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What We Could've Had by Fredandgeorgemischiefmanaged
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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"Oppugno!" Hermione shrieked from the doorway, her hair wild and her eyes ablaze.  Her little flock over birds spun and shot like missiles at Ron, but she didn't see the outcome of the attack.  She was storming out of the classroom, and she didn't manage to stiffle a sob before she slammed the door behind her.  


Furiosity bubbled within her like hot lava.  How could he?!  Just going off and snogging Lavender Brown in the middle of the common room...  It was just-just awful.  More hot tears clouded her vision as the image of Lavender's hands all over Ron popped back into her mind.


Why was she so upset?  He was at perfect liberty to kiss whomever he liked.  She was probably just feeling protective or something over him.  He WAS one of her best friends...  She would feel the exact same way if it was Harry.  She pondered about it for a moment, then decided, no, she wouldn't.  She'd probably be happy for Harry, especially if it were Ginny.  But it seemed like that would never happen, they would never admit their feelings to eachother, let alone themselves.  It was like they didn't realize who they wanted was right in front of them...


Her footsteps echoed through the dark, empty corridors.  She had no idea where she was going, or what she was planning on doing when she got there.  She just needed to get away...  From him, from Lavender...  Even Harry couldn't cheer her up right now. 


She found herself in a 7th floor corridor, exactly where, she didn't know, but through the darkness it looked familiar. She was sure she had been down this way with Harry and Ron before...  Suddenly she heard a soft, crying noise from a corner opposite her.  She hiccupped in surprise, and the crying stopped.  "Who's there?"


The voice was weak and shaky, and when she opened her mouth to reply, nothing came out.  "Who's there?  Show yourself!" The voice was stronger this time, and she knew she recognized it, but who?


"Her-Hermione Granger," she choked as a tall figure emerged from the shadows and strode closer to her.  


"Granger?  What are you doing here?"  Hermione instantly realized who it was, and felt a wave of dread inside.  She could now even see the pale blonde hair as he grew closer to her.  It was probably the last person she would want to see right now, other than Ron.


"Shove off Malfoy, I was just..."  She trailed off, not knowing what she was doing herself.  When she didn't answer, he spoke again.


"Where's The Chosen One and your Weasel boyfriend?  Out shopping for your dream home?  Oh wait no, he wouldn't afford more than a cardboard box." He sneered, but there was a lack of his usual enthusiasm in his words.  In fact, he seemed exhausted, if not sick.  

Her heart gave a squeeze at the mention of Ron, and she let out an involuntary whimper.  "He's not my...  Get out of the way Malfoy I'm really not in the mood right now..." She said, realizing how close he was, and although he seemed weaker than he usually did, he was still much bigger than her and far more threatening.  Malfoy had always been a huge pain in the arse, but would he ever actually intentionally hurt her?


"Are you- Are you crying Granger?" He asked, but this time it wasn't a sneer.  In fact, he sounded more curious and disbelieving than anything.  Anger rushed through her.


"So what if I am?  I'm quite positive I heard you crying as well just a few moments ago.  Missing daddy?" She knew it was a mistake the moment she said it.  She frightedly took a step back as his hand flew to his robes, a look a pure hatred on his face.  


"Don't you dare say anything about my father, you filthy little mudblood!" She didn't have time to defend herself as he flung his wand straight at her chest.  "Impedimenta!" She felt an invisible force throw her backwards into the air, and her head slammed against the corner of the wall.  Everything went black as she landed on the floor in a heap.

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