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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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Disclaimer: All original characters belong to J.K, the only things I own are the story lines I’ve made up and Alex, Louise and Rosie, this disclaimer is carried out through the story.

“You know Sirius is still crazy about Alex right?” James asked Lily on their way back from lunch.

“Of course I do, I reckon she probably likes him still too, she just won’t admit it” Lily smiled.

“Some people are so stupid” James replied, laughing.

“Whose stupid Potter, you?” James turned around, standing behind himself and Lily, was; Snivellus and Avery.

“What do you want Avery?” James spat, standing in front of Lily.

“Not much Potter, just going for a walk” Avery retorted.

“Ah you’re taking the Mudblood for a walk? Where’s its lead and collar?” Snivellus smirked.

“Don’t call her that” James fumed.

“I’ll call her whatever I want” Snape grimaced.

“Come on James there not worth it” Lily snapped.

“Yes Potter, listen to the Mudblood” Avery taunted.

James ignored them and followed Lily to the common room. When they got there James sank into a chair.

“Full moon tonight” Lily muttered, James hesitated he knew she was interested in astronomy, but….

“Yeah, poor-” James stopped himself, realizing what he was about to say.

“Poor who?” Lily asked curiously,

“Poor you, another full moon on a night we don’t have access to the astronomy tower because there’s a class so, no studying it tonight eh?” James saved. Lily looked at him with curiosity.

“How’s Remus feeling? I heard him tell Louise that he wasn’t feeling very well and he might pop down to the hospital wing later”

“Oh worse I think, yeah poor, poor moony” James sighed,

“Why is he always ill?” Lily mused,

“Not always ill, his mum is as well, I think he inherited like a weak stomach or something from her and he gets really bad headaches often so does his dad so I assume-”

“Cut the crap James, I know, im not an idiot. I know” Lily snapped

“Know what dear?” James said sleepily, eating always made him tired.

“I know Remus is a werewolf” James’ head snapped up at this point.

“How?” He whispered gaping at her.

“He ‘disappears’ at every full moon, after the full moon he spends days in the hospital wing, white as a sheet and in 5th year that boggart turned into the moon” Lily said matter of factly.

“Does Louise know?” James muttered to her.

“I don’t know” Lily shrugged, “but I won’t tell her or anyone”.

“I trust you Lily, but you need to talk to Remus” James replied.

“I will, I promise” Lily swore.

“Anyway on a lighter note, I know it’s a bit early but what are you lot doing for Christmas” James smiled at her.

“Well Alex is coming to mine as she has no home at the moment; Louise and Rosie are going home too”

“Well how about you all spend Christmas at mine?” James asked her

“What? James?” Lily said shocked,

“My parents are going skiing in France, I don’t know why don’t ask, so it’ll just be me and Paddy, and he’ll drive me insane I swear all he goes on about is; James I want food feed me, James im bored entertain me, James im tired carry me to my room, I’ve invited Remus and Peter and I’ve asked Louise and Rosie they can all come, so it’s just you and Alex now, how about it?” James noticed her suspicious face.

“Come on Lil, I have a mahoosive house, okay, not boasting or anything? You’d have your own room or you can share with one of the girls whatever ok, come on Lily it’ll be fun” James reassured her. To his surprise Lily laughed.

“Of course I’ll come James; I just wanted to watch you beg” She giggled, “Im sure Alex will come, as long as she’s out of Sirius’ way”. James grinned at her.

They sat in silence for about half an hour just enjoying each other’s company as they both had a free period and their friends didn’t. James started to think about his plans for that evening, probably meet a girl and hook up in the Room Of Requirement (R.O.R). He then started thinking about Lily again, then something sprung to mind and without thinking about it he started talking.

“Lily?” James asked,

“mmm?” she replied.

“Are you a virgin?” He asked curiously before he could stop himself. At this she sat up and stared at him with her mouth wide open.

“Why would you ask that?” She asked shocked.

“Curious” He shrugged,

“Why would I tell you Potter?” She fumed,

“You are, aren’t you?” he winked, “its ok, im happy being your first” he got a slap for this, he deserved it., he ran his hand through his hair messing it up again, he always did this around Lily when he tried to impress her.

“As a matter of fact Potter im not a virgin, not that it’s any of your business” she hissed at him. This made him wake up.

