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Something About a Witch by bri_5_stars
Chapter 4 : Chapter the Fourth: Hugo the Conqueror of Couches
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Sweet CI by GinnyPotter25@TDA!

“Why is this happening?” Rose called down the main hallway of the Weasley home.


All of her things, mostly clothing, were floating slowly one by one down the corridor, and into the sitting room; then folding themselves and settling into boxes surrounding the couch. She had been woken from her mostly restful sleep when a cardboard box attempted to take her place on the couch.


“Because Sweetie, at the rate you pack, you would still be here through the spring. This is the only way to do it all at once.” Rose’s mother called from her room, where she orchestrated it all with her wand.


“Okay, but could Hugo not help? I’d rather not have him looking through my stuff.” Rose called in reply.


A red head popped out from her bedroom doorway.


“Are you afraid that I’ll be going through all of your old love letters?” Hugo asked grinning.


“That, and I don’t need your artsy-fartsy hippie germs all over my things.” Rose replied walking down the hall towards him.


“For the last time Rose, you won’t turn into a ‘hippy’ if a hippy touches your things. It takes dedication, and some life choices to be that lazy.” Hermione called to both of her children.


“Thanks Mum, it could serve you well to have some creative outlets in your life Rosie Posie.” Hugo taunted as he put a hand full of Rose’s picture frames into a box.


“How about I find a creative way to scuff your pansy arse up?” Rose threatened.


“Language, Rose.”


“Sorry Mum.”

Rose shooed Hugo out of her room with a very weak stunning hex. With a yelp he wasn’t so reluctant to leave; she assumed that he was going off to his room to ‘paint’ because he was an ‘artist’, as was his usual explanation for why he dressed slightly feminine, played very lame music in his messy room, and kept a very scruffy appearance. It worked to keep him from having to do the dishes and other chores on most occasions, as he would probably leave more grime than he cleaned. Rose usually just wrote him off as a slacker, excusing that without Quidditch she would be just as lazy.


“Not in the house please, Rose.” Her mother said finishing her orchestrating.


“Whatever you say,” Rose replied carelessly, stacking the two boxes on top of her old trunk that held more personal things.


“That should be about it with the clothes I imagine.” Her Mother said, “Now finish up in here, the car will be here soon.”


“Eh, its alright I’ve got an hour.” Rose muttered relaxed as she sat down on the mattress.


“You were asleep longer than you think; it will be here in ten minutes.”


“What?!” Rose exclaimed, suddenly energized.


“She said that you are a lazy sot!” Hugo called from his room.


“Not now, Hugo!” Hermione called back.


“I suppose I don’t need the majority of this then, its just old decorations and stuff.” Rose said observing what was left in her now nearly empty childhood room.


Her closet and dresser had been wiped clean, as was her bookcase and desk. All that was left were girly wall hangings, many old dolls and toys left on the open surfaces, and a giant pink bean bag chair in the corner. She was quite the girly girl when she was younger, now her girlish tastes were more subdued. Much had changed since she had attended Hogwarts; and now she was finally leaving the nest and going to live on her own in an apartment complex in Bristol where several of her teammates also resided, James included.


Rose did not exactly find it hard to be leaving home for the first time. Her parents on the other hand felt the opposite, her father Ron had decided it was best to stay at work during the day to avoid postponing his little girls first real move. Her mother, Hermione while feeling the sadness of it was at least still task oriented enough not to let her slack and sponge off them for another year; knowing full well that Hugo would happily fill Rose’s void. Already having claimed her room to use as an art studio.


“Good then, lets shrink these so Hugo can put them into the trunk with the furniture.” Her mother said, leaving her room and walking down the hall.


Rose shrunk the boxes from their place atop the trunk, and then sat down on the lid to make it easier to shut the latch. Hugo peeked his head in the room with a flustered look on his face.


“Oh just make it weightless if you are going to complain about it.” Rose scoffed before he could say any thing, and then dragged the trunk and boxes to the doorway.


Hugo took the heaviest of weights from her, and started down the hall in front of her.


“I think you should owe me now. You should be getting Al to do this, he’d be happy to.” He complained.


“Oh dear, my own brother doesn’t even want to help me move… Whatever. Besides, Albus is still in Auror training, but he did say that he would be around for dinner.” Rose replied, following him down the hall to the sitting room (where Hermione waited with the shrunken boxes of clothes and Quidditch gear) actively trying not to trip on the trunk.


