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From a Beginning to an End by gothgirl131
Chapter 1 : Platform 9 3/4
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Being a girly girl wasn't always my thing. Mum always tried to put me in something pink or blue. "It brings out your beautiful blue eyes" she'd always say. When I turned 10, I decided not to be Mum's guinea pig anymore. So I told her I wanted new clothes that had nothing pink in them. Although I'm beginning to grow away from my mother, she still feels the need to fuss over every little thing. Like she did today, and the train platform.

 "You're  sure you've got everything?" my Mum asked. "Yes, Mum. I'll be fine. Don't worry." I said with a quivering voice. Today was my first official day at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Not to mention the fact that I was supposed to get on a train full of strangers. And how I didn't know anyone but my insane cousins.

My brother, Hugo, and I were waiting with our parents for the closest cousins we have. My Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny, and their children, James, Albus, and Lily. As I saw them walking up toward us, Al and his dad stopped and started talking quietly to one another.

As I was wondering what the boys were talking about James cam up behind me and screamed "Guess what! I just saw Teddy! And guess what he was doing! Snogging Victorie! He said he was just there to see her off. It was so gross!"

Victorie? Snogging Teddy Lupin? That's just wrong. In so many ways. I never pinned Victorie as a bad boy kind of girl.

Uncle Harry and Al started walking towards us and the adults began talking amongst themselves. James decided to go off looking for our other cousin, Louis.

"You scared?" I asked. "A little. You?" Al replied. "Terrified." I said. Al and I began making small talk between the two of us when I saw a flash of white.

I turned towards the white and saw the boy with the whitest hair I had ever seen. He had a shy face, and looked as though he didn't want to be here. His mother and father were fussing over him as though he had to be perfect for thee train ride to the school. He looked so sad I just wanted to go over to him and give him a hug. But, as you know, that would be awkward, if I did. I began to ponder who he was when my dad called me over to him.

"You see that boy, Rosie?" he asked, pointing towards the boy I saw earlier. I nodded. "I want you to beat him at everything. Duels, tests, everything! Okay?" just as I was about to nod, Mum said "Ronald! Don't make them hate each other before they've met! You never know. That young boy could be nothing like his father."

Just as Dad was about to make a smart remark, the final whistle blew for the boarders. There was a blur of final hugs and kisses, then we were off.

The last image of my mother and father was out the window of a train heading west.

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From a Beginning to an End: Platform 9 3/4


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