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The Last Strings of Draco's Heart by Ginger Lust
Chapter 1 : The Last Strings of Draco's Heart
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Lucius, Narcissa and Draco were walking , escaping from the  upheaval caused by the  apparently  not dead  Harry Potter.  When suddenly, Narcissa disappeared . Draco stopped and turned to face his father.

“Mother!  Where has she gone?” 

“I don’t know. She wouldn’t apparate without us”  Lucius stated.

They both looked towards the castle they had just left.



Narcissa stood but feet from where she had been standing when Harry had ‘come back to life’. She slowly turned to find herself facing Voldemort.

“YOU told me he was dead!” spat the Dark Lord.

Narcissa opened her mouth but closed it again and lowered her head knowing nothing she could say would save her now. Her son was safe for the moment, that was all that mattered.

Voldemort hissed. 

“I am going to kill you Narcissa…your whole family has been a great disappointment to me. But you will watch your husband and son die first!”

Narcissa raised her head, looking at the running students, teachers and all the others that were now retreating back into the school as tears fell from her eyes.


As Lucius and his son turned to go back to the school, Draco looked down at his hand. He hadn’t realized that he was holding a long, metal object in his palm.  He instantly recognized it.  It was a beautiful green and silver hairpin he had given to his mother many birthdays ago.

Draco stopped in his tracks. Lucius turned to look at him.

“What?”  he asked.

Draco stuck out his hand to show Lucius then suddenly felt a familiar tug just behind his navel. He screamed out ‘NO’ but disappeared all the same.

Lucius reached out to Draco but knew it was too late. He smiled as he remembered   Narcissa’s plan to save Draco if needed by having a portkey made of her hairpin.

Lucius turned towards the castle again.

Suddenly, he disappeared then reappeared next to his wife.

 Lucius looked to Narcissa then back to Voldemort. He knew this was the end.

He raised his head, stood erect and looked straight into the Dark Lord’s eyes, mustering up what little pride he had left. Then he turned back to Narcissa.

“Draco is safe…” he told her as he raised his hand out to her. He smiled and his eyes shined with tears.

Narcissa reached her hand to him also.

 “I love you.” his last words.



 Draco landed in a dark room of some sort. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust. It smelled damp and it was cold.

'Where am I?' he thought. 

Draco knew it wasn’t home… or anywhere in the school.  He didn’t recognized the place.

Was this a dungeon?  A prison? There wasn’t even a chair or bed. Just a small barred window some four feet above his head

Finally his eyes adjusted and he saw that it was a bare, square stone room. He could make out a door.  Draco walked up to it and felt for a handle. There was none. He banged on the doors’ wood. He yelled out.

“Hey… Help.. HELLO!!!”  he raised his voice with each word. Then he pounded on the door.


Suddenly, a patronus appeared. It was a bird of some sort. It circled up high above Draco’s head , illuminating a small area around itself. It took him a minute to recognize it. He knew it wasn’t his mother’s. It was his Aunt Andromeda‘s patronus.

“Draco, your Mother set this up in case of an emergency. She knew she may not have been able to protect you and wanted you safe from any danger that might arise.”

“Your wand is safe with me. We will adjust the room to accommodate your stay later. I will come by everyday and take care of you.”

“You will be freed when it is safe. Or when Voldemort is dead."

After the patronus faded, Draco turned and stood still. He tried to apparate back to the school.


Then he tried to apparate to his home, Malfoy Manor.


For thirty minutes, Draco tried screaming, pounding his fists and kicking his foot at the door. He tried apparating ANYWHERE but nothing happened. No one appeared, even to his screams.

Finally, he was in too much pain. His foot ached badly and he could feel blood running down from his hands. His throat burned. 

Draco walked across the room just opposite the door. He leaned against the wall then slid down until he was sitting on the ground, lowering his head to rest it on his crossed arms upon his raised knees.


At what could only have been but an hour or so, Draco heard footsteps just outside the door. He shot up immediately and waited.

“Aunt Andromeda?”

The large solid wooden door opened.  The light that streamed in blinded Draco for a moment. He put his hand in front of his eyes and walked towards the door. Nothing or no one stopped him so he stepped out. There stood his mother’s sister.

They stared at each other for a moment.

“It’s over Draco. The war! Voldemort is dead.”

Draco tried to take that in.

'OVER?  Already? Voldemort is dead?'

It couldn’t have been more than an hour or two that passed.

“Where’s Mother… and Father?” Draco asked Andromeda.

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything about them. But….”

Draco grabbed his wand from her hand.

“Wait Draco….”

But Draco apparated before his aunt could stop him.