Albus had made a pact upon leaving Hogwarts to always make sure they had time for each other, however far apart, or busy they may be. There were other less important bits included in the pact as well, like never see Molly or Lucy with out somehow tormenting them, and that they would discover what made Grandpa Arthur love muggles so much, to name a few.


In the three years since, despite having incredibly different careers they some how managed to stay as close as they had been as children. Not counting all the mandatory family get-togethers.


“Really? Do you think that James will be there too?” Hugo asked, interrupting her thoughts. He had always considered James to be an older brother, as most of the Potter and Weasley kids felt, having grown up across the street from each other.


“It’s likely as he has never turned down an invitation for food, especially since he will be living on the floor above me now.” Rose shrugged.


“Wicked.” Hugo grinned.


A car horn honked from outside the house. Their, or rather her Ministry ride was there to take them to Bristol. Oh the perks of being a Ministry brat indeed.


“Hurry, hurry.” Their Mother prodded, holding the front door open for them.


Rose gathered several of the shrunken boxes, and led the way to where the boot of the car awaited open. Hugo followed and tossed her trunk in, along with all of the shrunken furniture. Once they had finished, she looked back at her old home, then across the street to the Potter’s, which had been as much of a second home to her as the Burrow was. She would certainly miss living there, but she knew that she needn’t make to big a deal of leaving when she could come back at any time. Now she would have all the freedoms of an adult, the ability to lock her own door, one she was particularly excited about. At her Mother’s urging she quickly slid into the back seat of the car with Hugo, as Hermione took the front passengers seat.


“All ready?” The driver asked.


“Drive on Mr. Cabbie Man!” Hugo exclaimed, pointing forward as if to lead a charge. Both Hermione and Rose rolled their eyes at the 18 year olds antics.


Rose pushed him into the window only to have him push her back and tighten her seat belt.


“Quit it, how old are you 7?” she asked fending him off.


“Nope, I am 8.” He replied with the same goofy grin as their Dad. They tended to look and act very similar, especially when sleeping.


“That explains so much, like all those finger paintings you made.” Rose teased.


“Oh come on, it is a modernist style. I’ve told you before!”


The journey to her new place in Bristol continued on much as it had in the first few minutes, with Rose and Hugo bickering and wrestling in the back, while their Mother tried to politely make conversation with the driver and excuse her children’s behavior.


Eventually, after what seemed like a thousand potions classes they pull up outside the fancy looking apartment building that she would now live in. Though she had seen it several times before, Rose was still in awe of it.


“I don’t think you are high class enough to live here.” Hugo whispered in her ear.


“You forget, James lives here too.” Rose said shoving him, so that he fell out of the door he was opening.


As if on cue the older Potter son burst through the front doors of the complex, followed by a dainty red-headed girl and his younger brother.


“Albus!” Rose shouted gleefully from inside the car.


“My ears!” Hugo exclaimed covering his ears and ducking out of the car.


Rose frantically searched for the door handle too excited to think straight. When she did finally open the door and try to leave she was flung back into her seat by the damned seatbelt. Albus had come around to her side of the car smirking at her, and unbuckled his cousin from her entanglement.


“One thing at a time Red.” Albus grinned, helping her up from the car.


“Why don’t you shut up, four eyes?” she returned, instead he gave her a bear hug.


“Enough of that you two, you can goof off when you finish moving Rose’s things in.” Rose’s Mother told them, opening the trunk of the car with her wand.


“It is about time you joined the adult world Red.” James said patting Rose on the head like a puppy.


“Quit it, I’ve been an adult for awhile.”


“In age maybe.” Hugo huffed.


“Don’t you start, Mr. Stay-at-home-artist.” Hermione said, causing everyone to laugh. “Now who is this young lady James? I don’t believe we’ve met yet.”


“Aunt Hermione, this is my girlfriend Johanna Knollys. Johanna, this is my Aunt Hermione, and everyone else you’ve met.” James said introducing them.


Rose had only met Johanna at Quidditch related events in the two years she had been dating James. Mostly because he wanted to ease her into meeting the Potter-Weasley brood, rather than all at once. Which Rose believed was the smartest thing he's ever done. Clearly, Potter men liked the red-heads. She was a nice and sweet girl, who owned her own small book shop, which would surely win Aunt Hermione’s approval. In Rose’s opinion Johanna was much better than any of the others either of the Potter boys had dated. Especially, Albus’ ex Ellen the Hufflepuff. She hated Hufflepuffs for some odd reason. Still when Johanna was finally introduced to everyone else, she wanted to be there because it would be quite entertaining.


