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The Great Bet by dracofelton17
Chapter 2 : The Great Bet
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Draco Malfoy was sitting on a couch infront of the fire, staring intently into it, as if the warm mixture of red and orange flames held all the secrets of the world. I myself was snuggled on another couch with a book, next to the warm fire. It was the day after we met on the train and the first day of our classes. After our classes, I decided to go read a good book by the fire, yet Malfoy just happened to be there. So we had a long argument about who got there first, but eventually we both just gave up and decided to share the warm fire.

"Enjoying your book Granger?" he asked, and it made my eyes snap up from my book to Malfoy, who was still staring into the fire, where a small smirk had creeped onto his face.

"I was until you interrupted me Malfoy" I retorted, rolling my eyes at him. We didn't usually talk unless it was with snarky comments and insults towards each other. So I just delved back into my book, enjoying reading about Hogwarts in Hogwarts: A History. However, I couldn't stop thinking about how much he had changed.

For one, he had definitely changed in his looks. I mean he had always looked good. Really Hermione? Where did that come from? Yet, I still couldn't help thinking about it. His white blonde hair just hung carelessly infront of his eyes. I could see his abs through his tight shirt, and it was both a good and bad thing. Bad, because well it wasn't a good thing for my sanity. And his eyes had that blue-silver color that you could just get lost in. Like a few minutes staring into his eyes could feel like months had gone by.

I also saw a change of heart in this beautiful man. Ever since the war, he hadn't called me mudblood, in fact, he didn't really even talk to the Gryffindors much anymore. I guess it was better that way. Nethertheless, I knew he wasn't happy still. That same blank stare was always there, mixed with a smirk every once in a while.

The only people he really talked to were his best friend Blaise and his 'girlfriend' Pansy. I don't think he necessarily liked Pansy. And he didn't consider her his girlfriend, but he was her boyfriend. I just thought the whole situation was funny.

"Enjoying the view Granger?" Malfoy asked, and I snapped back to reality. I realized that I had been staring at him and I blushed, quickly looking away.


"Hey Granger?" he said, in a whisper, and I looked back over at him, curious why he was talking so softly.

"Yes?" I whispered back just as softly.

"Do you hate me?" he asked, and this caught me off guard that I couldn't even talk for a few minutes. Eventually, I finally answered him.

"No. I don't hate you Malfoy. Why would you think such a thing?"

"Well after the war, I thought that everyone would hate me, you know" he mumbled, and I understood now why he thought people would hate him.

"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now." I quoted a saying I had heard a long time ago. And it made perfect sense for his feelings right now. I just hoped it would help. "And besides, all the girls practically faint whenever you even walk by" I added, smiling.

"Not all of them" he replied, and I knew exactly who he was talking about. And suddenly I didn't feel so comfortable with the current subject.

"Well as weird as this heart-to-heart was, I am going to bed. Goodnight Malfoy" I mumbled quickly, before bidding him goodnight and heading off to bed.

"Night Granger"


The next morning I didn't even bother finding Malfoy to see if he wanted to walk down to breakfast with me. I just walked into the Great Hall by myself and sat down with the Gryfindors.

"Hey 'Mione. How did you sleep?" Ron asked through a mouthful of food and a dreamy Lavender Brown at his side. Things had gotten a little awkward since what happened last year. After 'the kiss' I found out that Ron had been cheating on me with Lavender, so I broke up with him. And if I had to hear the end of 'Won Won' and 'Lav Lav' it would be too soon.

"Fine" I retorted coldly, watching him stuff his face with food. How could Lavender find that attractive? He just nodded and smiled before turning to Lavender, both of them smiling at each other. I couldn't take it anymore so I turned my attention to something else.

I saw Ginny laughing at something Harry said, the couple holding hands, and I smiled. They were the perfect couple ever since the War. So after watching them for a few minutes, I decided to turn my attention again to something, or someone else...

Malfoy was sitting with Blaise, whispering and smirking to each other about something. And every once in a while Malfoy would smirk and wink at me. What could they possibly be talking about? ...


"So how was sleeping with Granger" my best friend and idiot, Blaise said, grinning.

"I didn't sleep with Granger, I talked to her about the War and she even said all the girls are basically ontop of me" I retorted, grinning right back.

"Well it's kind of true mate, I mean just look at Pansy. She is obsessed with you" he even looked a little jealous as he said it.

"I hate Pansy. She's only really there for a good shag once in a while. I'd do anything to get rid of her" I replied, with a 'i'm so sick, I might throw up' face.

"Anything? Like Granger? You could get any girl to shag you, except Granger" he stated, and I got a brilliant idea, while in denial that my best friend didn't believe in my girl skills.

"Alright Blaise. I'll make you a bet. If I can convince Granger to shag me by the end of the year, you have to get up on a table in the Great Hall infront of the school and sing your love for Pansy" I proposed to him, smirking. Not really even knowing why I would propose such a thing.

"And if she doesn't, which she won't, then you have to sing for Pansy infront of the whole school, which you will, when I win" he replied, smirking back.

"It's so on"


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