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The Human Factor by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 16 : The One With The Sleepover
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter cause I’m not that cool. I’m working on my time machine though so you never know but I was never a scientist.

Authors Note: Howdy! I hope your holidays were merry.  I have a broken computer at the moment, (I’m using my brothers to post this) and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it fixed. I also started a new story, it’s next generation :)

Anyway. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Please tell me what you think!  Please remember to keep reviews 12+ though, otherwise they'll get deleted. Thanks for all your support so far, it means a lot to me. And Happy early new year to you all!

Please excuse mistakes, this chapter has not been beta’ed.

Chapter Sixteen-
The One With The Sleepover

Amazing chapter images by HoneyDukesKid01@TDA

“Don’t tell my parents though, they think I’m a borderline kleptomaniac and I really don’t want to go to therapy again. I needed another therapist to get over my traumatic time at therapy.” - Lily Potter

“Pippa.” Lily beamed at me and I looked at her. I was almost frightened by how happy she was right now. The girls had already plastered some purple gunk on my face which was apparently good for the pores. I didn’t know what pores were. I could barely move my face due to the purple gunk.“Who would you most like to kiss in Hogwarts? Like you know, if someone had a gun,” I didn’t know what a gun was but I figured it wasn‘t something good. “And was like, kiss someone now otherwise you die!”  She pouted her lips.

I didn’t want to answer anything because that meant revealing something about myself but I knew I didn’t have chance really. Girls are ruthless when it comes to supposed secrets.

So I let the thoughts come.  

The obvious answer was him. I would have kissed him forever. That certain touch he had and the way I craved the words that hung off his lips. He was the only person I wanted to kiss in this world. Nothing compared to him. But I didn’t want to reveal that to everyone. I didn’t even want to feel it let alone acknowledge it. My eyes had been ripped open from being glued shut for too long and I refused to close them again to loose myself. He had sucked the life out of my bones and I had only just found the energy to drag myself forward, towards the light and away from the darkness that clung to my skin like raindrops. So I let the thoughts fly away like a kite in the wind. “Hmmm.” I pretended like I was thinking about it. “Myself.” I smirked. “I’m a catch.” Rose started choking and Roxy whacked her hard on the back. Rose glared at Roxy who just raised her eyebrow at her. If there was ever a fight between the Weasley girls, I’m going to with Roxy to win.

Lily rolled her eyes playfully. “I expected nothing less from you.” I just shrugged. It was nice not to disappoint for once. “How about you Cassie?” Lily asked as she chewed on a liquorish lace. I was seriously craving one at the moment but I couldn’t trust that Rose hadn’t poisoned one or something.

“Well,” Cassie was putting some serious thought into this. Boys were her speciality. “I’ve kissed a lot of boys.” That was a understatement of the century. “So I don’t think I want to kiss anymore of them, I mean, all the ones I haven’t kissed are ones I don’t fancy.” Lily nodded, unable to think of a response. “And I don’t see the point in kissing anyone you don’t fancy.”  Cassie answered. “Unless, you know, you had to.” Lily just nodded as Cassie hummed happily, I mean it was a fair answer after all.

“I would like to kiss,” Streaky paused for dramatic effect so I yawned. “Seth Longbottom.”  Seth was a dark hair fifth year who was wise beyond his years. You wanted advice? You go to Seth. He knew all and he understood all. But you had to bring him sweets in exchange of advice otherwise he’d just stare at you until you felt uncomfortable. He wouldn’t say anything, he’d just stare. Cassie had visited him a couple of times to get an opinion of lip glosses. She was never sure whether she was a yummy or delicious. I mean, who actually names these things? They’re idiots.  In the end though, it was decided that Cassie was delicious.

“Been there, done that.” Cassie sighed. “He slobbered and my chin make up got removed.” Cassie shuddered. “It was quite a traumatic experience. I’ve been trying to forget it.” She shrugged. It seems she wasn’t only getting his opinion after all. I wasn’t even surprised.

“I quite fancy Luke, you know that one-” Blondie giggle but Cassie quickly cut her off.

“-Whose hair looks like a clown wig?”  Cassie snorted as Blondie glared at her. “Even I wouldn’t go there.” Cassie smiled at Blondie.