“Shall we?” Hermione insisted, “Boys you can take the furniture up. The girls and I will get the rest.” When everything had been taken from the trunk she did a resizing charm.


There was a loud groan from the boys and Rose.


“Ah, Mum but its easier to move all of that when its shrunk!” Rose whined.


“You’ll be fine you are all young aren’t you?” Her mother replied, picking up a bag of books and leading the way into the building.


Two hours later and Rose’s new flat had been almost completely furnished and moved in. At least to the extent she would allow, all progress halting when Albus and James started unpacking the box labeled ‘Delicates’ for her. They had all resigned to sitting on the couches and catching up, while Hermione was left to tend to making the supper.


Four of them sat squashed on to Rose’s sofa. Albus on the other hand, sat proudly in the armchair he had claimed after the general scuffle that had broken out when it came to choosing seats, (he had won by using a few weak jinxes and brute force.) A happy conversation had then followed.


“Just because you are officially a Junior Auror now, doesn’t mean that you can just go around jinxing people Albus. You may have authority now, but I still have older sibling privileges.” James said rubbing the sore spot on his cheek and looking to Johanna for sympathy.


“Actually it does.” Albus replied smugly.


“You’ll be okay James,” Johanna cooed, “You take bigger hits on a daily basis.”


“He doesn’t need anymore of an ego stroking, Jamie what she is trying to say is that you are a very good punching bag.” Rose said, with at James.


“Yes because if it got any more inflated I would float away right, Red?” James asked.


“Don’t worry, I will always be there to shoot you down.” Albus replied.


“How sweet.” Johanna said.


“Not really.” The rest replied in unison.


Johanna mumbled something in James’ ear, causing him to glare at the others. He then turned his attentions only to her, like a stubborn child.


“So Rosie, this is pretty big.” Albus pointed out bluntly.


“Well yeah,” Rose replied gesturing to all of her new flat.


“Moving out to live on your own, a big step in your career. Those all seem a little to grown up for you. “ Albus continued.


“This coming from the 21 year old Auror who dresses like he is his fathers age… old.”


“Coming from the girl who almost exclusively wears sweats outside of 'work', which basically involves wearing sweats… you should probably see a Healer about that sweating problem Red.” Albus said kicking his shoe off at Rose.


Rose caught the sneaker in mid air, and flung it back at Albus who took it to the chest with a THUD. Albus brushed it of then jumped forward to grab Rose’s foot and yank her off the couch and on to the floor. As he did, Rose took the opportunity to bring Hugo down with her. Not to happy with that he pulled Albus down too. With both Weasleys in an angry mess on the floor, Albus decided to show his dominance by holding down Rose’s limbs and sitting on her back as she struggled in vain against him. Since no one was paying attention Hugo managed to climb atop the armchair and claim it for his own, standing on it like a conquering hero. As things died down again, and Hugo surveyed the room, there was a knock at the door which drew everyone’s attentions.


“Who is it?” Rose called breathlessly from her place under Albus.


“Your Father.” The voice on the other side called back.


The door opened to reveal just that, her father walked in still wearing work robes, and stepped aside to let others come in.


“Look who I found wandering the halls.” He said.


When she saw who came through, Rose bounced from the floor shaking off Albus, and was almost instantly on her feet, tripping and stumbling over them on her rush to the door.


“Dear Merlin, Alice! Its been awhile!” Rose exclaimed, launching herself at the equally excited Alice Longbottom.


“I finally had the early shift, so I though I would come to see the new flat and give you this.” Alice said handing over a relatively small wrapped gift that resembled a frying pan, then sniffed the air, “Whatever you are making smells wonderful, Mrs. Weasley.”


Hermione, seeing the wrapped pan took it from her daughter and smiled at Alice.


“Thank you Alice, just what I’ve been needing since Rose doesn’t have everything for the kitchen yet.” Hermione said, and then smiled at her husband.


“Merlin she’s right Hermione, it smells great.” Ron said, sidling over to his wife.


