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Nobody Breaks My Heart by KatDaniels
Chapter 9 : Confession
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“Mate, what the fuck is up with you ?” snapped Blaise, shrugging out of Draco’s grip for the nth time. Draco had been clinging to him for the last week, insisting on holding his hand and hugging him constantly. “Are you on something?”

“Only love,” giggled the blonde, cocking his head sideways at Blaise.


“Pansy, I hope?”

“No!” laughed Draco, acting as if Pansy was the silliest suggestion ever.

“You, silly.” Draco poked Blaise in the ribcage, his eyes glassy.

“You are definitely on something,” groaned Blaise, trying to push his mate away unsuccessfully. Draco giggled as he gave Blaise a smooch on the lips, startling his mate beyond belief.

“You did NOT just do that!” snarled Blaise, hexing Draco so he smacked into the wall on the other side of the corridor.

“Dude, you need to get a bloody grip on yourself!”

“Love makes blind,” sang Draco, clearly not his normal self.

“I need to take you to Professor Slughorn. Now,” growled Blaise as he pulled Draco up to his feet before dragging him with him.


Knocking hard on the door, Blaise made sure to wake the professor.

“What?” asked Slughorn in a groggy voice, and Blaise pulled the love drunk Draco in his face.

“Oh, I see, I see. Come on in,” said the Potions Professor, opening the door for his students to enter.

Annoyed, Blaise dragged Draco inside and threw him on the sofa. “He’s on something,” said Blaise, crossing his arms over his muscular chest.

“Any idea what?” asked Slughorn, pouring himself a glass of firewhiskey.

“Love potion.”

“Why is that?”

“Because he states he’s in love with me,” snarled Blaise, sick of being asked questions. “Can you just FIX HIM?”

“Naturally,” sighed Slughorn and walked slowly and lazily over to his little cupboard, drawing on Blaise’s last nerves.

“Hm, no,” mumbled the teacher as he looked for the right bottle.


Blaise rolled his eyes as he waited for his professor to get a move on. He was slower than a snail in hail!

“Mr Malfoy?”

“U-huh?” replied the blonde, slightly in a daze.

“Open your mouth,” ordered Slughorn, and Draco did as he was told. Soon a bright, red liquid was poured down his throat, causing him to cough.

Soon his glare found the professor. “What did you do that for?” snapped Draco, and Blaise sighed in relief. “FINALLY.”

Draco looked over at his mate, clearly annoyed that he did not understand what he was talking about.

“Thanks, Professor,” said Blaise as he exited the room, Draco right on his heel.

“Care to fill me in on what is going on?” sneered Draco, rubbing the back of his head that was somehow aching horribly.

“You’ve been high on love potion the last week,” informed Blaise, clearly happy he’s mate was back to his old self. “Who was I in love with?” groaned Draco, waiting for the worst.

With a sigh, Blaise hesitantly answered, “Me.”

“… you?” asked Draco, not quite believing his best mate. “I was in love … with you?”

“Yes, and it’s been the worst week of my life, thank you very much.”

“… it’s been a week?” Draco scratched his neck as he started to put the pieces back together. “When was it I started to react?”

“Well you came back to the common room all weird after being gone for some time. I was hoping you were getting it down with Penelope, but then you refused to talk when you came back and yeah.”

Draco looked at Blaise as a switch went off, and he stopped. “There’s something I need to do,” said Draco, and Blaise turned to look at him as well. “You know who did it?”

“I do.”


I turned again, trying to fall asleep. It was 3AM, and I wasn’t getting an ounce of sleep. I removed the covers from my face, and froze as I saw a man standing by the end of my bed.

Draco was leaning on the bed pole, glaring at me with eyes full of fury.

I smiled.

“I see you’re back,” I said as I sat up, stretching my arms above my head.

“You poisoned me,” sneered the blonde, but I merely shrugged nonchalant. “I wouldn’t say poisoned. You were never in danger.”

“How did you know I saw going to drink from your glass?” Draco pressed the bridge of his nose, trying his best to control his anger.

“You take whatever you want, when you want it. It wasn’t difficult to know you’d bee taking a sip from it. You’re not that difficult to read, Malfoy.”

“WHY did you do it?” asked Draco next, locking our gazes. His stern, grey eyes were intense, but he didn’t look angry any more. Just tired.

“Why?” I sneered, anger filling my tired body. “Because you deserved it! You deserved to be humiliated, you deserved to be made a fool of!”

“Why? What did I ever do to you?” yelled Draco, now angry as well.

“I know!” I cried, throwing a pillow at him. “I know about the bet between Zabini and you. I know you forged the letter from Madame Pomfrey, I know you hexed me so I wouldn’t notice Zabini,” I yelled, seeing his face pale more and more as I revealed his plan. “And I know the only reason you even lingered in my company was to get me laid.”

Draco covered his face with his hand, holding the pillow I’d thrown at him with the other. “Right,” he sighed, drawing a hand through his hair and pulling at it. “You weren’t supposed to find that out.”

“Too bad,” I sneered, biting my quivering lip to keep from crying.

“I never wanted to hurt you,” said Draco, sighing heavily. “You didn’t,” I said, looking him directly in the eyes. “Because nobody breaks my heart.”

Draco scoffed, laying the pillow carefully down on my bed. “Well, clearly I am nobody,” he answered before he retreated from my room, leaving me alone.


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