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What is love? by megthechef43
Chapter 6 : The Wedding
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 Chapter 6



                Late Morning of the Wedding –Draco’s POV



Draco stood in his bedroom staring out his window which faced the backyard. He was looking down on the wedding preparations that his mother was organizing. She always loved to throw a good party no matter the occasion or the amount of guests. He hoped everything went smooth today. He had invited Potter to come. He thought to his visit to the Potter residence.






Draco stood on the doorstep to the Potter Manor. Harry had built a nice sized manor for Ginny. Harry had told Draco he wanted room for visitors and children. The manor was even close to as grand as Malfoy Manor but Draco himself thought that Malfoy Manor was ridiculously huge. Ginny answered the door. Draco smiled at her as the door opened.



                “Malfoy, I’m positively frightened at you smiling.” Ginny joked in good humor.



                “Ah, but Mrs. Potter, today’s visit is a happy one. Is Harry around I would like to speak to the both of you if it is possible.” Draco’s mood was lighter than Ginny had ever seen it. After the war Harry and Draco had become friends. Draco realized Harry wasn’t so bad and Harry realized Draco was just a product of his raising.



                “Actually, for once he is. I will go fetch him if you want to wait for us in the front sitting room.” Ginny motioned with her arm to the left of the entrance hall. While Ginny was gone she order tea and biscuits to be sent to the front room.



Draco sat in the room waiting for Harry to return. He was nervous as hell to tell Harry but had decided he wasn’t going to tell Harry who the bride was. She would be pissed at him.



Soon Harry and Ginny strode into the room with a small house elf following behind them laden with a tea tray.



                “Draco, It’s been too long.” Harry exclaimed while the men shook hands.



                “Yes, it has. But, I’m here now.” Draco responded.



                “True, so what’s the big news?” Harry was curious to his friends new demeanor.



                “Well, I’m getting married in two days and I would like you and your wife to be there.” Draco spoke quickly.



                “Of course Draco. We’ll come. But, who is this lucky lady? She apparently makes you happy.”



                “Well, I can’t tell you. It’s going to be a small affair at my house. She is not into the big wedding thing but I think she would be happy to have a few people our age there.”



                “Okay?” Harry replied a little confused.



                “Harry, you are one of my best mates and if we were doing that I would ask you to fulfill that role.” Harry could tell that Draco wasn’t finished.



                “I need you there. Also, I need you to be happy for me and her. This what we both want.”



                “Okay? Draco, you know you are being a little weird right?”



                “Yes, but just come and be happy for us.” Draco knew Harry didn’t realize why he was saying all of this but he hoped Harry would remember what he was saying when he saw Hermione in two days.



                *End of Flashback*



                Draco hoped that Harry wouldn’t cause a scene. He also wondered how Hermione would take Harry presence at the wedding. He wanted it to make things easier on her but that would all depend on Harry’s reaction to everything. Looked at the clock on the wall and noted he only had five hours left to be single.  He would count down the days till his status returned to Bachelor.



                3 Hours till the Wedding- Hermione’s POV



Hermione was extremely frustrated with Draco, Narcissa and Sprinkles. Hermione was extremely nervous for today. She didn’t know why but she was. She just wanted one drink to calm her nerves but every time she would pour a drink Sprinkles would snap her damn little fingers that the amber liquid would turn into tea. Apparently Sprinkles had gotten the orders straight from Master Malfoy so she couldn’t disobey.



                “Hermione, honey please go get in the shower. We need to start getting you ready or you are going to be late to your own wedding.” Narcissa had been pestering her from the last two hours.



                “Fine, I’m going. Okay?” Hermione through her hands in the air and finally giving up in defeat. She wasn’t going to be late to her own wedding.



Hermione showered quickly so Narcissa could start the wedding beauty preparations. She hoped Draco was having a horrible time getting dressed because of his “orders”. Maybe he would trip and fall down a small flight of stairs, she thought, not enough to hurt him but just enough to make him uncomfortable.



*Two and a half hours later*



Hermione felt violated. Narcissa had picked and plucked, tamed and teased, curled and pulled, pinned and pushed, maked up and blushed every part of her hair and face. The moment she had stepped out of the shower Narcissa attacked her with a brushed and had been relentless to let it go.



“Okay Hermione, Are you ready to see the new you?” Narcissa asked as she conjured a mirror in front of Hermione. Hermione looked herself over in the mirror and hardly recognized herself. Narcissa had worked her magic. Hermione was speechless. She knew she was semi attractive but Narcissa had made her feel beautiful. Her hair was all smooth chestnut curls and flowed down to her mid back. Half of her hair was swept up into a elegant half updo that was fastened with a beautiful diamond and emerald comb. Her makeup was minimal but highlighted everything perfectly.