“And that is saying something.” Rose smirked.

Cassie just smiled because she had heard it all before. Nothing could be said about her lifestyle that bothered her. “Jealously doesn’t suit you sweetheart.” Cassie wasn’t fazed. She had taken girls like Rose down in her sleep. Cassie just didn’t give a crap of what anyone thought of her. It was one of the things I liked about her. I couldn't have a sidekick that crumpled every time someone yelled bitch or slag.

“I couldn’t be jealous of a hoe.” Rose replied snottily. I don’t think she’s forgiven Cassie for kissing her first boyfriend back in fourth year. To be fair, Cassie only did it ‘to shut him up cause he wouldn’t stop talking and she had a headache’ but Rose didn’t see it like that. It didn’t help that the poor boy got a crush on Cassie after that and dumped Rose for Cassie. The boy then began following Cassie everywhere, he’d give her flowers everyday and shouted poems at her in the corridor. It took weeks before it started to annoy Cassie that she had to desperately get rid of him, in the end, she told a professor and the kid now has to keep away from Cassie or get into trouble. Needless to say, he keeps his distance now.

“You make me giggle.” Cassie laughed as Rose fumed. Whatever she did, she just couldn’t get under Cassie’s skin. It must have pissed her off quite a bit. “How about you Roxy?”

“Boys are disgusting vile creatures.” She replied with a blank face. “I’d rather die than go near them. I mean, they‘re just so immature and need to get a grip on life.” She folded her arms grumpily as she dazed out the window, wishing she was any place but here. I felt the same too.

“You’re just sitting bitter from first year when that boy put chewing gum in your hair.”  Lily laughed and Roxy just snarled at the memory.

“I got that twat back.” She smiled softly. It was the first time I had ever seen her smile and I believed it would probably be the last.

“What did you do?” I asked, interested. Revenge was something that I was a self proclaimed pro at but I was willing to steal ideas from amateurs.

“I broke his nose.” She told me proudly. She had just used old fashioned violence and I was disappointed. There was nothing original in that. Emotional was always the way to go. Bones can be mended in seconds but emotional scars remain forever, a permanent mark on an otherwise blank canvas. A flaw that transforms it into a beautiful masterpiece as you slowly start to die inside. The screams are trapped in your chest and the cries are inaudible. The help never comes and you join the army of zombies. The ones that understand how you feel but refuse to offer a helping hand, because that would save you both and the voice inside your head won’t allow that. I ran my fingers through my hair as I ignored the macabre thoughts that were forming. I breathed in deeply as I let the nothingness wash over me.

I was okay again.

I sighed, this moving on was a bitch and I still didn’t know if I was doing it right.

Cassie just nodded, wide eyed. “Well, that’s summed you up then.”  Roxy just smirked at her. “How about you darling?” She grinned as she looked at Rose.

Rose frowned at her. “Don’t call me darling, Holmes.” Cassie shrugged innocently. She would keep calling her that for fun now. “And I don’t like anyone.” Rose shrugged. It seems that someone didn’t want to play the game properly.

Lily scoffed. “Anyone?”  Lily was finding the very idea absurd.

Rose shrugged. “We’re related to half of them.” This was true. “I guess there is Damien.” Both me and Lily turned glared at her. I wasn’t sure which one of us was giving her more hateful looks. I swear if she touches my brother, I’ll get Lily to kill her. It also showed that Lily wasn’t completely lost to Emmett. She still had feelings for my brother. My plan had even a better chance of succeeding. Not that I doubted it anyway. “And Nathan Morgan is okay looking.” Cassie gave an knowing smile and I wondered how far she gotten with the boy. I had forgotten to ask her. “But I wouldn’t go there with any of them, I mean, boys are too immature for me at the moment.”

“Pippa.” Streaky called to me and I just looked at her. “Is your cousin going out with anyone at the moment? He’s kind of cute.”

I raised my eyebrow. Over my dead body would she ever start a relationship with my cousin. Even then, I’d come back as a ghost and tell her to stay away from him.She isn’t what Scorpius needs. She couldn’t look after him because she’s as dumb as he is. “Yeah.” I told her as Streaky looked disappointed. “He’s dating that girl Harper.” I picked up a nail varnish and opened the bottle. I had decided on green for because I had Slytherin Pride and all. Roxy was painting her nails a blood red.