“You’re not? Who?” He asked suddenly, this made her laugh obviously she noticed his jealousy.

“I was with Paul for 8 months Potter, what you thought, I mean we’re almost eighteen, and what, you thought all we did; snogged and held hands” she smiled.

“Well I didn’t think you slept together, Lily Evans you dirty little girl” James chuckled, forgetting his jealousy.

“Har Har, and how many girls have you slept with this week?” She grinned at him evilly.

“Fair enough, truce?” he winked at her.

“Truce” she agreed.


“OF COURSE” Alex squealed, “Shame Sirius will be there really” she smirked.

They were up in the dormitory, Lily had just told Alex about their Christmas plans and she had wrote to her parents apologizing but as it was her last Christmas with her friends she would love to spend it with them as she didn’t know where they would be next year with a war going on. Alex had also told her about the library and Lily hadn’t been surprised one bit.

“This year is gonna be good” Rosie chuckled.

“What has happened to us?” Lily laughed, “I mean in 5th year if you ever had guessed would be spending Christmas with the Marauders I would have laughed you and hexed you out of the building”.

“I know, it’s weird, I guess things change” Louise smiled.

She was writing notes to Remus who was in his dorm, just down the corridor, some would say it was cute, Lily, Rosie and Alex said it was irritating.

“Alex? Will you come with me to the Owlery?” Lily asked after about 15 minutes of silence, Rosie was doing her Divination homework and Louise was still writing to Remus. Alex was sat on her bed looking slightly upset and confused. Her friend nodded and followed her out of the dorm.

When they got to the almost empty common room, the only person in there was James Potter who was musing over Potions notes, Lily again felt butterflies in her stomach, feeling weird and confused, Lily ignored him and turned to her friend.

“What’s going on?” Lily muttered to Alex, not wanting James to hear them.

“Nothing” Alex replied sharply,

“Alex your my best friend, please do not insult my intelligence and lie to me” Lily hissed.

“Black” she muttered.

“I may be reading and you may be whispering, but I have very sharp ears and can hear every word you are saying, what has Sirius done now?” James said loudly not even looking up from his Potions notes.

“Where is everyone? And why aren’t you with them” Lily snapped at him.

“Dinner, i wasn’t hungry, Sirius is at the kitchens, Peter with him and Remus is being lovey dovey” James replied, still not looking up.

“Right, well we’re off” Lily replied sharply dragging Alex out of the portrait hole. They walked up to the Owlery in complete silence. Both of them to their thoughts.

When they finally reached the Owlery Lily turned to her friend and waited.

“Well?” She said impatiently.

“What?” Alex snapped, Lily raised her eyebrows at her, “Sorry, I just, im a bit on edge after the Halloween ball”.

“After what happened with Sirius and with Daniel?” Lily mused.

“Why is it every boy I go out with cheats on me?” Alex uttered.
“Alex, don’t blame yourself” Lily said softly.

“Do they hate me or something? Am I just unlovable? Can no boy ever be happy with just me? Am I that shit of a girlfriend?” Alex whined.

“Oh Alex, none of that is true, you know that” Lily reassured her friend.

“Do I? Lil, I think I...” Alex started.

“You think you what?” Lily asked her nicely.

“I think I still love Sirius, no I don’t I can’t. No I hate Sirius I hate Sirius I do, he’s a pathetic excuse for a boy, he’s a heartbreaker and a prick and I hate him” Alex whispered looked ashamed of herself.

“That’s okay, I mean, he still loves you” Lily smiled.

“Noooo, I shouldn’t love him, I mean how did he treat me? Like shit! I hate him” Alex groaned.

“Alex, it’s going to be ok” Lily soothed.

“I need to break up with Daniel” Alex muttered.

“To be with Sirius?” Lily asked shocked.

“No, I need to get over him, but I can’t let Daniel treat me like that, and I mean I snogged Sirius remember, I feel so guilty, I mean I snogged him, yeah ok he snogged another girl too, but I feel so guilty because when I snogged Sirius, I felt fireworks Lily, fireworks, I feel so guilty, I can’t be with one guy and snog another, that’s slutty, im not Jasmine or Alisha” Alex continued.

“Aw, Al it’ll all be o-”Lily was suddenly interrupted.

“Well, well, well, Alexandra McCord is a slut, I mean I guess we already knew from what you wore the other night” Alisha came out from behind an aisle of owls, smirking.

