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Alicia Malfoy by potterhead42
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1
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A/N so this is the first real chapter of the story. hope you enoy it. 



For the first four years of my life I was relatively happy. ,y parents loved us both dearly and my older brother Draco enjoyed the responsibility of being an older brother and protecting his little sister against the big bad world Draco was six when i was born and up until his eleventh birthday we played together happily.


Mother decided to take on the task of explaining to me about Draco going to Hogwarts. Meanwhile my father was too busy shouting at dobby the house elf. I just about comprehended what mother had said to me before Draco came in and asked if i wanted to play outside in our back garden. For my fifth birthday we did the usual thing; a banquet supplied by dobby and if anything was wrong dobby would be punished. I felt sorry for him sometimes. When it came to bed time my mother read to me the book the three witches which I got for my birthday. Any normal wizarding child would have been listening to the tales of Beedle the bard. But my farther disapproves because in the story “the fountain of fair fortune” a muggle and a witch fall in love and farther said “no children of mine will be given the idea that magical and muggle blood is good”


It is now my first trip to Diagon alley for Draco’s school supplies. We were taken by side along apperatoin. Draco with mother me with farther. Farther prefers to do it this way he says “floo powder is to common”. After coming out through the other side of the leaky caldron. The first thing I noticed was the marble white building of gringotts wizarding bank. Farther interrupted my thoughts by announcing that we will be going to gringotts first.


Since growing up in the wizarding world seeing goblins rooming around the room didn’t surprise me at all. Loving the sensation my hair as we were journeying deeper and deeper under London towards our vault. Once the goblin opened the door i was dazed with heaps of glittering gold. My farther decided on the best cause of action. Draco went to Madam Malkins to get his robes. Mother went to get his caldron, scales and wand. While me and farther bought the books from Flourish and Blots. After all of Draco’s school things were bought my mother decided she would treat me and Draco. She bought us each an ice-cream from Florean Fortiskues. We could order any flavour we wanted. I Had milk chocolate and raspberry while Draco had white chocolate and hazel nut. I think I will never forget that ice cream.


Draco’s first year went off without a hitch when he came home for the summer he told us that all of the teachers liked Harry Potter (all except professor Snape). We Malfoy’s have to hate potter for bringing the dark lord down. Draco also mentioned how he is friends with a weasel and a mudblood, both hated in this family. A weasel is a Weasley one of the most blood traitorous families.


A Hogwarts break up for the summer holidays on the 20th of July so that means that he is home for my birthday. This year I’m turning five only six years to go until Hogwarts .I thought 2 myself. When it came to going to Diagon alley this year just farther and Draco went to Diagon alley this year sadly I wanted to go back there again. But I couldn’t go since farther also had to go to Borgin and burkes while they were at Diagon alley, I was outside looking after our flutterby bushes for something to do. About an hour later i heard Draco’s voice calling me. So I ran from the back garden through the house and then flung my arms around him.


At dinner farther said that he met Potter the mudblood and the whole weasel clan in flourish and blots. Then he turned to Draco and said “you best to beat potter at quiditch because I don’t want my gifts wasted” with seeing the puzzled look on mine and mothers faces he quickly explained that he bought seven nimbus 2001for the Slytherin Quiditch team.


Again Draco’s second year went off ok but a couple of things changed for us Malfoy’s. First we lost our house elf dobby father blamed potter because he tricked him. Second farther lost his place on the school governor board. I am now six and five years to go until Hogwarts. It couldn’t come sooner.


This year mother definitely didn’t want me going to Diagon alley because of Sirius blacks escape from Azkaban. This time I wish that Draco’s third year went off ok but it didn’t. His arm was lacerated by a hypergriff. Seven years of age four years to go until Hogwarts.


End note: i hope you enjoyed it please rate and reveiw.




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Alicia Malfoy: Chapter 1


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