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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 6 : Your Hired
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Harry opened his eyes and saw Teddy leaning over one of the NDE’s scrolls. His forehead was wrinkled in concentration as he read it. Behind him was Ray, she was practicing her self defense, or as many of the older wizards would say Muggle dueling. The Aurors and the Hit Wizards have been training in hand-to-hand combat since he took over as the Head of the Department. There are times when one needs to defend themselves without using magic.

As Harry laid there watching them, he was wondering why one of them was not out patrolling for the NDE’s.

“Has the Headmaster contacted us yet?” Harry asked them. They jumped at the sound of his voice.

“Blimey, Harry,” shouted Teddy. He had turned and had his wand halfway pulled. Ray had turned and reached for her wand. “You gave us a right start there,” he sighed. “We haven’t heard anything from the Headmaster. Actually, we were wondering what exactly happened that you came back in such a state.”

Harry sat up and looked at them. Ray sat down beside Teddy waiting for Harry to say something. He tried to remember everything that happened or what exactly Professor Dumbledore had seen, but he could not remember everything.

“He performed Leglimency on me. He caught me by surprise. I couldn’t put up walls to stop him.” He stopped talking to try to remember what exactly what happened.

“That wasn’t so terrible, sir. He knows that you are telling the truth,” said Ray shakily.

Harry glared up at her. She seemed to cower at his gaze. “If he changes something in the future, then it could be a disaster!”

“Sorry sir,” she said barely above a whisper.

“No, I am sorry I yelled at you,” he apologized to her. “I never expected Professor Dumbledore to do that. I was a little nervous about some of the things he said about why we are here from the future. I guess they are working on Time Turners in the Ministry. He said Ministry set a guideline that Time Turners shouldn’t send people further into the past than a few hours. He seemed rather upset by the fact we are from years in the future.”

“Is he going to help us?” asked Teddy.

“I don’t know. After he had performed Leglimency on me, he apologized. He looked very weak. I had blacked out while he was searching for memories connected with Voldemort. I had awakened before Fawkes brought me here that was when Professor Dumbledore apologized. He never said anything about helping us. Until he contacts us, we must assume we are on our own.”

He looked up at them. They both had an uncertain look on their faces. “How long have I been out?”

“You came back about midnight last night. It is about noon, right now,” said Teddy.

“I guess it is my turn to go on patrol?” asked Harry with a hard edge to his voice.

“I don’t think we need to be so concerned about going on patrols,” stated Teddy bravely. Ray looked at him then at Harry.

“Why is that?” snapped Harry. He was wondering what had happened that made Teddy decide this.

“I was looking at the timing of their returns to this time period. If they were going to do anything right now, then why would they have others returning later this year? I think they were coordinating everything to make a decisive strike later in the year at Hogsmeade. If there would be a large group of them, everyone would think it was Death Eaters who had done it.”

Harry looked at him. He understood what he said, but there was still another possibility. “They could have planned it this way so if the first group fails the next group would try again. Eventually, they would succeed.”

“How would they get the Time Turners back to the future, would they destroy the other ones here? As I look over these scrolls, it appears that group one and group four did most of the construction of the Time Turners. The other groups’ initials barely showed up in the contruction phase. Here let me show you.”

Teddy stood up to get the scrolls he wanted to show Harry.

“I believe you about the groups coming here, but we still can not be positive of that,” countered Harry.

“I was able to map all of the locations of where they were going to appear at. Groups one and four are appearing in industrial areas of cities, while the rest are appearing near magical communities. The Time Turner we took was the only one that appeared inside of a community. Harry, it doesn’t state this in any of the plans, but could that group be coming here with Polyjuice?”

Harry looked at Teddy. What he said was sound, but it was still a risk. He became nervous about them not focusing on protecting his parents. His stomach gave a loud rumble of hunger as he sat and thought about this.

“Sounds like you need a good meal,” stated Ray. “I suggest we take some of the Carrow’s gold and have a meal at the Three Broomsticks.”

Harry was nervous about appearing in public, but he was hungry and they have been seen at Diagaon Alley for several days. “All right lets go have lunch.”

“Great,” shouted Teddy and Ray at the same time. Ray went to her area to get cleaned up after excercising. Teddy walked over closer to Harry.

“We didn’t abandon the scouting trips because of my theories, Harry,” whispered Teddy. He looked over to where Ray was changing. “She refused to leave you alone. I said you would be fine, but she didn’t want either of us to leave until you were better.”

