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The Girl and The Snake by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 6 : Next Time, Think Twice Before Insulting a Weasel
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Chapter 6

“Look! Here comes the Ginger!”

“Yeah! What a joke, look at her cheeks!”

“She thinks she is smart just because her mum is supposedly clever.”

“Too bad she married that weasel!”

Rose stopped and turned around to face the bullies.

“Get over yourself Abet.” She said simply and continued walking

“Would you look at that Michael, Rossie flower don’t like that!”

“I would hate life too if I was the offspring of a failure and the ugliest witch around.”

“Don’t forget her liar of an Uncle!”

“OH yeah! Mr. Scar Face!”

Rose tried to keep calm, but she had had enough. She spun around and walked right up to Michael Abet and Joseph Detment.

“Don’t you dare insult my family ever again!” She snarled. She turned around and continued walking.

“No problem ginger….” The pair laughed proud of their jokes. Rose stopped, turned around, and punched Joseph Dement right in the nose.

“OW!” he cried

“Next time, think twice before insulting a weasel.”




Rose sat in the Three Broomsticks drumming her fingers on the table.

She knew she shouldn’t have lost her temper with Scorpius, but it was so hard, because he can be so difficult. Without realizing it, she sighed and started to pack up her things, seeing as there be now use waiting around all day.

As soon as she stepped out, she saw Scorpius running down the pavement. Rose opened her mouth, in preparation for a complete apology, but before she could get even a single peep out, Scorpius started on her.

“Rose! Do you know what you’ve done!”


“You punched Detment right in the nose!”

“How did you know..”

“Everyone knows Rose! The news in spreading like wild fire!”

“I’m sorry Scorp, honest. I didn’t mean to!”

“Think before you get us into more trouble next time Rose!” His tone was harsh.

“Okay, I’m sorry…but Scorpius…”

“Just go Rose.”

“Excuse me. Are you sure you’re in the right house?”


“Because you’re cunning, malicious, and right out mean!”


“Leave me alone!”

Scorpius watched as his red head beauty ran up the pathway to the Hogwarts.


After a while, of standing on the pavement, Scorpius decided to head in. After all, he needn’t stay where he wasn’t wanted.

He lay on his bed, thoughts pounding against his head.

Maybe I do belong in Slytherin.

I can’t believe I said that to her.

I am a terrible person

I can’t keep in how I feel for her, any longer.

He sat up, the though itself, scared him. Scorpius decided to take a cold shower. He always thought better there.



Scorpius stepped out of the shower, to see snowflakes gathering on the window sill.

Blimey! Snow. On Halloween.

He got dressed. He knew what he had to do. It was Halloween, after all.

He set after the kitchen and had a house elf make him a pitcher of warm butter beer.

Scorpius took the mug, and using all of his prior transfiguration knowledge, turned the mug into a glass flower.

The house elf, didn’t question what he was doing, and Scorpius didn’t feel compelled to tell, so he took his flower and mug of butter beer and climbed the steps to the owlery.

Happy Halloween Rossie.

Meet me by the knight statue on the 3rd floor, ASAP.

Love, Scorp

He scrawled the message on the parchment, and gave the note and the tray of butter beer to a school owl.

“Bring this to Rose Weasley, Ravenclaw tower. Please.”

The owl spread its wings and flew out the window.



10 minutes later, he saw a flash of red hair.

A girl emerged, wrapped in a tan blanket, with a mug of butter beer in her hand.


“You came!”

Scorpius enveloped her, in a hug.

“I am so sorry for everything, Rossie. I should have never said that.”

“It’s fine, really. In fact I have some really big news!”

Scorpius led her over to the wall and sat down next to her, still not showing her the glass rose.

“I want to hear all about it.”

“You know, Wendell Truesten right?”

“Oh yeah, he shares a room with me.”

“Well, I was still crying a bit when I reached out common room door, so I couldn’t think properly and couldn’t answer the questions. It was obviously a rather tricky one, because when Wendell came, he couldn’t answer it either. So we sat outside the common room together and one thing led to another and well…”

Scorpius knew where this was going.

“That’s great Rose. I am happy for you two.”

He did all he could to muster up a smile.

“Thanks Scorp. I knew you would be. I should really be getting back, I am exhausted. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure thing, Rossie. I’ll be up in a minute.”

She smiled and turned away skipping down the hallway. Scorpius got up and as he was about to leave, he let the glass rose drop, and shatter into a million pieces. Scorpius did not look back.

A/N - Hey guys! Sorry this chapter took so long! Something got messed up in the queue (totally my fault) but it's here now! Hope you liked it! Please Comment, Review, Favourite! Those always make my day :)

PS I am currently writting a new fanfiction about Scorpius and Rose (I've already finished this one :) ) so be sure to check it out when it validates! :)

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The Girl and The Snake: Next Time, Think Twice Before Insulting a Weasel


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