aid her, but without my wand I was useless, plus it wasn’t like I would know what to do, but I just told myself it was because of the absent wand. Across from us sitting in on a low tree branch was Vaisey cackling as the girl spit up a bit of vomit and it splattered a few people below. I suddenly felt a strong wave of fiery anger surge through my body. I wanted to kill this ridiculous excuse of a human and I wanted to make it hurt. But what could I do? I tried to distract myself from the realization that I didn’t really have any power. “What the hell do you think you’re doing,” I shouted at him and he pulled his attention away from the spinning child.



“Enjoying the show,” he said back to me.



“That’s disgusting,” I said. I could feel Fred and George’s hands each taking one of my arms and I knew it was stupid to be fighting, that we were assigned to hide, but I couldn’t let it go.



“He’s not worth it, Gin,” George whispered into my ear.



“You want to save her? Go right ahead; I wouldn’t mind seeing you spin around up there instead,” he retorted and looked me up and down and Fred made a lunge for his ankle which was hanging down, but George grabbed his hand.



“You’re right, he’s not worth it,” I said to George and started to turn around.



“Sounds like a Weasley; leaving the work to others,” he sneered and I snapped backwards faster than I could process and I took the rock in my hand and thrown it with all my might at his head. Now let me tell you, a chaser has to be able to thrown extremely hard and so that rock would be leaving an ugly bruise. The stone hit Vaisey right between his eyes on the bridge of his nose and he fell backwards off the tree. I grinned and then walked off quickly with Fred and George in my wake.



        We walked back through the forest and I noticed a large amount of the shouting had decreased which was a good sign. I looked back after a couple of minutes walking to see that both of my brothers were grinning from ear to ear. I pulled my coat around my shoulders and shrugged a shoulder at them. “That was a pretty nice shot back there,” Fred said.



“Maybe it was,” I said causally.



“Where’d you learn to that,” George asked and again I shrugged, not wanting them to know I’d been practicing chasing for seven years. “It’s pretty impressive.”



“Thanks,” I said and smiled as I walked ahead them knowing my little secret.



        The rest of August passed by without leaving a trace. Things at the ministry were chaotic and most nights dad didn’t get home until sometime after 8, if he was that lucky. I felt a mixture of pride and pity whenever he would come in with dark circles under his eyes and constant heavy sighs. Percy was extraordinarily annoying and would constantly and randomly begin lecturing me about Mr. Crouch and all the hard work there was. I was uninterested, but not heartless so I let Percy speak for about 5 minutes each time and then would make up some excuse and leave, which was pretty generous compared to Fred and George’s ‘Shut up’s.



        Speaking of Fred and George, on a rainy afternoon in late August I asked them about the stone that I had thrown at Vaisey the night of the quidditch cup. They eventually told me that it was a together stone; one of their own inventions which stuck to the person (or object) until a button on the side was pressed. It wasn’t very dangerous, nor was it especially funny, but they had accidentally created it and weren’t planning on making more. Mum hadn’t known about it because it didn’t resemble or fall into the category as their other products and it made it to the Quidditch Cup because of this reason. I was amused by the idea of the stone not coming off of Vaisey’s head until he found the button, which was probably not going to happen fast.



        Ron, Harry and Hermione were back into their usual routine of spending the morning together, playing quidditch or chess and then spending the rest of the afternoon together up in Ron’s room. At night they would join the rest of us in the sitting room or dining room to eat and read or play games. I would watch the boys play quidditch with Hermione, although mostly she just read while they played. I envied them, but tamed my anger by focusing on the moves of Harry as he swooped in and out and all around the rest of the players. It was impressive without a doubt, but Bill, Charlie, Fred and George all had more training under their belt plus they were all a bit more used to using the shabby quidditch equipment that lived in our shed. Bill and Charlie were both extremely fun to play with, or at least it looked that way. They were good enough to make the game fun and interesting, but held back enough to not become too competitive. I wanted to fly with them; I would have given anything to feel the wind blow through my hair as we glided through the air. But no, I was the only stupid girl in the family and was too weak to play. That was a load of shit.



