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Their Happy Ever After by rbrammer
Chapter 2 : Albus Severus Potter
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            James screamed, kicking his legs. “Mumma!”  He cried, tears leaking out of his brown eyes. He wriggled in the arms of his grandmother, Molly Weasley, who just sighed, patting his back.

            “James, love, Mummy’s busy right now,” she crooned, smoothing back the unruly black hair that little James had undoubtedly inherited from his namesake. Smiling, she added, “Want a biscuit?”


            James quieted, smiling gummily at his nana. “Na!” he yelled, which was short for ‘Nana’. “’Scut!”


            Molly chuckled, bouncing James on her knee while he chewed contentedly on a chocolate biscuit. After all seven of her children, especially Fred and George, she was an expert at calming fussy infants.


            “Mumma,” James said seriously, frowning, once he was finished with his biscuit. He had crumbs all over his face, and he looked pitiful. “Jay wan’ Mumma n’ Dada.”


            Molly frowned, looking at the door which concealed her daughter and son-in-law from her and their first child, wondering what could possibly be taking so long. “They’ll be right along, dear,” she said, smiling, wiping James’ mouth off and giving him a kiss on the cheek.


            Her husband smiled, taking Molly’s free hand. “She’ll be fine, Molly,” Arthur Weasley said quietly, perfectly calm. “After all, she’s got Harry.”


            Molly chuckled, giving Arthur’s hand a squeeze. “That’s true… She’s got Harry.”




            “Come on, Ginny, push, love,” Harry Potter said to his wife, who scowled at him.


            “What do you think I’m trying to do?” Ginny Potter retorted, grinding her teeth. “This little boy is stubborn. He can’t decide whether he wants out now or later.” She offered Harry a feeble grin, and Harry returned it with a breathtaking smile.


            He squeezed her hand. “He’ll be out soon, love; I’ll bet he’s just dying to meet his Mummy. He just wants to give her some trouble first.” He grinned.


            Ginny laughed. “Well, he’s certainly good at it. The last time I felt this frustrated, I was trying to comprehend Snape being the good guy.”


            Harry laughed quietly; that certainly had been a chore. The Wizarding world wasn’t exactly keen on believing that one of the most hated Death Eaters was actually a spy for Dumbledore. “Trust me, you would have been even more frustrated if you’d been in my shoes when we were hunting Horcruxes. Dumbledore left us the trickiest clues to figure out; they weren’t even clues, they were merely ideas that could be clues!”


            Ginny started to laugh, but screamed instead. The Healer smiled. “He’s ready, Mrs. Potter. This little baby’s finally ready to meet his parents.”


            Ginny nodded shortly, getting the same steely look in her eyes that she got right before Harry kissed her for the first time. With Harry whispering encouraging words in her ear, Ginny mustered all of her strength, pushing with all of her might. With one final heave, a piercing wail broke the silence of the birthing room.


            The Healer handed the baby to his parents, smiling. “Another healthy boy, Mr. and Mrs. Potter.”


            Ginny laughed hysterically, cradling her second son in her arms. “Well, hello, baby,” she whispered, smoothing back his hair. She eyed her husband with faux-anger. “Are all of my children going to be raven-haired?”


            Harry snorted. “I don’t think we can control that, Gin,” he said, grinning. He looked into his son’s baby blue eyes, smiling. “Are any of our children going to get my eyes?”


            Ginny smiled fervently. “I hope this one does. You have the most beautiful eyes, Harry James Potter.” She cupped his cheek, brushing her thumb along his cheekbone.


            “You’re beautiful, Gin,” he whispered, kissing his wife softly.


            She smacked the back of his head playfully, grinning. “Oi! Can’t you see there’s a baby in the room? Besides, we’ve got something more important to do than snog.”


            “Something more important than snogging? Never!” Harry joked, grinning. He rolled his eyes, smiling. “I know, I know. We’ve got to think of a name for this little fella.”


            “Well, Fred’s out,” Ginny said sourly. She was upset with George for naming his son that when she had clearly planned on naming this one Fred.


            Harry stifled a laugh. “Gin, love, I think it’s only fair that George be able to name his son after his twin, don’t you?”


            “No! I called it!” Ginny shouted. She shook her head, chuckling. “I don’t know, Harry… I named James; maybe you should name this one.”


            Harry nodded seriously, looking at the baby in his wife’s arms. The little baby locked eyes with his father, and Harry beamed. “Albus,” he whispered softly, smiling. The baby had the same twinkle in his eye that Harry’s old mentor had had. He thought for a moment, then grinned crookedly. “Albus Severus.”


            Ginny gaped for a moment, and then she broke out in a huge, mischievous grin. “Albus Severus it is, then. I’d love to see the look on Snape’s portrait when he finds out we named one of our children after him.” She gave him a cheeky smile.



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Their Happy Ever After: Albus Severus Potter


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