“Thanks Mum, of course I didn’t want to unwrap my own present.” Rose mumbled, knowing she wasn’t listening, Alice elbowed her smiling, and nodded back to the doorway.




“I just wanted to say bye to everyone before going back to Hogwarts next week.” Lily said brightly.


Lily, like Hugo, had just finished her 7th year, but decided because of several offers to go back and be Madam Pince’s assistant, and future replacement in the Library because of her old age.


“Congratulations on that by the way Lily.” Rose said hugging her smaller doppelganger.


If anything could be said about the flower girls of the Weasley clan, was that on first glance they had incredibly similar looks. The defined feminine features, the red hair, and blue eyes. Though while Rose was a bit taller and tough, Lily was petite and gentle. While Rose was tanned and toned, Lily was pale and comfortable. While Lily would rather read or dress up to go out, Rose was likely to dress down and read a Quidditch magazine. In a few words they were complete opposites who got on like sisters.


“I should be congratulating you, you are the one who is going places.” Lily replied hugging her back.


“Quidditch isn’t really ‘going places’ when all the pitches look the same.” James called from the couch.


“Nice to see you too, James. Hi Albus, Hugo, Johanna.” Lily said making her way over to them.


Everyone welcomed the new arrivals. Rose took the time to give Alice and Lily the tour of the flat, all of which she could just point to from her spot in the crowded sitting room. There was her bedroom furthest from the door (with a  loo and closet attached), a second loo between her bedroom and the second bedroom, which would double as her ‘office’ and a guest room if needed. And quite obviously the small kitchen just off the foyer.


It was quaint but trendy, and Rose knew that it was more than enough for her. Though the thought if she was able to afford it she might as well go big. Before long, her mother announced that a dinner of fish, chips, and sautéed zucchini was ready to be devoured.


“Where are we supposed to sit?” Hugo asked, making it aware that there was no dinner table yet.


“You’ve got a wand haven't you?” His father asked in reply, and everyone chuckled.


There was a small shuffle as all of them found an item on their person and transfigured it into a tray on which to set their meals. A line formed passing through the small buffet that Hermione had set up along the kitchen counter. Ten minutes later, they had all found places to sit (however awkward) and were happily munching and chatting away.


Amidst the chatter, there was another knock at the front door. Rose hopped down from her perch on the counter between Albus and Alice, set her tray down and made for the door.


“I’ll get it!” Albus said copying Rose, and brushing past her on the way to the door.


He began to open it, “Oh hey…”, but was cut off when Rose slammed the door shut again.


“Its my flat, I can get the door you twit.” Rose replied with a threatening look.


Rose opened the door, on the other side stood a slightly confused, yet still smiling Scorpius; holding a bouquet of wild flowers in one hand, and a nice bottle of champagne in the other.


“Sorry about that,” Rose began, growing red.


“Who is it dear?” Her mother called from the couch.


“It’s Scorpius and he’s brought Red flowers and alcohol.” Albus replied, and then followed up with a wolf whistle.


“Do hush,” Rose said still slightly embarrassed even though it was just a simple gesture of friendship, “He is just being nice right?” she asked moving aside to let him by.


“Oh, I was just stopping by to say congratulations, and give you these.” Scorpius said hurriedly, giving her the presents and a kiss on the cheek, only causing more wolf whistles.


“Can’t stay for dinner, Score?” James called happily.


“Not this time, I promised Piper a real date tonight.” Scorpius replied with a shrug.


“Like she doesn’t have you at all the other times anyway.” Johanna muttered from beside James, she like most of the family wasn't all that excited about Piper.


“You are one to talk.” Scorpius said with a wink, “ Anyway, I’ve got to be going. Bye Weasleys, Potters, others, Rose.” He finished with a smile for Rose, and was on his way.


“Goodbye!” everyone replied in unison.


“Someone’s got a crush.” Albus whispered in Rose’s ear, and was promptly slapped upside the head. 

A/N: Hi! And there you have chapter four... a whole lot of filler. And you probably expected action, well it can't all be that way. I blame it partly on wanting to get this chapter out around Christmas. I apologize for my Hermione, my hatred of her makes her difficult to write. This chapter did feel a bit too dry and I am sorry for that, so if you have any suggestions or anything I am happy to hear it. I promise the next will have more stuff happening. As usual please review, whatever your opinion of the story is! Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year... wait that's not right, to late to fix it though ;) Thank you for reading! 

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