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The Wrath of a Huff. by Loony_Scorpy
Chapter 2 : Two.
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Author’s Note: This chapter has been COMPLETELY rewritten, so for those of you who’ve already read it, please read it again as the next chapter won’t make sense without it :)
Sorry about the ridiculous wait *smiles sheepishly* I’ve got a hold on the story now so I should update sooner for the next chapter.

Oh and the five of you that favourited my story (poisoned_thoughts, stickyfingers, Werewolfs Rule, Woodrow Rynne aaand xxJazminexx). I love you. You guys are amazing – part of the reason why I actually made the effort to get this chapter up. I also want to say thanks to the SIX more of you who favourited this (athenagirl, EnigmaticEyes16, itswonderland, losers_lurgy, Mrs_Lewis, and WishesofWeasley) and those that reviewed. Thank you <3

And thanks to the validators for the super speedy queue, who inspired me to finish this chapter :)

I spent the rest of the day moping around like a sulky child. I was seriously pissed off at Nott for getting me a detention, and especially for being able to get under my skin. At the end of potions class Professor Grimsby had called me up to the front and given me the big 'I'm so disappointed in you' talk. I tried to explain what happened, but he wouldn't hear a word of it. Now I have detention two nights this week. Two. Bleh. I'm not sure what he is making me do, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow night.

As I wandered to my final class of the day, History of Magic, my thoughts were solely focused on informing Gee of the day's events. I was so distracted that I didn't even notice Nott watching me as I passed through the corridors.

I dropped down onto my seat in History of Magic, which is conveniently located at the back of the classroom, and I began racking my mind as to what I could do to get Nott back. As I was pondering, our class got called to attention, so I decided to listen in order to get my mind off Nott.

I take that back. You know those stories you hear of how boring History of Magic is? Well they’re true, every last one of them. I honestly don’t know what Professor Binns is still doing here after all of this time, but I suppose he enjoys teaching us. On the other hand, we don’t enjoy him being our teacher.

The class is just so boring. I mean sure, I want to get good marks and yeah, I actually find history interesting, but the monotonous drone of his voice would seriously put anyone to sleep.

As my thoughts began to turn away from class, they once again drifted towards Nott. I growled in frustration, earning me a few questioning looks from those around me, as I tried to shake off thoughts of him once again.

Grumbling, I pulled out my History of Magic textbook and began reading what we were supposed to be doing in class. As I became absorbed in the stories, I started losing track of time. We were studying the Order of the Phoenix, which I found thoroughly intriguing.

I loved the idea that while an absolutely insane wizard was causing destruction, there were still those that were loyal enough to moral beliefs to fight back. I really admired those people and what they stood for.

Deep in my reflection, I jolted at the sound of the chairs scraping in unison, as everyone raced out of the classroom. I blinked in surprise, as I hadn’t realised I had been reading for so long. I quickly jotted down our homework and wandered out after everyone else.

I walked slowly back to the common room as I considered what I would do for our essay sized homework. I didn’t mind though, since I was so interested in the topic. I passed a Slytherin on the way and my thoughts immediately jumped to Nott.

I stopped in my tracks; was I really that stereotypical that I automatically grouped other Slytherins with Nott? Oh wow, now I was over analysing things. Of course, I had no prejudices against the other houses but… no, no I’m going to shut up with the mind talking now.

Anyway, that was when I remembered that I was going to fill Gee in on everything. I quickened my pace as I made the rest of the way to the common room. As I climbed through the portrait hole with a slightly manic expression on my face (I had been thinking about Nott again), I noticed Gee sprawled out on the comfiest couch in the middle of the room.

She noticed my entrance and I could read the expression on her face as clear as day. It was almost as though she had the words printed across her forehead; here we go again. I’m surprised she didn’t throw in an eye roll.

You see, I have a bit of a history with my anger. Well no, it’s mainly frustration. And that leads to anger. But I’m not going to bore you with those stories today.

I walked in the direction of the dormitory stairs and gestured for Gee to follow. Too bad if she needed to finish the Herbology assignment which was due tomorrow. I hadn’t done it either.

As soon as I got into our room as I ran and leaped onto my bed. I’m really mature. Rolling onto my back, I turned to see Gee’s face suddenly looming over my own. I meeped – no that wasn’t a word, but it is now – and hit her over the head with my pillow for scaring me.

She giggled and snuggled up next to me. “What’s up, Cat?” she questioned softly, “you don’t look quite as happy as usual. Behind all of that anger of course.”

I sighed, she knew me far too well. She could tell that I was actually deeply bothered. I took a deep breath and told her everything that had happened with Nott and how much he managed to get under my skin.

Gee listened intently, not saying a word, until I finished my recount. I would have laughed at the facial expressions that crossed her face had I not been so angry.

Last, but certainly not least, I told Gee about how I planned to get back at Nott. She smiled, with a slightly scary glint in her eye, “Who cares about homework, we need to get planning girl!”

Gee pulled away from me and skipped to the other side of the room to get a piece of parchment. She was obviously way too excited about this, but her enthusiasm seemed to rub off on me.

I found myself grinning as we sprawled out on the rug between our beds and began planning. We wrote down everything we possibly could. From what we knew about Nott’s tendency to sleep around (we couldn’t figure out how so many girls would do so willingly), to what house he hated the most (Hufflepuff obviously).

Sure, we didn’t have a plan yet, but I felt so much better already. I gave Gee a spontaneous hug, which she returned with gusto. She waved her wand in the direction of our music player and tucked our notes away.

Gee had put on my favourite song. I laughed and started dancing around. We danced around our room like mad people. We pretended to be chickens, we did our best attempts at dancing like gangsters and we even tried break-dancing. We may, or may not, have broken a few things during that time. But it wasn’t me. No, definitely not.

I felt so happy and so lucky that I had Gee to help me be that way. We continued dancing like idiots until the rest of our roommates walked in with bemused expressions.

From the chicken wing that one of the girls was holding, I realised that we had missed dinner. Gee and I looked at each other with a mutual understanding of what we were about to do. And no, we weren’t going to take the chicken wing. I had already considered that.

We slipped on some shoes and ran down to the kitchens. But before we left, I noticed Gee stealthily grab our notes on Nott. We had some serious planning to do.

Author’s Note: I would love you forever if you reviewed :) I always answer! If you have any ideas for Nott’s punishment let me know! Edits for the first chapter are next :)

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