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Abroad by youknowwho013
Chapter 1 : CAWW
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Disclaimer: I am not, un fortunatley JK Rowling, nor do I own anything from Harry Potter :(

Authors Note: hullo guys! This is my first fanfiction story, and am really excited to write it! I apologize for any mistakes, and i know that the writing isnt good, and this chapter is rushed, so im sorry! :) I am not good at constructive criticism, but I will try to be good if anyone has anything to say, and i really appreciate reviews...HINT HINT, WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE. :) read on my friends! thanks! >o< adios-Alex


“OW! Dude! Sadie! Get your ass out of my face!”

“Isn’t it a nice view though?”

“Hell no! Just move your butt!”

“Xandra! Be quiet! It’s only 8 in the morning! You freaks woke me up! I need my beauty sleep...”

“Psshhh, ya right! Your gorgeous Tashy...besides, not everyone can sleep until 2 in the afternoon. We have to get to the airport in....HOLY CRAP WE HAVE TO BE THERE IN AN HOUR! MOVE MOVE MOVE! GET UP!”

*Pause* Okay, well, you might be confused right now. The names Alexandra Plank -I go by Xandra- witch extraordinaire,and my two friends are currently sleeping over at my house. Sadie and I shared a bed, while Natasha (Tash for short) slept on the floor. Sadie is my bestest friends ever, she is about my height, with short and straight brown hair. She has pale, perfect skin, with intense freckles. She is as cute as a button!

“Uhhhgggmmm. Whas’ goin’ on?” Woops, forgot about Isobel, she slept over as well. With light, intelligent eyes and amazing blonde hair down to her waist, Isobel is ravishing. We were having our annual sleepover before we left for school. Us four amazing witches are currently going to California Academy for Witches and Wizards. (CAWW for short)

“OMIGOSH! WE ARE LEAVING IN AN HOUR! EVERYONE! START PRIMPING AND PACKING!” Yep, thats me, the drama queen of the group. I tend to over-exaggerate on things. It makes thing more interesting, okay?

“Gosh Xandra, calm down, we only have to get into our clothes, we packed last night remember?”

“Oh, ya...okay...less’ go.”

We all get up and get ready to leave. All the students going to CAWW go to the airport, where they have a secret wing just for the magical folk! Everybody with me: OOOOHHH! AAAHHH! We rush to get dressed, when we hear a screech.

“AH! I can’t find my jeans! Xandra! Help!” Tash screams. She is standing there with only in her underwear and crop top.

“Tash! Cover up! God!”

“What? I have clothes on!” Yep, typical Tash. She flounces around in her underwear and is unabashed. She never gets embarrassed, it’s just her personality. Tash is gorgeous too. She is petite, and an amazing dancer. She has be-a-utiful hair, streaming down her back that is a golden/amber colored that I can’t really explain. Her face is delicate look to it; small yet plump lips, and tiny elf nose, and amber eyes. She kinda reminds me of a little fairy. (Don’t tell her I said that, she’ll kill me!)

“Whatever, here, use these jeans.” I throw a pair of my old jeans at her, they were too small anyway.


“Girls! Breakfast is ready!!” My mom sings from downstairs. We all rush downstairs, where my mom is busy at the stove making pancakes. Mmmm, my favorite!

“Yayy! Mummy! You made pancakes!”

“Of course I did Idiot.” Okay, heres the thing. My mom’s nickname for me is Idiot cause I can be a, well, ....idiot...sometimes. Ya, my family is weird, problem? Cause’ if there is, then I will hurt you...just saying.

“Xandra! Xandra Xandra Xandra Xandra Xandra Xandra Xandra Xandra!!” I turn around and see my little sister Briana running down the stairs.
“DON’T GO!” She runs down the stairs in her pajama’s, her hair mussed up on one side of her head. She’s 8 and is starting to show signs of magic, and I am so excited! I have another sister, Olivia, and she is going to CAWW for her first year, my friends and I are in sixth year. Even though my family is Muggle, all us kids are magical. My mommy says I’m special! A-dur-dur-dur.

“Aww, hey Bri, I have to go though! But I will be back during Christmas break! Okay?”

“Okay...I will miss you!”
“I’ll miss you too!” We hug...awes all around.

“Olivia Danielle Plank! Get downstairs right now! We are leaving!” My sister comes down all flustered...and we are off!!

“XANDRA!!” I hear a scream and turn around.
“ARI!” We run towards each other screaming and I leapt onto her back.
“I missed you so much!” Ari is one of my closest friends (I have a lot), and is beautiful. She is tall, with intense features. She has brown hair and bright green eyes. I’m average on the other hand, with untamed brown curly hair, and grey/green eyes that always switch color. I am kinda’ tall at 5’6, and have a light sprinkle of freckles on my nose.

“We better get in the jet, before it takes off.” I hop off her back and walk towards the gate. The jet that takes us to CAWW isn’t like a muggle aircraft. It flies much faster, and inside is an undetectable extension charm, so it can fit about 500 hundred people. It takes us to Catalina Island in California, and takes off from Salem, the wizarding capitol of the US.

We all board the aircraft and wave to our parents, saying bye.

“Make new friends kids! Don’t do drugs! Don’t join gangs...” yadda yadda yadda. My mother folks, always count on her to embarrass me. Yay....

We board the jet and take off. I get comfortable with my friends, and make sure that my owl, Chowder, has plenty of food. I drift off to sleep, and when I wake up, we have finally arrived at CAWW
All my friends and I are eating at the sixth year table, when Headmistress Gellis stands at the podium.

“Attention! Attention! I have an announcement!” She screams, waving her short stubby, fat arms around. Ew. “As you all know, this is my last year at CAWW and-” She was quickly cut off by the screams of joy coming from the crowd. My friends and I all stood up on the table and started dancing. People were looking at us like we were crazy, but we didn’t care.
“THANK THE SWEET BABY JESUS” The last one was me, and of course, and with my bad luck, by the time I said anything, everyone had quieted down, people were giving me weird looks.

“Amen.” I said trying my best to keep a serious face on. I sat down with my friends, my face burning.

“Eh-hem” I hear someone clear their throat behind me. “My office Ms. Plank!” Yells The Gellis.



I come back from The Gellis’s office, with a weeks detention heavy on my shoulders. Ugh. I go back to the dorm, where I find my friends squealing and jumping on the beds.
“What’s going on?” answer
“Guys? HELLOOO? What’s going on?”
“GUYS! IM PREGNANT!” everyone freezes...there we go.

“Who’s the father?”

“When? Who?”

“OMIGOSH! CAN I BE THE GOD MOTHER!?” They actually believe, the girl who has only had one boyfriend, and that was when I was SIX.

“I WAS KIDDING! GOSH! I was just trying to get your attention! Now...what’s going on?”

“All the sixth years are going to England!” screams Iso.

“Are you serious?! AHHHHHH! YES YES YES!” By now I was screaming my head off. I have a weakness for British accents okay? They are just so sexy!

“When are we leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning!”

“Holy Merlin! Yes!” We would have been talking and giggling all night until Iso, the voice of reason in our group, makes a good point.

“You guys, we have to get to bed, or else we will be half asleep tomorrow. Do you want to miss out tomorrow? Didn’t think so, lets get to bed.” It’s only 7:45, but I am pretty tired now that I think about it.

“Good night you guys! I love you all!” I sing. I turn off the lights, and drift off to sleep.

Then I remember something...I have detention.



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