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Two Hearts and a Blue Moon by emo_slychic
Chapter 6 : What to Do
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*Author's Note: This is definitely a much awaited chapter! Betweem school and broken computers, who has time to write? NOW, I have all the time in the world :) Enjoy*








As Hermione was gathering her clothes to go take a shower, went inside the bathroom, and got in the hot and steamy shower. While in there, she thought about the kiss she had shared with Draco only minutes before. She felt that it was exhilarating and exciting, yet passionate, longing, and demanding. It had set her heart aflutter with butterflies and a warm feeling in the pit of stomach that seemed to set her insides ablaze. She couldn’t quite understand why she felt like that; she hadn’t seen nor talked to the blonde man in over four years.


“How could he do that to me?” she exclaimed quietly in the shower. “He just can’t show up like he did last night and expect me to fall back into his arms; that is just not happening!”


And then she started to cry with sobs wracking her body and slid down the wall of her shower. She had no idea why she did it, but she needed to, and she did for a long time. After letting her tears subside, she stepped out of the shower, toweled herself off and dried her hair with her wand. When she looked in the mirror, she noticed that her hair had become straighter and was the color black. Her eyes had become a blue-green with a hint of brown; with that, she sighed and walked into her room to get dressed.


Hermione donned a teal top with black jeans; put on flesh toned make-up, some mascara, eyeliner, a pair of trainers and walked out to her living room. As she approached she heard the voice of Dibrell and it seemed that she was talking to Draco with a serious tone. As she listened, she heard, “…love her? And I don’t mean that lightly. She has been through way too much and you know that.”


The female Zabini was shocked to hear her friend ask him that question. “Love me?” she thought distractedly, but quickly turned her attention back to the conversation as Linus started to talk.


“Dibre is right,” he added. “I can’t have you go around hurting her. She needs someone, and I know she doesn’t quite understand why yet, but she needs you the most and it seems to me like you need her even more. Her other friends, her brother and her family cannot love her the way she needs to be. Not even Dibre or I can do that. I’ve heard the way she talks about you, not out loud, but when she’s in deep thought over her past. It breaks my heart sometimes to see how sad she gets when she thinks of you and her brother.” He took a breath and was about to continue what he was saying, but he heard Hermione thinking about what he just said.


“’Mione?” He asked. “Hermione, I know your over there, you better come out or I’m going to tell what happened in your dream last night.” He waited for a second and then continued. “Dibre told me you were mumbling-”


“Alright,” she half sighed half yelled angrily. Hermione walked over to the living room and plopped down somewhat gracefully on the couch next to Linus. Across from her was Dibre in an arm chair, and Draco was sitting in the arm chair next to her. When she looked at Draco, she couldn’t help but notice the crease in his forehead and the intense look he had in his eyes as he stared at her. To her it was mesmerizing; like no one else was around. It was like she could see the fire boiling inside of him that threatened to erupt like an angry volcano and she didn’t want to look away for fear that she may miss something. In the end she looked away first because she started to feel exposed again, and she hated feeling that way; no matter who it was that was making her slightly uncomfortable.


The two siblings looked on as Hermione and Draco were staring at each other and the two siblings started to have a silent conversation.


“What do you think about this Linus?” Dibre asked looking into her brothers eyes. He thought for a moment and answered, “I think that they should work out whatever is going on. There is definitely something more than what is being said with these two; don’t you see how Draco is looking her? It’s intense.”


Dibre looked between the two lost lovers and shook her head agreeing with her brother. “This is crazy, don’t they realize how much they mean to each other. I mean that kiss…”  she trailed off.


 Linus finished her thought, “…was no ordinary kiss. It was a loving yet passionate and longing kiss. It looked as if they were trying to hold on to each other. Trying not to let go again…”  


Linus trailed off looking between the two and noticed that they had broken eye contact and that even though Draco was still staring at Hermione, she was looking down at her hands. Dibre took notice of this as well.


As she looked down at her hands, she could still feel his gaze on her and she couldn’t help but feel elated. “He may actually love me. Who would have thought that he would come to love me after all this time? And at a moment like this?” she thought silently to herself.


“Why?” she whispered forgetting the other three people in the room.


Dibre perked up, “Why what Hermione?”


“Huh?” she asked with a furrowed brow.


“You said ‘why’. What do you mean by that?” Linus asked.


Hermione thought for a moment and decided that it would be best for no one to know that she didn’t love Draco. “Yet,” she thought silently, but then lied and answered, “Oh, nothing; I promise.” She wasn’t quite ready for all that was going on between her and Draco. All she really wanted to do was see Blaise. If he was showing signs of finally waking up, she wanted to be there when and if he did.


“You two should get going Draco,” Dibre said breaking the small silence and looking at Hermione skeptically. “It’s getting late and I’m sure that if Blaise woke up, Hermione would want to be there. Right?”


“Right,” Hermione answered in a small voice.


With that, Dibre and Linus said good-bye to the two and apparated back home. Hermione couldn’t believe what had just happened; it was as if she was glued to her seat. The last thing Linus said before he apparated was, “Don’t lie next time. You know we can see right through it. But please, don’t get hurt again, I would hate for that to happen to you. I love you, Dibre does too; we only want what’s best for you. I hope your brother is well. Let us know when you return.”


That had been the last thing she expected from her friend. Sure, she had lied, but it was the right thing to do; no one really needed to know what she was thinking all the time, especially then. Her thoughts were interrupted when Draco sat down next her and said, “Isabelle, are you ok?”