Draco landed exactly where he had been taken from by the portkey. It was quiet now. No sounds except fire spots here and there. No screaming or fighting. No running students or teachers or Aurors or Death Eaters. No one.

He started to run but had to slow down due to his painful foot. He reached the point where he had joined his mother after having been hugged by Voldemort.

Draco headed into the school through the massive front doors which were now blasted and filled with large gaps and missing chucks. He slowly walked in. He walked down the large hallway towards the Great Hall. Those doors were open also. There he finally heard voices. Talking and crying. Stepping just inside, he looked around. Everyone was at the other end…everyone left alive. He recognized almost everyone. They were standing, sitting, consoling each other, helping the wounded, and mending assorted injuries.

Draco nervously twisted his wand in his hand.

As he walked closer, he was then able to see that there were bodies lying in rows and covered. Every body had a person or persons with it.

Draco instantly knew that none of those bodies could be his parents as he knew the people surrounding them and they would not be mourning the deaths of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

Draco’s heart beat a little faster. Could they be OK? He started to back up. If his parents were alive, he knew he would not be well-received. Though he could not see exactly who was missing, he could see that a lot of the people he knew were not there. Some of them had to be some of the dead under the covers.


Draco decided that he would apparate home and see if they were there. Once close to the Great Hall’s door, he turned to leave. That’s when he saw about fifteen bodies in three rows just right of the massive door.  He forced his legs to walk over to see who they may be. He stopped at the first one before him.

Draco kneeled and with shaking hands, pulled the sheet down just passed the head but it was so badly damaged that he couldn’t recognized who this was. Most definitely a man but with dark hair. He covered it back up.

Draco continued down the row until the sixth body.

Like the others, he pulled the sheet down. He just stared. Tears fell from his eyes.

It was his Father.

Lucius looked like he could have been asleep. No visible wounds or damage to his body.  The killing curse… Was that the slightest hint of a smile frozen on his face?

Draco reached a shaking, bloody hand to his father’s cheek then to his chest. His tears fell on Lucius’s body. Though he did not agree with him the last few years, Lucius was his father.

“Goodbye Father.”

Draco stood up and walked to the next body. He was shaking so violently. He kneeled down and reached to move the sheet but withdraw his hand.  Then he reached down again, this time lifting the sheet. He pulled it back, his face scrunched into so much pain as he saw his mother lying there. His tears flowed freely.

“Oh God no….No… Mother….” Draco dropped his head to her chest. He wept openly.

“NO!!!” he shouted, not caring who heard him.

Everyone looked in his direction. Several of the ‘group leaders’ stated to walk towards Draco. Arthur Weasley, Harry Potter, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Professor McGonagall among them.. Ginny Weasley followed closely behind her father.

Draco continued to sob a moment more than pulled the sheet completely off his mother and threw it aside.  He slid his arms under her body to lift her.

“Wait Son….” Arthur started but stopped when Draco stood up so quickly and pointed his wand at the older man.

“YOU KILLED HER…” he shouted

Ginny immediate jumped in front of her father followed by Professor McGonagall in front of the young girl. Harry Potter came up along side Arthur, pointing his wand at Draco .

“WAIT Draco… Please wait. It wasn’t Mr. Weasley …or any of us. Voldemort killed her…them. I saw it Draco. I saw him kill them. I was right there.” Professor McGonagall told him.

“I saw it Draco. Your Father stood up to Voldemort, told your mother that you were safe and that he loved her.. then he killed him.”

Draco’s face swiveled up and he slowly turned his head just slightly then back, tears falling one after another though he tried not to cry in front of these people he had hated for so long. Gaining a little control, he looked back to Professor McGonagall.

“Then he turned his ward on your mother. She smiled .”  Her tears fell also as she spoke. She turned to look at Arthur Weasley then back to Draco.

“Arthur, she smiled at Voldemort…then she told him that she knew her son was safe and now she could die happy. Then he….”

Draco didn’t want to hear anymore. He sobbed again shamelessly.  He brought his arm to his face and wiped away tears on his expensive jacket sleeve.

Professor McGonagall wanted to go to comfort him in a hug but she knew he would not accept that. 

Ginny turned and sobbed into her father’s chest. As much as she hated Draco, she couldn’t stand to see him like this.  

They all let him alone for another moment.

Draco finally lowered his wand and stuck it in his pocket. Then he kneeled to his mother again and picked her up.

No one tried to stop him this time as he started to walk out of the Great Hall’s doors.

Draco stopped before going thought the doors.

Where could he take her? Where was he going now?

Draco dropped to his knees still holding his mother and didn’t move again.

After almost a full minute, with no signs of his moving, Professor McGonagall walked up to him.


“I don’t…..Where do I go?”

