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Can't Fight the Moonlight by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 3 : Promises
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Sixx @ TDA


Dimitri pushed the door open, letting it slam against the wall, and stormed into the small house, both his hands running through his hair. He paced the living room, muttering curses to himself, hating that he'd gotten himself into this position. "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid," he mumured. 

"You seem stressed." Dimitri looked up at the new person in the room, but said nothing. She pushed her light brown hair back and folded her arms. "You were gone all night. Did you bring the supplies?"

Dimitri looked up to the ceiling. "Shit, I left them at the house." 

She looked confused. "House? What house?"

"The house I stayed in last night," he spat, wishing she'd stop asking questions and leave him alone. He turned to the door and walked to leave. "I'll go get them, I'll be right back."

She scoffed. "That's what you said last night."

"I'll get them, Sophia!" he yelled, continuing his way to the door. 


Dimitri stopped and breathed in and out slowly, before turning around. He kept his eyes on the faded blue paint on the wall, not looking at the man now in front of him. "Zack."

"What happened last night?" he asked softly. 

"Let me go back for the supplies first," he whispered. "We need them. We need that blood." 

Zack nodded once. "Then we'll talk." 

Dimitri didn't reply. He turned without a word and left, closing the door behind him. Compared to humans, it didn't take long for Dimitri to get to the abandoned house, but for him it took too long. The sun was bright, the heat beating down on the ground, and Dimitri kept to the shadows. 

He entered the house quickly, making sure he wasn't seen, and grabbed the bag from behind the couch, where he'd hidden it from Hugo. White on the couch caught his eye and Dimitri picked it up; Hugo's music player. 

It must have fallen out of his pocket. 

Dimitri pocketed it quickly and left. He spent longer than necessary to get back home, this time on purpose. When he finally got back, Sophia stood waiting for him, her arms still folded. He shook his head, sure it was the only position she knew. He placed the bag in her arms and continued walking. 

"He's waiting for you in his room," she called. 

Dimitri rolled his eyes and turned around, walking backwards, a sarcastic smile on his face. "Thanks for telling me exactly where I was going. Do I need to be shown the way as well?" 

She gave him the finger and walked away to the kitchen, leaving him alone in the hall. He started up the stairs, ignoring the creaks. He stopped outside the door, knocked and waited until he was told to come in. 

Zack placed his book onto the desk and stood up. He walked around to the other side and leant against the desk casually. "What happened last night, Dimitri? You didn't come home." 

"I had to do something," he said. 

Zack narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?"

Dimitri sighed and stepped closer. "I caught a werewolf's scent." Zack stiffened and stood up straight; the boy had his full attention. "I followed it, I wanted to know what it wanted. It followed a boy. I couldn't stand by and let it hurt the boy. But I was too late." 

"The boy died?" 

Dimitri shook his head. "I got to him in time, but he was bitten. Zack, it's starting." 

The older man knew what he was talking about. "Who was the boy, Dimitri? Which one?"

"Hugo Weasley," he whispered. "I took him to an abandoned house and stayed there until he woke up this morning."

"Did you tell him?"

"He knows," Dimitri answered. "He knows what he is." 

"Anything else?" Zack demanded, losing that calm demeanor he had before. Now he was slightly panicked. "What about you? What does he know about you? Does he know anything?"

With each second Dimitri didn't answer, the worse the look on his guardian's face seemed to become. "He knows my name," he told him at last. "My... Real... Name." 

Zack placed his hands on each of his shoulders. He didn't yell. "We have alias' for a reason, Dimitri. He knows he's a werewolf, but he doesn't know about the werewolves' plans. He doesn't know he was targeted for a reason." 

Zack muttered, more to himself than to Dimitri. The longer he seemed to do so, the calmer he became until he believed what he was saying. Until he turned around, back to the boy in his study. The guilty look on Dimitri's face was enough to shatter that. "What did you tell him?" 

"That they wanted him for a reason that I don't know of and he's not the only target. He's knows his friend Lupin is as well," he said quietly. Dimitri ran a hand through his already messed up hair, having done the same thing over and over all morning. 

"I don't know why," he moaned. "It just came out. And now? Now I have to figure out how I can know he won't tell his family about me. You know better than I who his family are."

They sat in silence for longer than Dimitri would have liked. He had been hoping for some help, some guidance, as to what he could do. But Zack didn't say anything; he leaned against his desk once more and stared him down, making everything uncomfortable. 

"He can't see you," he said. "Not once Dimitri. Don't go to him, don't go near him. A werewolf's senses maybe weaker when they are in human form, but not by much. But a young wolf? A newborn? They're so much stronger. He'll recognize your scent instantly and it will be so easy for him. You cannot let that happen."

He moved forward, stepped around Dimitri and opened his door for him to leave. "That is my only advice, son. This is yours to deal with. You are old enough to figure things out for yourself." 

With a swift nod and a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach, Dimitri left Zack and entered his own room. He locked the door and leaned against it stiffly. "What have I gotten myself into?"


