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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 2 : Trains,Trouble,and Sirius Black
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 The train ride went surprisingly well until James started acting like his old self  again and Lily couldn't help but get annoyed, about half way through one of their fights Sirius turned to me and said"so Jonesie have a nice summer?" (this new nickname was going to get old fast) naturally i responded harshly ( maybe a little to harsh by his expression)

" what's it to you? " (what was going on?!)



"whoa some ones  a little defensive, i just wanted to get to know you" (since when does Sirius Black just want to get to know any female with a pulse) my thought was interrupted by Remus scoffing in the corner. at least someone was thinking straight


"since when have you ever wanted to to get to know anything somewhat resembling a female unless it involved sheets and ditching her before she woke up the next morning ?"


" oh shut-up Moony you're making me look bad .." 


" Looks Like Padfoot has a crush"  James piped in


" so what if i do!" ( I nearly choked on my own saliva)  


" excuse me !" i squeaked


" oh Jonesie, Naive Little Jonesie the signs are all here your just to busy despising me to notice" Black purred


" my name is not Jonesie and i don't despise you you i just think your an arrogant ass that's all" ( OMG! Sirius just told everyone he liked me , i have a bad feeling about this.)  


" we'll see about that " Sirius said as a smirk spread across his face ( i suddenly had a feeling Lily wasn't going to be the only one with her very own marauder stalker this year , to bad the other person was me! this is going to be a long year.)


after Black's confession things were a little awkward and quiet we all attempted conversations me and Halen (both hating sitting in awkward situations) got everyone discussing quidditch for a bit but there's only so many plays and moves you can discuss with out having quidditch through the ages open in your lap, not to mention Lily moaning about how she hates it when we talk about quidditch ,(she wasn't the biggest quidditch fanatic) unlike Sirius,James,halen and I,Lily didn't play quidditch, Sirius is a Chaser,James also, Halen is Seeker and I myself am , Keeper, as for Remus and Peter they were Sirius and James best friends ,so they knew a lot about quidditch regardless if they didn't play.





 after a while of Quidditch talk Lily decided to bring the conversation around to the events happening at school this year. we were having a Christmas ball, i was going through the respective candidates for my date when there was a knock on the compartment door, it seemed as though he couldnt stay away the Severus Snape was back again this time acompanied by  Lucius Malfoy and Atonin Dolohov ( Oh Jesus Shit This was going to get ugly) Snape spoke staring directly at Lily the whole time

" I need to talk to you" he said coldly

" well Snivellus I didn't know we had anything to talk about but by all means if you'll step outside id be glad to 'talk' " James said in a stony voice (making air quotes with his fingers around the word talk) Lily elbowed James in the side

" I don't want to talk to you Severus so please leave I'm trying to have a conversation with my friends" ( Lily put extreme emphasis on the word friends ) Lily and Snape had been friends since before they came to Hogwarts but last year James was cursing Snape when Lily saw she came over and tried to tell him to stop (that wasn't what made their friendship fall apart) Snape was pissed and lashed out at Lily calling her a " Mudblood" which is one of the worst things someone can use as an insult towards muggle-born witches and wizards. the three of us, Halen,Lily and I Being Muggle-born took it as a huge insult, The Marauders were also very defensive when it came to "Pure-bloods" and their views of how the wizard world should be, ironically though since they  were all either  Pure-blood or half-blood.




Snape left with a fleeting glare at James,closely followed by his cronies (that went over way easier than i thought it would) .


" Oh Please Evans just let me curse him once, just a little bat bogey hex?" Sirius all but begged Lily


" Don't start with me Black, He May be Rude But he was my friend"


" Emphasis on the was " Black rolled his eyes at her, by this time we were almost at school so  Lily and Halen, and I decided to go put our robes on, and with fleeting glances at the marauders we turned and left the compartment.

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