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The Girl and The Snake by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 7 : Hogwarts Express
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Chapter 7

Year 4

Scorpius Malfoy woke the next morning with a splitting headache. He put his hands to his face, and rubbed his eyes, feeling the beat of his head, slowly consume him. He wanted to take the day off. Sleep the rest of his life, but he knew that would mean accepting defeat.


Christmas was in fourteen days, and the young fourth years would be getting out for Christmas Holiday, in just two days. Scorpius sighed, got up and got ready for his last few days of school.


Rose Weasley was far too excited for Christmas Holiday, and there for, was already downstairs in the great hall eating breakfast, and chatting away with her Cousins.

She was a fourth year now, which meant most all her cousins were also at Hogwarts now, including, Louis, Fred, Roxanne, Molly, Lucy,  James, Albus, and Lily. Not to mention her pesky little brother, Hugo. Currently, Rose sat with Hugo, Albus, James and Lily, and they were discussing what to do over Christmas Holiday together.

“Well I think we should go sledding with one of those trick sleds from George’s Joke shop!”

“Certainly a possibility Lily, but not dangerous enough…”

James Potter is the mastermind of all family get together’s.

“Well what if while we were using the trick sled, we sent of fireworks?”

“Now you’re thinking Fred!”


And so it went on, building upon each other’s ideas, carefully mapping out the perfect Christmas Holiday.


Scorpius entered the Great Hall, and looked for somewhere to sit. He saw Rose and her cousins, and decided that he could settle for cousins, rather than her boyfriend.

Rose had only had one more boyfriend since first year. Charlie Kassel. He was a charming guy, and to Scorpius, that was the problem. Charlie really cared for Rose, and even respected Scorpius and Rose’s friendship. It was too good to be true. He was too perfect.

“Hey Al.”

“Late start this morning, Scorpius?”

Albus Potter and his good friend laughed at the joke. Scorpius always had trouble getting up in the morning, and since Albus too was in Ravenclaw, he occasionally had to drag Scorpius out of bed. Literally.

Scorpius pilled on the breakfast and started to shove it into his mouth.

“Slow down Scorp! The food isn’t going anywhere!” Rose was always worried about him like this, but he could see her eyes wandering.

“Who are you looking for?”


“No, the wall. Yes, you.”

“Oh! No one.”



Scorpius rolled his eyes and started to talk with Albus about the new additions to the Ravenclaw common room.


“Listen up, class!”

Professor Chillums cleared her throat.

“I realize it’s two days before Christmas Holiday, but please settle down.”

Since the fourth years had already taken their Pre-OWLS, there wasn’t much to do.

However, Professor Chillums’, who took over for Professor McGonagall, when she became Head Mistress, Transfiguration class would not settle down.

Professor Chillums gave up, and went to sit down at her desk.

“So Rossie, what are you doing for Holiday?”

“Well, you know how it goes, Scorp, family time…all the time. Plus Charlie is coming over for Christmas Eve.”

“Oh okay, I guess I’ll send you your present via owl, but I’ll send it to Albus, to make sure you don’t open it until Christmas, okay?”

The pair laughed then, because of the truth value in the statement. Charlie came up behind Rose, and put his hands over her eyes.

“Guess who?”

“Get off me, Charlie!”

The couple laughed, and Scorpius couldn’t help but notice this one was fuller then the one Rose and him had shared prior.


Charlie hugged her from behind and gazed down at her. Keeping one arm around her, he ran his fingers threw her hair, and sat down next to her. Scorpius rolled his eyes and went to work on his Charms homework. It’s a good thing Rose doesn’t like to snog in public, Scorpius thought.


Last day before Winter Holiday…

“Scorpius Malfoy! You get up this instant!”

Scorpius woke to frizzy copper hair and cross green eyes. He took a minute to take in the sunlight and the radiant beauty of his best friend, before turning over and closing his eyes once more.

“Get up! You have to pack!”

