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Tomorrow When The War Began by Harry Potter Lover
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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Hey guys. This first chapter is just a filler. So you can get to know Lily and stuff. Please READ AND REVIEW. It will make my day. 

Its been about 40 minutes I think, since Molly suggested we write everything down. Everyone picked me of course. I was the one that was good at writing. After much arguing and shouting Hugo told everone to back off and let me write. So here I am, sitting in the corner of the room of Requirement. Or our Home. Can we call it our home? I guess we can. We do live here. We sleep, eat, have showers and hang out here.

Its been about 4 weeks since they invaded Hogwarts. They came in the middle of the day. They just appeared out of no where and started attacking. We've seen so many people die. Friends and Strangers.

It's important to us, to get everything down. To makes us feel like we mean something. That the sacrifices we've made and the friends we've lost have been worth something. I told them that I'm not going to hold back. I am going to write everything down. Every detail I can possibly remember. I guess I should start where it all began.



Urgh. Why Does my mother find it so proper to scream at the top of her lungs to wake me up? I lifted my head up and opened my eyes to see my Mother standing at the bottom of my bed. Shit. She looked Angry. A tip for all of you lovely people out their.

Never cross my mother when she is angry. She is scary. I mean I would rather face good old Voldy then her when she is pissed.

"It's holidays. Can't I just sleep in?"I groaned. Oh bad idea.

"Lily Luna Potter. It is 1:00 o-clock in the afternoon and we have people visiting. Now get up, have a shower and for Merlin's sake clean your room."

And with that she stomped out of my room.

Great. I sat up. What was she talking about. My room was clean. Sure you couldn't see the floor because of all the clothes but I grew up with 2 brothers. You couldn't blame me for being messy. I pushed the covers off of my body using my feet and stood up. Thank Merlin I was 17.

I grabbed my wand. I heard mum shouting at Albus to get up. I just rolled my eyes and waved my wand and all my clothers flew into the wardrobe. Ahh their. All clean. It was when I was walking down the hall way that I started to run.


Merlin she was angry. I bolted the rest of the way to the bathroom, thankfully missing mum on the way. I turned the water on and stepped in. Ah I love the feeling of hot water on my skin in the morning. After about 10 minutes in the shower, I got out.

I was in my room when I heard a huge crash. I didn't bother to find out what it was. James probably.


Ha. I was right. He is so predictable.

I got changed into a pair of purple stockings and a short floral jumpsuit. I decided to let my hair dry the natural way. Only because the last time I tried to dry it with magic I had set my hair on fire. Bad memories.

I went and stood in front of the mirror, taking in my appearance. I'm average height. Not to tall and not to short. I had reddish brown hair that reached the middle of my back. I was pale but I amazingly didn't inherit the Weasley freckles. Thank you Dad. I'm slim but luckily I still had curves. I wouldn't say I was beautiful but I am definatley not ugly. Just Pretty.

I walked down stairs ignoring mum screaming at James. I entered the very clean kitchen to see my dad sitting reading the Daily Prophet.

'Hello dearest Father"

"Hey Lily Bug. Whats with all the comotion?"

"Just James" He just nodded. That was all the explanation needed.

Oh how I love my father. Were very close. Even though I love my mother to death I am a daddy's girl through and through.

"Whats got mum in such a fuss?"

"Oh you know how she is when people come over."

"Honestly she just needs to chill. I mean its not like their going to hate us if the house is messy. Anyway who's coming over?"

"Well the entire family. Where having a family dinner before you and Hugo embark on your final year of Hogwarts tomorrow."

"Oh. Well why is EVERYONE coming ?"

"Well you and Hugo are the last children at Hogwarts. And we do it every year"

I just nodded and ate some of the bacon mum had prepared.

About 5 minutes later Albus came and joined me in eating the delicious bacon.

"Hey Al. What did James do?"

"Who knows dad. Mum was bloody scary so I just kept out of her way."

"Ah thats our disfunctual family for you. Dad, the cool laid back overprotective wizardering world saviour. Mum the scary when pissed off but still a awesome qudditch player. James the trouble making player. Al the quiter calm ex-slytherin brother and me. The awesome one"

We all started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh just something Lily said Honey. You know how she can be"

Mum just nodded and walked over to the stove. Just then James walked in. Silently. Wow mum sure must have went off at him.

"I can't believe my little baby is going to her final year at Hogwarts. She's all grown up."

Oh here we go. Mum has been doing this ever since Al graduated. I mean I am 17 for Merlins sake. You see when James went into his 7th year Mum was just hoping he would graduate. As for Al well he is the smartest one in the family besides Rose and Aunt Hermione but Mum was excited for him. Then theirs me. She doesn't want me to graduate. I mean come on. At least Dad isn't blubbering.

"Mum" I groaned.

"I am just saying that your all going to leave soon and get married and have children."

"Yea but they arn't doing that for a while right." Good old protective dad.

"I do not plan on having kids for a while"

"Well thats good" Ah how I love my father.

"Well I am going to go to my room. Which is away from you. All of you."

And with that I walked up to my room.

Well thats my family for you. Where all crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way.


I was sitting on my bed listening to One Direction. Yes I know they are a muggle band but you see my best friend is a muggle born. Her name is Molly Baker. I met her on the Hogwarts Express for my first year. We've been friends ever since.