“Alisha” Alex gasped.

“Well, that’s what you get for stealing my best friends boyfriend, it’s time you paid the price” Alisha glared at her.

“Alisha please, please leave Daniel out of this, please don’t tell anyone about Sirius, please do you know how much it’ll kill Daniel, and please don’t tell people about me hating Sirius or loving him, don’t tell anyone what I said about him, he’ll hate me for ever” Alex pleaded.

“No, you’re a slut Alex and you deserve to pay the price, plus I’ve gone off Potter now and I quite fancy the look of Black, so anything that keeps you two away from each other” Alisha smirked.

“Alisha please, im sorry I ‘stole’ Sirius from Jasmine, please I’ll do anything” Alex begged.

“You wish, I’m going to expose you for the girl you really are, getting all shitty with Sirius because he cheated, but you do the same to Pain, you are lovely really Alex” Alisha snarled at her.

Before walking out of the Owlery. When she had gone Alex sank to the floor and burst into tears, Lily put a comforting arm around her friend and let Alex sit there and cry.


The next day, everything was round school, Alex had been to see Daniel that night and told him the truth, she hadn’t broken up with him, Alex had decided that neither her or Daniel was a quitter and to Alex’s luck he had agreed with her. Alex said he had been angry but he had forgiven her.

Alex hadn’t told Rosie and Louise that she had snogged Sirius but the next day everyone knew. In the morning Alex had lied and said she was ill. So Louise, Rosie and Lily made their way down to breakfast. Lily nervously hoping Rosie and Louise wouldn’t find out about Alex hoping Alisha hadn’t said anything. But Lily was unlucky, sadly.

As they reached the common room. Sirius was down there yelling at James fuming. He noticed Louise, Rosie and Lily walk down the stairs and rounded on them.

“Where is she?” He yelled.

“Who?” Louise asked curiously.

“Alex, where is she? How dare she say that stuff about me? How come everyone knows about the Halloween Ball? How come she says she can’t stand me and then she hates me and im a prick and all that bullshit?” Sirius yelled. Of course Alisha only included the bad stuff about Sirius.

“Lily what’s going on?” Rosie asked Lily, who had kept quiet and was the only one who didn’t look shocked.

Lily explained, to them and they all stood there with open mouths. Except Sirius who was fuming and banging on the girls dormitory and yelling abuse at Alex.

“Sirius come on” James shouted.

Sirius gave up and followed James, Remus and Peter out of the common room and to DADA with Louise, Rosie and Lily just behind them, muttering between them. Everyone was staring at Sirius and pointing and whispering.

After classes were finished that day, Lily and Rosie (Louise was with Remus), brought some food up to Alex.

“Alex, are you ok?” Rosie asked her nervously.

“Sirius hates me” Alex muttered to her pillow.

Lily sat on the edge of Alex’s bed and made her sit up; she gave her a huge cuddle.

“Do you want to go sit in the heads common room?” Lily asked her friend.

“Yes, I need to get out of this dorm, but I can’t stand to sit in that common room” Alex moaned.

“Come on then darling” Rosie soothed her.

They made their way down the stairs enduring some of the whispering and pointing. Unfortunately as they got to the bottom of the stairs, Alisha and Jasmine were at the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh look it’s the slut” Jasmine scoffed. Alex went bright red and muttered something like ‘im not a slut’.

“Leave her alone Jasmine” Rosie fumed.

“Why? She can go around accusing me of being a slut but she’s banged Sirius when they weren’t even together” Jasmine snarled.

“I snogged him ok? I never ‘banged’ him; I’ve actually never slept with Sirius, not that’s any of your business” Alex snarled back, she was being the old her again, Lily noticed, standing up for herself.

“Never slept together? You were together eight months were you not? You a virgin or something Alexandra” Alisha smirked.

“Im not actually, at the time I was, anyway why am I telling you this? Just piss off?” Alex snapped.

And with that the girls made their way down to the heads common room, where they were alone. Lily knew why. It was a full moon.

Please please please pretty please comment and review, just so I know how I am doing. And just out of interest who’s everyone’s favourite OC, because I can give them their own big story line, thanks:).

Also, if anyone knows some really good James and Lily & the Marauders fanfics, feel free to leave the name of it, I really want to read some more.


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