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Made For Each Other by VeeKAY
Chapter 5 : Christmas
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see this amazing CI? It was made by my lovely Emccentric @ TDA. I luvv you emm <3 and for those who haven't seen- I also forced Em to make the banner for my other story- Love Indeed. thank you Em! <3


It was the Christmas holidays, and Draco and Hermione were all alone, (apart from some 1st and 2nd years). They wouldn’t have to hide their relationship now, and no one would be there to judge or hurt either of them. But what Draco was happiest about, was the fact that Pansy Parkinson had gone home for Christmas as well.

Hermione spent most nights in Draco’s room now, and she was getting rather attached to his silk sheets. On the first day of the holidays, Draco woke her softly with a gentle kiss. “Good morning love” he whispered in her ear. “Shall we go down to breakfast together?” Hermione had giggled and rolled out of bed. She dressed quickly in her own room and waited for Draco at the door.

Draco grinned to himself as he pulled on a pair of dark denim jeans. They have the whole holidays to themselves, and no one would intrude and disturb them. After throwing on a white cotton shirt, he made his way down to the common room, to find Hermione impatiently waiting for him at the door. She was dressed in a deep purple shirt and a pair of artfully faded jeans. Draco grinned at her impatience and took her hand.

As they walked down to the great hall, (fingers interlocked) Draco’s euphoria of being alone for the holidays was infectious. The couple laughed and teased each other all the way to breakfast. As they entered, Hermione made her way towards the lonely Gryffindor table, only to find Draco following her, a smile playing on her lips. She cocked her head and looked at him curiously, at which he replied, “doesn’t it seem foolish to eat by ourselves at different tables when we are all alone?” she rolled her eyes and they sat down at the Gryffindor table, where Hermione teased her boyfriend about becoming a temporary Gryffindor. But instead of wincing with disgust as the old Draco would have done, he merely rolled his eyes and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Draco sat with Hermione at the Gryffindor table every day, and he had to admit, the food tasted better when he had someone he cared about to eat with. However, almost every day, owl post would bring Draco a long letter from Pansy containing her kisses and love, and Hermione would plaster a faint smile on her face and continue eating like nothing was wrong. Draco however, would growl and start tearing up the note into little pieces, scattering it across the table. He could tell that Hermione wasn’t happy that he was dating Pansy (even if it was just a cover) even though she hid it well.
December 25th arrived rather quickly in Hermione’s opinion. It seemed like yesterday when all her friends have left for The Burrow. (She had been invited, of course, but had politely declined, as she did not want to be shut up with Ron for an entire Christmas break. Besides, Draco was staying, and it would be the perfect chance to spend time with her boyfriend. Hermione had smirked at this)

On Christmas morning, Draco Malfoy had found his bed empty and he realised Hermione must be downstairs waiting for him to open presents. He dressed quickly and jumped down the stairs. He saw Hermione waiting beside a large Christmas tree, her eyes shining in excitement. She had never looked so beautiful, still in her pyjamas with messy hair pulled into a careless bun. She grinned at Draco and gestured for him to join her.

“Come open presents with me!” her excitement made Draco roll his eyes and walk forward to sit beside her with a teasing smile.

“I've never seen anyone so worked up about presents” he teased, and saw a little blood rushing to Hermione’s face. “I love that about you, honey.” Her face grew steadily redder.

“Uhm…yea… well… I've uhm…sorted your presents for you” she squeaked, flushing furiously now.

Draco grinned and thanked her mockingly, but then leaned in to kiss her tenderly on the lips. “Merry Christmas Hermione” he whispered huskily in her ear.

“Merry Christmas Draco!” Hermione smiled and her eyes sparkled in the fire. She kissed him once more and turned towards the pile of presents. “Now let’s open these before I get too frustrated!”

The took turns opening gifts; so far, Hermione had received a small bottle of scented perfume, and a sparkling blue sweater from Mrs Weasley, along with the traditional accompaniment of small mince pies. She offered one to Draco, which he took. Draco had gotten a new broom servicing kit and a couple of boxes of candy from Blaise. Hermione picked up her third parcel and read the note;

Dear Hermione,

I'm really sorry about everything and I know it’s not easy for you to forgive me, but can you please try? I know our relationship has ended, but I really miss you, and I hope our friendship can still last.
I'm sorry. Forgive me?


Hermione’s eyes tightened with every word she read, and when she finished, she tore up the note, tears threatening to overflow, and threw the pieces into the fire. She threw the parcel across the room and looked at Draco. He was staring at her with large blue eyes, but didn’t question her. Smart of him. Hermione forced herself to smile and gestured for him to continue.

“You didn’t open the one weasel gave you, so it’s still your turn” he replied, smiling gently at her with a hint of sympathy in his eyes.
Hermione rolled her eyes, but smiled in spite of herself. She reached for another present and tore off the packaging. It was from Harry.