She looked at him incredulously, a little angered and asked, “What?”


He just stared at the girl in front of him for a moment reveling in how beautiful she was when she was angry. Without thinking he leaned in towards her, put his forehead against hers while holding her face in his hands, took in her scent of strawberries and vanilla, and said, “I love you Isabelle.” Then he kissed her. It was a feather light kiss that was soft, gentle, and loving as though if he were to kiss her any harder she would break. He was a bit startled when she softly pushed him away, turned her head and said in the lowest whisper possible as a tear ran down her cheek, “No.” At first he thought he was hearing things, but then he realized what she had said and got up. He was a little hurt and had been debating on whether or not he should tell her that he loved her. It was true, no matter how long she had been away; no matter how long he had wanted to hold her in his arms again, he still meant every word. If she believed him or not, he did, and nothing was going to change that. Nothing.


“I’m going to St. Mungos alone,” she whispered after he had gotten up.


“Isabelle-” he began but she cut him off.


“No,” she said again, but it was slightly louder with a small tremble in her voice. She still had yet to look at the slightly heartbroken blonde in front of her. “I have to do this alone. He’s my brother and I owe him this much to go and see him by myself.”


She then decided to look him and continued, although in a smaller voice, “It’s my fault anyway. I shouldn’t have run away without telling him, but I had no choice.”


With that, she started to cry again. Hermione didn’t know what to do anymore. First, Draco walks back into her life unannounced after Ron had severely hurt her for cheating with Lavender a few years back. He then turns around and kisses her the very next morning, no matter how much she had craved it and wished that it didn’t end, and pretends like nothing hadn’t already happened between them. Later, he tells her he loves her! What did he want from her? He had given her up in sixth year before the final battle had begun to keep her safe from those who didn’t know who she really was; after she had fallen in love with him. He later let her be tortured by Bellatrix, and it hurt her just thinking about all of it. She wasn’t quite sure she really wanted to talk about it just yet; and after she thought about it, she knew she wasn’t. It had been too much for her to handle then, and was still a very sore topic for her now.


Hermione had stopped crying by then and turned to face him. He was staring at her intently again, trying to figure out what she was thinking. He stood there for a second and waited for her to say something else. When she didn’t, he looked away and said before disapparating, “I’m sorry.”


Hermione sat there on the couch looking at the spot where the man she realized she still loved had disappeared and started to cry again. She cried so hard that she cried herself to sleep and had awaken at a quarter to midnight. When she awoke, she thought about the first time her hair had changed. Hermione, even though she looked like Isabelle, didn’t feel like her. She felt like she had lost who she truly was when she had the glamour charm on. It was after the war and it had come off one day while she was talking to Ginny. She had awoken one Wednesday afternoon and had decided to go visit her friends Ginny and Harry. When it happened, the redhead had noticed and asked the newly turned black haired beauty why she looked the way she did. Hermione hadn’t noticed the change and went to look in a mirror and saw what her younger friend was talking about. The former quickly put the glamour charm back on as she heard Harry coming down the stairs of the Burrow before quickly whispering to her, “I’ll tell you when it’s time.” The redhead had just looked at her for a moment and then reluctantly nodded. Since that afternoon she had never asked her again, and the older girl was thankful for it; she hadn’t been quite ready to tell her, or anyone else for that matter, just yet.


A tap on the window shook her out of her reverie. She went over, opened the window, and saw that it was an owl she didn’t recognize. The young woman took the letter and noticed the seal: it was the Malfoy family crest. When she looked back over at the window, the bird had flown away, so she closed the window. Hermione wasn’t quite sure she really wanted to know what Draco wanted, but she figured she might as well; it wasn’t like she hated him, she just didn’t feel comfortable with him admitting his love for her, yet.


Looking at the letter on the small table, where she had set it on when she went to go close the window, she decided to open it. When she opened it, she was surprised to see this in his perfect script:




 I know you did not wish to hear me say that I love you, but I do. It seems that I have made you uncomfortable enough and I am terribly sorry.


I hope you will somehow find it in your heart to forgive me for what I have done in the past. As for kissing you earlier, I don’t regret doing that one bit; it made me feel alive again Isa.


 Like I knew that maybe there was hope for us to be together again. But when I kissed you the second time and you pushed me away, I knew that there was no real chance between us again. I had hoped that by my declaring my love for you, it would make it easier for you to love me back. But I guess I was wrong.


Isa, my light, my love, my heart, my soul, my everything, I love you, and I hope that you will be happy.


Love forever and always,


Draco, your Dragon




P.S. I went by St. Mungos, Blaise woke up. He asked for you.




A few tears escaped her eyes and Hermione wiped then away.With one last look at the end of the letter, she tossed it aside and apparated to St. Mungos, Harry and Ginny would have to wait. Her brother, her first missing puzzle piece, was awake, and she needed to see him. Little did she know that her second missing puzzle piece was off drinking away his sorrows, hoping that maybe he would end up like his best mate Blaise; but instead of being saved, he would die. No matter how much he wished to die as he drank, he knew it wasn’t going to happen; she needed him, but he needed her more. And that was all that kept him from drinking himself to his end: his Isabelle.





I need your input. So...... tell me what you think!!!!!! por favor ^_^ gracias muchas

(Next chapter up after winter break!)

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