“How do you feel about that?” Lily asked me. “I know you’re pretty protective of him.” She added.

I scoffed. “I’m not protective of him. I couldn’t give a crap what he does.” At least I was trying not to but I couldn’t help it. Something about Scorpius just called to a part I didn’t know I even had but I wasn’t ready to admit defeat. I wasn’t ready to say I cared. Everyone was giving me looks like they didn’t believe me so I shrugged defiantly. “But I guess she’s okay…I suppose.” But if she ever hurt Scorpius, I would take her down without a second thought… I still don’t care though.

“So Lily,” I tried to appear friendly but I probably came off looking like a psycho. “How are you and Emmett going?” I tried to grin but my face ached after several seconds so I gave up on grinning.

Lily bit her bottom lip. “I like him…it’s just…” She paused for a moment trying to gather her scatty thoughts.  “I don’t feel like I can open up to him. It doesn’t feel right. I mean, he’s a nice boy and everything.” She paused for a moment. “He hates you by the way; he thinks you’re going to make the Slytherin team lose.” She added.

I tried to look offended. “Hey!” I snapped. “I am a good seeker, it’s not that hard.” It’s probably not good to mention I fell off my broom last practice into a muddy puddle, almost had a panic attack, and then refused to get back on my broom which made Albus really angry. He then sprayed me with a jet of water from his wand to make me ‘clean’ again but I still refused to play. “But relationships are always scary.” I was so good at this advice crap, I should have a column in a newspaper or something. Seth had nothing on me.  

Out of the corner of my eye, I had noticed that Cassie was poking Rose in the arm which was making her quickly agitated and Roxie just look uninterested in everything.

“Yes, but it shouldn’t be this hard? Isn’t something meant to click?” She sighed.

“That only happens if you’re in a romance novel.” I scoffed. Relationships are work. It’s not as easy as everyone makes out.

“I don’t know, Pippa. You see, I’m scared of being in a relationship and being hurt.” Lily was suddenly bleak and mumbling. She had been wounded, I could tell.

“It doesn’t matter Lily. Even if you lock your heart into a little box and throw away the key, you still end up getting hurt just as much as a person who wears their heart on their sleeve would. Everyone gets hurt, even when they try to prevent it.” I shrugged. “You’ve just got to decide whether it’s worth it.” I didn’t believe anyone was worth it as I felt my bitterness consume me again. It wraps itself in my veins, becoming one as my broken heart pumps its poison around my body. These thoughts were useless but I couldn’t stop them. Lily was looking at me with sad eyes. I was looking at a frightened girl who didn’t know what she wanted and I had put her in this situation.

I almost felt bad.

This was a new feeling.

I didn’t like it.

“I guess you’re right.” Lily hummed for a while. “Pain is only temporary anyway, it goes away eventually.” She smiled at me; those bright brown eyes stared at me. Lily had found her hope again. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell Albus for ages but he just won’t listen to me.” It was a casual remark but I froze for a second.

“Have you really?” I tried to ask casually.

“Yeah.” Lily ran her fingers through her hair that had never seen a brush.  “But he’s still messed up from-“ She stopped talking abruptly. She realized I wasn’t the person she should be telling this information to. It turns out that Lily had a brain after all. I just gazed at her with my best innocent look. It’s the one I use to always get the last slice of cake. “So,” She was trying to change the topic. “What do you think I should do with Emmett?”

“If it doesn’t feel right, break up with him.” I shrugged.

“Also,” Lily sighed. “I still haven’t been able to take down my Damien shrine.” She sighed happily. “I just love it too much; do you want to see it?” She jumped up, suddenly full of life again. If Lily wasn’t a complete weirdo and Damien actually saw her in that way, she would probably make him really happy. She worships him more than he worships himself. “It’s amazing, I have pictures of him that I took of him when I stalked him, I’ve also stolen spoons that he’s used, well actually, I’ve stolen quite a few things really.” She smiled. “Don’t tell my parents though, they think I’m a borderline kleptomaniac and I really don’t want to go to therapy again. I needed another therapist to get over my traumatic time at therapy.” Lily was crazy. “Anyway, I only steal Damien’s stuff. That isn’t weird right?” I could only nod because I was a little overwhelmed.