        After they had finished the last game before lunch on a Monday morning, I walked over to Bill and Charlie while the rest of them went inside talking of food. I leaned against the edge of the shed while they finished placing all equipment in it. They made eye contact quickly and then looked towards me. “So how hard is it to stand there watching us play,” Bill asked grinning at me and I felt heat rush to my face.



“What do you mean?”



“Come on, Gin, we can tell that you want to be up there flying with us,” Charlie laughed nudging me.



“Promise you won’t tell Ron, it would be really embarrassing,” I begged and they chuckled.



“We won’t, we won’t,” Bill calmed. “How long have you been flying?”



“Since I was six,” I said shyly knowing that this would definitely come as a surprise to them. They nodded in approval and surprise and I smiled. “How’d you know?”



“It’s all over your face when you watch,” Charlie explained. “But don’t worry; no one else would notice.”



“We’ve known you forever, Gin, I remember changing your diapers,” Bill said and I hit him softly when he pinched his nose.



“If it weren’t for the other events at Hogwarts, I’d say you should try out for the team,” Charlie said. Percy had been hushing the rest of the older members all summer about keeping quiet and it was really bugging me.



“What exactly is going on,” I said putting on a cute expression and batting my eye lashes.



“We’d tell you if we could,” Bill said.



“Yeah, sorry Gin,” Charlie added.



“Not even the tiniest detail? Where’s the harm,” I asked.



“Just one,” Charlie gave in. “There’s competition.”



“A very special one,” Bill contributed.



“Is it dangerous?”



“Absolutely,” Bill and Charlie said at the same time, reminding me greatly of Fred and George. “But that’s all you’re getting.”



“Fine, fine, fine,” I said and they each put an arm around my shoulder as we walked back to the house. “You know I really look up to you guys.”



“Thanks, Gin, but you are amazing all by yourself,” Bill said and I couldn’t help but smile.



        Most of my books were falling apart and I spent many afternoons doing my best to tape them back together; but come on’ how am I supposed to tape a thousand page book together when the spine is cracked. Mum went out to Diagon alley to purchase all the new supplies and such, but I decided not to mention all the problems with my books and quills. She had more to buy this year because of the top secret event that demanded that all fourth years and over purchase dress robes. Plus Fred and George were taking advanced classes now since they were 6th years. Despite being upset about the quality of my possessions, I knew better than to complain about it Mum. She had enough on her plate, I could manage.



        Soon enough it was time to return to school and I was packing up my final items early on September 1st when Hermione came walking into the room looking sad. We had stayed up almost every night talking, even if it was just about how cheesy a joke said by Ron had been. But other than our nightly talks and watching quidditch games, we had not been spending as much time together, but it was alright. I knew we were still close friends. She had already packed all her things and I wasn’t sure what she was doing up here. “You alright, Hermione,” I asked as I thrown an old set of quills and ink into my trunk.



“Yeah, but the time here has been so perfect; I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I don’t want to go back to school.”



“Wow, that’s a first. Come on, Hogwarts is fantastic, I know you love it there,” I said.



“I know, I just have this feeling that things aren’t going to work out happily once we get there,” she puzzled.



“What makes you say that,” I asked.



“There have been a lot of strange things happening, even by wizard standards. This is different than what has happened in the past; it’s not going to end up okay,” she said.



“You mean like at the World Cup?”



“Yes and around the ministry. I am just very worried,” she said.



“Hey, we’ve got our superheroes, nothing’s going to go wrong,” I calmed, but I was so wrong.



“What do you know about Alastor Moodey?”



“Not much; he and Dad have known each other for about a decade. He gave me the first book I ever had about Harry and his story. I thought it was horribly tragic,” I said and she smiled.



“Funny how things work out,” she said.



“Yeah, funny,” I agreed.



        A few hours later we were on the Hogwarts Express and I had just finished waving goodbye to Mum, Bill and Charlie for the thousandth time. The trio was off discussing dangerous matters too important for me while Fred and George were with Lee Jordan discussing business matters that were also too important for me. Luckily this year I wasn’t completely friendless and I sauntered off down the train looking for a friendly face. I was surprised by the number of faces I recognized and even more so when half of them said hello to me as I passed. Apparently a lot more people knew me than I had thought. The first person I ran into that I actually knew well, was Neville.



