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The World According to Us. by xXJamesandLilyXx
Chapter 8 : Lost and Found
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Okay guys, it's another short one! Sorryyyyy! But I just wanted to get something in before the queue closure and literally wrote this in half an hour :P but I quite like it anyways... Enjoy! Also, review. And check out my other story, Sirius Black (And Other Ramblings Of A Wannabe Psychotherapist) Thank youuuuu!



Some people may think it’s weird to have a morning routine like I do. I just think it’s practical. Every morning I wake up twenty minutes before everyone else to have a long shower before they start yelling at me to get out. Then I get ready while the queue is being formed for the shower, and go down to breakfast, before proceeding to lessons. Call me obsessive compulsive, but it works for me.

This morning, though, something happened.

If I was into drama, I would say there was a lot of foreshadowing that today was going to be different. For instance, when I woke up to get into the shower, Victoire was already up. So was Roxanne. Victoire was reading and Roxanne was just coming out of the bathroom. But I’m not into drama, so I’m going to be honest and say that I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen.

Then, when I went into the bathroom, I realised my shampoo bottle was empty. I threw it in the bin, but as I did that, I saw something. Something which made the world stop turning for a minute or a day or two.

A pregnancy test. And it was positive.

Oh my God.


‘This is so not fair!’ I wail to my exasperated friends, while they hand me more chocolate and anything in the high sugar and fat category.

I like to learn, and I like most teachers... but sweet Merlin I never knew my father could be so annoying! I mean, with his stupid lightning scar and his stupid epic tales of bravery and adventure...

What a bumface.

He’s always overshadowed me. He’s spent my entire life wanting me to follow him into the Auror business. He wants that for all of us, to be honest. But I don’t think any of us are going to do it, and I reckon it’s going to kill him.

James wants to pursue Quidditch professionally. Albus wants to be involved in the Department for Goblin Liaison (heaven knows why, I think he just likes creepy things. First rats, now goblins... plus he is a good negotiator, but, you know, I think it’s about the creepy things) and me, I want to be a writer. Or a journalist. Either way, sounds awesome. I like to write, so sue me.

I don’t know what he’s going to do.

Anyway, there’s no point in moping, plus I’ve already digested five times my own body weight in chocolate. So, time to do something productive.

Time to go to the kitchens because we’ve run out of food.

I am a woman of limited interest, one could say.


Food is good. Food has calories. Food is good. Food has calories.

I stand outside the door to the kitchens and watch the two sides of my brain play tennis in my mind.

Food is good. Food has calories.

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with my weight...

Food is good. Food has calories.

Okay, here’s the deal:

You’ve probably been told some pretty mean things about me. I’m stupid, vain, cruel to boys...

Everyone thinks I’m just another totally appearance-obsessed, airheaded girl who got put into Ravenclaw because blue goes with my hair. But lean in, because I have a secret. You promise you won’t tell anyone?

I’m not a natural blonde.

There. I said it. I dye my hair. Naturally, I’m a strawberry-ginger cocktail of orange and pink with yellowy highlights. But I want to be like my maman. She has perfect, dead-straight, platinum blonde hair. And everybody loves her because she’s so beautiful and perfect.

I guess I’m not helping my popularity amongst the Wotter clan by acting like a thoroughly horrible person, but the fact is, they need it.

Think about it. Every family needs one person they all hate. We were all counting on it being Lucy or Molly, because, really, they’re Percy and Audrey’s children. I mean, please? We were all shocked when they managed to grab that 2% chance of actually being normal. Well, semi normal. I’m pretty sure Lucy spends more time with books than she does with people.

And that third point, the one about my love life. If I were a psychoanalyst I might say that I’m searching for love but constantly sabotage my own attempts to be happy because I don’t think I deserve it.

Also that I feel lost because I have nothing to hold onto. I mean, I have ‘friends’ if you can call them that. Really, I reckon most of the time they don’t even hear me, they don’t care any more than anyone else does. I feel lonely. Some people might say I should ditch them if I’m so unhappy, but the fact is being lonely and surrounded by people beats being lonely by yourself.

And I’d say to my psychoanalyst that I think that is a pile of dragon dung.

Yes it is.

No it’s not.

Yes it is.

No it’s not.

Not the tennis again.

God, now I’m about to cry.

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.

Brilliant. Perfect time for Lily to arrive.

‘Are you going to get the hell out of my way?’ she asks.

‘Yeah. Yeah, I was just going.’ I choke out, hiding my face and running out as quickly as I could.

She just walked on. My own family member doesn’t care. Even Lily, the second youngest of all my cousins, and therefore the most naive, ignores me. Surely she noticed I was crying. I mean, she must have?

But even if she did, would she care?

What did I tell you? They need someone to hate.

Plus, if my life has taught me anything, it’s that putting yourself out there always results in being shot down. And I am disgusting and unworthy of love. But that’s it.

Peace out.


What did you think? Do you like Dom? I'm having a bad week, so a lot of Dom's thoughts came from mine... did I make her a convincing character? And once again, who do you think is pregnant??????

Olli x

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The World According to Us.: Lost and Found


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