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These three words by Awesome1234
Chapter 2 : Not his type
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The next day:

 Me if i dressed like Hugo's girlfriend

I woke up in bed with a full bottle in my hand. I didn't drink it yet. I just threw up and fell right asleep. Ah I don't get myself. Why do I drink so to the bloody point were I pass out and don't even remember if I had fun the other night. I just wake up with the worst hangover and my head in the toilet throwing up half my body weight.

Only when IM sober I can think of stuff like this. But then I never listen to sober Rainy I usually ignore her when I have a beautiful bottle of liquor in my hands. Im trying to rember what happen last night. Or yesterday night. Bloody hell I don't even fucken know. Everything a blur.

I head a little 'Cick' noise from under my pillow. I lift up the pillow and see it's my cheap ares phone which is breaking and has bite marks everywhere on it. Please don't ask me why my phone has bite marks.

Stop asking, your asking aren't you, Well IM NOT GANNA TELL YOU, Bah, okay fine all tell you. You win this time but next time IM so ganna kick yourares. One apon a time me and Hugo were abusing one of Merlin plants that is green, clams you down, some people call the people that use it 'Pot heads', and let me give you a clue the first letters W and the last letters D and inbetween that is EE.

Did you get it? Yes? Nooooo, noooo how can you not get it!!!!!  I made it pretty easy for you to see what im taking about. But if you don't get it thats your problem. Not that im blaming you for anything (PLEASE KEEP READING).

Well Hugo and I were getting, let me give you a clue it starts with a H and ends with all these iii s. And he was over thinking EVERYTHING! Like he would look at my phone and tell me a 20 minute explanation of why they put hard stuff around the phone called the case. You wanna know why??? To protect you phone!

So he keep going on and on and then he took orf my cover and bite my phone and I yelled at him like 'BLOODY HELL HUGO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!' but all he did was laugh and tell me that why case protect your phone from random hiii people biting it.

I look at my phone and I have a text from Hugo and Adam my boyfriend who I hate even calling him my boyfriend. I know what your thinking 'If you don't like him why are you dating him'. Well all I have to say is he'll dumb me after he gets the girl he really wants. I know im being used but he buys me fire whiskey and food and thats pretty good to me. We don't kiss or hug or act like a couple. And im fine with that.

The only real yeah I want to be kissing and hugging is HUGO. But trust me im not Hugo type. His girlfriend Ellie is smart,pretty, wears glasses, dose'nt drink, shy, a good kid, and is a sweet girl. Un like me.

Im not pretty, smart, I don't wear glasses, Im not that sweet or kind, im NOT shy, im way to outgoing, I speak my mind way to much, I smoke, drink , and don't even like my boyfriend, im and not a good kid or sweet. Im so not his type.

And Ellie alway wears red shoes and a red head band and leggings. I usally wear anything that fits. Hugo is alot better than me and he should stay with Ellie.

Reasons why Hugo Weasley and Ellie Chang should stay together and I should just keep out:

:There both good people
:Both smart

:Both honest

:Both have a normal relationship unlike me

:She way to pretty from him to dumb unlike me

:Shes perfect

:He's happy with her

:He dose'nt always have to take care of her like me

:He can have a real talk with her unlike me

:He would never go out with someone as whos a hot mess like me

And those my dears are the reasons Hugo and Ellie should stay together and I should NEVER tell Hugo how I really feel about him.

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These three words: Not his type


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