“Hello Neville,” I said as I looked into his compartment. He was alone and I sat down across from him and was reminded of our trip last year.



“Hey Ginny,” he responded and smiled as I sat down.



“How was your summer,” I asked and he shrugged.



“Same old, Gran and me, that was really it,” he said and I noticed that beside him was his book of 1000 magical herbs and fungi; he must have been reading.



“Been doing some reading?”



“Yeah, I really like herbology. It’s one thing I can do without ruining everyone else’s plants,” he said fondly.



“That’s great, I wish I had a little more luck in that class,” I said.



“I’m sure you’re great; you seem like someone who would work well with plants,” he said and I knew he meant it as a compliment, but still: Working well with plants?



“Thanks,” I said unsurely. He blushed.



“I meant it completely as a compliment. Sorry, I’m sort of better at complimenting people that way,” he explained.



“It’s fine; in fact it’s sort of charming, you know, to be complimented on my work with plants,” I said and we both laughed him a little more nervously than I. “So did you go the World Cup?”



“I wished; Gran doesn’t really like that sort of thing,” he said sadly. “Did you?”



“Yeah, whole family did along with Harry and Hermione,” I said and secretly was very proud of myself for not blushing when I said Harry’s name.



“It was pretty crazy, huh?”



“Yeah, definitely a once in a lifetime chance.”



“Ginny,” called a voice from outside the door. I looked over to see Gwendolyn Miller standing there looking very tired. Her long, curly black hair was threatening to burst free of its hair band at the side of her head. Her cheeks were pink and her dark eyes look excited. “There you are! I’ve been looking all over! Come on, I have a compartment!” I looked at Neville and he nodded.



“I have my books,” he said and I left. I regret leaving; Neville was a true friend, and I can’t say that much about Gwendolyn. I realize it was rude and mean, but I was 13, I was naïve.



        We walked down the train quickly with her smiling at people who I knew she didn’t know. “So Gin, you look brilliant, even more than normal,” she said and I was taken aback; this was not what I had expected to hear from her. “You have to tell me all about what you’ve been doing over the summer!” Another surprise: Gwendolyn Miller was asking me to speak, instead of blabbering like normal? Strange, very curious. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all summer; this year is going to be brilliant.” Did she know what the competition was going to be? “Well,” she said as we reached the end of the train, “say something!”



“It’s great to see you Gwen.”



“Oh, Ginny,” she squealed and pulled me into an uncomfortable hug. She let go and I stumbled backwards a little. “Come on, we’re staying in here.”



        She walked into the small compartment and sat down by the window. There were several other people in the room with us; luckily Catalina was nowhere to be seen. Colin Creevy looked up at me with his huge brown eyes and grinned widely. His camera was hanging around his neck as always. I gave him a small wave. Next to Colin was a boy with identical features, but was probably about 4 inches shorter. He was deep in a book which had a dozen pictures of smiling witches and wizards with the word Famous Wizards and Witches of the Century on it. Across from Gwendolyn was her twin brother, William with his curly hair twisting down past his ear. He looked up at me and his amazingly blue eyes winked at me and I smiled back at him. I remembered in vivid detail the feeling of his lips on mine last year and was glad to he still remembered it well. Finally (the room was very cramped) next to Gwen was a small, pretty girl with hair just like her sister’s, but eyes like her brother.



“Hiya, Ginny,” Colin said giddily as I sat down across from him.



“Hey there Colin, William,” I said to both of them. The girl next to me nudged Gwen who had been staring at William with a mischievous look on her face.



“Oh right, Gin, this is Maisie. She’s our little sister. She’s only sitting here because apparently she has no other friends,” Gwen groaned. 



“That’s not true! I just don’t want to sit alone!”



“So you don’t have any friends,” Gwen concluded.



“That’s not true,” Maisie repeated. Then she turned to me and said, “That’s not true; Mum said I should sit with them!”