Hugo spent the afternoon hiding in the garden. He still hadn't told his family about what happened to him, he didn't know how, and he didn't know how long he could hide it before he was ready. He'd barely sat down and Teddy had seen enough to figure it out. Though, the more he thought about it, and he spent a lot of his time in the garden thinking, the more he figured Teddy knowing would be a good thing. 

"With me still being unable to use magic, Teddy can heal my arm," he muttered to himself. "Teddy can help me figure out what to do next." He stopped pacing, something he'd been doing for quite a while, and wondered over to the quidditch shed. Hugo pulled out the chest with the numerous balls needed for the game, then grabbed a bat. He wasn't meant to do this, but his sudden desire to hit something won, a desire he'd never felt before. He didn't know if it was his fears talking or if the urge for violence was a wolf thing. 

I'll ask Teddy. 

Hugo opened the chest and let one the the bludgers free, stepped back and hit it with as much force as he could muster. He watched the bludger fly into the air, until it was just a speck in the sky, and he became worried it wouldn't come back. But it did and he continued to exert his anger out on the ball until a voice interrupted him. 

"I thought you hated quidditch."

Hugo released the bat hastily, unaware he was no longer alone; he'd been too focused on the bludger to notice. Rightly so, he reasoned to himself. He only faced Teddy for a second when the older man pointed up to the sky, forcing Hugo to turn back. He held out his hands, catching the bludger just in time, and staggered backwards. 

Teddy caught him and helped him put it away, then held Hugo by the shoulders. "Are you okay?" 

Hugo remained forcused on Teddy's hair rather than his face, watching as it turned from blond, as Victoire's was, to the same color brunet as his. "I'm fine," he replied and moved back. "Surprisingly." Teddy opened his mouth to say something, but stopped himself and closed it again. Hugo knew why; he wanted him to talk himself, admit it. "I know you saw, you know what happened to me, you don't need to pretend you don't or wait for me to say it. What's the point?" 

Nodding, saying he was right, Teddy let his hands fall from the boys shoulders until they rested at his side. "You're new to this," Teddy said. "Your humanity is fighting with the wolf and the wolf is winning; that's why you're stronger. Everything is better in the beginning; your senses, your reflexes. As you get older, it's easier to manage, I guess. Your senses get stronger as the full moon approaches, but are slightly less so after. Still better than your average human, though." 

Hugo took in Teddy's explanation like it was air, needing it to understand, and nodded his head with what could easily be described as enthusiasm. "I had a feeling you'd know this," he said quietly. He narrowed his eyes, which confused Teddy, and turned around, only to shrug and look away. 

He watched Teddy copy. Still confused, he continued. "My dad was a werewolf, remember? When I found out and when they told me I could have traits, which you know I do, I researched them. I looked for every little detail. And now I work for the werewolf divison of Regulation and Control." He pushed the boy's hair back away from his face and cupped his cheek in a comforting gesture. "What happened to you, Hugh?" 

Hugo sniffed, feeling tears form around his eyes. "I was walking home and one found me. I don't know how or why. I didn't see at first; it knocked me into a wall." He rubbed his head instinctively. "I was dizzy and it bit me. I -" He stopped himself, remembered the stranger he only knew as Dimitri, if that was his real name, his words about himself and Teddy and the promise he had made. "I don't know what happened after that, not really. I found my way to an abandoned house not far away, I passed out from the pain."

He pulled back his sleeve, allowing Teddy to really see the wound on his arm. He winced at the sight, his lower arm looked mangled, dried blood still there; Hugo was afraid to touch it. "I woke up, saw this. It doesn't take a genius to realize what happened."

Teddy slowly ran his finger over the wound. "You shouldn't have had to go through this alone." He scoffed and corrected himself, while Hugo bit his tongue to stop himself from saying that he hadn't been alone. "You shouldn't have gone through this at all."

Hugo held out his arm and opened his mouth to speak, then turned around, his nostrils raised. "Seriously, I swear there is something over there. Or someone. Over there," he pointed. "By the trees at the bottom of the hill." But Teddy just shook his head, and Hugo dismissed it. 

"Can you fix this?" Hugo asked him, changing the subject. He didn't want to see it anymore. "I'm still underage, I can't do magic now. Can you heal it? I know you know healing spells from Grandma; she taught you."

Teddy grasped his wrist gently and removed his wand from his pocket, hovering over the bite. He muttered a spell Hugo couldn't make out and then watched the wound close and heal, leaving a scar down his left arm. "Some things, a werewolf bite for instance, are a type of dark magic that almost nothing can heal," he told him. "I'm sorry, Hugo, but that scar will never go away." He whispered another incantation and Hugo watched the scar disappear. he knew instantly what that spell was; a Glamour charm. "But I can hide it."

"I'll help you," Teddy continued. "But you can't hide this. You have to tell them what really happened to you last night. You have to tell them what you are." 

Hugo nodded, a silent promise that he would but not saying when, and he had a feeling Teddy could tell. "You promise you'll help?"

He faced the same spot as before, sure there was someone there, that he wasn't imagining anything; the scent was so familiar. But he heard Teddy answer. 

"I promise."

A/N: Edited. With a CI of Dimitri.

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