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Future Is Always Another Story by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 1 : Welcome Home, Annie
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SUMMARY: During the War, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger had been secretly dating. They were so in love that nothing seemed could separate them apart. Fate, apparently, didn't want them to be together. Draco died just a few minutes after the fall of the Dark side, not knowing that he left a pregnant Hermione alone.

Hermione Granger (age 18-25) : Emma Watson

Hermione Granger (age 26-33) : Natalie Portman

Hermione Granger (age 34-40) : Rachel Weisz

Draco Malfoy : Tom Felton

Andrew Granger : Jude Law

Annie Malfoy (age 3-5) : Alexis Clagett

Annie Malfoy (age 11-13) : Willow Shields

Annie Malfoy (age 16-22) : Tamsin Egerton

David Weasley : Nicholas Hoult

Lysander/Lorcan Scamander : Alex Pettyfer

Kate McLaggen : Kaya Scodelario

Aquila Malfoy-Lennox : Kate Winslet

Luna Lovegood (age 17-20) : Evanna Lynch

Luna Lovegood (age 30-39) : Claire Danes

James Fanning : Leonardo DiCaprio

Cormac McLaggen : Daniel Craig

Alex Lennox : Josh Duhammel

Rolf Scamander : Ashton Kutcher

NOTES: I wrote this story with my best friend, who goes by the name Amelia. We decided that we're going to revise this chapter. The chapters will be posted (hopefully) every week.

DISCLAIMER: Everything belongs to my beautiful Queen, Joanne Kathleen Rowling. The only thing I own are the plot, beautiful Annie Malfoy, charming David Weasley, sweet Kate McLaggen, the cute Jamie and Luke Fanning, and my beloved Harry Potter Lego set. If I did own the Harry Potter world, I'd make Lily and the Marauders (except Peter, incl) were alive, and Dramione to happen.

So if you just hold my hand, baby, I promise that I'll do all I can. Things will get better if you just hold my hand. Nothing can come between us if you just hold, hold my, hold, hold my, hold my hand, hold my hand. ~Hold My Hand,Michael Jackson ft. AKON~



Have you ever looked at something so perfect it broke your heart and completed you all at once? I have. On February 6 1999, my daughter was placed into my arms with a head of golden-blonde hair and greyish-blue eyes wide opened. She wasn't crying, she wasn't flailing, she was perfectly serene as she looked at me with such a soul already in her, and I knew it was meant to be. It was as if she was trying to tell me everything was going to be alright. It would only be the two of us, but somehow we would get by. I would pull us through any obstacle to give her the life she deserved. I was so overwhelmed by the emotion of it all, I broke down as soon as they brought her to me, cleaned and wrapped. Yet, through it all I felt alone. Horribly alone. I had no family. My mother was surely still in London, and my former fiancé, was already married to his ex-girlfriend, who had ironically turned up with the child they had conceived together.



The father of my child had long been dead before I got to tell him that we had a child together. We had been together secretly, despite the fact that we were forbidden to. It was in the year of the War, but with him, I didn't feel like we were having war at all. All I knew was with him, I felt complete. Though I never believed in such nonsense thing called love, I finally believed that what we had was love. My parents were married because my father needed a wife so he could convince his parents that being a dentist was good and could give him quite of fortune - who wanted him to continue the family business. My mother married him because she believed that it would bring quite fortune for her – since she was quite the materialistic woman. They barely spoke to each other, much less loved each other. My mother had never been truly happy, but being raised as the daughter of a well-known businessman, she'd knew exactly how to act properly in front of the public. I had always pitied her for my father and I were terribly close and he'd made sure I had skills should something ever happen to him. For a short time, I even served as a sort of receptionist in his small dentist practical office. I did go to both Muggle and wizard school and was the best in my year. In the wizardry school, I had two best friends that later, I spent my whole childhood having dangerous adventures with them. I had an endless love for books and read constantly. My childhood was brilliant and not once I complained about it.



The only material things I had ever valued was a silver charm-bracelet that Daddy had given me before he died. When I was sixteen, I asked them to go to Australia, believing that no one would guesss that they were my parents. But, right a week before the War started, Daddy died. He died from something that I wasn't aware of; sickness. It turned out that my father left a lot of debt to support his work as a dentist. Desperate, my mother dragged me along from Adelaide, Australia to London after learning that one of my best friend, Ron Weasley, just made a fortune of himself by working with his brothers in his shop. Once, I did believe that I loved Ron. But, as time passed, I couldn't picture myself with him. So, the week after we settled down in our old house in Sussex, my mother asked me to bring her to meet with Ron and his family. She convinced Ron and his family that I loved him. I could see it from Ron's eyes that he loved me, like he always did. Two days later, Ron proposed me.



