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Bitten. by starrynightshy
Chapter 2 : Changes
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Chapter Two


I was ashamed. For the three weeks I stayed with Lily, I just couldn’t tell my parents about what I had become. How would they be able to look at their daughter now? I had become a monster.

When I told Lily what happened that night she wasn’t scared like I thought she was going to be instead she was worried about my safety. For the remainder of the summer break she helped me through all of the changes. I could now smell everything. It was a bit overwhelming at first. I couldn’t go outside for a whole week without sneezing so much. What was once my favorite part about the Evans’ household was now my dreaded nightmare. Why so many flowers? The pollen was killing me and it didn’t help that I pretty much growled every time I sneezed. Try to explain that to a muggle family.

Today is the day I go back to Hogwarts and honestly I don’t know how to feel about it. I sat in a plush compartment waiting for the train to start. I rubbed my temples as the train shouted out yet another loud chu chu sound. For the past three days my hearing has been going off the charts. One second it’ll be all fine and dandy then the next I’ll be screaming in pain. Lily was off doing Head Girl things and I was sitting alone hating the world as I could hear the iron wheels move around and around faster and faster till I just couldn’t take it!

“Oops! I guess this is bad timing.”

I turned sharply and glared at the intruder. He gasped at me and I closed my eyes quickly hoping that I hadn’t revealed my wolf eyes.

“Sorry Frank, I just have a headache.” Poor Frank Longbottom didn’t know what do with himself after that. He shifted his weight from side to side standing in the doorway. “Sit down, I’m sure Alice is looking for me.”

He blushed and I looked at him knowingly. He was practically in love with the girl. Frank was a good looking kid, quite shy at times but always stood up for himself. He had to be the kindest bloke I know and I didn’t know why Alice never noticed him. He sat down and put a hand through his short brown hair and chuckled lightly. Thank goodness because I could hear every little scratch he was making on his scalp. I took in a deep breath and tried to act normal.

“How was your summer?”

His kind brown eyes met mine. “Nothing special, mostly just lazing around the house or helping my mother.” He paused for a second looking over my appearance. “Are you alright? You look….different.”

What he meant to say was I looked down right tired and gross. I knew it and he knew it. These past few weeks have been a tough one. First my eyesight changes, then my sense of smell and now I could bloody well hear everything! I was different. Oh boy if only he knew.

“I’m fine just a little tired is all.”

He nodded not pushing his luck. Alice suddenly opened the door smiling. Oh Alice Goodwell is quite mousy looking yet is anything but. She was small standing at 5’2” and a big ball of energy. She entered the compartment with her mouth already open and telling a story about her summer and I took this time to look at Frank.

He was looking at her with so much affection I wanted to slap Alice for not even saying hello to him. I waited until she was done babbling and said something to the affect of “That was interesting,” something like that and I turned to Frank.

“Are you ready for our last year?”

Frank looked a little flustered as he suddenly realized that I was talking to him and mumbled out an answer. Alice glanced at him, her wavy brown hair was tied into a ponytail and it nearly smacked me in the head when she seemed to realize something.

“You were my partner in potions!” Oh for the love everything that is holy! This girl was crushing this man’s ego. Frank however looked very pleased and nodded his whole face light up as Alice started asking him questions about his summer.

The compartment door opened yet again and I was getting tired of hearing the sound of wood banging. The glass was making this horrible sound as it slid into place. I looked up in annoyance at the person who just happened to be Lily and she smiled at me weakly as an apology. At first I thought it was because of the door-banging thing but then in walks the Marauders and that’s when I wanted to throw up.

Peter Pettigrew came in chomping away like a fucking beaver gone wrong. Honestly he could cut back on the sweets. His gut was bulging and I feared he would rip his pants. Peter has always been the one that didn’t sit right with me. He had piggish features. His nose slight turned up with is fat cheeks waiting to be pinched by some overly affectionate grandmother. His eyes reminded me of a snake, dark and cold waiting for the right moment to pounce and paralyze you. He gave me the creeps and I loathed him more as he chewed like an animal.

Sirius Black was a pretty boy no doubt about that but I seriously wondered what goes on in his head. He fell onto the seat, with a loud thud, and I flinched at the sound. Sirius stared blankly at me his face was so close that I could see every detail of his handsome face. His jaw line was strong and he had the distinct Black family nose, long and thin. I had to give him credit though when he was sorted into Gryffindor he never looked back at his Slytherin family and thus started his bad boy image making him one of the most wanted boys in Hogwarts.

James Potter surprisingly wasn’t making any noise but his cologne was so strong I was starting to gag. It was musky with a hint of forest pine, which was the strangest combination my poor nose just didn’t know what to do with it. James pushed up his wire-rimmed glasses and calmly sat down next to Alice, which just so happened to be the farthest away from Lily. Potter has asked out Lily everyday since she started grows boobs in the third year yet today was different; he didn’t seem interested. His hazel eyes darted from Lily to his friends, he simply did nothing and I was grateful for his silence.

Everyone was settling in and my head was starting not to hurt anymore from all the noise but another sense was bothering me. I smelled something familiar I suppose I can say that. Every since I was bitten I’ve gotten this scent of wet dog all the time. This wet dog smell however was not my own. I searched for the source until my eyes landed on one.

“Why do you smell like that?”

Remus Lupin looked up from his book surprised that I had addressed him so boldly. He looked around and then pointed to himself he looked slightly confused.

“Yes, you.”

Lily shifted nervously and nudged me gently as a warning. My curiosity got the best of me however.

“You smell like…” I tried to find a better way to describe this, “wet dog.”

Remus gulped, I could hear the faint sound coming from his throat, the reason for this sound I have no clue though. He looked to his friends for help. I looked at Sirius, James and Peter; they all looked frightened as if I had rudely slapped all of their mothers or something. I turned to Lily who was shaking her head at me. I was horribly confused at this moment until Remus finally spoke.

“I could ask you the same question.”

And that’s when I actually looked at Remus Lupin. His dirty blond hair fell lazily onto his face giving him a rough look and also hiding his green eyes. He looked worn as if he’d been through the dryer one too many times. Large bags sat under his eyes and he had one large scar run from the corner of his left eye all the way down his neck, where it ended, I have no clue. He boldly stared at me waiting for my response and the compartment suddenly didn’t have a warm and fuzzy atmosphere.

I narrowed my eyes at the blond. I’ve never really had the pleasure to talk to Remus before, he was slightly know to be a lady’s man. Always jumping from girl to girl, never dating them for more then a month. Even Alice has dated him and she was always complaining about how distant he was, never really trying to connect with her. Personally I just think Remus wanted to keep up his mysterious bad boy image.

I had no comeback for his statement. “Whose your girl of the month this time Lupin?”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “That’s none of you’re business Bell.”

“I’m sure it’s some slutty blonde. That seems to be your type.” I sarcastically remarked.

He barked out a laugh, shaking his head. “Funny that seems to be the type your brother likes.”

I frowned at that statement. My brother graduated last year, he was also a Gryffindor and captain of the Quidditch team for his last two years at Hogwarts. Sadly, Lupin was right. My brother was a sucker for blondes with a nice ass. I knew. He knew. The bloody whole school knew it.

I huffed a reply and thankfully James changed the topic ranting about how he couldn’t wait to eat. I sighed heavily. I need to get a grip, my first transformation was going to be in 6 days and I didn’t need the Marauders to start getting curious about me. Yet, I couldn’t get the smell of Remus Lupin out of my head throughout the feast.

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Bitten.: Changes


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