Harry nodded. Even though he was nervous about these NDE’s getting to his parents, he still appreciated Teddy and Ray’s concern for his health. “Sorry if I was a bit short with you.”

Teddy clapped his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “It’s all right mate. I was more concerned about facing Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys, when we get back. I don’t fancy explaining to them why we left you alone in a cave to go on a patrol.”

Harry laughed at Teddy. He could only imagine the threats Teddy would receive if Harry would have been left to die on a mission. Smiling to himself, Harry stood up and started stretching. His muscles ached from being dormant so long. As he stretched his aching back, a dark brown owl entered the cave. It had a letter clamped in its beak. Dropping the letter on the ground in front of Harry, its feet barely touched the down before it took flight again.

Harry looked at Teddy and they exchanged expectant stares. Bending down to pick up the letter, Harry smiled at the address.

Harry James Potter
Cave overlooking Hogsmeade
Hogsmeade, Scotland

“It looks like the Headmaster wants to talk,” stated Harry nonchalantly, even though his stomach was twisting up in knots from nerves. He tore the letter open.

Mr. Potter,
I would like to extend to you an offer to teach this upcoming year. I always seem to need a Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. If you are willing to agree to this post, it might prove beneficial to all. Please come to my office between 1:00 and 4:30 this afternoon.

“Brilliant!” shouted Harry. “The Headmaster wants me to teach for him. Defense classes should be easy enough to teach. I need to see him this afternoon.”

Harry glanced up at Ray. Both she and Teddy wore the same type of an expression, one that was very sad. “What’s wrong with you two?”

“Do you think it will be safe for you to face him alone again?” asked Teddy.

“I believe it will be,” replied Harry. He had to think about this situation. Classes will be starting shortly, but they also needed to continue trying to track down the NDE’s. “We need to discuss this. I would like the two of you to accompany me this afternoon. I won’t take this position if he will not help us track down the NDE’s. It would be a waste of our time.”

“All right, that sounds reasonable,” said Teddy. He looked at Ray. “How ‘bout you?”

“Yes, that sounds good. Sir…” Harry fixed her with a stern look. “… er, Harry, what about us. Should we both stay outside of Hogwarts to track down the NDE’s?”

Harry reached up and went to run his hand through his hair. It was a habit of his when he was deep in thought. His fingers got tangled in the long hair that was now on his head. He pulled his hand out and chuckled at what had happened. It had been a couple of days but Harry still forgot about his long hair and beard.

“Let me think about that situation over lunch. Let’s be off for the Three Broomsticks.”

The three Aurors left the cave and started walking towards Hogsmeade. After a few minutes they Apparated near the railroad station. From there they walked to the Three Broomsticks. As they walked, the conversation was about the advantages of having either Teddy or Ray continue to track down clues, while Harry taught inside of the school. Many details couldn’t be finalized until after the meeting with Professor Dumbledore.

Ray led them into the pub. The inside was bustling with activity. There was only one open table and all the other tables seemed to be filled with people eating lunch. Harry spotted Madam Rosmerta practically running from one table to the next. Before she finished at one table, someone was calling from at least one other table. Harry and Teddy followed Ray as she weaved her way through all the patrons to the empty table. There were still glasses and dirty plates from the patrons that sat there before them.

“I’ll take care of this,” stated Ray. With two waves of her wand, the plates and glasses stacked themselves and the left-over food and drink vanished. Ray grabbed the floating dishes. “I’ll take these to the bar. What do you two want to drink?”

“Butterbeer,” said Teddy.

“I’ll have tea,” answered Harry.

“I’ll be right back then.”

Ray turned and expertly wove her way through the busy pub while carrying the plates and glasses above her head. Harry watched in amazement.

“You forgot about her first assignment, didn’t you,” questioned Teddy.

Harry looked at him. He often didn’t assign or record what the trainees were doing. He always relied on the full Aurors. He assigned them jobs to do, and what they did with the trainee’s was there business.

“I don’t remember.”

“She was a waitress at the Leaky Cauldron. A pub is one of the best places to be to pick up tidbits of information,” said Teddy in a low voice.

Harry could barely hear him. He was watching Ray talk with the other patrons. She had progressed up to the bar and handed her plates off to the bartender. He looked them over before placing them under the bar. Ray spoke again. Harry watched as two bottles of Butterbeer appear and a pot of tea and a tea cup. Ray flicked her wand and a tray appeared under them. She picked up the tray and said something to the bartender as she walked away.