“I’d rather not see the shrine if that’s alright?” I smiled politely.

“Oh right!” Lily laughed. “I forgot you’re his sister sometimes because you’re totally different.”

“Aren’t you just as different compared to your siblings?” I asked. She was nothing like Albus, she shared similarities with James but Lily a different edge. She was a cannonball all of her own.
“I guess.” Lily agreed. “I mean, James still has an ounce of sanity about him.”  That was true. “And Albus is so moody.” Lily grinned. “I couldn’t be moody if I could tried.” She couldn’t. Lily still believed she was getting her fairytale. Her naivety was almost endearing. Almost.  “Anyway, I fancy a walk.” Roxy shot Lily a disgusted look.

“A walk?” She asked. “Are you being serious? These legs weren’t made for walking.” She pointed to her ass. “You see this ass? It was made for sitting.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Your ass is getting so big.” Rose kicked Roxy in the ass. “You need to go for a walk.”

Roxy grumbled. “Don’t insult me peroxide.” Rose just swore at her. So this is what the most one of the most famous families did? Insult each other? I liked it. “Fine, I’ll come. I need to wash this gunk off my face. I don’t want to scare everyone.”

“Your normal face does that by itself.” Rose muttered.

Roxy raised her eyebrow. “You starting something Weasley?” Rose faltered for a minute.

“Of course not Weasley.”  Rose smiled sweetly.

Roxy unclenched her fists. “Good. I’ve just painted my nails and I don’t want to mess them up punching you.”

Rose just rolled her eyes but she didn’t say anything else. Roxy shot her a warning look before walking into the bathroom.

“I don’t think she likes you.” Cassie giggled.

Lily laughed. “Rose and Roxy always clash. Roxy doesn’t take any crap and Rose likes to push her.” Hmmm, maybe I could sell this information to the papers. It’s got to be worth at least a gallon. For some reason, any person in the Weasley or Potter family interested the whole wizarding world. I have yet to understand why.

“It seems you have a brain after all, Lily. You’re not as stupid as you look.” Rose was being grumpy. She was embarrassed that she lost a war of the words with an eleven year old.

Lily just smiled. “Don’t be a moody git now Rosie.” Lily went to wash her face, her cronies following their queen with pride. It seemed everybody hated Rose. This made me happy on a petty level.

“You just know how to make everyone love you don’t they?” Cassie snickered. She was loving this just as much as I was.

Rose stared at us with a blank expression on her face. “Be quiet Holmes.”  Cassie just rolled her eyes. If Rose thought telling Cassie to shut up would work, she was sadly mistaken. I had learned this the hard way. She would just continually talk because she knew she was annoying you.   “You don’t understand anything.”

“I understand quite a bit actually.” Cassie laughed. “I’m not just a pretty face.” She smirked as she pointed to her face. “Come on Pippa.” She dragged me with force towards the bathroom. “Let’s go and wash this gunk off our faces.”

And so, we left Rose pondering the mess that she had just caused.

It took us another half an hour to get fully ready for our walk. Blondie and Streaky had to reapply their make up, cause heaven forbid a ghost would see them without their war make up. Rose took ages in the bathroom washing her face. Lily still didn’t brush her hair and Roxy just glared at everyone. I stood there wishing I was any place but here and Cassie was loving it all. It was all a new experience for her. We didn’t do this kind of crap when we slept over. Cassie drew faces on potatoes and put a show on for me. Then she’d eat the last cookie, always.

“Pippa.” Streaky looked me up and down. She was taller than me I noticed. I sighed as I hoped one day I would finally gain an inch or two. “Do you want to borrow some mascara?”

“No thanks.” I instantly objected but Streaky didn’t listen. She basically attacked me with her mascara wand and I decided to give in. My eyelashes felt like weights. I only wore make up on special occasions and when I was at home at my mothers insistence. Ladies should make themselves look the best they can be and apparently make up is involved in that. Cassie loved her make up. She was never seen without her trademark red lips except when she sat around the dorm fresh faced and more beautiful than ever.