“See Hermione, with the right potions you can become the beautiful person that everyone sees on the inside.” Hermione just looked at the woman in front of her. She thought to herself, but I am not beautiful on the inside.



“Now, the comb is new. This necklace.” Narcissa paused to put the emerald necklace on her “Is old. The bracelet is borrowed, so please give it back later. And this garter is blue.” Narcissa added as she flicked the white and blue fabric at Hermione. Hermione had still not started talking yet so Narcissa continued. “Now let’s get you into that dress.”



Hermione was finally getting zipped up when she heard a knock at the door.



“Hey, I’m not coming in but I’m sending in a surprise for you. I hope it is okay. I’ll see you in ten minutes.” Draco yelled from the other side of the door.



Hermione heard some whispering before as she waited. Narcissa made her way to the door.



“I’ll see you down stairs. You looked beautiful.” She added with a waved. Hermione was completely unprepared when a familiar raven haired man walked through the door.



“Hermione!?! You are the bride?” He asked with complete shock.



“What are you doing here?” She asked.



“Draco invited me. You are getting married?” He replied.



“Yes. Does Ron know?” She countered.



“No. Why Draco?” He asked.



“This is what I want. Can you be happy for me?” She said.



“I thought you hated him.” Harry said still in shock.



“I never hated Draco. He was an annoying prat in school but he isn’t anymore. We run into each other and now this is happening.” She did her best to help him understand with out revealing the truth.



“You are sober.” He stated. “I will be happy for you.” He finished as to not make her mad.



“Thank you.” She finished. “Will you give me away? You are the closest thing I will ever have to a brother.” She was glad he was around.



“Of Course.” He replied as he kissed her on the forehead in a brotherly way. “I just want you to be happy.”



“Thank you Harry. I really wanted you here.” She told him as he walked her down stairs and to the towards the back door where Narcissa was waiting for them. Hermione laughed and Harry gave her a questioning look.



“At least you know your way around. I will never figure out this Manor.” She laughed in response.



“Well, I’m sure in time you will figure it out.” He assured her. Little did he know a year wasn’t quite long enough. Narcissa interrupted her thoughts.



“Are you ready?” She asked as she handed Hermione a small but elegant bouquet of roses.



“As ready as I’ll ever be.” She responded.



“Ok, let’s go.” She said as she motioned for the music to start playing. Narcissa led the way and sat in the front row. Hermione got her first look at the garden and it was even more beautiful than ever. Narcissa had really out done herself. It was gorgeous. Hermione looked at the small crowd. On one side sat Narcissa, Blaise and his wife Astoria and on the other sat Richard and a shocked looking Ginny. Slowly her eyes traveled to the blonde man in the center. She smiled at him. He really is handsome she thought to herself.



Draco’s POV



Draco heard the music start so he turn to face the entrance and saw his mother gracefully walking to her seat. He had only invited six people to the wedding and he looked over everyone’s face till his landed on Ginny’s he was mildly amused by her expression. He looked back towards the entrance and was momentarily lost to the sight in front of him. Next to Harry a beautiful woman smiled at him and began gracefully towards him. Then it hit him, that’s Hermione! That’s his wife for a year and she was actually smiling. A genuine smile crept across his face as she made her way up the aisle. Draco stepped down to take her hand from Harry.



“Thank you Harry.” Draco nodded towards his friend as he took Hermione’s hand.



“Just make her happy again” Harry stated and then walked to his seat. Hermione gave Harry and funny look before turning and smiling at Draco and mouthed a “Thank you”. He nodded again and escorted her to the altar.






Draco watched his wife, the word felt foreign to him, chat with Ginny and Harry. After the ceremony everyone gathered in a small area for drinks while the garden was being transformed for dinner. Everything had flowed smoothly so far. Blaise and Astoria were being as pleasant as possible. They didn’t quite understand but they never would if he could help it.



“Hermione, why didn’t you tell us?” Ginny finally asked. Hermione knew she had been busting at the seams to ask her that.



“Well, we only decided a week ago. It was a snap decision and it felt right.” Hermione worded her response carefully



“I understand I guess.” Ginny responded. But Draco lost the conservation as he sunk into his thoughts. He thought over the events of the day. Hermione had taken everything with composure. She was still sober unbeknownst to her. He felt bad but he wanted her to be sober just one day so she couldn’t throw it in his face later on. She was completely sober on the day she married Draco Malfoy, her long time enemy. He smiled at this thought. She really was beautiful. She looked so ethereal today. She looked like she belong on another plane. The kissed had been a necessary part of the ceremony. It had been short and sweet but magical. It had thrown a bolt on energy down his spine. Shit. A whole year of avoided magnetism laid in front of him. Maybe she had been right, he was in danger of tumbling over the edge for this annoyingly smart witch.