As Harry watched Ray walk towards him, he found himself getting angry at the bartender. His eyes had not moved from Ray’s swaying backside. Teddy punched Harry’s arm.

“Hey stop staring at my trainee!”

Snapping his head around, Harry saw that Teddy was smiling at him. “I was watching that ruddy bartender. He is the one staring at your trainee.”

Ray sat the tray down on the table and flopped into the seat across from them. “What’s this I hear about knees?”

Harry and Teddy laughed at her cheeky comment.

“Harry was concerned about the bartender staring at your assets.”

“Why so tactful Theodore, you normally call it my big arse,” quipped Ray. “Besides, he said that the two waitresses they had here found employment elsewhere. I told them that I had waitressing experience and would like a job.”

“Afternoon….” A harried looking Madam Rosmerta appeared at their table and started to introduce herself, when she saw the tea service and two Butterbeers. “I thought I saw you three just come in,” she said with a puzzled expression.

“I cleaned up the table and got the drinks, mam,” said Ray. “The bartender, Max, said you are in need of help.”

“Look around, I can’t keep up with this place alone.”

“I can start tomorrow,” said Ray.

“Be here at ten in the morning,” said Rosmerta. “It will be long days, until I can get a couple more people. If things get slow in the evening I will let you go, otherwise you may need to work until Midnight. You still want the job?”

“Sure, I am new around here and need to make some gold.”

“The way these buggers tip, be happy with silver. Where are you from?”

Teddy cut Ray off. “I am Theodore Lefevre and am from France. I met these two when they were traveling through my country. This is Harry James, he is supposed to interview for a Professor position at Hogwarts, and Raymona and he are from Australia,” said Teddy with a very believable French accent.

“You are interviewing for a Professor’s job?” asked Madam Rosmerta sadly. “I assume it is the Defense Position.”

“Yes it is,” responded Harry.

“Well, I am not surprised. We haven’t had much luck keeping Professor’s at that position. Now, are you here for lunch or just drinks?”

“Definetly lunch also,” said Teddy emphatically.

“All right, what will you lot have?”

Madam Rosmerta took their orders. They all had the same thing french onion soup and a roast beef sandwich. Harry waited until she was gone to cast a Privacy Charm over their table.

“I guess you have decided to continue to look for the NDE’s, Ray. That seems like a good idea. Teddy, what are you planning?”

Teddy lowered his eyes for a second, before speaking. “I was wondering if I could work from inside of the school, if the Headmaster would agree to it.”

Harry knew why he wanted to do this. He can’t blame Teddy to want to be around his father. It might also help to have another person watching his parents. His father might be particularly difficult to watch.

“We will see if the Headmaster agrees. I think it would be a good idea particularly in keeping my father under control. You will need to deal with this,” stated Harry as he tapped Teddy’s wedding band. “That might start a few rumors in the school.”

Teddy smiled down at his wedding band. Harry could see him debate what to do for a second. He took out his wand and waved it over his finger concealing the ring. He looked up at Harry. “If I took it off you would probably tell Victorie, wouldn’t you, Harry.”

“No worse, I’d tell Fleur,” he cheekily said.

“Harry, Rosmerta is coming drop the Charm,” interjected Ray.

Harry looked up and saw the owner aproaching with a tray of plates. He wandlessly released the Charm. They all received their lunch and ate ravenously. They had been here for five days and rarely had a warm fresh made meal, so it tasted extra delicious. Within fifteen minutes, they had cleared their plates.

After paying they walked out of the pub and up the path to the main gate of Hogwarts. The warm morning was quickly changing over to a cold rainy afternoon. Harry was deep in thought as he walked up to the school. Everything seemed to be going well, but he was still worried about Professor Dumbledore. He has a habit of manipulating things to his will. Could Harry stop the Headmaster before he changes things to benefit him? Would he even be able to detect when the Headmaster is manipulating him?

They walked up to the main gate. It was shut and no one was waiting there for him.

“How were you supposed to get inside, Harry?” asked Teddy.

“He never said. I assumed that he would have someone waiting.” Harry was worried that this was some type of test. If he would send his Patronus could people see it and remember it in later years.

“Send your Patronus,”said Teddy.

“I might have to, but if he is around anyone who is still alive later, they may recognize it,” sighed Harry.

“You would have thought he would have told you some way of entering the castle,” mumbled Ray.

