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Cinders by _marauder_chick_5_
Chapter 2 : Starring the Marauders, Jason, and Hazel
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Sup, y'all? What goes on in the world of Harry Potter fanfiction? Anything exciting happening?

Not a stalker. I swear.

The next day, I went down to breakfast with Hazel and Aurora. Jason was already at the table. A small man that Aurora told me was Professor Flitwick, our head of house, went down the table, handing out schedules. I compared mine to Aurora, Hazel, and Jason’s, and I figured out that my classes looked like this:

Potions: Aurora, Jason

Transfiguration: Hazel, Aurora

Charms: Jason

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Hazel, Jason

Astronomy: no one

Arithmancy: Hazel

Ancient Runes: Aurora

Care of Magical Creatures: Jason, Aurora, Hazel

Herbology: Jason, Aurora

Divination: no one

I had Divination first, with no one, which was a stroke of bad luck, since I had no idea where it was. But Jason offered to walk me there, since he had Ancient Runes first and it was fairly close to the Divination classroom.

After Jason dropped me off at the ladder, I took a deep breath, and climbed up the ladder, beginning my first magical lesson ever.

The first thing that hit me was the smell. It smelled utterly disgusting. It was some sort of sickly sweet smelling perfume that made you sleepy. The second thing was the temperature. It was sweltering, even though the chilly autumn breeze was blowing through the window. The fire was roaring in the fireplace, and I suspected that that’s where the smell was coming from.

The third thing was the appearance of the room. There were little round tables scattered around the rooms with pink poufs that we were supposed to sit on. In the corner, there were shelves that housed pink and blue teacups, and on the tables, there were crystal balls. There was a big winged chair in the front of the room, and a messy desk.

The fourth thing was the professor. She was a scrawny woman with huge, thick round glasses that made her blue eyes bug out. She had little bits and bobs tied into her hair, and she kept muttering things to herself. When I came in, she jumped, then got up and walked over to me. She put one bony hand on my shoulder and said, “Ah, a new student. Pain and suffering lies in your future, young one!” I gave her a scared look and backed away slowly.

“Er—I’m Ember. Ember Burnette.” I said. “Ah, yes, I knew that, sweetie. Go sit down.” She said. I turned to the class, trying to figure out where to sit.

“Ember!” I turned toward the voice that had hissed at me to see Sirius in the back. He was beckoning me over. I hesitantly went over and sat on the last open pouf.

“Hey,” He said, grinning. “Er—hi.” I greeted, still kind of freaked out by what the lady had said. But he didn’t notice my panicked expression and introduced the two boys that were also sitting around the table. “This is Remus Lupin and James Potter,” He said, gesturing at the boys.

Remus Lupin grinned and shook my hand. He had shaggy, sandy blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He was handsome, no denying it, but he had nothing on Sirius. He had a rugged look that made him look almost…animalistic.

James greeted me with a grin and a huge, bone-crushing hug. I gasped for air and pulled away as he grinned madly. I had seen him at the dinner party, but I hadn’t gotten a good look at him. Now, I scrutinized him closely.

James had jet black, messy hair. It almost looked like he purposely messed it up. He had freckles spattered across his face that made him look boyish, but intense hazel eyes that made him look masculine. I had a feeling that on anyone else, it would have looked weird, but on James, it looked good.

Remus noticed my freaked out look and asked me what was wrong. “Er—just something she said.” I muttered. “Oh, Caraway? Don’t worry about her. Everything she says is absolute rubbish.” Sirius said reassuringly. I nodded slowly.

The rest of the class, Caraway made me feel tired, bored, and gave me the strange urge to injure Bianca all at once. Sirius, James, and Remus did little to keep me entertained, as they were had their heads bent and were whispering over a piece of parchment.

I dozed off, Caraway’s droning still penetrating my brain.

“Ember. Ember, wake up.” I looked up to see Sirius, poking me hard. “Ow,” I mumbled. “Class is over.” Remus informed me. I brightened at once, packing up my stuff.

“What do you have next?” James asked me. I checked my schedule. “Defense.” I told them. “Oh,” Sirius said, his face falling. “We have Transfiguration.”

“Do you need someone to walk you to class?” Remus asked kindly. “It’s easy to get lost around here.” James and Sirius nodded in agreement. “No, that’s fine.” I said. “Jason’s supposed to pick me up, anyways. Bye, guys!” I said, then I walked over to Jason, who was leaning casually against the wall.

“You made new friends?” He questioned. “Yeah,” I said cheerfully. “I actually met Sirius and James at my step mum’s party.”

Jason eyed them suspiciously as they walked off, chatting away about something. Sirius winked at some girl who was passing by and she started hyperventilating.

“I don’t like them.” Jason said as we walked to help the girl up. “What’s your name?” He added kindly to the girl. “Tessa Beauregard.” She muttered, looking at the floor. “On your way to Divination?” He asked. “Yeah.” She responded. “I’m third year, it’s my first lesson. Do you happen to know where it is?” Jason smiled at her. “Just up ahead. And don’t let anything the professor says freak you out. She’s full of rubbish.” And then we walked on.

“They’re too popular. They use people.” He continued, as if nothing had happened. “They seemed very kind; especially Remus.” I said, crossing my arms across my chest. “Plus, James’ mum—she’s the reason I’m here. I kind of owe him something.”

“You don’t owe him something,” Jason contradicted. “You owe his mum something. That’s two entirely different concepts.” I grinned playfully. “Spoken like a true Ravenclaw.” He punched my shoulder. “Like you aren’t.”

“Hey, you two.” Hazel popped up in front of us. “Ready for—” Jason checked his schedule. “—Defense?”

“Defense against what?” I asked nervously. “The Dark Arts,” Hazel said brightly. “Don’t worry, they teach you defensive spells; not Dark Arts.” She added when she saw the look on my face. “Right. Somehow that doesn’t make me any less nervous.” I said. Jason rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry. The Defense teacher is nice.” He said. Hazel hit his arm. “You’re just saying that because she has nice tits!” She exclaimed. Then she turned to me. “She’s an old bitch, really, she just looks—”

“Amazing? Hot? Sexy? Shag-able?” Jason suggested. Hazel rolled her eyes. “Come on, or we’ll be late.”

I know it's short. But it was this or bang out another thousand or so words. Didn't feel like it.

Reviews would be great. They might inspire me to write longer chapters =)

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