“Can we go now?” I whined. This onesie was boiling me alive and I needed to breath some fresh air.

“I think we’re finally all ready.” Lily grinned. “Let’s go.”

I sighed with relief as we all clambered out of the dormitory. It took it slowly, as we prepared for anything. Well, me and Cassie did because that is the Slytherin way. Lily just hummed happily as she skipped through the castle. That must be the Hufflepuff way.

The outside air was crisp and I breathed it all in, feeling slightly more relaxed than I had all night. We strolled around the castle ground as Lily chatted about some guy named Carlos.

“...I miss Carlos.” She said as I finally tuned into what she said.

“Who the hell is Carlos?” I asked.

“Haven’t you been listening to anything I’ve been saying?” It was clear to both of that I hadn’t been listening.  “Carlos is the family dog. He’s half-” Lily randomly stopped talking but only pointed. “Look!” I looked at what she was pointing and groaned inwardly. “Damien is here!” It was true, Damien, James, Fred, Scorpius, Albus were sitting underneath a large tree by the black lake, along with a few other boys I didn’t recognize.

Oh great.

Kill me now.

“Let’s just turn around and walk another way-” I suggested, hoping everyone would agree with me.

“Damien is there.” Lily eyes lit up with glee. “We have to go over, I haven’t talked to him in ages.”  No one decided to argue. Lily was a woman on a mission and nobody messes with Lily, cause she’s crazy.

So in our onesie glory, we went over.

“Pippy!” Scorpius yelled. He hasn’t called me Pippy since we were children. I hated it then and I hated it now. I got so angry when I was seven when he called me it that I accidentally set his teddy called Sizzles on fire through under aged magic. He cried for days, his parents bought him about ten other teddy bears but none of them compared to Sizzles. I ended up giving him a teddy of my own, called Spoon.It was one of my moments of niceness and Spoon still sits on a shelf in Scorpius room. “Pippy!” Scorpius repeated as his arm fell over my shoulder. “I lobe you.” I think he meant love, but I decided not to correct him.

“Cheers.” I muttered as I eyed him up. Something wasn’t right as I surveyed the scene. I didn’t see any evidence for my theory but I knew I was right. I had only seen this type of Scorpius before and every single time I had seen it, Scorpius had been drunk. “Scorpius,” I muttered as he looked at me with wide eyes. “Have you been drinking?”

“Just a wittle bit.” He hiccuped as he pulled me closer into a rib breaking cuddle. I hated cuddles cause of all the germs. I was covered in  Scorpius germs, clearly my number is up now. I’ll be dead by the morning.  Good bye sweet life! I’ll shall miss you. Then Scorpius distracted me from my doomed thoughts by letting go and then he decided to spin around.

And around.

And around again.

Eugh, even watching him was making me feel sick.

Then unsurprisingly he fell to the floor.

I am a nice cousin so I  decided to just leave him there.

“Damien.” I hissed, interrupting his chat with Lily.  He looked thankful that I had come over. “You let Scorpius drink? You know he can’t handle his drink. How much has he had?”

“One butterbeer and a shot of fire whiskey.” Damien laughed and I instantly felt embarrassed. Scorpius really couldn’t take his drink. “I forgot how fire whiskey goes straight to that little brain of his.”

“Scorpius’ brain isn’t little. He probably has a normal sized brain but he only uses a little bit of it.” I humphed at I walked off leaving my brother in the mercy of Lily. That will serve him right.

Scorpius was still laying on the floor.  He looked almost...precious so I left him there. Cassie was surrounded by a group of boys I didn’t know the name of with Roxy who was glaring at them. Rose was no where to be seen and Lily’s cronies were watching her talk to Damien. Idecided to walk over to James and Fred. Albus was also there but I paid no attention to him. He didn’t deserve it.

“Looking good Pippa!” Fred smirked.

“It’s too bad I couldn’t say the same to you.” I smiled sweetly as Fred just rolled his eyes at me. “How did this happen?” I pointed to Scorpius who was complaining that the moon was too bright and it was hurting his eyes.

