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Detention by wish right now x
Chapter 3 : From Nine to Ten
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After watching the breakfast club recently (one of my favourite movies) I began to think of Harry Potter and a story of the Marauders based on it. And after much consideration, I decided I didn't want to read it, I wanted to write it. This chapter is getting into the story and what I plan to do with it, but it will become more interesting as time goes on. So here is the second real chapter, I hope you enjoy it. x

So what's your full name?'
'Sirius Orion Black the third'
'How do you not know my birthday?' Sirius asked, shocked.
'I've only just met you..." Carly reminded him, her voice confused.
'But I had the biggest party last year!" he told her.
'Which I wasn't invited to...' She added.
"But everyone was invited! Except the Slytherin's...' He snarled in Aiden's direction.
'Well I still didn't go to your party and I still don't know when your birthday is' She reminded him.

'September 18th' He told her 'So there is no excuse for not coming to my birthday party this year...'
'I'll do my best to remember'

'You must have come' Sirius began to flirt, 'I told Prongs to invite all the pretty girls in our year...'

Carly blushed and slightly smiled as Sirius pushed a stray piece of hair out of her face. They had moved to conduct their 'interview', so where both sitting by the window of the small room that they were in. Lily sat in-front of James, and was avidly writing his essay, whilst James sat behind her and was lazily playing with his quill. Stella and Aiden sat next to each other, and were silently working on their essays, only occasionally talking to each other in low whispers.

'Carly, how is knowing Sirius' birthday going to help you write an essay about who he thinks he is?' Stella asked pessimistically.
'I don't know and I don't think this essay idea is going to work' Carly's timid voice spoke.
 'Why not?' Sirius whined.
'I have no idea of anything about you, let alone your feelings or anything'

 'Well, what have you learnt from what we've just been discussing?' He asked, desperate not to do this essay.
'I've learnt that you had a party for your birthday, which really means that I've learnt nothing about you'She whispered.
'I can tell you a lot about Black' Lily chimed in, 'He's a conceited, arrogant, idiotic jerk'
 'I thought that was what Prongs was' Sirius replied.

 'No, he also gets vain, narcissistic, egocentric the list goes on and on' She smirked, turning back to her work and allowing Sirius and Carly to continue their conversation.
 'Look, I just think you should give me back my essay and I'll return yours'
 'No, come on, just until ten o'clock, and if you still have nothing about me and I have nothing about you then we'll switch back, okay?'
'So what is your full name" He asked, getting his quill ready to make a note

'Carly Amelia Korply'
'And your birthday please?'
'June 19th'
'That's next Saturday!' Sirius announced after working out the dates.
'I know' Carly replied.

'Wheres the party?' He asked.
'I'm not having one'

'What? You have to have a birthday party!' 

'Yeah, it's your seventeenth! It's a milestone Carrie!' James interrupted.

'It's Carly and it really doesn't matter that much, Its just another year that I've lived'

'Don't be so pessimistic! It's really another year that you haven't died!' Sirius replied, completely horrified at her casual attitude towards her birthday.

'Thats more pessimistic Black!' Lily told him nonchalantly, not removing her eyes from the parchment that was filled with words in front of her.

'How?' He asked her puzzled.

'Saying you haven't died? More goblet is half empty if you ask me' 

'It is a big deal! Do you know what?' He asked rhetorically, 'Prongs and I will host a party for you!'

'Yeah' James enthusiastically replied.

'Please don't...' She begged, however her plea was overshadowed by James and Sirius' party plans.

'We can host it in that room on the seventh corridor! Oh and we should invite Josephine Hall, definitely her, and Peter Wood, yeah, he'll bring fire whiskey...'

'Are you planning a party for Carly or are you using it as any excuse to host a party?' Lily asked, dragging her chair over to join the group who were sitting by the window.

'It's for Carly obviously!' Sirius smiled, 'Thats why on the invitation it will say 'Carly's secret birthday party' '

'I don't want anything to do with it' Carly once again told them.

'And you won't have to' James told her, 'Padfoot and I will plan everything!'

'No, its more that I really wouldn't want a party with fifty people I didn't really know all drunk from butter-beer...'
'Butter-beer? We're having people not house elves!' James laughed, 'Besides, it wouldn't be such a small party, one-hundred people minimum.'
'No, I'm just saying please don't use my birthday to have a party, just have a 'summer's nearly here!' party instead.'

'But it'll be fun!' Sirius whined.
'Black, if she doesn't want a party don't force her into it' Lily scolded him.
'But you enjoyed your birthday party Lily!' James smiled.
'Really Potter? Because I seem to remember absolutely loathing it.'
'What was so bad about it?' Carly asked, intrigued.

'The 'marauders' decided that it would be fun to throw me a surprise party' Lily began her story, 'So I walk in to the common room and am kidnapped and taken to some room on the seventh floor. It is filled with embarrassing pictures of me growing up with a sign saying 'Lily-Pop: All Grown Up!'. The only thing more embarrassing than that was Potter's drunk declaration of love for me! Thank god everyone was too drunk to remember it the next day!' 

