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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 3 : Thrice
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A/N: The lyric in the chapter are from Slipknots “Snuff”~ J.K.R owns all knowable characters. Hope you all enjoy. Thanks for reading my story. Leave me a review when you're done. Tell me what you think, it can only make the story better. @}--




Chapter: 3




            Draco sat in his apartment strumming his guitar absentmindedly. The words came out of his mouth without a thought. Each word came through on their own accord. His fingers felt the cold steel strings as the melancholy words left his lips. The words filled the room that he was sitting in. He could feel the warm embrace of them as they left his mouth and encircled him.



 “So if you love me, let me go.


And run away before I know.


My heart is just too dark to care.”A/N: The lyric were from Slipknots “Snuff”~



            He knew the words to be true, but Draco never understood how true they were till that moment. The image of Hermione floated in front of his eyes as he sang to an empty room. The words faded out from the bleakness of Draco’s heart. He knew he was singing them to himself and to no one else, but he didn’t care. He knew who those words were meant for, even though he wasn’t going to admit it.





            It was later in the evening than Draco would have liked to play a show, but even Draco couldn’t deny how important this show was. Draco and his three friends were playing a show for their PR guy Thomas Jay and a few of his close clients at a closed venue. Draco took his time walking down the street. He let the extra few second to clear his mind. Seeing all of his school mates threw him for more of a loop than he would have thought. He knew he was being a bit cowardly standing in the shadows for most of the night, but he wasn’t ready for rejections just yet.



            Since, starting to play in his band a year ago his confidence out in the real world has gotten better. Playing most nights on stage in-front of bunches of nameless strangers really help throw humility out of the window. Draco’s band was an instant hit in the bar scene. They weren’t by any means famous, but they did have one song on the radio that was getting some airplay.


Draco smiled to himself as he took the last steps into another random venue. Upon walking in he saw he was a tiny bit late, his band mates were already there and setting up.

           Devo was the first one to come running up to greet Draco.

                                    “Mate, where you been? Cooper and Ben were about to have a heart attack thinking you weren’t going to show.” 

                                   “Since, when have I ever flaked on you guys?” Draco said with his usual drawling tone. Draco used this moment to reach in his pocket and get out a cigarette. He lit it, tipped his head back, and let out a huge puff of black smoke before walking with Devo towards the rest of the band who were still setting up.

           Thomas Jay stomped up to where Draco was standing enjoying his smoke. Thomas’ quick fingers grabbed the cigarette out of Draco’s lips.

                                   “A: these things will kill you. B: they will ruin your voice.” Thomas let out a grumbly laugh as he stomped out the butt with the heel of his shiny black Italian leather shoe.

             Draco just laughed and put his arm around Thomas and Devo. The three of them walked over to where the rest of the bands were standing fiddling with their instruments. It wasn’t long before people started to fill the empty space. Draco stood with the rest of the band at the bar to gather up enough courage for their performance. The lights dimmed and the four men took their assigned spots on stage. Draco slipped his guitar strap over his head and cracked his knuckles. He took one last deep breath before the lights came on and it was time to shine.



            The band started with a sweet Spanish like melody that went into something a bit heavy. Between the lights flashing and blinking Draco saw that it was a pretty packed out on the floor. He was happy that they were playing good and tight at the present moment. They played three or four songs before they took a break. Thomas right away rushed up to the band and dragged them around to meet all of his clients. Draco didn’t mind the small talk, he was used to it. Growing up in pureblood circles you get used to meaningless small talk in-order to do business. The other guys were relieved that Draco did most of the talking. Draco knew he was a good businessman, and talking to the record executive was the easiest part for him.



            Draco was in the mist of sweet talking this piggy producer when he notice a familiar raven haired man with glasses walking up to him. He swallowed nervously when an even more familiar looking redhead joined the man walking towards him. Draco squinted his eyes to try to get a better view at the couple about to be in front of him, hoping his eyes were fooling him. The redhead was coving her mouth, as she laughed, and leaned over to whisper something in the ear of the man she was walking with. Draco nervously ran a hand through his sweaty hair and prayed silently to himself that this random greeting wouldn’t go horrible. He took a deep breath and held out his other hand for Harry to take.