She caught a glimpse of purple before a soft delicate fabric slid to the floor. Hermione’s eyebrows furrowed as she gingerly picked it up. It was a rippling purple cloak with shining silver jewels, with fabric so soft it felt like a floating waterfall. She stood and clasped the cloak around her shoulders. She let out a gasp…as did Draco.

Draco had never seen anything so beautiful. The silvery cloak fell in perfect ripples around Hermione’s slender figure, from her shoulder down to the ground. It outlined her body perfectly and created the beautiful illusion of a floating angel. The colour of the cloak complimented her eyes and contrasted stunningly against her skin. Draco smiled at her. She was his girlfriend. This perfect girl standing in front of her was his.

Hermione saw him staring at her, rolled her eyes and peeled the cloak off her. She sat down and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Your turn!” Hermione smiled expectantly. Draco took his last gift in his hands and unwrapped it slowly. The paper revealed a small box tied with a turquoise ribbon. He let the ribbon fall as he opened the lid. On the velvet cushion sat the most beautiful tie clip Draco ever saw. It was in the shape of a serpent, with silver and green gems gleaming in the firelight. The small clip was beautiful, as was the expression of the girl sitting opposite him, watching as he opened her gift. Draco was frozen, as he looked down at the stunning present on his lap.

When it was quite clear Draco wasn’t about to move anytime soon, Hermione reached out and lifted the clip gently from the box, and fastened it on Draco’s shirt. It was perfect, and suited him well. He looked into her eyes, while she murmured “Merry Christmas. I love you” He cupped her face in his hands and pulled her lips roughly to his own. For hours it seemed, they sat there, absorbed in this passionate and intense kiss. Hermione’s hands twisted themselves in Draco’s handsome blond hair, while one of his hands lay on her warm neck, while the other lay on her back. They explored each other’s mouths with their tongues, tracing each other’s lips.

When they finally pulled apart, Hermione closed her eyes and smiled a peaceful smile. Draco leaned and kissed her once more, lightly and briefly, before saying playfully, “Thanks for the gift, I love it, it’s beautiful. Are you ready for yours?” Hermione’s eyes flew open. “What?! Draco! How could you buy me a Christmas present after everything you’ve already bought me?” she gasped.

Draco ignored this and pulled a small box out of his pocket. “You think I wouldn’t buy you anything for Christmas?” he teased, and he opened the box. He lifted an ornamental green and silver butterfly out of the box and held it on his finger. Hermione’s mouth fell open when the butterfly’s wings flapped twice and soared onto Hermione’s head, twisting itself into her golden hair. It contrasted beautifully against brown, and occasionally, the butterfly would give a light beat of its wings. Tears of happiness trickled down Hermione’s cheeks, “thank you Draco, it’s beautiful”.

He shrugged. “Something to remind you of me” then Draco smiled. “Shall we go down to lunch?” Hermione nodded and they slowly walked together to the great hall. The hall was decorated with golden bells, green mistletoe, fake snow, and lots and lots of tinsel. An enormous Christmas tree stood to the left of the staff table. Live fairies flew in an out of the decorations, while baubles and lights hung from the branches, creating a beautiful sight. The ceiling was decorated with thousands of candles

Draco and Hermione sat down at the Gryffindor table and indulged themselves in a variety of turkey, ham, pudding, trifle, and pies.
When they felt full to bursting, they pulled the crackers heaped in the middle of the table. Hermione had gotten a tiny vial of hair potion, a pair of fluffy white earmuffs, and a large, star topped, ‘Christmas tree’ shaped hat. She giggled and jammed it on Draco’s head. Hermione collapsed in fits of laughter at the sight of Draco in the ridiculous accessory. Draco pretended to scowl and playfully tickled her tummy, causing another wave of uncontrollable laughter. Draco laughed with her; her expression was too irresistibly funny!

Up on the staff table, professor Snape was watching Draco and the ‘Granger’ mudblood laughing and teasing each other. His eyes narrowed and the professor turned abruptly to the headmaster, who was also staring at them with a twinkle in his eyes. “Headmaster, I find this newfound…relationship…between Mr Malfoy and Miss…Granger… rather…dangerous. Surely it is unwise to let them continue down this path?”

Dumbledore merely smiled and said, “I feel that we should leave them be. However star-crossed these two may be, they do seem rather perfect for each other” Dumbledore reached for a cracker and beamed. “Christmas cracker Severus?”

Snape scowled.
A/N…. And that’s the end of chapter 5! Please leave a review! Let me know what you think :) MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! the next chapter will take a while to get to you, as the queue is closing for the annual staff vacation... thank you so much for reading guys! This is my first fan fiction and I hope you guys enjoyed it :) I PROMISE CHAPTER SIX WILL BE UP SOON. Shout out to Lolo, and Zahin, who reviews as Chloe, for unknown reasons… ~ VeeKAY

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