“Draco, stay here. Stay with her here. We will be arranging….”

Suddenly, many of the people mourning their dead raced forward towards the small group near Draco.

“NO!!! He can’t stay here.” One woman said.

“How can you let them be buried with our families. They were murderers.” Another shouted.

Then many of the others also expressed themselves.

“SILIENCE!!!!!!!!”  Professor McGonagall shouted in a voice so unlike her, loud and strong.

“It should be known that it was Narcissa Malfoy that saved Harry Potter’s life in the forest this day.”

Professor McGonagall let this sink in before she spoke again.

“It was Narcissa Malfoy who told Voldemort that Harry Potter was dead when he in fact was alive. Voldemort struck Potter down with the killing curse yet again but again this did not kill Harry Potter. He would have tried a third time if Narcissa had told Voldemort the truth.  We would not be alive or would all be slaves to Voldemort right now if it were not for Narcissa Malfoy.” She told them.

“Her allegiances were never strong to Voldemort and his beliefs. At the end, she wanted Harry Potter to win, to live. Her main concern may have been for her son but that doesn’t alter the fact that she saved Harry Potter’s life.”  

Draco hadn’t moved but the others that had protested his presence, went back, if reluctantly, to their loved ones.  They needed someone to blame for their losses. Draco fit the bill for now. 

Later would come the time they would celebrate the death of Voldemort.

Draco rose to his feet effortlessly. He turned to face Professor McGonagall, his tears dry now.

“Draco, why don’t you come with us…” she started , directing him with her arm towards the others at the end of the Hall

“No..” Draco told her as he retraced his steps back to where his mother had lain next to his father. But as he walked, he stopped in front of Professor McGonagall, keeping his head down.

“Thank you.” He whispered to her. Then continued until he stood where her body had lain and sat down on a large stone that had, during the battle, fallen from the wall behind him. In fact that wall and the one across from him were missing many chunks of stones of all sizes strummed  everywhere. A path had been cleared by magic for walking.

Draco let his body slide down the boulder to the floor, using it to lean back against. He rested the top part of his mother’s body across his lap, holding her head and shoulders in his right arm. Without realizing it, he began to rock her back and forth, staring at his shoes.

If his mother could see his new shoes, she would kill him.

Fresh tears fell down his face.

Every once in a while, someone would come up to him to check on him but he ignored them.

Hermione slowly approached him with a cup of tea but he merely shook his head without looking at her. She retreated.

Professor McGonagall brought over the same cup of tea but Draco just shook his head again.

“Leave me alone.”

Finally, Madame Pomfrey came over to Draco holding a glass of water in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. She walked to his right side and kneeled down to him.

“Water or tea, Mr. Malfoy?  And don’t be giving me none of your nonsense. You will drink.”

Draco scuffed but managed the tiniest of a smile as he looked up into her eyes. Her face was dirty and there was a smug of blood on her right cheek. Then he reached down and took the glass of water. He took a large sip but choked like he had forgetting how to swallow.  He coughed several times then took another sip, slower. He hadn’t realized how thirsty he was. He emptied the glass and handled it back to Madame Pomfrey. She put the glass and the cup of tea on the stone above him and raised his head to look at her.

“Are you hurt anywhere, Mr. Malfoy?” She asked, bringing out a piece of gauze. There was a inch long gash above his left eye.

Draco shook his head.

“Where is all this blood from then?” She grabbed his free left hand and examined it. It was still covered in blood as was the front of his jacket and pants.

“Just scrapes and scratches.” He answered her.

The Nurse pulled out a bottle of essence of dittany and gently cleaned the gash on his face. Then she rubbed some of the dittany into his palms, first the left then the right.

“Anything else? No broken bones?”


“Draco, don’t you think that you should put her…”


After a moment, Madame Pomfrey rose and started to leave him, retrieving the empty glass and full cup of tea off the stone and started to walk away. Then she turned back around and placed the cup of tea on the ground next to Draco.

She left him alone.

After that, everyone ignored him and went about their business. Draco was left to his thoughts.

‘What now?’ he thought. ‘With Mother and Father gone, I’m on my own. I’ll have a place… I turn eighteen next month and the house will go to me. And thanks to Mum, I will have money. Even after what Father lost to the Ministry after being arrested  and what he lost to Voldemort to fund… well, whatever Voldemort deemed necessary .‘

Plus, he, like his mother has been putting aside gold for his future. Only Narcissa and Draco knew where all their gold was hidden.

Two people, a man and a woman came into the Great Hall, walking pass him without a glance in his direction, to the other end and met with Arthur and Kingsley.

Draco turned his head back to stare at his shoes again and continued his thoughts.