“Potter, Ginny how are you?”



Ginny couldn’t control herself     “Really Malfoy? Is this what you have been up to since you went MIA?” Ginny was smiling feverishly and talking fast. “Wow, you guys are really good, though?”



“Yeah man, that was great” Harry said whilst still shanking Draco’s hand vigorously.

           While Draco was trying to get his head around the moment. another man walked up to the threesome talking. He was big man in a gray silk suit.



“I don’t mean to sound rude, but what are you guys doing here this really isn’t your scene?” Draco looked at each of the three people standing around him. The bigger man in the suit jumped into the conversation. Draco asked Harry and Ginny while eyeing the newcomer into the conversation.


“Good to meet you?” The man in the gray suit held out a chubby hand and Draco shook it.



“Dud, this is Draco Malfoy.” Harry said after he leaned closer in to his cousin’s ear “he went to school with us”



            A knowing look washed over the man in the gray suits face. Draco looked on at the two men in front of him with feeling like he was being left out of a joke.


The man in the gray suit looked at Draco, shook his head, and smiled “Dudley Vernon, nice to meet you. Thomas Jay is one of my business associates and an old friend. He invited me and my guests here tonight.” This time he leaned into Draco “He told me that I would be really happy if I came tonight and from what I have seen and heard; I’m happy. I think you should gather up your boy’s and come see me in the morning.”



            Draco watched the man in the gray suit pull out a card from out of his breast pocket and hand it to him. Draco eyes slithered across the embossed and glossy letters on the card.



D&B Records Productions LLC .



“Call me Monday and let’s set up something. Would love to talk to you guys about your future in the music business” The man in the gray suit again held out his hand. Draco took it more out of reflex and mumbled something like “ok” before looking at Harry with disbelief. The man in the suit left wearing a smile across his face as he trudged away back to his group associates of other piggy faced men.


“Did that just happen?” Draco asked out loud more to himself than to his present company.



“Yea, it did. Congrats.” Harry said as Ginny looked on still smiling.



“So, you know him” Draco discreetly pointed to the man in the gray suit who was now talking with Thomas.



“You can say that. Dudley is my cousin.”



Draco eyes became a little bigger as the words left his lips “Cousin?” He had never thought about Harry’s family before or the fact that Harry would have something as ordinary as a cousin was a little beyond his understanding at the moment. “Oh ok.” Was all Draco could say.

“Um, yeah. We weren’t so cool back in the day, but now we’s are pretty good though. He owns a production company. He mostly does hip hop, but I think something struck him about your performance tonight. I have never seen his face light up like that before.” Harry than leaned into Draco so no one else could hear him “Dud, must think that you’ll make him a lot of money.” 

            Draco watched Harry’s lips move, but wasn’t really listening to them. He nodded his head at the right times and smiled even at the right intervals. But, he was too busy in his head figuring out what had just happened. He knew Thomas had been trying for the last year to get sign by a big label and now it was looking like they were going to be. For the past year with the help of Draco’s money they were able to self-produce a demo. It just for a signal, but it was getting a bit of airplay on a local radio station. Now, it might be their chance to do a complete album. Feeling himself drift off, Draco excused himself from Harry and Ginny to go tell the news to the rest of his band. With a dazed look on his face and the business card still in his outstretched hand, he took the short walk across the floor to the bar where Thomas and his band mates were standing talking to tell them the news.



“Hey Thom” Draco discreetly pointed with his thumb to the man in the gray business suit still talking among a sea of other suits. “That guy says he’s from D&B records. He gave me this, told me to call in the morning?”



            Thomas’ eyes light up and Draco knew that look. This was just what Thomas was planning to happened. “I just knew Big D would love you guys!” Thomas pulled the four guys into a big hug. “Drinks are on me!” he yelled out.



