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In This Together. by LucyTonks
Chapter 2 : Overprotective Families.
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I could say my family's overprotective. But that would be the biggest understatement in the history of the Universe. I'm serious. I asked to stay over at Shell Cottage, and I hadn't even finished my sentence when I was bombarded with questions and warnings.

"So, can I sleep round Uncle Bill's? I wanted to see Dom-"

"Why you sleeping round there? Why can't Dom come here?" was James' question from a muggle contraption known as a wheelchair.

"Is it to see Teddy?" Albus asked.

"What will you be doing there?" was my fathers question.

"Are you going to talk about boys?" James.

"Well we're going to see you there and back," Albus.

"And if you do see boys, make sure you don't do anything irresponsible," my dad called over them.

"GUYS! I want to see Dom. Surely I could see Teddy when he comes tomorrow?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," James said, as though he had learnt something new. Teddy comes four times a week.

"Well, Lily. I can trust you to be sensible. You're the most well behaved out of the three," my dad said in that annoyingly modest voice. My stomach panned.

I'd broken his trust. I'd broken his trust yet he didn't know.

"Yes dad," I said quietly.

"Well, we can go by apparation-"

"No!" I said loudly, receiving funny looks from everyone. "I mean - can we Floo? I prefer Flooing."

"Okay," he said, confused. "In you go then."


~Shell Cottage~

I sat on Dom's bed, feeling down.

"What's up, Lily?" she asked, concerned. Out of the three of them, Dom was the only one who knew and spoke the most english. Vic and Louis mostly spoke french.

"Well..." I sighed. "I suppose you'll know soon enough, wont you?"

"Know what?"

"Dom...don't hate me...please. I'm - I'm pregnant."

She gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

"What? Who - who's the father?" she said.

"Malfoy," I grimaced.

"Malfoy as in -" she shrieked "-Scorpius?"

"Ssh! Yes, Malfoy as in Scorpius, the sixth year Ravenclaw," I hissed. She clapped her hands together.

"Your family's gonna kill you," she laughed. "And Mr. Malfoy."

I couldn't help but grin.

"What am I going to do, Dom? I get photographed in the street. It's gonna wreck my dads career, mums career, James's career whatever it is."

"There's complicated Transfiguration spells. But you'd 'ave to ask dear Lucy, I am stupide as dear Vic often tells me."

"I can't tell Lucy, she'd laugh in my face," I scowled.

"What about Molly then?"

"Molly is twelve," I scowled.

"Molly won that Transfiguration contest aged seven," Dom pointed out.

"Molly it is then," I grimaced.

"At least she isn't like Lucy, Aunt Audrey or Uncle Perce," Dom smirked.

"Fair point," I smirked back. "Bless her."


~The Next Morning~

I'd received three owls that morning checking on me. Three. And that was with my cousins.

"You 'ave a very protecteeve family, Lily," Aunt Fleur told me at breakfast. "You are lucky."

"I suppose, but it gets annoying when they send three owls to check on me over one night."

Fleur laughed. "If you theenk about it would you rather they did not care? Besides you are always welcome 'ere, your papa saved my sisteers life."

I notice it still hadn't been pointed out that Gabrielle was never in dire danger. Oh well.

"So, Lily, how is your father doing? And how's James? We watched the accident on WizTv," Bill asked.

"Well, he's in a muggle thing...a wheelchair? I don't know what's up with him, I was never told. But he's at home. And dad's fine," I said, restraining myself to add 'for now' onto the end of the sentence.

"Good, good. Oh look, there's owls coming. Must be your Hogwarts letters. There's three...must know you're here Lily," he added.

I took my letter from a grey owl and opened it. It had the usual letter, saying equipment and books we needed. But there was a second letter behind it.

Dear Miss Lily Luna Potter,
Congratulations you have been selected as a Gryffindor Prefect along with one other student from your house. Please be in carriage one at quarter past eleven to participate in the prefects meeting. Your badge is enclosed in this letter. Congratulations again,
Professor M. McGonagall, Headmistress.
PS. Give my best to Harry and Ginny. And congratulate James on making the first team, and tell him get well soon also.

I unrapped the letter again, and there it was. The badge I didn't deserve. I wasn't responsible. Not anymore, anyway. A 'P' engraved on a red and gold backdrop.

"What's up, Lily?" Dom asked, concerned.

"Prefect," I shook my head. "Not now. I can't be." I looked into her eyes and she nodded, looking grave. She knew what I meant.

"Congratulations, I was a prefect too," Bill grinned, shaking my hand. "Then Head Boy, then..."

"Ssh dad! We know your lifelong achievements!" Vic moaned. I hadn't noticed her come in. Her hair was dishevelled but she still looked gorgeous. How I longed for my mother to be quarter veela. Teddy followed her in. Bill frowned at him, but didn't say anything.

"How ees the sickness, dear?" Fleur asked.

"Not too good, eet ees horrible! Luckily I 'ave Teddy to look after me."

"He'd do a lot more than looking after you," Bill muttered under his breath. I looked at him, smirking. He winked back.

"Now, lets get you back to Grimmauld Place, so you can tell your parents the good news, eh? I'll come with you," Teddy told me. I nodded and headed towards the fire.

"Thanks Dom, thanks for having me Auntie Fleur, Uncle Bill," I smiled, before stepping in with my stuff.


~Back at Grimmauld Place~

"Welcome home, Lily. Thanks for seeing her home, Teddy," dad greeted us. "Did you get your Hogwarts letter?"

"Yeah, dad I did, and I'm a Prefect!" I said brightly.

"That's great! Ginny, Al, James, get in here!" he shouted. Albus pushed James in the room, followed by my mum.

"What is it?" James scowled.

"Lily's a prefect!" he grinned. "Now everyone in the family's achieved some form of responsibility," he smirked.

"Hey!-" James began.

"Quidditch Captain counts, James," Mum explained softly.

"Listen, dad-"

"DOES IT?! Hell yeah!" James yelled..

"Dad, I can't be a prefect," I shouted. Everyone went silent, and my dad stared at me, whitening, his eyes getting wider.

"Why - why sweetie?" mum asked slowly. Dad looked like he was about to faint.


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In This Together.: Overprotective Families.


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