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Passionate Kisses And Crashed Wedding Plans by CedervangXD
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Caught in action.
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Disclaimer: I own no characters in this story. The settings are also no art of mine. 





Ginny’s POV




A few days later, Draco was back in classes. Apparently he was sick when my brother and Harry brought him to the Hospital Wing. He had been sick for months, but Lucius Malfoy, his father, had forbidden him in doing anything about it. Lucius is a very cold-hearted person, who doesn't care about anybody but himself... and the Dark Lord, whom he worships. No use trying to deny it, everybody knows that Lucius is a Death Eater, and he is feared by so many people it's hard to imagine.

Anyway, as Draco steps into the Great Hall, I'm actually on my way out. I'm still a bit angry with him for speaking the way he did, although we did kiss right before my brother and Crappy-Potter decided to rearrange his face. So I decide to just walk past him and ignore him. But he's not up to that, so he grabs a hold on my arm. The look he is giving me would cause, like, a zillion girls to hyperventilate and eventually faint. He is giving me the most charming face he can, and I almost give in to him, but I'm tough. So I just glare at the hand gripping my arm, and then lift my eyes to look at him.

"Meet me outside in five minutes." he says slowly, and then releases my arm. Since I already ate my breakfast, I just head straight outside.

It's a beautiful, but cold, Saturday morning, and I take a deep breath of the fresh air.

I hear the double doors open, turn around and see Harry step into the sun. I can't deny that I'm surprised to see him!

"What's going on with you and Malfoy? What happened Monday evening? Ron and I thought you hated Malfoy, and then suddenly you stand up for him, defending him? What's going on Gin?"

I look at my former crush. He looks so confused it's almost funny, but of course I can't just start laughing at him, then he'll just think I've lost my mind and go running to my brother and probably write a letter to my mum. He always has to interfere. It's so annoying, so I answer him, my voice sounding bitter and irritated, even to my own ears.

"Nothing's going on, Harry. Not that it's any of your business if there is! You pretty much always believe in the best in people, but in some cases you can be so narrow-minded. Don't you realize that people can change, that they can grow up? Malfoy has. He's not the same guy anymore. But neither you NOR Ron is able to see that. You only see what you want to see. You only see things that happened years ago, when Draco was just a child. So no. I don't hate him, not anymore. And if you have a problem with that, then please do leave me alone! Mind your own business!" I then turn around, so Harry only sees my back.

The sound of the doors opening and closing agains signals his departure. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding, and sit down on one of the stone steps, head in my hands. The doors open again, but I remain where I am, not looking up.



“Is something wrong?” I hear the voice that used to irritate me as hell say.




I slowly lift my head and see that Draco has arrived. I rush away the tears that have fallen on my cheeks.




 “Nope, nothing’s wrong. I’m fine!”




Draco sits down next to me, turns his pale head and looks at me with silver eyes.




 “Thank you for defending me this Monday. You actually saved my life. I was sick, and if I hadn’t come to the Hospital Wing when I did, I would have been dead within two hours or so. So thank you... again.”




I open my mouth to say something, but find that my voice has betrayed me, so I close it again. I just look at him for a minute or two and try again: “You’re welcome.”




I then rise from where I’m sitting and see Draco do the same.




 “You know… it’s been decided that I’ll have to marry Harry sometime after I graduate? But honestly, I don’t want to. Sure it used to be my dream once, in my first year when I still had that stupid crush on him. But it’s gone now. I don’t want to marry him. And what’s the point, really? And it’s SO unfair, because I can’t choose NOT to marry him.”




Draco looks away from me, and looks out over the Forbidden Forest. “Life really IS unfair. Especially to those who don’t want to do what really is best for them!” He then looks back at me and the emotions showing in his eyes scare me.




“What are you saying?” I just stare at him.




"You heard me. I know you did, Gin. We both know this. It would be best for you to just marry Potter. I’m not good for you, and honestly, you’re way too good for me. With me comes danger. A danger you won’t have with Potter. My family’s too close to the Dark Lord. If, or when the Ministry finally works out the connection to my father, you might get caught up in all that.”




“Are you saying you WANT me to marry Harry? It that what this is about? You don’t want to be with me?” I’m shocked. And I feel myself start to cry again. But this time it’s not from anger.




“Of course I don’t want you to marry that bloody idiot. I’m just saying that it would be safer for you to do so. You mean too much for me. But I can’t risk you getting hurt because of me. And my father would never allow it. I don’t care what he thinks, don’t worry. That’s not the reason why I say these things. It’s just… I know what he’s capable of. Who knows what he would do to you if he finds out. That thought scares me more than anything he could ever put me through.”




I turn to him, knowing that my eyes betray me. I know I’ve been crying, still am, and that I display a lot of emotions. He holds out his arms, and I walk into his embrace.




“I didn’t know you felt this way.” I look up, into his eyes. For once, his control slips, and the emotion I see in his eyes, looks a lot like… well… love.


He dips his head and kisses me. And during the kiss, I can’t help but feel that everything will be alright. I know there will be a lot of fighting for it, but things will work out for the best eventually.

I step away from his embrace, and just in time, because out of the doors comes Professor Snape.



He smirks a bit when he sees Draco, but as his eyes turns to me, the smirks transforms into a deep frown. This professor really doesn’t like me very much.




 “Detention to you Miss Weasley, for being outside the castle when you’re not supposed to! Be in the Potions Classroom tonight at 9 pm. And don’t be late!” He says in his usual cold, drawling voice. Then he turns, walk back into the castle and close the double doors behind him.




I let out a frustrated sigh. “Great… Detention with Snape on a Saturday evening” Just GREAT!”




Draco chuckles a bit and shakes his head. “Come on, Gin. It might not be so bad after all.”




I look disbelievingly at him.




“Right… well… I better go back to Gryffindor… To get my homework done before my detention, you know? I was planning on doing them tonight so I’ll be able to relax tomorrow. “




I step up to him, and kiss his cheek, before heading inside.




“Okay… Maybe I’ll see you later.” I hear Draco say before the door closes behind me.




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Passionate Kisses And Crashed Wedding Plans: Chapter 3: Caught in action.


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