‘So, money and a home I have.’

‘A job!’

‘I‘ll need to find a job… Should I go back to school to get my N.E.W.T.s? Would Hogwarts let me come back? Do I even want to come back to Hogwarts?’

Draco looked around him. Will there be a Hogwarts to come back to?

Draco watched as the man and woman left but five minutes after speaking with the others. He drifted back to his thoughts.

‘I’m good at Business. Before Voldemort and the war started, father was schooling me in the family business.’

‘Fashion..Modeling? I’ve got the looks. –Draco remembered when his Slytherin cronies laughed and teased him once when he had been offered a job at modeling.-- That would be easy. Money… Fame… Women… Too easy! No challenge! I have all that already.’

More people came into the Great Hall. They went straight to the back. Then there was more talking and crying.

‘Marriage and children?’ No, not yet. He needed to stabilize and establish his life again first. And there wasn’t a girl that he was even close to being in love with. In fact, there wasn’t anyone left that he loved at all. His eyes gleamed with tears.

Except his Aunt Andromeda.

And as if on cue, Andromeda Tonks walked into the Great Hall.

Draco watched her as she started to walk to the other end. She had passed him without seeing him like the rest. But she stopped and looked at the group of people before her. When most of them looked to Draco, she also turned in his direction.

Draco started to stand, lying his mother down gently, placing the sheet that had covered her, under her head. He stood up and walked over to Andromeda, as she to him, though her eyes were on her sister. She placed her hand over her mouth and began to cry.

Although she tried to go past Draco, he grabbed her and pulled her into his arms.

Andromeda glanced to her sister over Draco’s shoulders as she wept.

Tears fell from Draco’s face onto her shoulders as well.

After a couple minutes, Andromeda pulled away from Draco and walked to Narcissa’s side. She kneeled on her robes and lifted her sister’s hands. They were so cold. Draco watched as Andromeda touched his mother’s hands then arms, her cheek and her hair.

“Cissy, I have no one left. My sisters are dead. My daughter is dead. Everybody!” She sobbed onto Narcissa’s chest.

Draco flinched.

“You have me.” He said quietly.

Andromeda looked up at him, still holding Narcissa’s hands.

“I know Draco. I didn’t mean it that way. You know that I love you.” She turned back to her sister.

“How was she… Who did this Draco?”

“The Dar…Voldemort.” He answered her.

“Your uncle died fighting Aurors with other Death Eaters. And Bella was... killed….”  Her head shot up, looking towards the other group across the hall. She remembered seeing all the red-heads when she first entered the Great Hall. She remembered seeing a red-headed woman bent over a body herself.

Andromeda jumped up to a stand. Several of the people at the other end who had been watching Draco and his aunt suddenly looked concerned and drew Arthur and Professor’s McGonagall’s attention to them.

Andromeda raced past Draco while his head was turned towards the other group. She drew her wand.

“Bella was killed by that red-headed witch…” Andromeda spat.

Draco reached out to grab her but just missed.

“No!” he called out. Then he sprinted after her. Finally, he caught her by her left arm. He stopped her but she fought him.

“NO!...  No more Aunt Andromeda…That’s enough!”

All of the Weasley family and some of the others jumped forward to surround Molly Weasley, their wands out.

Andromeda tried to pull from Draco’s grip but he held on tight.


“LISTEN to me!”  he pulled at her arm.

“Auntie Andy!”

This stopped Andromeda pulling. She turned to face him at last.

Draco smirked. He knew how much she hated him to call her that. She knew that he called her that only to annoy her. How many times had she ‘stupified’ him across the room for it only to receive a tongue-lashing from her sister for hurting her precious Draco.

“Andromeda… you’re all I have now also… I can’t lose you .. I need you.. Teddy needs you.”

Andromeda lowered her wand and her head, looking at the ground.

“Besides, there are five of the best wizards there against just you. They’ll kick your ass!” Draco knew she would see the humor in that, Andromeda was more ‘hip’ than the rest of the family. She was his favorite aunt.

Andromeda chuckled as she raised her head to look into his eyes.

“Your mother would kick your ass for talking to me like that Draco.”

“Nah… I could always get away with anything with… her.” He whispered the last word.

Andromeda walked back to Draco and hugged him. They held on to each other tightly. Then Draco turned them both and walked back to his mother. But before they reached her, Andromeda stopped and looked at him again.

“Draco, do you know where your father is?”

“Yes… he lies next to my mother.”

Andromeda looked at the covered body nearest Narcissa. She turned back to her nephew.

“I’m so sorry Draco.”

They both walked back and sat down, Draco holding his mother as before in his arms. Andromeda held her hand, silently crying. 

And they waited.


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