James poked me in the arm to draw my attention away from Scorpius.“I decided I fancied a walk around Hogsmeade.” What is with everyone taking a walk these days? We’ve been walking for thousand of years, it’s nothing special. “Somehow, we all ended up going and then we ended up in the pub.” James paused for a moment. “It was a good night.” None of them seemed to be drunk like Scorpius.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“We chatted.” James shrugged.

“Like the way women do?”

“No.” James protested. “Like men! With beer!”

“Sounds manly. So, you just sat around discussing girls with beer?” James nodded. “We’ve been doing the same thing but about boys with juice.”

James laughed. “Men eh? Was I mentioned?”

“Nope.” James pulled a disbelieving face. “But if you tried, you could pull Streaky.”

James scrunched up his nose. “No thanks, that’s my sisters friend and she’s like 3 years younger than me.”

I shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

“Was I mentioned?” Fred asked.


“You girls have no taste.”

“We have taste; that’s why you weren’t mentioned.” I shrugged as Fred glared at me. “Was I mentioned?” I smiled sweetly.

“Of course.” Fred winked before finally realizing that his sister was with a group of boys. “What the hell is Roxy doing over there? They better not touch her.”

James laughed. “Roxy can handle herself.” Fred thought about it for a moment before finally agreeing with James. “She’s broken your nose like six times and she once broke my arm. That girl is tough.”

“True.” Fred sighed, finally tearing his eyes away. “So, Pippa what do you think of my sister?”

“She’s okay.” I offered. In truth, I liked her but I didn’t want to admit that. She had something about her. She was only eleven yet she’d start a fight with anyone and it seemed like she’d win every fight she had. I wouldn’t mess with her, at least I’d try to avoid it. “She almost punched Rose.” James and Fred shared a look. “Don’t worry, she didn’t in the end but she came pretty close.”

“Typical Rose and Roxy.” Fred sighed.

“Nott.” It was Albus, I had hoped not to speak to him tonight after our angry exchange earlier but as usual, I had no luck.  “Can I speak to you?” He didn’t even ask if I was okay nor did he mention the weather, as usual, Albus just got down to the point.

Stupid Potter.

He didn’t even give me a chance to offer a sarcastic reply before he had snaked his hand around my wrist and was dragging me away from James and Fred, who were just looking at me oddly.

Forget Scorpius germs, this was how I was going to die.

I was going to be murdered by Albus.

Albus had dragged me over to a corner right next to the lake. The water always made me nervous because I couldn’t swim. The dark black water was beautiful, I saw my reflection it and I could only laugh at myself quietly. I looked ridiculous in this onesie. I looked sweet.

This was awful.

I am not sweet.

And to prove it, I pushed Albus Potter into the lake.

It was easy because he didn’t expect it.

I am the master of surprise!

The shock on his face as he fell was perfect. It was priceless and I would relive it for many days to come.  He crawled out slowly with a look of thunder.

Perhaps that wasn’t the best idea.

I didn’t have a chance to run because he had grabbed me.

“You’ll pay for that Nott.”  He whispered, as the water dripped down his face. His expression was unreadable and I knew I had passed the line of no return. I had took it to far.

He let me go and I tumbled into the cold water.

I sunk like a rock. I tried to fight but the water was suffocating me. I didn’t want this to be the end of me, I had to much destruction left in my future.

I still had to get better too.

I wasn’t ready to give up.

The water filled my lungs.

I tried to fight with all my strength.

But it was useless.

The darkness came anyway.

The next time on The Human Factor

“Oh! I got you something!” He picked up a cup from the floor. It’s always lovely when people keep your presents on the floor. “Drink this tea!” He shoved the cup clumsily into my hands. “It’ll help you feel better, I promise!” I looked down at the tea, it was made perfectly just the way i liked it. A drop of milk, strong with no sugar. Scorpius knows me a lot better than I think.

I had no idea how he managed to learn these simple things without me even noticing. Maybe there was a reason he was in Slytherin after all.  Scorpius was staring at me, willing me to give in for once, so I took a sip to please him. I didn’t want him to start crying or something.

It was perfect.

The boy did good.

Not that he’ll ever know.


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