'I remember it actually!' Aiden joined in, turning to face the group that had gathered at the back of the room. 'You were absolutely livid and red with embarrassment, you went round tearing every picture down and trying to hide them!'
The group all laughed as Lily's face became almost as red as her hair in embarrassment.
'What were you doing at a party we hosted?' Sirius asked, as both anger and realization hit him.

'The girl I was seeing at that time invited me, do you really think I'd be there out of choice?' Aiden stated, as he pulled his chair over to join the circle.
'Come on Croft, you might as well join circle time' Sirius said.
'Well, who wouldn't want to go to one of our parties?' James asked arrogantly.
"Me' Lily quickly replied.
'Me' Aiden added.

'Me' Stella joined the group.
'Me' came the timid voice of Carly.
'Who was the girl you were seeing at the time anyway?' Lily asked.
"Oh, Mary MacDonald' He told them.
'Mary? She never said anything about you.' Lily's shocked voice came out of her mouth.
'Well, we only really went out for about a month' Aiden shrugged.
'Mary went out with a Slytherin? And I thought she had taste?' Sirius exclaimed.
'Thats only because she went out with you for two months' Lily reminded him.
'What's wrong with being a Slytherin anyway?' Aiden asked offended.
'Well besides the fact that they're arrogant, narcissistic, vein, horrible, pure-blood manic, conceited, horrible, ugly, in-bred, dreadful, awful, terrible, shocking, appalling, unhygienic, nasty, unpleasant and rude, they're quite honestly pretty stupid' Sirius told them, emphasizing each word the more he went on.
'Funny enough Potter everything Black said describes you perfectly' Lily told him.
'Lils, that's a little unfair, I am hygienic!' Potter told her.
"Then why is your hair always such a mess?' She teased.
'It's sexy!' He announced.
'No its not' She told him.
'Besides' Aiden interrupted the arguing pair, 'Isn't your brother in Slytherin? And your cousins? In fact, weren't your whole family in Slytherin?'

'And your point is?' Sirius asked.
'Aren't you calling you're whole family all of what you just said?' Aiden asked.
'Well most of them are!' Sirius replied, to which James backed him up by nodding.
'So are you saying that you're making judgements about Slytherin's from you're experience with your family?' Stella asked.

'It's not judgements, it's common knowledge!' James replied.
'The only one I can agree with you on is the 'pure-blood' manic' Lily whispered, tears forming in her eyes as she thought of an event that had taken place over a year ago.
'I've spoken to Regulus, he doesn't seem that bad...' Aiden announced.
'Not to you. But that's because you don't know what it's like to be constantly called worthless compared to your 'perfect' brother' Sirius angrily told him.

'Do I sense that Sirius Black may be jealous of his younger brother?' Stella asked.
'Jealous? No. Besides, You've met Bellatrix, she is completely crazy and then Narcissa is in her name, she is so Narcissistic it's sickening' Sirius told them.

'Then my parents are just' He announced.
'Slytherin? And what does that adjective stand for?' Lily asked.
'I thought I already explained it' Sirius told her, his eyes not moving from his feet.

'I think she means what does it mean about your parents' Carly asked, placing a comforting arm over Sirius' shoulder.
'It means that they are so pro-Slytherin. The letters I received from them when I was put in Gryffindor were just horrendous' He sighed.
'But I thought you wanted to be put in Gryffindor' James stated.

'Of course I did!' Sirius jumped up, 'Why would I want to follow in my family's footsteps and end up marrying one of my cousins? That would be horrible!' He pushed his hair so it was out of his way. 'I sometimes even sympathies with Reg, I'm out, I am out of it all and happy, but he was trapped the moment the sorting hat called out Slytherin, and from that point on we no longer considered ourselves brothers'

'Do you miss him?'
'He's my brother'

'Do you think he misses you?'



'Because over the summer, I got a letter from him. He called me a 'lousy Gryffindor', 'embarrassment' and told me he wished I was dead. Of course I'd had worse insults before but the fact that it was coming from Regulus, My brother who use to look up to me, admire me. The one who always relied on me and I always counted on as realizing this pure-blood mania thing was wrong. The idea of knowing that it wasn't he who was wrong, but my idea of him that was wrong'

The room was silent. The group was gathered around the window, nearly shocked at the sight they were seeing. Sirius Black, Gryffindor, Strong, Tough, Beater; Breaking down in front of them. Almost sitting on the floor in-front of them, burying his head into the shoulder of a girl he had just met, a girl who was comforting a friend she had just made, in front of a red head who was seeing a new person who she had known for years and a best friend who had a new view on the person who he loved. In front of a Ravenclaw who discovered something she had not knew and a Slytherin who realized that houses mean more to some people than he thought.

They say we are only truly courage when we face our fears and that it what Sirius Black did. He faced his fear and admitted, he faced his fear and accepted, he faced his fear and felt.

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