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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: Draco bloody Malfoy
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A/N: Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great winter break. Happy 2012! This chapter is a short one, but I promise that the next chapter makes up for it. :-) Please R/R as it makes my day! This story was beta'd by anythingbutmuggle and all of the charachters belong to J.K. Rowling. For your information.. I change charachters perspective by doing a page break.. You are all clever, I'm sure you'll figure it out :P

Enjoy, AussieLottie

Draco Malfoy. Was it his life’s mission to make my life miserable? Why was he even in Australia? Couldn’t I wallow in misery in peace? I narrowed my eyes at him in a frown as he opened his mouth to make a comment.

“Well well. It seems I can’t get away from mud-blood’s wherever I go.” He sneered

“What are YOU even doing in Australia?! Can’t I get away from you at ALL?”

“Granger Granger. I have holiday houses in practically every country in the world. I am rich enough to do it. Unlike some, such as those Weasley’s you hang out with!”

“Oh, just go and dig a hole and bury yourself!” I said as a feeling in nausea swamped me

“What’s that Granger? I make you sick huh? Well. Just think with all of that muddy blood in your veins how sick I feel to even look at you.”

As Malfoy said this I felt a roar of rage spread through me and before I knew what was going on I had begun to hit him with my ‘small’ handbag, this lovely thing contained most of my belongings so I expect it wasn’t particularly pleasant to be thrashed with.

“Oh go to hell Malfoy! I have had a bad enough day without you adding to it!” WHACK! “My parents are here. They don’t remember who I am because I placed a memory altering charm on them and now my Mum is PREGNANT! I don’t want to deal with you right now! You are so bloody infuriating!” And with that I landed another painful whack on his knee.

“GEEZ Granger! Control yourself!” He paused and with a sneer realized just how drunk I was. “Haha. Granger drunk. I haven’t seen that before!”

“OH!” I felt my nausea level rising. “Fu-“ and with that I retched on the ground right beside Malfoy’s boots.

I felt a huge feeling of satisfaction before I keeled over, unconscious.




What had just happened? Granger was at my feet, unconscious? I nudged her with the toe of my vomit covered boot, she was unconscious, I felt my face form a grimace as I glared down at my boots, why did she have to vomit on my Dragon hide boots? They are near impossible to clean! I suppose I will just give them to a house elf back at the manor. The fact remained that Granger was at my feet. Vomit covered and unconscious. She was breathing, I could leave her. Although the danger remained that something might happen to her. I grimaced at the turmoil in my head. I couldn’t just leave her. The feelings I had developed for her in 6th year had been powerful and they’d grown stronger since. I didn’t even understand them. All I knew was that I had to have her. At the time when I had first started thinking about her, in that way, all I could think about was what my Parents would think, what everyone would think. I shook my head. My parents owed me, they couldn’t complain. I sighed loudly and lifted her up onto my shoulder and headed outside.

As I stepped into the fresh air, I smiled, before remembering Granger. What would I do with her? Leave her at her hotel? But what if she retched again and stopped breathing? The danger was too great. I would stay with her until she woke up. I smiled as an idea came to me. Even though I had strong feelings for Granger didn’t mean I couldn’t tease her a little. I sniggered as my plan slid into place in my mind. Her reaction would be priceless!

A/N: What did you think? R/R please!!

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Drowning Down Under: Chapter 4: Draco bloody Malfoy


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