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Second Chance to Change by Mrsmalfoyluvble
Chapter 2 : First year again
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 As he looked around for the first time at the Gryffindor common room he couldn’t help but grin. He has never seen the inside of this common room before and he wanted to run around and jump up and down with excitement. Wow he thought I really am a little boy again. As he walked over to the stairs leading to his dorm he realized how tired he was. Oh shit! I'm going to have to go through all seven years of school again!? With that thought in his head he was suddenly more tired than he had ever felt in his entire life(his previous life) and collapsed on the bed and fell asleep instantly.


The next day he woke before anyone else in his dorm and dressed and went down to breakfast early. When he got to the Great Hall Lily was already there sitting alone and the Gryffindor table. He walked over and sat down across from her.

“Morning Lily.” he said happily

“Good morning Sev!” She was smiling widely “I can't believe it! We start classes in less than a hour at Hogwarts!”

“It is quite amazing isn’t it?” he looked around. All the joys of his first year were coming back to him and now not only did he look like a kid but he felt like one too.

“Amazing doesn’t seem like a big enough word to describe this castle Sev.” she had a dreamy look in her eyes as she took in her surroundings again and again.

“Lily...will we always be friends? No matter what happens will we always be there for each other?” he asked uncertain.

“Of course Severus. Ill always be your friend and you will always be mine. I promise.” she replied with a genuine kind smile as she took his hand from across the table.



When classes started they had potions with Slytherin first years. Well I may have to repeat all my classes but at least I remember going through them the first time so I won't get any bad marks. He thought to himself smirking. They got to the dungeons where the potions classroom was and took their seats. Lily wanted to sit in the front so that she wouldn’t get distracted. Severus smiled to himself remembering how she refused to sit in that back even when the teacher didn’t like her.


When class started Prof. Slughorn stood in front of the class and gave his start of term speech. Severus tuned him out because he had already heard all of this before and knew that nothing he was about to hear was important. He focused on Lily sitting next to him. She was wearing the traditional Hogwarts robes, and her green eyes and red hair were shining in the most beautiful way with the light of the only window hitting her perfectly.


Before he knew it class was over and Lily was shaking him awake.

“Severus Snape did you really fall asleep in the first class on the first day of school?!”


“No I don't want to hear it mister you're in big trouble!” She tried to sound serious but she couldn't keep the smile off her face “C'mon we're going to be late for Defense Against the Dark Arts.” she said over her shoulder as she walked out of the classroom.

He gathered his books in his book bag and hurried after her. Bloody hell this book bag is sodding heavy he thought as he ran up the stairs to his next class.


The first day flew by rather quickly. The days afterword were just as quick and uneventful. Severus and Lily were still the best of friends and before they knew it Christmas was on its way.

“Are you going home for the holiday Sev?” Lily asked although she already knew the answer.

“No. it wouldn't be a very enjoyable holiday if I did.” he replied.

“Would you like me to stay with you?” he was shocked by the question.

“Why would you want to stay with me? You have a nice family to go home to and you deserve a break.” he answered. Of course he wanted her to stay, but that wasn't fair to her so he wasn't going to ask her to.


Christmas break went by rather slowly. He and Lily owled each other almost three times a day and Severus was glad for someone to talk to. When Christmas day arrived Severus wandered down into the common room to find that he actually had presents under the tree. Three of them were from the Evans family(Lily and her parents. I would include Petunia but she is not very nice to Severus) and one was from Prof. Dumbledore, and the last one was from his parents. He opened the one from Dumbledore because he was most curious to see what was inside. It was a 6th year Potions book. As he sat and pondered why Dumbledore would give him such a thing he remembered during his 6th year at Hogwarts (the first time) he had not had enough money to buy a Potions book. He took up a quill and wrote neatly inside the cover of the book Property of the Half-Blood Prince smiling to himself at his own sense of humor. Then he tucked the book away in his trunk. He then proceeded to open the presents he got from Lily and her parents. Those packages contained a pack of self correcting quills, a book about dragons, and two types of muggle candy called razzles and lemonheads. He popped a lemonhead in his mouth and his face scrunched up from the sour taste. He could imagine her laughing at this and made a vow that he would never let her see him eat one.


When all the students were back from their break classes started again and were much the same. Still boring and still easy. He and Lily had the best marks of all the first years in Potions class and Prof. Slughorn invited them to join the slug club. It wasn't very fun but it gave them something to do and laugh about later.


When finals arrived Severus couldn't stop thinking about the summer ahead. I'm going to be able to see her everyday without the distraction of school work and classes. He thought after finals were over.

That was when he started noticing James Potter and his gang messing with Lily.

“HA!! Such a goody goody little know it all aren't you Evans!” yelled Potter.

“Nobody could get marks that good on final exams! I think you cheated!” Black chimed in.

by now Lily was backed up into a corner with no escape from the group of boys.

“Leave her alone!” Severus yelled raising his wand at James

“Or what Snivellus?” Potter asked raising his own wand at Severus.

“THATS QUITE ENOUGH BOYS!” Prof. McGonagall shouted making them all freeze where they stood. The only one to move was a small and scared Lily Evans to hide behind Severus. He made himself and tall as he could be so he could protect her from any harm that might befall her.

“I am downright APPALLED!” she continued “The last week of school and you have the audacity to get in a fight? And for what? What was so important that you need to whip out your wands and duel for?”

“They were bullying me Prof.” Lily whispered

“Were they all bullying you dear?” McGonagall said in a more soothing voice.

“No, Sev came and told them to stop. It was James and the others.”

McGonagall now stood at her full height and faced the other boys, “I am very disappointed in you boys. Follow me to the headmasters office and we will discuss punishment.” she turned to Severus “May you take Miss Evans to the hospital wing and get her something to help her calm down?” she asked with a slight smile.

“Yes Prof. McGonagall.” he said before leading Lily in the opposite direction.

“Thank you” whispered Lily and she kissed him on the cheek. “you were really brave.”

I'll always be there for you because I love you. He thought to himself because he was to afraid to say it out loud. Instead he just took her hand and said “You're welcome.”

A/N ok I broke up the first year into two chapters and im sorry because they are both really short but the next one will be longer . And I also tried to incorporate some of the things we already know about Severus Snape into the story(like the 6th year Potions book ;) cleaver isn't it?). And if you ever wonder how it would all make sense at the end of the story if Lily and James never have a son named Harry just wait and I will make it all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle when I'm done. Thank you for reading and if you have any suggestions or comments please don't be shy and let me know. And one more thing, this entire story is kinda-sorta based on a song I heard in a movie once. The movie doesn't go with this but the song does and it is called Here I Am by Bryan Adams from the movie Spirit. I'm using the one at the end credits so if you haven't heard it you should definitely give it a listen. Its a pretty good song. Well that's all for now a new chapter will be up soon.

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