Then, the War came. I erased the memory of me from my mother and sent her back to Australia, after promising her that I would come back for her. Together with my fiancé, we helped our best friend, Harry Potter, to fight against the Dark Lord. Ron was so sweet during the War, though he once ever questioned my loyalties to him. He left me and Harry in the woods, alone, unprepared and defenseless. Nonetheless, it took him only about two months later to come back. I was mad at him, but I forgave him nevertheless. Our journey continued though we were tired as hell.



During the War, though neither Harry nor Ron knew, I made contact with Luna Lovegood. To everyone she's a loony, but to me she's my walking diary. We met secretly since Death Eaters were everywhere like insects. When I was with Luna, I could tell her anything I had in my mind. She would stay quiet and listened to me until I was finished. If I cried, she would cheer me up in the most unexpected way; by telling me some crappy jokes she read from her father's stupid newsapaper, the Quibbler. Still, I found her the closest thing to reality.


One day, I woke up with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. The night before, Ron just tried to pressure me into making love with him for the umpteenth time that month and became angry when I told him to stop. He'd never hit me, he just left the tent and came back when Harry searched out for him. It was later that I learned Ron didn't like me to snap at him like that. He wanted to have control of me, like a husband should to his wife. Ron never understood me, and he never tried to. And I felt sick with everything. With him, this clueless journey we had, with the world.



That was until I met him.



I was out to some cheap Muggle cafe in Kensington. I had to steal a car to be there. Luna promised me that she would be there. As I waited for her, I saw a glimpse of a familiar slender boy with platinum-blonde hair. He never wore a Muggle outfit before, so I was quite surprised when I saw he did. But, he looked amazing in it. It took me only three seconds to realise who he is when he entered the cafe and caught my eyes. That man was Draco Malfoy, my childhood enemy. I noticed something in his eyes, amused maybe, but he did a pretty good job of hiding it. He walked toward me nonchalantly, as if years of mocking me never happened. He sat on the seat in front of me, ordering two cups of coffee and greeted me.



"Hullo, Granger, long time no see," he said slowly. His greyish-blue eyes were piercing into mine, his impeccable handsome face stunned me.



"Malfoy, what are you doing in a Muggle cafe?" I spat, hoping that my obvious attraction to him was unnoticed. To answer my question, he shrugged.



"I used to come here, Granger. It's you, I should've been asking the question," he said calmly. I saw Luna was about to enter the cafe. Damn, what if Malfoy being here was a trap? What if he would try to catch us both?



"I came here to see someone," I said, shaking my head swiftly at Luna, hoping that she would understand and went away. Thank goodness, she did. She turned away, giving me one of her dreamy looks, and jumped into a bus.



"If I may ask, who is it?" asked Malfoy.



I leaned forward, my eyes challenged him like we used to when we were in school. He leaned closer too, his eyes were mystified. "I'm perfectly aware that we're in a Muggle area, Malfoy, but I don't mind using a little hex at you if you keep on pestering me about who I'm going to meet with."



Malfoy tensed a bit before he flashed a vague smirk and leaned back on his seat. "No you won't," he said in the same calm voice.



Suddenly I was mad, tired of everything that happened, especially of people telling me what I was and wasn't going to do. "What do you mean 'no I won't?' Don't presume to tell me what I will and will not do! You don't know me, Malfoy!"


Casually, he shrugged and said, "Well, you would've done it already. And for the record, Granger, I do know you."



I rolled my eyes, embarrassed and angry. Before I could say another word, the waitress came with our coffees. Malfoy thanked her and sipped his coffee elegantly. My eyes were still watching him closely, afraid that he would press that ugly Mark on his left forearm. But, he didn't. In fact, he told me that he was there because he couldn't bare seeing his aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, torturing some Muggle. He told me that he loved drawing and was quite good at it. He even showed me some of his drawings, which was extremely good if I wasn't too preoccupied to get him away. The only thought that went through my mind was, Go away, you stupid ferret! Then, he proceed with telling me about his chidlhood, about how learned that out there, he had a sister who is seven years older than him. I was this close from telling him to get the hell away from me that I finally said it.


"You clearly are stupid, Malfoy." I was expecting him to bed mad, instead, he laughed.




"That's what everybody says, Granger. Draco 'Ferret' Malfoy, the stupid high-prided Pureblood. But, with all due respect, Granger, I just want to tell you that you better stop coming into this Muggle world."



I frowned. "Why?"



He sighed heavily. "Granger, I know exactly that you always came to various places to meet Lovegood. I know that you're supposed to meet her here. And I know about it because the Dark Lord himself signed me to keep track on you."