“Draco.” He starred at the hand that had taken his own to get his attention. His eyes traveled to meet the honey eyes. “Draco, are you in there?” She joked. He watched laugh.



“I’m sorry, I was lost in my thoughts.” He responded as he looked around the room.



“Blaise was just making a valid point.” She laughed again.



“Oh no, Blaise?”



“Yes, I was saying, just wait till Pansy hears that you have finally settled down. She is going to kill something.” Blaise finished.



“Yea, I hope I’m not in the line of fire. I would hate to leave a widow so soon.” He smirked. “She better not cause a scene.”



“I’m sure you will be able to count on that. The Mighty Pureblood Prince married the Famous Gryffindor Princess. I can see the headlines now.” Blaise motioned with his hands.



“Great!” He muttered dryly.



Shortly after the party broke up because the married couples both needed to get home to relieve the babysitters.



Draco sat down with Hermione in the front sitting room where everyone had taken dessert.



“Hermione I was hoping to talk to you before bed.” She just stared at him to let him know he had her attention. “I was hoping to rearrange rooms. I’m pretty sure they want us to sleep in the same room but I’m not sure we want to go that far so I think if we sleep in adjoining rooms we should be able to go to bed together through the same door but sleep in separate rooms. Plus if we have any surprise visitors in the middle of the night we can put on a show of sleeping together.” He hoped she would comply.



“Well, I guess that makes sense.” Was her only reply.



“Well, good.” He snapped his fingers. POP! “Sprinkles please move Hermione’s belongings to the room next to mine. She will be living there from now on.”



“Yes, Sir” POP!



“Oh, by the way Malfoy, I’m still a little irked with the orders you gave Sprinkles regarding today.” She stated with vemon dripping from her voice.



“Well, Malfoy I wanted to make sure you couldn’t later claim you weren’t in the right mind when we married.” He called her by Malfoy to annoy her.



“I still didn’t like it.” POP!



“Mrs. Malfoy’s room is ready.” Sprinkles bowed before taking off.



“Will you show me to my room?” Asked standing up to leave the room.



“Of course.” He offered his arm to her and they walked quietly to the bedrooms. She walked into his room and he showed her the door to her own room.



“Draco, I have been debating whether or not to give this to you but I did buy it for you so I guess why not. Can you come into my room for a moment?” She motioned for him to follow.



“Accio Gift” she muttered as a green wrapped present flew into her hands.”I saw this the other day and it reminded me of you. Please don’t think too much of it.” She said as she handed him the package. He just stared at her with shock. “Well don’t just stand there. Open it.” She urged.



“Okay, I will.” As he torn into the paper surrounding the gift. He pulled out a elegant emerald green notebook that shimmered slightly. Normally he would have thought it was girly but something about the book seemed odd but in a good way.



“Thank you, I didn’t get you anything.” He said.



“Yes, you did you invited Harry and Ginny. That meant a lot to me to have them here.” She responded. She turned to get ready for bed. “Goodnight Draco.”



“Good night Hermione.” Draco whispered as he left the room.

Draco awoke to screaming in the middle of the night. He jumped out of bed to investigate the noise and where it had come from. He followed the screaming to Hermione’s door. He stopped cold in his tracks when her realized what was going on in her.




“Please stop. We have never been to your vault. Please.” And was followed but another long high pitched scream that rang through his head. Finally he got the found the will to move and quickly opened the door to her to room and ran to the bed.



“Hermione! Wake up. It’s only a dream!” He exclaimed while trying to shake her awake. His ear drums felt like they would burst at any second if she didn’t stop screaming.



“Wake up! It’s only a dream!” He tried again and this time it seemed to work. Her eyes finally popped open. She looked frighten for a moment and then busted in to tears as she clung to his chest. He just realized that in his haste to find the scream he had forgotten to put on a shirt and he sat on her bed in only his silk black pajama bottoms. He also noticed she was wearing just an oversized t-shirt and her knickers. “Hermione, It was only a dream.” He stated pathetically because he didn’t know what else to say to the crying woman in his lap. She just started sobbing more.



“No, that wasn’t a dream. That was a memory.”



Draco was left speechless. He waited for her sobs to subside before he got up to leave. Hermione reached out and grabbed his hand.



“I know you still dislike me but, for tonight, can you pretend I’m someone else and sleep in here tonight. I trust you not to try anything. Please.” Draco couldn’t say no she looked to vulnerable. He was afraid she might break if he refused so he didn’t say anything but just crawled into bed. Hermione slow crawled across the bed and laid as close possible without actually touch him. Draco put his arm around her and pulled her close. It was just one night. She snuggled into get comfortable but he was startled when she started talking.



“The last time I had a dream like that was the last time I went to bed sober.” Draco was already feeling guilty but now it was almost unbearable. He heard her breaths even out and knew she was finally asleep.



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