            Before, anyone could say otherwise Thomas had shots of ‘Jameson’ poured out and in front of them. Draco would have rather had some fire whiskey but knew that wasn't an option. The five guys picked up their shots. “1 HourMore” They all toasted making little drips of amber liquid fall over their heads, followed five loud pounds on the bar as five shot glasses banged down. The warm liquid drizzled down Draco throat. He was pleasantly surprised it burned a bit like fire whiskey, just it wasn’t as ruff to swallow.



            ‘HourMore’ finished up their performance with more vigor than they intended to. The prospect of a big company wanting them lit a fire within them. They played tighter than ever. Draco sang his heart out and let all the things he had been holding in escape through his words. Draco and the rest of his band were in a state of complete ecstasy. Their dream actually could come through.



            Draco thanked the crowed one last time, before playing their one public song. The one song that he pulled strings to get on the radio and cost haft a fortune to produce. The lights dimmed, a single stool was brought out for Draco to sit on, and one lone light stone on directly over Draco. The drummer began to play a soft beat, while Draco strummed his guitar melodically, each note complimenting the other perfectly. Draco finished his first verse, the light went up, and the beat stiffened into a hauntingly dark and heavy song that Ginny recognized instantly.



“Oh my God, Harry?!” Ginny poked Harry in the ribs with her elbow forcibly  


“What?!” Harry yelled over the crowd.


            Ginny only answered with a huge toothy grin and shook her head at Harry. She wanted to tell Harry, but figured that this tidbit of knowledge was too important to be let out at the moment. So, Ginny kept the smile on her face and laughed quietly to herself and decide to wait for the perfect moment to pull it out of her bag of tricks.

 ‘Mione is just going to die when she finds out.’ She thought to herself as she rocked back and forth in Harry’s arm to the beat.





            Draco lay awake in his bed not being able to fall asleep, too many thoughts were running through his head for him to fall asleep. The convo with Hermione, getting signed by one of the biggest record company in the UK, the memories of the war, and how he had gotten to the place he was now in, stopped any dreams of him getting to sleep. Draco thanked merlin that the goodness of strangers brought him into the world of music and out of the fate of being a Deatheater. Draco remembered his first show like it was yesterday, as he tried to will himself to sleep.

           On Draco’s first night away from the wizarding world he met Cooper and Devo. They were playing at the pub where Draco had his first cheese burger at. They offered him a place to stay and eventually their friendships. It was them, who took him to his first real concert. It was a punkish band from the U.S. that Cooper knew one of the sound guys who was touring with. Cooper got them all backstage passes where they were able to watch the show from the sound board just behind the stage. Draco was shocked that a whole football stadium would and could be filled with just the fans of one band.



“It looks like hundred thousand people out there” Draco said to Devo, as they walked up to the stages wings to watch the band.



“Nah, mate I think this place only hold thirty thousand.”



“Shit, that’s still a lot.” Draco swallowed nervously at the thought of performing in front of that many people.


            The music started up. Draco was in awe at how all the people stood up at once, roared in excitement, sang along to the songs, jumped up and down, danced, and how he and everyone else was lifted by the energy from the crowd. Draco and Cooper once the music started watched from behind the sound board as the band played their hearts out. Draco couldn’t help, but to feel a slight bit of envy watching these guys do exactly what he wanted to do. He didn’t however let it falter him. He let these feelings empower him. He silently made a vow to himself, right then, that one day he would be playing a stage just like this, with thousands of people singing his songs. A smile grew on his face as bopped his head to the beat.

          Draco began to hum to himself as these thoughts played in his head and shortly later he was asleep dreaming about a faceless crowd cheering for him.


A/N; Just like in real life there are mistakes and events that lead up to better things. I promise there is a method to my madness and if you stick it out with me you'll understand it all in the end. Thank you for the read and the comments. You brighten up my day. Enjoy! ~S

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