“He just said in the letter to come between 1:00 and 4:30 PM today.” Harry looked at the gate. He walked towards the gate and pushed it. It was open. He looked at Ray and Teddy. “Do the two of you feel as thick as what I do right now?”

They all chuckled at the sight of them standing staring at an unlocked gate. After stepping through it, it locked behind them, as they walked up the path to the castle.

“I am amazed he left it open. I would think he would be concerned about security,” stated Teddy.

“Maybe he isn’t so concerned when the students are gone for the holidays,” replied Harry.

They continued to walk towards the castle in silence. The darkening skys gave way to a light rain before they reached the castle. By the time the entered the entrance hall the rain was falling heavy outside. Harry shook the water off his clothes and turned to see Teddy and Ray looking around the entrance hall.

“Something wrong?”

“Does this place look different to you?” asked Teddy.

“Not when I went to school,” he whispered. “After the final battle, it was rebuilt and looks newer now then in this time.”

Teddy stared at Harry. “I never realized the damage was that extensive.”

“Yeah, it was pretty bad.” Harry choked up at the thoughts of that horrible battle. “Lets get moving.”

They walked up various stairs until they finally reached the stone gargoyle guarding the entrance to the Headmaster’s office. Harry said the password allowing them to climb the spiral stairs. When they finally reached the massive oak doors, Harry hesitated. He was starting to feel anger towards the Headmaster for what he did to him yesterday. Taking a deep breath, Harry knocked on the doors.

“Enter,” said the Headmaster. The doors slowly swung open without being touched. As they entered, the Headmaster seemed to be taken back by the appearance of three people. “I was expecting just Harry.”

Harry could feel the tension in his two Aurors rise with Dumbledore’s comment. “We are a package deal. We are a team working together, sharing ideas to fight against dark wizards. We don’t keep secrets,” he said venomously.

“Yes, I suppose I deserve that comment. Please sit down and allow me to explain myself.”

“I prefer to stand,” Ray snapped.

The Headmaster fixed her with a strange look. He seemed taken back by her comment. “Very well, as I stated in my letter to you Harry, I needed to be sure that you are telling the truth. Many people have heard of Lord Voldemort, but hardly anyone knows he is also Tom Riddle. I needed to be sure you weren’t sent to decieve me. Even the people who know of Lord Voldemort don’t realize how dangerous he is. They all think he is someone who is trying to establish a better society for wizards.

“At this time, people have heard of Death Eaters and their agenda, but very few realize the extent to which they are willing to go. We are having unsolved murders and disappearances at this time, but no one has associated them with Voldemort and his followers.

“I believe you now. I have also released all the memories that I took from you. I too am afraid of changing the future. So please sit, and lets us plan against this growing threat.” After Professor Dumbledore finshed speaking, he sat staring blank-faced at Harry.

“You said that you have released the memories stolen from me. You didn’t keep any?” questioned Harry.

“I only kept the one of the prophecy. I know you are the son of James Potter and Lily Evans and that you are the only one to defeat Lord Voldemort,” said the Headmaster staring Harry in the eyes.

Harry held his gaze for sometime. He could not see any lies in the Headmaster’s face or eyes, but he still wasn’t sure if he could trust him. “All right, let us talk about this. I am confidant that we can locate these people, but your help would make things a lot easier.”

Harry motioned for Teddy and Ray to sit as he sat down in the middle chair. Teddy sat beside him and placed his wand on his lap. Ray refused to sit and pulled her wand and stood at attention behind him and to his left. He looked at her and nodded to the chair. She shook her head no, and fixed the Headmaster with a determined stare.

“You said that I could have the Defense Against the Dark Arts position. That would work out fine. I could keep a watch on the student population. I would also like Teddy here to be placed in the Gryfinndor sixth year. He can also keep a watch on my father and mother. His main task would be my father. He is probably the hardest to keep track of.”

The Headmaster chuckled at Harry’s statement. “Yes, your father has quite the reputation in the school. I will do that. I assume you want this young lady to be placed in the girls’ dorm.”

“No, she will start working at the Three Broomsticks tomorrow. She will be listening and watching for any of these possible Neo-Death Eaters.”

“Do you know who to look for?” The Headmaster asked Ray.

“At the present time, no,” interjected Harry. “We have records of the NDE’s, but we only have their initials. We don’t have complete names attached. At the present time, we know there are only three of them in this time period. Our assumptions are that they were alive in this time period. It would be the most logical thing to do, send people back to this time, who know where to go and who to trust.

