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Expecting Otherwise by majamariamaja
Chapter 5 : That Same Rush
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Chapter 5. That Same Rush

"What did you say?" Chase whispered after dragging me further away from the other students.

"I think I want to keep it," I repeated myself.

"Seriously? Like, for real?"

"I-I'm still not a hundred percent sure," I mumbled truthfully. "But I can't bare the thought of killing it. It seems so, so... So unnatural. A-And brutal. And giving it away for adoption... I don't think I could to that either. I already feel sort of attached to it, you know?"

"Actually, I don't, but I'll take your word for it. So -"

Rapid steps toward our hiding place made Chase quickly shut up.

Victoria Darren and her two horrendous friends strut over to us, with the tall, glaring Victoria leading the way.†

"What's so secretive?" she inquired while letting out one of her annoying trademark coughs. Her Head Girl badge was shimmering on her chest, and her followers stood on either side of her, trying(and failing) to look intimidating.

"Don't you wish you knew?" Completely nonchalant, Chase leaned himself against the wall behind him and raised one eyebrow at the group of wannabe-gangsters in front of us.

Minnie Nelson, the plain one of the trio, cleared her throat before saying matter of factly, "Whispering is rude."

"So is listening in on the people who are doing it," Chase responded calmly, his brown eyes digging into Minnie's.

"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere about now?" Victoria cut in, flashing her badge. "Ditching†classes is agains the rules, so I may have to take away a few points from Slyther-"

"Class doesn't start for another seven minutes, so save yourself the trouble, Vicky." With a roll of his eyes, Chase let out a small patronizing chuckle.†

"Don't call me that!" Victoria hissed, and her flat, ginger hair swayed as she moved.

"You Slytherins have no respect for others than yourselves!" Zarah, the angry one, stepped out of the half-circle and placed herself and her pointing index finger up close to Chase. Bad idea, Zarah. "This is the Head Girl, I will have you know!"

"And you Ravenclaws have no sense of personal space," Chase retorted in a low voice. His dark tone sending chills through me. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the glare he was giving Zarah now. "And seriously, woman, you need to 'up' the deoderant factor."

Victoria glowered at her friend - who was thoroughly stunned - before grabbing her arm and pulling her back into the line.

"One day, mark my words, I will catch you doing something illegal," Victoria snarled. "And when that day comes -"

"You'll cackle like the storybook witch you are?" Chase finished, and grabbed my hand. I'd been standing there frozen through this entire conversation, but suddenly snapped out of it now that Chase's hand was wrapped around mine. His palm was insanely warm.†"Come on, Del, let's go before the vein on her forehead explodes."

Just as we walked away, hand in hand, we heard Victoria let out a high-pitched shriek before strutting away in the opposite direction, the other two girls following in her heels.

I could hear her irritating cough going out of control as they marched off.

We leaned silently up against a wall, not moving. Victoria Darren and her duplicates had the ability to throw us completely off our game, and several minutes passed with us just trying to get over her nastiness. Plus, neither of us knew how to end the silence. The topic we'd been discussing was too severe to launch into willingly.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Chase squeezed my hand(that he was still holding) and pulled me away from the wall and towards the classroom.

The door to the Transfiguration classroom was closed, and the hallway completely lacking students. We stopped in front of it, exchanging nervous glances, because coming late to McGonagall's classes was not exactly something one looked forward to.

After taking a deep breath, Chase leaned down close to my ear and then whispered softly:

"We're not done talking, by the way."

I gave a quick nod and drew a shaky breath, mentally preparing myself for McGonagall's stern, disapproving glare.

My stomach went topsy turvy, and I felt like being sick again, but I couldn't decide whether it was because of my pregnant state, or the dread of meeting McGonagall's fierce eyes.

It may have been both.

Chase cast a glance behind him where Darren had just walked away, sighing. "Out of the frying pan," he mumbled before fixing his eyes on the door ahead of him, letting go of my hand and putting it instead on the door handle, "and into the fire."

"I can't believe we didn't get detention," I breathed as we hurried down to the great hall for dinner.

"Having a family that mostly consists of heroes does have its perks," Chase said, grinning down at me. I rolled my eyes at this, but silently agreed with him. McGonagall loved me. It could be because I am, not to toot my own horn, gifted in the art of transfiguration, but my family being her favourite students of all time(except for dad, poor lad) probably didn't hurt my case.

Chase was walking next to me, casting me glances every now and then, but I didn' really think too much of it. That was, until he all of a sudden grabbed my arm and pulled me behind a massive tapestry, and I found myself in complete darkness inside a claustrophobic closet of some sorts.

"Talk to me," I heard Chase's voice tell me.

His hand was still on my arm, his palm as hot as ever, and I felt a chill run down my spine.

"I can't see," I pointed out.

"Oh, yeah, sorry."

Chase fumbled for a second to find his wand, and with a little flick, light was streaming out of it. And now that I wasn't surrounded by darkness, I noticed that we were not in a closet, but a very strange corridor. It looked as though it could go on forever, but so narrow that I was pressed up against Chase's firm chest.

