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Save You Tonight. by hausofluucy
Chapter 1 : Save You Tonight.
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I’d watch them, always arguing when together. Apart, it was different. Alone, unrecognisable.For a start, James secretly longed for Lily’s heart.

Lily, however, detested James, but secretly she admired his loyalty when defending friends. But nothing would change her mind about him.

You can tell when they’ve been arguing. Once, I could hear them from the top of the Astronomy Tower!

Lily ran towards the portrait for the Heads room. You can always tell it’s her. Firstly, it’s the flaming red hair. Then it’s the eyes. Those green eyes. No wonder Potter pines after her. Finally, it’s the fact the majority of the time she’s running she has tears streaming down her face.
"Evans, wait, please!” James yelled after her, clearly out of breath.

"I hate you Potter!” she screamed back. “Don’t you dare come in after me!”

Lily shouted the password, which at that moment was Wingardium, and ran into the Head Boy and Girl’s common room. I floated through casually, trying not to be seen.

This is due to previous experience with Miss Evans, when she through a plant pot through my head. I may be transparent but still, students could be more respectful these days! When I was a boy, no one even thought about disrespecting their elders! Anyway, I’m getting off the point.

There was going to be an after-party that night, in the Gryffindor Common room, that night. Gryffindor had just won a Quidditch game against Slytherin, and anyone who was anyone – in Gryffindor, that is – was going.

"I’ll show Potter,” Lily murmured to herself. I decided that now wasn’t the right time to make an appearance. She walked into her bedroom wiping her eyes.


~A Few Moments Later~

Out she walked, radiant. I may be some four-hundred-and-twenty-four years older than her, but still she looked beautiful. A tight-ish blue dress, once again wouldn’t have been thought of in my day, black heels and her hair in a messy bun.

“Potter won’t know what’s hit him,” I said, a little too loudly. Lily jumped, then scowled.

"Nick!” she shrieked. “You scared me!”

“Sorry, Lily. I’ve been following your tale, yours and James’ love story, soon you will be together, and oh so romantic!” I began to tell her my version of her future.

“Shut up Nick, never in my whole life would I go out with Potter,” she scowled.
“We shall see, Lovely Lily. Off you go to the common room now, or you’ll be late,” I warned.

She opened the door of her common room and walked out of sight.

Lily sat there, clearly out of place in the wild party. There was drinking, smoking, kissing, three things Lily Evans did not do. Ever. She sat in the corner reading a book. James swaggered over.

“So, Evans, care to dance?” he asked.

"So, Potter, care to piss off and leave me alone?” she retorted.
“What is it with you, Evans? Why can’t you see? I’ve asked you out almost every day since fifth year. Can’t you see I’m in love with you? I just want to save you tonight, show you the life you could have if you got your nose out of a book someday.”

She sighed, “One dance, Potter. Just one. Then will you leave me alone?” He grinned cockily as she took his hand and let him lift her up.

He spun her around. She tried not to enjoy herself. He pulled her into his arms.
She couldn’t suppress her smile any longer.

“All that you want’s under your nose. You should open your eyes but they stay closed. I’m in love with you, Lily. Have been for years. Why don’t you understand?”

She looked into his eyes, her green eyes meeting his hazel ones.

“You called me Lily,” she whispered.

“I did, indeed, how about a return?” he grinned.

“James,” she murmured. She moved her lips closer to his as everyone around them turned to watch.

As her lips touched his gasps surrounded them, and one Sirius Black whooped. They kissed for several minutes, James’ arms wrapped around her waist. As they stopped kissing, the onlookers clapped and James whispered into Lily’s hair.

“You, me, Hogsmeade, two, then?”

“No,” was her response. His face fell. She grinned cheekily. “Not enough time. Make it twelve."

“Oh, Lily. I’m going to miss taunting you, Miss Evans,” he smirked.

“As I will with you, Mr Potter.” Lily turned towards me and I winked at her, mouthing: ‘Told you.’ She scowled and sauntered off, arm in arm with James.


Thanks for reading - please review! This is for for insomnia's 1D lyrics challenge. Please review and tell me thoughts/critisicm/comments! Reviews mean alot. ^.^

Lucy. x

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