'Baby you light up my world like no body else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. The way you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell. you don't knowwwww"


Ah that was Dom. Or Domonique. I look over to the door and see her waltz in with all her veela glory. She was wearing the most gorgrous midnight blue full sleeved silk dress that stopped just above her knees. Her white blond hair was flowing freely and just ended past her shoulders. Her pale skin was absolutley flawless and her brown eyes where shining. Now Dom was my favourite cousin. Well she is tieing with Hugo at the moment. She is Uncle Bills and Aunt Fleur's daughter. She is the opposite of her sister Victorie. Thats why I love her.

I mean don't get me wrong. I absolutly love and adore Vic but she is well so Vic. She is so elegent and perfect and well lady like. The opposite of me. Dom is the rough one of the Weasley/Delacours. She was in Gryffindor whereas Victorie and Louis where in Ravenclaw. She plays Quidditch proffesionaly and she is Awesome at it. Even though she is tough she is absolutly beautiful. She also has a figure to die for.

"I cannot thankyou enough for getting me into this band"

'Yea well having a muggle born best friend has its perks."

"Yea it does. Expecially when your dating her very attractive brother Davis."

"Dom shut up. It's a secret."

You see Molly has a twin. He is the most charming,funny charasmatic handsome guy I have ever met. And he also happens to be my boyfriend. We started dating at the end of 6th year. Why is it a secret that where dating.Well if any of the males in my family found out they would kill him. Not literly but they would definatley scare him off. Trust me they have done it to all my others boyfriends. The only people that know where dating are Dom of course and Molly.

"Honestly Lils you have to tell them sooner or later. I mean there not going to react that badly. Well James, Al and Teddy will act all crazy protective. Uncle Harry will be protective but not that badly. The rest will be pretty cool about it I reckon."

"Don't you remember the way they acted when they found out Rose and Scorpius where dating?"

"Oh come on. They weren't that bad and it was only because Scorpius was a Malfoy."

"Yea but he was Al's best friend since first year and he was over here all the time on the holidays before he started dating Rose. He still is."

Rose and Scorp started dating in their 6th year. They still are. I reckon their going to get married soon. I loved Scorp. When he first came to the house, the holidays after Al's first year at Hogwart He and I immeadiatly bonded. He is like a fourth brother to me.

"Yea but the only one that acted completely psychotic was uncle Ron"

"I gues. But Davis used to be a huge player. I mean I know he's changed but they don't know that. "

"You have to stop worring. I mean if Davis really loves you then a bunch of overprotective male family members is not going to stop him for dating you."

"Well I guess."

"Why not tell them tonight. I mean you are 17 so your tenically an adult. Show some maturity Lils"

"I don't know.......... You know what I am. I'm sick of having to go on secret dates and all the lying. I am going to tell everyone tonight but I am going to tell Hugo before anyone else."

Besides Molly,Hugo was my best friend. I always tell him everything. Well mostly everything. But I felt extremely guilty about not telling him about Davis and I.

"Good on you Lily. I cannot believe that you and Hugo are the last of the Wesley/Potter clan at Hogwarts."

"Oh not you too. Mum has been blubbering on about it since Al graduated. Now lets go downstairs and face the completely psychotic bunch we call our family."

I got up from my bed and turned the cd player off. I quickly slipped on red Doc Martins. Aren't they awesome shoes. Thank you again Molly. And followed Dom downstairs.

Argh. There are people everywhere. Merlin why is our family so big? Suddenly I was hugged from behind and lifted into the air.

"Arghh. Put me down you crazy ugly monster"

"Who are you calling ugly"


He quickly put me down and I gave him a huge bear hug. Teddy is my favourite brother. Sure he is tecnically my god brother but thats just a minor technicality.

"Now why are you calling me a crazy ugly monster for?"

"I'm just telling the truth Ted. Now where is your gorgeous pregnant wife?"

Teddy and Victorie had been dating for years. I wasn't even in school when they started dating. They got married about a year after Vic graduated. Thier expecting there first child soon. I so hope its a girl. They are the perfect couple.

Teddy just shook is head before replying "My gorgeous pregnant wife is helping your mother, Aunt Audrey and Aunt Hermione cook dinner"

"Hmmm. Now you haven't seen Hugo anywhere have you ?"

"Uh I think he was looking for you"

Great. Bloody Brillant. I quickly turned to the sea of family members. Okay mayby a bit overdramatic. I took off in search of Hugo.

I must be completley insane to think telling my family I was dating Davis Baker was a good idea. They know him as a player.Don't worry I reformed him. God their going to go crazy.


Well theres the first chapter. The next chapter will just skip over this stuff and have Lily review what happened. Please REVIEW !!!!

Here's some spoilers for the next chapter ;)

----Harry Potter Lover-----

'I looked around. There where bodys scattered all over the grounds. The grounds I had just been walking on with my friends without a care in the world. I had to find Hugo. He couldn't be dead. He couldn't.'

'Where the hell was dad. It has been weeks since they attacked Hogwarts. I mean seriously. Merlin I hoped nothing has happened to them.'

'I heard someone behind me. I stopped and stood stiff. I gribbed my wand with all the strength I could muster and I turned around.'


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