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The Other Reality by FeltonLewis
Chapter 1 : Be Careful What You Wish For
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Amazing chapter image by the brilliant   aim.moon @tda :)

So I hope you guys like this one too :) If anyone wants to create a banner for me-PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO SO :P So without further delay,presenting to you the first chapter,Be Careful What You Wish For:

Edited on 9/4/12

It was their 7th and final year of Hogwarts. Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny were on their way back to their common room when Hermione suddenly realized that she forgot to borrow a book she really wanted to read from the Library.

"You guys, I'll be there at the common room in a few minutes", Hermione said.

"What? Forgot about a book you wanted to borrow?" Ron joked and Harry chuckled.

"ACTUALLY- yes", Hermione said, grinning sheepishly.

"Why am I not surprised?" Harry laughed, "Sure, go on.We'll see you."

"Wait, I'll come too", Ginny said. She linked arms with Hermione and they waved at the boys and began walking towards the library.

"Im so glad to be back, you know", Ginny sighed, "It's been a year since the war- they fixed the place up so nicely."

"I know", Hermione smiled, trailing her fingers absent mindedly along the wall beside her, "It feels great to be back. Except its our last year here."

"Yeah, for us too-they shifted us straight to year seven when we just barely finished our 6th year. But atleast I get to be with you guys", Ginny said.

"Yeah- it's nice to have you with us, Gin", Hermione said, tightening her grip on Ginny's arm ,"How're you and Harry?"

"Oh Hermione, we're growing so strong together- really. Our relationship is really thriving", Ginny said, sighing happily, "What happened to you and Ron though?"

"I dont know, actually", Hermione said, "I think that kiss was just...momentary. I mean, we thought we were going to die in that war and just wanted to have no regrets, you know. But in this year, we both realized how uncomfortable it was. We decided it was just better to be friends- brother and sister."

"Are you happy?" Ginny asked, looking at her best friend.

"Honestly, yes", Hermione nodded, "It's better this way."

"Then Im happy too", Ginny smiled and Hermione returned it.

"I'm glad that everyone's slowly moving on again", Hermione said, "It was so hard in the beginning- especially for your family you know..."

"With Fred, yeah", Ginny said, "I still miss him terribly. George had it the hardest for him- to lose a twin is like losing half of you. I mean, it was horrible for all of us but they both were ALWAYS together- I cant imagine what it was for him."

"Yeah..." Hermione said, sadly, "How're you now?"

"I'm...holding up. Eventually, it'll get better now that the wars over and everyone bad is securely behind bars."

"I suppose", Hermione said, "And I hope they all are."

"Come, we've reached- pick out your book and hurry back", Ginny said, unlinking their arms and ushering Hermione into the library.

Hermione hurried inside and scanned one of the shelves and picked out the book she wanted. Of course, she knew which shelf it was on considering she had already been to the Library, right before the feast had started. She looked at the book and saw the title "Rebuilding Hogwarts" on it. It was about how the students and teachers had rebuilt Hogwarts over the year and there was a whole section of photographs. She would never tell anybody, but McGonagal had gotten Hermione to write it herself. She just wanted to see how well it had been published. She smiled to herself, waved the book at the Librarian, who grinned and nodded to Hermione.

She held the book tightly and returned to Ginny.

"Got it?" Ginny asked.

Hermione smiled and showed Ginny the book.

"Of course, first day back and the know-it-all returns to the library. Oh and look, she has a little reading minion with her- deciding on starting a reading club, Granger?" The two girls spun around to see Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson walking towards them.

"Really, Malfoy?" Hermione said, "That the best you got? "Know-it-all" and "reading club"? but the "reading minion" is a bit original. Lame, either way. I'd have thought you would have come up with something better."

"Please, if I unleash my entire colorful vocabulary- you'd be drowning in insults", Draco drawled.

"Or I could just hex you and shut you up", Hermione said, "Now kindly get out of our way."

"How's it with Weasley by the way?" He said, " Did he finally gain that stupid Griffindor courage and ask you out?"

"That is none of your business", Hermione snapped, taking a step forward,"And he has more courage than you will ever have. If you had enough courage, you would have walked away from Voldemort. Even if you didnt and you had even the tiniest courage, you would change. But I think that's wishing for too much- you're still the arrogant, cruel, self-centered prat that we all knew and hated."

"Ouch, Granger", Draco said, clutching the fabric over his heart dramatically, "That hurt." What he would never admit in a million years is that it actually did hurt. It hurt that she was right.

"If you'll excuse us now", Hermione said. She took Ginny's hand and they pushed past the three roughly and walked on. A few steps ahead and Draco's voice stopped them again.

"Oh and Granger, you wish for me to change? You cant always get what you wish for. But I wish that when you grow the hell up and look the hell better-if you ever DO get married, you get a husband who hates your guts and have kids who end up wanting to kill you. And trust me, I'm quite sure that my wish here will come true."

He didnt know what made him say that-it was so random, so out of the blue-but he just wanted to say something to upset her. Girls were sensitive when it came to marriage and kids, he knew that. So maybe this would upset her- even if it was just a little bit.

Hermione's fists balled up beside her but Ginny grabbed her arm, turned around and said, "Shove off, Malfoy. She'll have a great life ahead with a man who loves her and the most amazing kids. You'll see." With that, she pulled an angry Hermione with her to the Griffindor common room.

That night, before falling asleep, Hermione went over what Malfoy had said "you get a husband who hates your guts and have kids who end up wanting to kill you". What if he was right.... She didnt have a boyfriend yet- even Ginny had one and she was younger to her. Harry had Ginny and Ron was close to getting one, she was sure. Even Neville was with Luna now.

One of her worst nightmares was having a terrible life ahead...and Malfoy had just brought it up again. What if her husband and her didn't get along and her kids hated her...

Maybe she was just over-reacting. She sighed and shut her eyes tightly. She pulled her knees close to her and let herself drift off to sleep.

Draco Malfoy-you should REALLY be careful with what you wish for.


So HAI :) Hope you enjoyed that-I know it was short but it's sort of like the first chapter of Everything Happens... Just an introduction to start things up. Anyway,I know it's not much but please please leave your reviews! It would really help and it only takes a few seconds! Thank you for reading and the next chapter is a proper starting! 

Love Always,
FeltonLewis xx

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