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Witness by Hermionniny9
Chapter 1 : Chapter one
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AN: I have had this in my 'to post' folder for a while. It is very differnt from my usual fluff style and it is not your average fan fiction. It will change POV just under half way through this chapter and this will happen for much of the rest of the story... have good readings and leave your views of it.

There was an ominous dripping noise coming from the other room.

Steadily Anna lifted herself up from the floor she had passed out on the night before.  A wave of the usual concoction of disorientation and nausea ran through her body.

The previous night there had been a party; one the Anna wasn’t invited to but attended anyway. It was easy to just slip through open bathroom window and blend with the throngs of intoxicated people. Being twenty-five and in a steady news agents job did not put Anna off partying, it was quite the opposite really.

 There was a deadly silence in the building and it was quite unsettling, an involuntary shiver ran down Anna’s back. It was as if she already knew what lay behind the door waiting for her.

She pushed open the bathroom door, its hinges squeaking slightly, and stepped into the hall. Anna’s breath caught in her throat and bile rose up from the pit of her stomach.

In front of Anna lay carnage. Blood was splattered up the walls, tables were upended and bodies lay mutilated across the room.

She gulped, trying to keep the bile down and the tears of hysteria from bursting uncontrollable from her eyes.

Carefully Anna picked her way through the blood strewn room, checking for any signs of life. There were none.

From what she could gather the deaths of these people, who she didn’t even know, had been brutal and bloody.

How had I not heard this? She thought as she scanned the room. Many of the victim’s faces were frozen in fright; others had no faces at all.

 Body parts were strewn across the room, possessions were here and there and as she noticed blood was dripping from the ceiling.

A small drop landed on Anna’s upturned face; she shuddered again.

What had happened? Was her only thought for a few moments, and then as it finally dawned on her that the ninety or so people had been brutally murdered by something that was not plausibly human, no single human could kill so viciously and all in one go. Suddenly her thoughts changed to escape, what had killed those people could still be there lurking in the shadows or round the corner.

No one knew she was there; she wasn’t on the guest list. All she had to do was sneak out of the window and never look back.

Obviously the authorities would blame her, who couldn’t? To only person alive at the scene of a mass murder, not a scratch on her and not on the guest list, the evidence was against her and she knew she would never win a trial against her even if there was no evidence to support their case.

Anna hurried back to the bathroom, making sure that she rubbed the handles clean so to remove her prints. She had watched enough CSI to know how not to leave a crime. After thoroughly searching the bathroom for any evidence of her being there, she left via the window.

Slipping off her heals, Anna ran. She sprinted along the back alley away from the crime. It was still very early and no one was awake yet, so it was only a short and clear sprint to the corner of the public park.

It was densely overgrown and brambles obscured the view of any on lookers. Shakily Anna pulled her handbag round and opened it. Rooting around in the bottom she found what she was looking for. With a loud pop Anna disappeared completely.


Anna bolted and double locked her front door; she locked all of her windows and cast several protective charms. Also she set a sneakerscope on her small coffee table and put her phone off the hook.

Breathing heavily she pulled the curtains and turned on the taps of her small bath. Sitting on the edge of the tub, Anna tried to calm herself. But somehow she managed to make herself more frightened and wound up.

After a while the bath was full and Anna stripped off her clothes, throwing them in a pile next to the toilet. Later she would burn them in her bin, otherwise they would remind her of everything she wanted to forget and if the authorities did catch up with her they could be used as evidence against her.

Sinking into the warm liquid she shut her eyes and breathed deeply.


 It was a cold Sunday morning and the air being expelled from the Police Officers lungs was rising in tall white clouds.

Draco tapped his toes impatiently; the police were causing more trouble than they were worth. One of their forensic scientists would not give up his work to the new comers and was adamant that he had to finish.

The Ministry were lucky this time, the police got to the scene before any reporters could even have considered raising their slimy heads from their pillows. No word had gotten to the press yet; only the rather shocked old woman, who had heard a disturbance and went to check that the hall, knew about the ‘incident’. She did the first thing that muggles do in a crisis, she dialled nine nine nine. Luckily the Ministry had people in high places and low places and every place in between so that if any suspicious event took place they would be informed.

