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Through Dust and Lies by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Nowhere
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Disclaimer: Most of the characters and events/plots that are mentioned in this story belong to J.K Rowling; anything you don’t recognize belongs to me. Thank you for reading!


It was only September 2nd, but Teddy Lupin found himself already missing his girlfriend of two months – Victoire Weasley. Said girlfriend was finishing her seventh and final year at Hogwarts, while Teddy had finished two years previous.


“Two years” He whispered to himself, running his fingers through his teal blue hair. He’d achieved nothing in two years- sure he’d had a few odd jobs here and there and even one in the auror office that only lasted a week in total. Nothing seemed to suit him, and therefore he’d taken to stay in bed most of the day at his grandmother’s and spent the rest of the day doing little chores for her. His grandmother, Andromeda, was aging and found it more and more difficult to do simple jobs around the home so it worked well for both of them.


His grandmother was the only family member he really had left, sure he was related to Scorpius Malfoy and his family technically but who really wanted to admit that? He sure didn’t. Teddy spared a glance at the photo frame he kept beside his bed at all time s, inside was a picture of his parents- smiling as they held him just moments after his birth.


It was no secret to anyone that knew Teddy even slightly, that he missed his parents every day. He'd only been a couple of months old when they had lost their lives to the war that even now plagued people's thoughts. He understood why they did it, and he didn't blame them at all- in fact he was quite proud that they had fought to keep him and everyone else a better chance of living.


This didn't make it any easier for him; they had left him nineteen years ago to fend for himself and he had failed to achieve anything so far that would make them proud. With a frown and a deep sigh, he diverted his eyes from the picture to a letter he'd received a few days ago from his godfather Harry in which he was invited over there for dinner.


Teddy had a strong feeling that he knew what this dinner was going to be about, it wasn't a simple 'we miss you' dinner, no- Teddy was over there far too much for them to ever miss him. This dinner was going to be about Victoire and what was going on between them- and boy, Teddy could just not wait to be lectured by Ginny into treating Victoire right. Even just the thought of what was to come that night made Teddy want to crawl back into bed and never leave again, sadly he knew Harry would just turn up and drag him out if he even tried that. With yet another sigh, Teddy threw the letter onto his floor- adding to the pile of clothes and books that were already there. He let himself fall backwards onto his bed and ran his fingers through his hair- he had a habit of doing this whenever he found himself annoyed by something.


"Teddy, Get up" His grandmother's footsteps made their way towards him; she knocked softly on the door before her footsteps headed in the direction of the bathroom. He was grateful that he grandmother let him live by his own devices most of the time, it meant he wasn't screamed at to clean his room whenever she headed upstairs. She was far too tired and weary most of the time to even notice that nineteen years had passed already.


Andromeda had been strong throughout Teddy's younger years- he could only remind himself now that she lost her husband and daughter in the one war and had suffered through the first war as well, but now she was beginning to let her grief take over her. She was getting older, and had developed a muggle disease called arthritis in her wrists which made it difficult for her to perform simple chores sometimes and so she was beginning to lose the happy-go-lucky personality she had once had.


Teddy rolled onto his side, frowning at the thought of his grandmother becoming quiet and grief-stricken for the rest of her days. He pushed himself off the bed; with one more look at the picture on his bedside table. "I'll look after her mum, I promise" He whispered to it, before making his way down the stairs. "Grandma, would you like some tea?" He called in the direction of his soft footsteps on the wooden floor, she meekly replied and so Teddy filled and turned on the muggle kettle.


Just as the kettle boiled, Andromeda made her way down the stairs and almost collapsed into the kitchen chairs. "Thank you dear" She smiled, taking the mug off Teddy and taking a large gulp of her tea.


"Where do you need me to go today?" Teddy asked, sitting in the seat opposite from his grandmother and taking a small sip of his own tea- he'd never really been a fan of drinking tea during his Hogwarts years but once he had finished and had begun spending all of his time at home he'd taken to drinking at least six cups of the stuff a day.


"Can you pop across to Diagon Alley and get me some more Belladonna essence, it seems I've run out" He nodded in response, mentally adding the Belladonna essence to a checklist in his mind, just as he was about to ask whether she needed anything else Andromeda let out a small gasp of pain.


"Grandma, what's wrong?" He asked, leaning over the table to take her hands in his gently. Her arthritis constantly played up at random times to the point where she had trouble even lifting her mug by herself- She sighed slightly, letting him rub her wrists gently to try and relieve the pain.


"Oh, it's alright now Teddy" She said after a few moments, retracting her hands from his and taking another sip of her tea. "I had some new robes made for both of us- The Minister is having another ball soon and Harry informs me that we are both to be invited, could you pick those up for me?"

“Course Grandma” He replied, standing up from his seat and pouring the small remainder of tea into the sink. “I should head over now or it’ll start getting busy” Andromeda nodded in agreement before going back to her work in the living room- Teddy grabbed an old jacket that was hanging at the front door and stepped out of the house.


Despite being older enough to apparate places, Teddy found it more calming to walk places as it gave him time to think which was really what he’d spent the last two years doing. All thinking, no doing- he could just see himself getting real far in life with that.




After finishing his day worth of jobs for his grandmother who had gotten worse- pain-wise, as the day went along, Teddy jumped in the shower and began to get himself looking presentable for an evening of what would be questioning from his ‘second family’. He had searched the floor for anything clean to wear and had eventually found a deep blue sweater and some black jeans, and now he was standing in front of the bathroom mirror trying to find a look that made him look serious.


He wasn’t exactly sure why he was trying so hard, after all it was just Harry and Ginny but alas, for some reason he wanted to look mature and perfect- not some nineteen year old orphan with absolutely no goals or direction in his life. He wanted to be perfect for Victoire.


Finally, he managed to set himself with dark-ish brown hair and blue eyes rather than his usual blue hair-black eyes deal. He stared at his reflection in the mirror- it was dirty and stained all over which Teddy couldn’t help but to compare it to his life. Both he and his grandmother paid attention to the mirror and tried to clean it up but nothing ever changed it- wasn’t that just like him?


He brushed the thought to the back of his mind as his grandmother’s snores echoed into the bathroom; he smiled softly at his reflection before grabbing his wand from his dresser and made his way down the stairs. As he reached the bottom, he paused for a moment to look at the picture of his parents that his grandmother hung to remind her of them every day.


“Thank you” He whispered, making his way over the fireplace and throwing the Floo Powder down. “The Potter Home”


Authors Note: And that there was the first Chapter of my new fanfiction that is based around Teddy Lupin, I’m not usually that bigger fan of Teddy but this is for a challenge therefore I thought it would be a good chance.

I’d like to thank the amazing TenthWeasley for helping me finish this chapter by distracting me so much that it made me want to write even more, yeah my brain works in weird ways. As this is my last update for the year, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next year guys!

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