“It’s alright,” I said mostly to calm her down since the girls cheeks her bright pink. “I’m the youngest of 7; believe me, I know.” She smiled and I nodded.



“Oh and Ginny, this is Dennis, my brother,” Colin said and Dennis flashed me a quick smile then returned to his book. “You know both our parents are muggles, so it’s really special to have two children who are wizards. Dennis is trying to learn as much about famous wizards and witches as possible. That used to be my book.”



“So that’s where your obsession with Harry came from,” I joked and he laughed.



“Hey, Dennis, you know Ginny here has had Harry staying at her house all summer,” Colin said and Dennis slowly looked up at me, eyes wide.



“Really,” he asked.



“Yes, but you know, I’m sure you and him will be good friends once you meet him.”



“I get to meet him,” Dennis asked excitedly looking at Colin as he did.



“Yes, and he’s just as amazing in person,” Colin answered just as happily.



“Brilliant,” Gwendolyn said, “It’s a perfect way for Ginny to tell us about the World Cup and Harry staying at her house.” I glanced at William who took a deep breath and nodded.



“Alright, fine, I’ll please Gwen; it was a wonderful summer,” I said and she urged me on with a look. “Well, the Cup was amazing, but really chaotic.”



“We’ve all heard about the chaos,” Gwendolyn complained. “Tell us about the match!”



“But you don’t even like quidditch,” I said.



“No, but I positively love Victor Krum,” she said and Maisie snorted.



“She really does,” Maisie said.



“Fine,” I said and for the next hour I explained every aspect I wanted to give them and answered all their questions. Finally, I had had enough. “Alright, that’s enough! I’m done talking, you’re turn, and Gwen we all know you’re good at it.”



“Mean,” Gwendolyn said and I rolled my eyes. “But if you insist, Mum took us to London for two weeks and it was brilliant!”



“I got my wand,” Maisie added.



“And we even went to this muggle place called an ice rink,” Gwendolyn continued as if Maisie hadn’t even spoken. “It was like we were muggles; so exhilarating!”



“Absolutely,” Maisie agreed. “William was really good at ice skating.”



“Not really, I just could stay up which was more than you and Gwen,” William said and Colin and I laughed while the Miller sisters scowled.



“That’s not very nice William,” Maisie said.



“Do you want me to lie?”



“Mum says lying is okay if it’s a white lie,” Maisie said. Gwendolyn nodded.



“It’s what I do every time she comes down stairs wearing a super ugly outfit,” Maisie said and we all laughed this time.



        The express eventually pulled into Hogsmeade and we said good bye to Maisie and Dennis as they followed Hagrid to the lake where they would be taking the boats to Hogwarts. I was glad we had carriages instead of boats because of all the rain coming down. I had only walked a few feet when my robes became completely soaked thrown. The carriage was magically heated and by the time we reached the castle my clothes were relatively dry. The first years came stumbling in, and I noticed that little Dennis was sporting Hagrid’s huge coat because he was shivering and drippy with water. He looked at us and mouthed the words, I fell in the lake. I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop from bursting out with laughter as Colin gave him a thumb up sign. Both Denis and Maisie were sorted into Gryffindor much to Maisie’s relief and Dennis’s pleasure.



        Then Dumbledore began to start his speech, but this time there was a different purpose than to explain Filch’s new rules. He spoke about the Triwizard tournament. You all probably already know about the rules and what makes it up because of all the publicity it received, but to us this was an amazing, dangerous and exciting event that we felt honored with. Many of the older students were whispering excitedly about whether they would enter and what not. I glanced over at the trio who were busy listening to the speech. I knew Harry would not ever dream of trying to enter, he had been through enough. But like I always say, trouble has a way of finding the trio. And I secretly prayed with all my might that this one time would be an acceptation that things would work out right but things at Hogwarts were far from right.

A/N: The plot is about to get more interesting and I urge you to continue reading (once its validated of course) and please review. I look forward to hearing reader's ideas and they really kind of shape some of my writing. This is purely for fun and I hope you enjoy the story!

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