Apparently Chase noticed how my heart beat had increased, and was now looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Ehm, it's a shortcut to, ehm, to-to the girls lavatory on the third floor," he muttered, not looking at me but into the darkness to his side.

"Ah, frequent visitor, are you?"


He was looking at me now and discovered my teasing grin. He rolled his eyes.

"Very funny," he muttered, and squeezed past me only to sit down on the stone floor, leaning against the wall. As he looked up at me, he pattet the space next to him, hinting to me that I should sit down.

When I'd slid down the wall and felt the cold floor under my bum, I gave a sigh.

He didn't say anything. Just waited.

"I don't know where to start," I breathed, leaning the back of my head against the wall. "Everything's about to change. My body, my relationship with Brayder, how people look at me." I inhaled deeply, trying to push away my need to cry. "And my parents... Oh, I don't even want to think about how my parents are going to react."

"I think they'll understand," he said softly after a moment of silence. †"They might be a little disappointed in the beginning, but that's only because they love you and want what's best for you."

I blinked, attempting to keep from bawling.

"But whatever decision you make, I know they'll support you."

"Maybe." My voice sounded weak, and I bowed my head, closing my eyes tightly in the process. "But this'll still change my whole life."

"Yes, but it's also going to change in good ways." I felt Chase's warm hand touch my chin and gently tilt my head up. His eyes were so tender I felt the need to sigh. "Just think; in about..." He scrunched up his face for a moment, his lips moving as he counted. Math wasnt his strong suit. I found this adorable. "-... six months you'll take your baby home from St Mungo's, and you'll put that tiny thing into a tiny, little bed, and you'll look at it and realise that you're never going to love anything as much or as hard."

"I know," I muttered, enjoying the heat from Chase's hand on my skin. "And I really do think that I want that. But, God, the responsibility."

"Well, yes." He slowly let go of my chin, but still held my gaze without faltering for even a second. "But you know what? I believe that it's all going to be worth it."

How could someone's smile make me feel so much better? And so instantly? Maybe I was just a weak-for-smiles kind of girl. And, in my defence, the lad had dimples.

"You get to share your life with a remarkable little creature. Who only lives in the present, runs around naked without the slightest bit of shame, can entertain itself for hours by just staring at a shiny object." He spoke in such a soft whisper that I felt as though he was telling me a great secret. "Isn't that wonderful?"

I giggled. "Isn't that Deuce?"

"Well, technically, yes," Chase admitted, chuckling along with me. He looked proud at the fact that he had cheered me up, and grinned even wider.†

There was a long moment where neither one of us said anything. We didn't stir, didn't even look at each other. Just breathed. In complete silence.†

It felt good.

"Did you know," Chase began to say in a voice that could just barely be heard. "...that my mum was pregnant a few years ago?"

"What? I had no idea that you were a big brother, that's wonderfu-"

"No," he gently interrupted. "She lost it at six months."

"I'm so sorry," I whispered, sensing how the tears were not far away.

Oddly enough, I could somehow imagine how painful it would feel to lose a child. And my heart went out to Pansy Zabini.

Chase didn't respond, only stared into the brick wall opposite us. Without thinking, I grabbed his hand, and his eyes fell on our entwined fingers before giving me a squeeze.

"Yes, well..." He let go of my hand and crossed his arms in front of his chest, giving me a quick smile as he did so. "After that, my mum was seriously depressed, and she told me something I'll never forget." He drew a long breath before turning his eyes back to meet my own. "She said that you don't just love your children. You fall in love with them. It's that same rush, that same overwhelming desire to see them, to hold them, bore other people to death with every detail about them."

Tears, oh, tears! They fell like their life depended on it. Running away from my eyes as if being chased.

I thought about what the profound young man at my side had just told me, and couldn't hold in a little chuckle as the realization hit me.

"Oh, my God," I half sobbed, half laughed. It was a strangely vulnerable sound. So honest. "I'm going to have a baby." Tears, laughter and sobs were mixing, and I actually found myself truly smiling. "Someone is going to call out for 'Mum' and it'll be me."†

Chase returned the smile.

But when the laughter ebbed away, another(a million times more frightening) thought entered my delirious mind.

"I'm really scared, though... What if Brayder doesn't want to be with me anymore? I can't do this by myself," I said in a strained voice, and tried to get my breathing back to normal.

This time Chase was the one to take my hand.

"But, Del, you're not all by yourself. I'm here, and your family will be as well - I just know it. Although, I bet that that big possť of a family you've got - considering they're mostly male - are going to track Bray down and kick his arse. Muggle style."

I laughed again, and then found myself staring into Chase's wonderfully tender and caring eyes.

"Thank you, Chase."

"You're welcome," he retorted, grinning, and gave my hand a light squeeze. "And you know I've got your back, yeah? From right now and even when you're at the delivery room. When you welcome to the world little Sally, or Jimmy, or..." He cocked his head to his side and pulled his face into a puppy-dog pout. "Dare I hope, little Chase?"

I wanted to laugh.

But something other than humour was stirring in my throat.

"Oh, my God. I think I'm going to be sick."

"I guess I got a little carried away, but there's hardly a reason to be so dramatic -"

"No, really. I literally have to go throw up!"

