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At the start of whatever by CoLorful DreaM
Chapter 1 : Start of whatever
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“Malfoy, you’re late again,” Weasley the boss (as vice-boss after Potter, the Head) noticed me from the door of his office. Don’t you tell me, redhead. I bet he had spend this whole quarter of an hour I missed, with his door cracked open, just for the pleasure of telling it to me.


“Sorry, boss. What will you do now? Cut that from my salary?” I answered ironically, trying hard to not roll my eyes thing that would drive him insane. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy it, but that wouldn’t make anything better. He’d still have the right. He had fought for the right in the Great War. His family had fought for the right in the Great War. My family had had the worst of twist and the Wizarding World would never forget that. Some never forget the good done. Though, no one forgets the bad done. Ever.


     Lucius, my grandfather, was a scamp and a coward. Dad had never tried to hide that. Even harder to hide was that he himself had been a coward. And a scamp. Everyone knew the scamp he had once been. Though, he had held his head high and down at the same time, during his whole bloody life.


     The two scamps in my family had made the good to leave me a whole bunch of money, despite all they had t contribute in the rebuilding of the Hogwarts School. They say it was all in ruins after the war and I have to believe them by simply watching the pictures in the school’s history book.


    I didn’t need the money I got from my job. I just needed a place in that damn place, in that damn world. I wasn’t as stupid as to run for the fame, but deep down I wanted it. IU wanted respect to start with; something that fat ass Weasley shall never give, though.


    I entered my office with an instant grimace at the sight of the back of a redhead inside.


“What the...”


“OH!” the figure flinched and jumped up at the sound of my voice, mumbling some excuses pretty hard understanding.


“I’m sorry,” she repeated again, collecting papers she was reading from the desk. Then she finally turned to me and awkwardly smiled.


“It was Uncle Ron’s fault, really,” she told me. Oh, well, a Weasley then, I guess. The hair was quite giveaway anyways.


“He said you might not come today and that I could use this office... for today!” she raised her shoulders childishly, still smiling. It seemed to me she was actually sorry and feeling pretty silly right then.  She was rather petite, with a kind, pretty face, dressed elegantly. Unexpectedly, I smiled, too.


“Ron Weasley’s niece? Are you Dominique Weasley? Or Molly Weasley?” I tried guessing who she was from all that bunch of Weasley children out there.


“Actually, I’m Lily – Lily Potter,” she pointed out, reaching out a little, pale hand. I shook it gently, a bit unsurely – it seemed fragile and precious and I was afraid to hold it too tight.  The women I knew and had to do with – and wanted to have to do with were rather voluptuous and self-confident. I was surprised to find her holding actually firm despite the appearance.


“And you are Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy, right?” she added after our hands separated.


“Yes, that same traitor,” I nodded.


“Well, Scorpius – can I call you Scorpius? – I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. My office wasn’t ready yet, so... Well, I guess I can ask dad to let me share his office. It’s huge, really,” she said in a really sweet way, so lovely and natural that I wondered why someone like me would be pleased with it.


“If you ask him in this way, you might absolutely have a chance,” it slipped to me.


“Oh, no, he’s become immune to that in all these years,” she replied with a giggle.


“What isn’t Harry Potter immune to, after all?” I said half joking, half ironical.


“Molasses cake,” she whispered confidentially, “He’ll never be over that.”


      She laughed and I found it purely contagious. Holding tight her pile of papers, she opened the door and left with a nod of her lovely head. Lovely head? I snapped, almost laughing of my own silliness. I closed the door and walked to my things, ready for another day when nothing would happen. It’s not like nothing ever happened. It was just that no one ever told me when anything happened. I wasn’t important – not important at all. And damn, I knew very well I could deal with problems better than most of that useless bunch of ... colleagues.


    Never mind how hard I crossed my eyes along the halls; I didn’t see the back I was looking for again. God knows why I did it. Maybe I missed that little smile in that ocean of glares. And so the day passed...


“Hey, you!”


“Potter!” there was an exclamation coming from me, first time such an exclamation was followed by a smile.


    She grinned at first and then made a funny grimace.


“Ew, don’t call me that,” she said with a laugh, “or I’ll have to call you Malfoy ,” she threatened.


Hm, used to that, though – deserves a change.


“Okay, then, Lily – that’s a deal,” I reached out my hand, feeling the unlikely hold of hers again.


And going to work became a pleasure...


    For like two months, the others took in consideration that if the big boss’ daughter was treating me right, it wouldn’t be suitable for them to contradict her. They started playing their role. I didn’t want a part and continued to ignore them. Lily noticed one day and talked with me about it. I just told her the truth. From her distasteful expression when she just said Goodbye and left the office I thought she took that reaction of mine as a proof of foolish pureblood pride or something and I expected for her to give up on me or… anything - anything except what she actually did.

    The next day she came in, didn’t answer to anyone’s salute and joined me with a smile and a Good morning. It was easy to get what happened – she made it clear for everyone that she joined my camp.


     Once more, I looked her leave my office, red air curling in the air, thinking that was the start of something. I didn't know what it would be, but it was a start. Though, that start of... whatever... gave me hope.

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At the start of whatever: Start of whatever


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