I froze. So, he really was about to trap me. It was a big mistake for me to let him talk. As if he was reading my mind, to which I'm clearly convinced about, he talked again. "No, this is not a trap, Granger. I came here personally to tell you about it. You-Know-Who, my father, my aunt, they don't know about it."



I was still unconvinced until he showed me some scars on his hand. "You see these, Granger? These are the scars I got from Voldemort since I lied to him that I didn't find you. My father wouldn't do that, my aunt wouldn't do that also, let alone my mother. Belive me, Granger, if I want to trap you, I've done it ages ago."


Finally, I felt myself nodding. His face showed a glimpse of relief. We paid the waitress and walked out the cafe. Before I entered my car, I asked him why he did that. Smiling sadly, he answered those words that I always remembered until know.



"Because I care about you more than you know, Hermione Granger."



Then, my secret meetings with Luna were replaced with Malfoy. Or I would call him later on by Draco only. He was the missing piece of my soul, like I was to him. When the Snatchers caught me and Harry and Ron, he was panic. His usually impassive expression was gone. He was enraged when Bellatrix torture me. He challenged her, which only caused her to be mad at him. She turned to torture him, yelling the word traitor to his ears. She was caught off guard when Dobby came to rescue me and everyone in the Malfoy Manor. Right before we Disapparated with the elf, I saw Draco looked at me deeply. Though his face showed tiredness, but his eyes were happy.



In the middle of May, I urgently asked him to meet me. We had been contacting each other for months using the old fake D.A. Galleons. I brought him to a motel, where we spent the night by making love. He was hesitant at first and I could see that he wasn't in his best condition. Nevertheless, he tried to fulfill my request, even though doubts were clear in his eyes all the night. I wasn't aware that we put no protections on. All I know was, when I got back to Harry and Ron, I was smiling like a lovesick fool.



I met him again in Hogwarts, when the final battle was held on. After the battle was won and Voldemort was dead, I was looking all around the castle for him. Somehow, my feet brought me to the Astronomy Tower, where I found him hanging on a single rope. I saw his uncle, Rodolphus Lestrange, was lying dead on the floor. It looked like they were having a duel against each other. But, at that time, I didn't care at all. I ran toward him and grabbed his hand before he fell to the grounds. Draco, despite being quite slender than any other boys, was far heavier than me. I couldn't bring myself to pull him up. I cried in frustration, not wanting to lose the love of my life. But, Draco knew his life won't be long. He gave me a platinum necklace with a big blue diamond. He told me to move on before he let my hand go and fell to the grounds with a dull thud.



Later on, two months after his death, I found myself carrying his child. Ourchild.



I couldn't bring myself meeting the Weasley family while having Draco's child. They would be mad at me. The whole Wizarding world would. So, I Apparated to my childhood home in Sussex, packed my things and took some money from the bank, and Apparated to Santa Monica, California. That was the only place that I could think. Some place where I could start a better new life.



I stared down at the baby in my arms, coming out of my memory and looked at her intently, trying to pick something to call her. I'd been certain she was a boy and had been set on calling him Eltanin, because that was what Draco wanted his child to be named. But here she was, a girl. As I looked at her, a tune went through my mind. An old, Muggle song that Draco and I heard when we were sneaking out to a pub. Come let love you, let me give my life to you. Let me drown in your laughter, let me die in your arms... Annie's Song by John Denver.



"Annie?" I said tentatively, she looked up at me then and I suddenly knew it was her name. Her full name would be Annabelle, but I'll call her simply by Annie.



"Have you chosen her name Mrs. Malfoy?" The nurse asked me, inquiring for the birth certificate. I changed my surname into Draco's, so that if someone tried to find me, they won't find any Granger.



"Yes," I said, adjusting her easily. "Annabelle Luna Malfoy."



Annie and I went home the very next day from the Santa Monica General Hospital and back to the small apartment I'd been able to buy with the money I'd made from being a waitress. It was a disaster at first, since I'd never done any cooking or cleaning a waitress should do in my life before. But, I got it be slowly and everything became better. Luna and Harry, the only friends that knew my whereabouts, had set up the bedroom in the apartment for the baby and they were waiting for us when we walked in. We'd met just after the War, since I asked them to help me when I first settled in to California. When I objected their money, they tried to find me a job. I'm forever in debt to them.



As we sat on my couch, I laid my head against the back of it and cradled Annie.



"Welcome home, Annie."



Author's Note:


If you forget the actors/actresses that portray the character, just re-check it, okay? Thanks for reading and please review!



Sophie (and Amelia)


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