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T.E.C.H.:- Part Two:- The Pirion Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 2 : Chapter One:- What Happened?
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Chapter One

It was a day just like any other day at T.E.C.H. headquarters. Chris and the rest of the team were at school. The T.E.C.H. personnel were monitoring the timelines like they always do, when all of a sudden there was a strange noise coming from one of the machines in the monitoring room. These machines usually monitored the activities from space, and at this moment they were going haywire.

One of the men who were looking after these particular machines jumped with fright when he heard these noises, because these machines were usually silent. As soon as he heard the noises from them he took one look at the screens and turned to his colleague saying,

‘Get Doctor Williamson quick.’

His colleague turned around and ran out of the door. After a few minutes, Doctor Williamson ran into the room.

‘What’s going on?’ he asked, ‘Aren’t you people supposed to be monitoring what’s happening in space?’

‘Yes Doctor’ came back the reply ‘But the machines have gone completely crazy like….like what you see now.’ The Doctor walked over to another set of machines and after a few seconds watching them he turned to the two men and said.

‘It’s not surprising that your getting the reaction your getting, have you seen what’s on these screens.’

‘No’ the two of them replied in unison.

‘Well, you should come and have a look; it’s amazing what I’m seeing. We’ve an object approaching at a fantastic rate of speed. We’re showing it approaching at speeds of one thousand miles a second; it’ll be entering our atmosphere in about ten minutes. The estimated impact area is Central Scotland, in the Ratho area. Send recovery teams one, four and six out to that area. The sooner we can get there the sooner we can recover the object, and if it’s a space craft the recovery of the occupant as well. Also send guard units two, four, seven and ten to back them up. No one is to get near the crash site; the whole area is to be sealed off.’

Everyone went into action. There was a lot of movement as people alerted the relevant people to the missions involved. When all this had been done, the Doctor was pleased with the response to the results of the emergency; all the teams had been deployed in less than three minutes.

‘Well done everyone, a good job well done. Now all we have to do is await any reports as they come in.’

Mean while, at Ratho High School – the school that Chris was attending – there was a sudden noise – like a sonic boom – over the school buildings. Everyone in his class jumped in fright at the sudden noise and – despite the objections of the teacher – they rushed over to the window trying to see what had caused the thunderclap noise. But by the time they’d reached the window, the source of the noise had passed by.

Before long the teachers voice could be heard,

‘Right, settle down there’s still Twenty minutes until school finishes for the day, so let’s carry on with the lesson.’ So the teacher carried on with translating Latin verbs.

Meanwhile Chris whose classes had finished for the day was waiting outside and sitting on a wall awaiting his friends. He was busy reading one of his school text books, going over some homework that he’d been assigned. When all of a sudden he heard a noise and spun around to look behind him, at first he saw nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. All of a sudden out of the corner of his eye he saw a fleeting movement, a shadow that seemed to duck out of sight. Chris being curious stood up and cautiously walked towards the corner of the building where he’d last seen the shadow.

Walking up to the corner and peering around it he noticed that there was no sign of anyone and all was quiet. He’s was just about to turn around and head back towards the wall, but he heard the sound of a door creaking and he moved off towards the sound. Eventually he came upon the source of the creaking; it was the sound of the boiler room door creaking back and forth slowly in the slight breeze. Chris found this to be rather strange because the janitor usually shuts and locks the door after him to prevent any of the school students trespassing where they shouldn’t. So Chris crept up to the door and cautiously entered the dark abode.

Walking slowly along a metal walkway turning his head back and forth, keeping his eyes open and listening out for any sound that seemed out of the ordinary. Chris walked down metal stair cases and moved deeper into the bowels of the boiler room. After about Ten minutes he was about ready to give up on what he was doing and head back to the wall and await Liz and the others when a movement – quite close to him – made him turn his head sharply. But it was too late, before he knew what had happened, he felt a sharp blow to the back of his head, and the next thing he saw was darkness. He slipped unconscious to the stone floor.

After Chris was knocked out a figure stepped out of the shadows and stood over him. The figure stooped down and placed his right hand over Chris’s forehead and then the figure under went a change. After a few seconds had passed by the mysterious figure was a perfect copy of Chris. Standing up it looked himself over and a smile formed on its lips. Looking back down at the slumbering form, the figure reached into his pocket and removed an object that was shaped like half an egg, being flat on one side. He placed the object on Chris’s temple and it started to glow. After a few moments, it stopped glowing and the figure picked it up and placed it against his own head, once again it glowed briefly and then went dark. Then with a smile and a last look at the figure on the floor, he back tracked Chris’s route and disappeared.

Chris awoke to the feeling of someone slightly slapping his face and shaking his shoulders, and also calling his name.

Chris slowly opened his eyes and moaning, he attempted to sit up, but a sudden pain in his head made him hesitate and groan out loud. ‘What happened’ he said with his hand massaging the back of his head.

‘We don’t know Chris’ replied Liz. ‘We went to the meeting place where we’d arranged to meet, but found that you weren’t there. After a while when you still hadn’t shown up we decided to search for you. We’d searched all over until we found you lying unconscious here in the boiler room. Do you remember anything at all about what happened to you?’ Chris shook his head. ‘We’ll figure it out later, but for the time being lets get you back to base and have you checked out by the base medical staff.’

So after carefully lifting Chris to his feet and supporting with his arm around her shoulder, he was taken out of the boiler room and taken to where the others were waiting for the two of them. When they saw the condition of Chris they were on the verge of asking some questions, but were silenced by Liz. They all got into a car that was waiting for them and it drove off.

When they’d drawn up at the control point that led to T.E.C.H. headquarters they received a shook. The security guards did the usual security check, but once they’d seen Chris they immediately drew their guns and pointed them at Chris stating at the same time ‘get out of the car your under arrest.’


That’s the first chapter of this new story. I hope you enjoyed reading it, if so please tell me what you thought in the review box. Constructive criticism is always welcome. And Please feel free to read T.E.C.H. part one.

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