“Ray and Teddy tracked down two NDE’s who were trying to hide the records of the Time Turners. We uncovered plans on how to make them and also a listing of departure dates and dates and locations of when they should be appearing in this time period.

“The Time Turner was accidemtly activated when we cast Charms to identify what it was. Once it was activated, we interrogated the two captured NDE’s, working off some of the things they said, we assumed that they were returning to this time period to kill my parents.

“This assumption was confirmed when we located the Time Turner that brought the first group back. We have since hid it from them, so they are stuck in this time. We need to capture them before they change the future, and figure out how to return to our present time.

“These Time Turners are different from the ones that had been built by the Ministry. The Ministry issued ones were hung around the neck and activated by turning the magical hourglass. These are large pieces of equipment that three people can stand on and are filled with some type of chemicals. Another reason I believe that the NDE’s have older people working on this, is the original Time Turners were destroyed in 1996. They were never remade.

“What I would like for you to do is help us keep a watch on my parents by using the Order of Phoenix and work with us to discover how to make these Time Turners function. When we capture these NDE’s, I want to return home.”

The Headmaster was sitting listening to Harry with his fingers steepled in front of his mouth. After Harry finished talking, he sat like this for several seconds before speaking. “I am willing to help you, but you may have been misled about a couple of things. The Order you refer to, is not a very strong group. We are only a few members who realize what Voldemort and his followers are. We have limited resources Harry. Also if you take this position as a Professor, you must stay for the year. Otherwise, I will support you in anyway possible.”

“I understand that the Order is a small group right now. We just need a few more eyes and ears. The NDE’s are probably not the fierce fighters that the present day Death Eaters are. I do understand that we must stay in this time period, until the year is over. There are also limitations on when we can return to the future. We want to return to the exact time when we left. If we have captured this first group. I want to capture the rest in our time.”

“I see you have thought this through,” complimented the Headmaster.

“Let’s hope we can complete it as planned,” state Harry.

“Very well, I will need names to send out to the Ministry and also a plausible explanation of your histories.”

“I will go by the name Harry James,” said Harry. “Teddy here has already introduced me to Madam Rosmerta as that. Teddy will go by the name Theodore Lefevre. He will be from Beauxbaton School. I will use the story that I am an Australian equivelent of a Head Auror. You can tell the Order members that I am traveling chasing down some rogue dark wizards who might be trying to join Voldemorts forces. Ray is also from Australia. If anyone outside of the Order asks about me, I am again a former Auror from Australia taking a much needed break from battling Dark Wizards.”

When the Headmaster was finished writng all this information down, he looked up at Ray. “You name is?”


“Ray, what?” asked the Headmaster.

“Just Ray, I am also from Australia,” she said harshly.

The Headmaster smiled at her, before writing something down. He waved his wand over the parchment and it rolled and sealed itself up. “Is there anything else?”

“We need to bring the Time Turners inside of the castle so we can start investigating them.”

“Yes, I want to make sure no one stumbles upon them,” said Professor Dumbledore. “I am also very interested in seeing how these things work. You mentioned that you have locations and times when the other teams would be appearing in our time?”

“Yes, we do. The next arrival is scheduled for tomorrow. Teddy and I will watch the location to see if someone out of place is hanging around. Ray will need to start work tomorrow morning.”

“You seem to believe that no one will show up,” stated a skeptical Headmaster.

“They probably already know that we are here, or someone is here. I doubt if they will carry on with their original plans. If they do show up, I want to end this quickly.”

“Very well, if there isn’t anything else I will see you the day after tomorrow.”

Harry stood up and so did Teddy. “If we capture the NDE’s I will Owl post you. If not, we will return the day after tomorrow. Also, for the curriculum just request that the students buy whatever would be the next book in the normal progression of text books for Defense.”

The Headmaster stood up. “Until we meet again, Harry, Teddy, and Ray.”

“Thank you for assisting us, Professor,” said Harry.

The three Aurors left the office and were walking back down the spiral stairs. When they reached the empty corridors, Teddy spoke up. “How are you sure that the Time Turners were completely destroyed?”

“Because I and several of my friends destroyed them, while fighting Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries,” replied Harry with a smile.

“That was never in any of the histories,” stated Ray.

“I never heard about that at home either,” snapped Teddy.

Harry turned while walking and smiled at him. “Blimey, do you need to wonder why I would never tell the son of a Marauder about something like that. You are thick.”

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