As it was every other year, Scorpius failed to pack his trunk the night before, leading to Rose having to help him the morning before they boarded the Hogwarts Express.

“I don’t need your help, Rossie. Go help Albus.”

“Well excuse me, Mr. Grouchy pants.”

Rose sat on the edge of his bed, forcing Scorpius to roll back onto his back.

“I have your present, you know. Personaly, I think we should do a gift exchange in our compartment, rather than waiting until Christmas.”

“No, Rossie. I already sent one of the school owls with your present. It should arrive after you get home tonight, after all, it is a rather long journey for the poor barn owl.”

“Uhrg, fine.”

“But, I will gladly take my gift in advanced…” Scorpius smirked as Rose laughed and messed up his hair.

It still had that glow from when Rose had first met him. She couldn’t help but notice how truly handsome he had become, with his features now developed, he was really quite…

Rose stopped herself.

I have a boyfriend. I can’t be thinking like this, about my best friend no less…

Still, she let her fingers linger on his cheek, his skin was remarkably soft. Rose had this sudden urge to simply bend down and kiss him. She shook her head and stood up to break the connection.

“Get up.”


Rose left the room.


Hogwarts Express


“Here Scorpius” Rose handed him his Christmas present. It was wrapped in red wrapping paper with quitich balls and snitches on it.

“Thank you Rose. I’ll open it on Christmas, and write to you about it”

He stood up and hugged her. Now that they were older, he got more conscious about her. He felt sparks every time they even got close. It was killing him.

“I wonder where Charlie and Laura are. I haven’t seen them at all today.”

Laura was Rose’s best friend in Ravenclaw. They shared a dorm.

“Why don’t you go look for them, I’ll read my book.”

Scorpius smiled. He was really quite attractive, and his smile… his smile made Rose’s stomach twirl and…


Stop it!


“Hey Ashley, have you seen Laura or Charlie?”

“Oh yeah! I think they are in the compartment 3 down from here!”


Rose walked down to the compartment. The curtains were drawn and it seemed to be locked.


The door opened. Inside, indeed were Charlie and Laura. Snogging.


Rose ran from the compartment. She could here both Charlie and Laura calling her name but she didn’t care.


Scorpius looked up to see a balling Rose stumble into his compartment.

He jumped up immediately and took her into his arms, all the while closing the curtains and locking the door.

They sat down. Rose cried in his arms. The worst part?


Scorpius knew why.


Two weeks prior….

Scorpius Malfoy walked down the halls. He was looking for a quiet place to sit and read. Life was distracting. Everywhere he went, Rose was either with her “perfect” boyfriend, or everyone was giving him condescending looks for being a Malfoy. Sure he was used to this already, but today he had just had enough.

There was a closet, on the fourth floor. He knew it was the perfect place.


Too bad it was already occupied.


“You won’t tell her will you, Scorpius?”

“Yeah Scorpius you would only hurt her, and you will still never be with her.”

 “We both know you have a crush on her.”

 “We will stop, we promise.”

“Just please don’t tell her”


Evidently, they didn’t stop.


Scorpius continued to stroke Rose’s copper hair. Knowing what would come when he told her the truth.

“Rose, I am so sorry.”


Scorpius recalled what happened, to a sobbing Rose.

Rose sat up, shaking.

“You, you knew?”

“Well yes, but Ro…”

“And you didn’t tell me?”

“No, but Rose..”

Rose lifted her hand, to him.

Scorpius can still feel the sting today.


This time, the tears came, and they didn’t stop.”


Rose sat in her own compartment alone.

Her head sat against the cool window, and her tears burnt her skin.

She closed her eyes, feeling utmost alone.


A/N - SO! How did you like it!? Nice long chapter for you! Expect maybe 1 or 2 more chapters before our story is done :)

Please Comment, Favourite, Review. You guys rock.

Love, GrangerDanger76

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The Girl and The Snake: Hogwarts Express


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