Draco counted a total of nearly twenty Police Officers and fifteen Forensic Scientists. There were cars blocking the road off and tape everywhere. The residents of the street had been reassured and a tent put up to do something. Amongst these police officers were an extra ten or so men and women who beneath their jackets hid a secret, they were just waiting for their chance.

“Hi,” said a short round little muggle who had just approached Draco.

“Hi,” Draco replied, not wanting to spark conversation.

“So, do you know anything?” he asked, “What’s going on I mean?”

“No, not a clue. I just got a call this morning that I might be needed.” Draco shrugged.

Most of this was true, he had got a call of a sort and he was told that he might be needed, but only to cover something up.

Several of his colleagues were still waiting for the signal.

Then a thin tall man in plain clothes walked out through the tent doors and shook his head four times.

This was their cue and, as if lightning had hit, the ten under cover Ministry Wizards pulled out their wands.

Stunning spells were carefully executed so much so that each of the twenty Police Officers were out cold before they could utter a single word, and a magical shroud had been placed around the area which reflected the street how the muggles wanted to see it

The Wizards and Witches acted fast from there onwards. Once inside the hall they began their work.

Draco stepped over the threshold.

Blood was everywhere, it was shear carnage. Bile rose in his throat and threatened to spill all over the floor.

There was a ghostly silence in the building which was permeated by the whispers of the Ministry officials.

Draco took a deep breath and walked carefully through the room.

It was if a ravenous beast had gone on some mad rampage and killed everything in sight.

Yet if it were a ravenous beast wouldn’t it have eaten something? Draco contemplated a hint of horror to his thoughts.

“Did they find anyone alive?”Draco questioned out loud.

“No.” Said the tall man, who had originally given the signal for their entrance,

Mr Stark was head of Crime Scene Organisation in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He was curt and well spoken, he was also a stickler for detail spotting any mistake or missed clue.

“Malfoy what would you conclude, from the evidence you can see before you, killed these people?” Mr Stark asked his long face analysing Draco over his glasses.

“Well, my gut says Werewolf, but there’s something wrong...” Draco said looking round.

“That is what I would say too, but what is wrong?” Mr Stark asked, narrowing his eyes and frowning.

“Claw marks!” announced one of the Forensic Wizard.

“Yes...” Mr Stark mused.

Draco walked around the room, looking at the mutilated bodies.

“How is there blood on the ceiling?” Draco asked looking up at the splash of dark red.

“I suppose that in the death of one of these muggles an artery was severed, and that was how the blood ended up there.” Said the same Forensic Wizard,


He continued his walk, looking at everything. Then Draco stopped at the toilet door, it was peculiar, Draco had this strange feeling that there was something that room had to tell. He opened the door and looked in. Empty!

“...if I might give my opinion?” Draco asked cautiously. They had returned to the office after three hours of searching the crime scene and they were now waiting for the return of the their boss.

“Yes, you would even if I had said no.”

“It seems like a werewolf attack, but there are none of the usual signs. You say that magic was used in the area and that it was a fast job as each of the victims died within five minutes of each other...”

“Where are you going with this?”Mr Stark asked frowning and rubbing his brow.

“I think that it was a wizard or witch that tried to make it look like a Werewolf attack but due to incompetence or oversight, they left out the important details. The work is crude, but effective, yet the magic is covered up well...If I could bet on it I would say that the murderer did not act alone and their accomplice or accomplices are an accomplished in very advance magic.”  Draco had laid his thoughts out on the table and now there was silence.

“You might just be right there Malfoy but even from the investigation we have little evidence to go with.” Mr Stark said thinking deeply.

Since the war Draco had done little to redeem his family name, to him there was no point. A name was a name and tarnished or not he would still have his name.

The Ministry had been his chosen career path, but only after he had ended up having to clean carpets for fun. Also during this time Draco had married, although he never talked about it and no one ever broached the subject, this was by and large because the general population were unaware for his marriage and estrangement due to the fact that he had never worn his ring.

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Witness : Chapter one


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