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Finite Incantatem by Fidelius_Charm
Chapter 2 : Meetings
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Hermione crashed onto her bed and repressed a scream as she buried her head into her pillow. She felt hot tears prick at her eyes as she thought about her afternoon with her parents. She had told them about memories of her family, and they had, in turn, replied with their own stories from England. They had made no connection and still remained oblivious to the fact that she was their daughter. I was stupid to think these visits would ever work. They just think I’m some sweet English girl who visits them because they remind her of her parents. I wish I’d never put that bloody spell on them! Hermione curled up into a ball and started crying softly, which quickly turned into body heaving sobs which were muffled by her pillow. She heard the door creak open and sat up quickly, drying her eyes in the process. “Oh sweetie, come here.” Brooke stepped over to her and embraced Hermione. Hermione felt tears run down her face as she buried herself in Brooke’s arms and cried for her loss. Brooke whispered reassuring things into Hermione’s hair and gently rocked her back and forth waiting for her tears to subside.

Hermione pulled back and rubbed her eyes, “Sorry about that, it’s just been a… stressful day.” Brooke nodded and tried to lighten the mood. “You know, you never did finish telling me about those cute guys you saw on your run...” She gave Hermione a wink and gestured that she continue with the story.

Hermione gave a watery laugh and replied “Well the first one was definitely your type, gorgeous, nice tan, shaggy brown hair that still managed to look neat, well toned.” Brooke grinned enthusiastically “The other guy was amazing as well, fairly pale but had platinum blonde hair that fell just over his eyes. His eyes were a kind of stormy grey but definitely had the potential to be blue and had the most amazing six pack.” She sighed contently, tears momentarily forgotten.

“Sounds like you had a thing for Mr. Blonde and Gorgeous Mione!” Brooke teased with a knowing smile as a light blush spread over Hermione’s cheeks. “What! No way! I just- I mean- Shut up!” Brooke was giggling and was blowing kisses in her direction.

“You know, he looked oddly familiar… I swear I’ve seen him before.” Hermione racked her brains trying to work out where she seen the mystery man.
Brooke snorted “You’d think you’d remember a face like that. I’m coming on your run tomorrow by the way; I want to meet this guy who’s got you staring off into space! And of course his cute friend.” She added with a wink as she headed for the door. Hermione threw a pillow after her and lay back onto her bed still thinking about the familiar face as she drifted off to sleep.


Hermione opened her eyes wearily in the morning and stretched as she stood to open her curtains. The sun shone through the window and Hermione let the warmth wash over her before quickly changing once again into shorts and a tank top and tieing her hair into a loose ponytail, letting the tendrils fall down her back. She glanced in the mirror and saw dark shadows under her eyes, her lack of sleep evident. Sighing, she lightly dabbed some makeup on and examined herself feeling slightly anxious at the thought of seeing the gorgeous guys from the beach again. Grabbing her book off the nightstand, Hermione made her way into the kitchen and saw Brooke sitting at the table eating breakfast.

“Morning Mi-Mione.” She yawned and quickly started devouring her breakfast.

Hermione smiled in return and leafed through her newest book on memory charms as she poured a glass of juice.  Brooke looked up and upon seeing the book looked at her sternly, “No, we’re not worrying about that today. You’re going to relax for once and we’ll start with that run.”                   “But I really need to read this, it’s important!” She argued chewing her bottom lip.                  “Sweetie, you’re allowed to have a day without stress.” Brooke replied.
Hermione smiled at her gratefully, “Fine,” she sighed dramatically “Race you to the beach!” Hermione bolted out the door before Brooke could respond leaving her book behind on the table.


Draco was raking his hands through his hair nervously, “Man, this is stupid she’ll think we’re like stalkers or something!”

Blaise shook his head and grinned, “I’d say someone is a little nervous!”

“I’m not!”

“Are too!”

“I’m not! Blaise, your being ridiculous. A Malfoy doesn’t get nervous.”
Blaise rolled his eyes, “Malfoy’s aren’t God Draco, you are allowed to get nervous.”
“I don’t see why this matters because I’m not nervous! Can we just leave?” he pleaded. 

They were interrupted by the sounds of giggling and someone triumphantly saying “I beat you fair and square Brooke!” Followed by a chorus of “Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!”  Draco’s heart thumped against his ribcage as he turned and saw the beautiful girl from the day before teasing another girl who was trying to catch her breath.

Blaise winked at Draco, and whispered “Too late!” before strolling up to the girls, “What are ladies such as yourselves doing here so early?” Draco caught up to Blaise and smirked as the girl with the auburn curls eyes widened in recognition.

She looked at both Blaise and Draco and shot a meaningful look at her friend who was now standing upright and looking very surprised indeed. “You didn’t do them justice.” She murmured to the curly haired girl who glared back as a light blush spread over her cheeks. “We were going for a run.” She answered quickly. Draco was surprised to note the English accent and started to think that it wasn’t so ridiculous that he thought he recognised her earlier.

Draco smiled at her, “I noticed you ran around here yesterday, do you live near here?” She nodded, and smiled back. Draco’s breath hitched at the sight of it, her smile made her whole face light up and even her eyes shone a bit brighter.

Blaise bowed mockingly, “Blaise and Draco at your-“ He was cut off when the girl’s eyes widened. She looked back and forth between them then spat “Draco Malfoy? Blaise Zabini?”

Draco nodded warily and the girl suddenly turned cold. Her eyes stopped shining and her smile turned into a glare. He stepped back slightly, “Do I know you?” Her friend was looking at her in disbelief before a look of understanding came over her face and she looked at Draco with disgust.

The girl glared at him and spat “Oh I think you might. My name’s Hermione Granger.” His eyes widened and he glanced at Blaise whose mouth had dropped in surprise. Hermione looked around quickly and upon seeing the beach deserted started to disapperate. Draco’s arm shot out and he felt the familiar tug at his navel as he was taken away from the beach.


Author's Note: Hey guys, I'm sending all reviewers internet cookies, so please review!

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