"Oh!" Chase exclaimed wide eyed, and helped me up. "All right, I'll just, ehm, wait here."

And after I'd sprinted through the darkness, I found myself at a door and rushed through it only to be a second too late... Instead I turned to the nearest sink and hurled like there was no tomorrow.

"Adella Marie!"

"Huh?" My head snapped at the mention of my name, and I found myself staring into Clover's glaring eyes.

"Haven't you heard anything I've been saying?! What is up with you?"

"Uhm, nothing. Sorry."

"Well, as I was trying to tell you, I just don't understand what Professor Martinez is supposed to teach us! For the past few classes we've done nothing but talk."

"And what are you complaining about, really?"

"I mean, it's not like I want her to give us homework or anything, but..." She rambled on as though I hadn't said anything. "I'm just so sick and tired of getting my ears filled with all the boring mass of dung that Booger Bob finds interesting to chat about."

I sighed. Clover and I were in the library, sitting on the floor in our usual corner, supposed to write something for Slughorn's Potions class. Needless to say, I hadn't written a single word.

My head was in a completely different place.

Actually, it was trying to figure out the best way to tell my best friend that I was pregnant.

The thought still gave me a sub-serious sweating syndrome.

I bet I was starting to smell.

"Adella! You're not listening!"

Madam Pince hissed and sent us warning looks, and Clover's cheeks gained a pretty pink colour of embarrassment.

"Where is your frizzy-hair covered head at?" she muttered under her breath as she pretended to look something up in our textbook.

I wanted to send her a glare at the hair-insult, but I let it slide.

"I-I, I need to, ehm... I sort of have, ehm, this-this, I -"


Yes, my best friend had a low tolerance for stuttering.

"I need to tell you something," I said, giving her the this-is-serious eyes.

Clover understood immediately, grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the library(giving me barely enough time to snatch my things before being tugged away) and around the corner. After she checked around for eavesdroppers, she faced me, her eyes glimmering with curiosity.

"Go," she commanded me.

"I don't really know where to begin..."†

"Just spit it out. You can provide details later."

I drew a shaky breath.

"I'm sort of pregnant."

Moment of silence.

"How can one be sort of pregnant?"

"What? Is that seriously your only response to your best friend telling you she's having a baby? Are you for real?"

More silence.

"Are you in earnest? Arst thou with child?"

"We're not in a Jane Austen novel, Clearmont!" I growled, rolling my eyes. "Pregnancy is not a joking matter!"

Silence again. Bloody hell, this girl was slow!

"What the fuck!" she cried in a very high pitched voice. "Are you shitting me?!"

"Thank you!" I dramatically threw my hands in the air.†

"Oh, dear Voldermort's sweaty, hairy, pale arsecheeks!"

"Yeah, alright -"

"Flying, flabbing, dragon's shit!"

"Yes, well -"

"Holy cra-"

"I get it!"

She was staring at me, panting heavily. I could literally feel her violent breath on my face, and we are speaking about a very small person here.

"Shit," she stated. "This is... Bonkers."

"Bonkers," I agreed, nodding.

"Like... Like completely bonkers."


"And you're keeping it?"

"Sort o- I mean, yes."

She just stared at me.

"How long have you known?"

"Ehm, about a week, I think."

"A week?!" she screeched. "Have you known for a week and not told me? You usually tell me everything!"

"I know, I know, sorry! But if it makes you feel any better I only told Chase before you, so -"

"You told that doofus you're pregnant before me?!"

"Stop screaming!" I hissed angrily and put my hand over her mouth.

She pried my fingers off of her.

"My best friend is pregnant, and she didn't tell me first," she said while squinting her eyes. "If our positions were reversed, I would never have told Chase before you. Never."

"Well, I didn't exactly tell him, he just sort of... was at the right place at the right time. I actually screamed it at him, and if I remember correctly, I called him a nitwit."

"He is a nitwit," she muttered, but I could see how she was slowly warming up to me again. She let out a complaining breath. "I can't believe you told Chase before me..."

"What's the matter with you?" I rolled my eyes. "I just told you that I'm pregnant and your only reaction is jealousy because I didn't tell you first. And I'm three months along too, if you were wonderi-"

Something behind me clattered, and Clover and I snapped.


No. Beyond shit.

Brayder and Deuce were standing there, Brayder's bag dropped on the floor. His eyes were almost popping out of their sockets, his chest heaving, fingers twitching.

If I blinked I wouldn't have noticed what happened next, which was Bray turning like a flash, and then running away as if a Hungarian Horntail was after him.

It took Deuce a second to register what had happened, but when he did his mouth closed with a snap, and then ran after his friend.

Clover and I stared at each other.

"Oh, my God!" I shrieked, my hands flying up to cover my face.

"Oh, my God," Clover repeated in a strained whisper.

"Oh, my God!" I started jumping up and down in sheer terror. "How long was he standing there?"

"I don't know," she muttered hoarsely, not taking any note of my jumping self. "If I'd known that Brayder and Deuce were standing there I would've said, 'Shut up. Brayder and Deuce are standing there'."

Well... At least that saved me a very awkward conversation.




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